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  1. Enclosed Trailer Paint

    I just bought a brand new enclosed trailer. I would like to paint the floor and interior walls. What is a good paint to use that will not lift under the tires? Does anyone have any experience with this?
  2. 1931 PA Phaeton FS
  3. 1931 Plymouth PA Phaeton
  4. HH Franklin Club

    Be sure to visit the HH Franklin Club's web site at
  5. Franklin Touring car 1912 to 1919

    For Sale in NY. 1919 touring. Email me for details at
  6. 24 Franklin on craigslist NJ

    I think it's a very fair price. The car is a 10C, not a 10B as listed.
  7. Source for Franklin Gaskets?

    Jeff usually prefers to communicate by telephone. I just assembled my 1932 engine with his gaskets, and they are by far better than anything else available.
  8. Series 10 Speedometer

    I'm interested in the swivel. Does it work?

    I'll try to get a picture, but the jugs are drilled for an oil return, and the pistons have a "tail" extending from the skirt to cover the hole except when the piston is at TDC.

    My father's 1923 10B has a Skinner rectifier. It's a very involved accessory requiring different pistons and holes drilled in cylinders. I've only seen one other on a Franklin and it lives in Vermont.
  11. Atwater Kent Generator

    Kent Atwater Manufacturing Co Automobile-antique & Classic Address: 12 Jacques St, Worcester, MA 01603 Phone:(508) 792-9500 Give these guys a call.
  12. Wanted - Series 11B or equiv. Gas Gauge (for tank)

    I made a new float using a block of cork purchased from Restoration Supply.
  13. Looking for Trek activity times for Sunday and Friday activities

    The complete itinerary is here: The auction is usually all the stuff that didn't sell during the week. I'm leaving for Caz in about an hour, be there around dinner time. Hope to meet you tomorrow.
  14. What iPhone App

    What app can I use the access the forum on my iPhone? I've been using Forum Runner for years, but it no longer works since the forum was upgraded?
  15. I've been using this app for a few years and really like it. Since the forum was updated, it won't work. What's a good iPhone app for using the forum?