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  1. It is made as a unit and will have to be replaced entirely. "Possibly" take it apart, remove the top of the relay itself, and refurbish it, but, it is made as a single unit. My '65 GS has one just like you pictured in post #1, and here is a link to a post that shows others that have that one too ... Horn relay type 65 Riv
  2. It looked like it was supposed to end at right around 6:36, or so, and I think it went down to almost 1 minute and then back up to 2 minutes at least seven or eight times there at the end? There were 2 bidders going for it right at the end and in the "extra" time added to the auction it went from $72K to $84K! I guess when there is a bidding war right at the end "Bring a Trailer" adds time to the auction? Guess it gives people more time to get a bid in, AND, increases their cut too?
  3. Yep, mine too!!! Makes my Flame Red '65 GS worth even more, I'm thinking.
  4. Just ended @ ... $84,000!!! It seemed odd, the time remaining kept going UP while there was a bidding war going on?!?!?
  5. Last one ... for now anyway ... This is what a car looks like when it sets in a community college body shop for a month ... I soooo wish this '65 GS looked as good in person as it does in pictures ... One of these days, hopefully sooner than later.
  6. I have a kit similar to this one ... I haven't used it on the Riviera, and it has been a while since I used it on anything really, but, it was a reliable tool when used correctly.
  7. I have asked for it to be added to the thread "Riviera Web Sites, Vendors and Services". Pinning too many threads makes it pretty busy at the top so that was why that thread was started and pinned. Any posts that you feel need to be readily available, post in that thread and they can be added there so it stays at the top.
  8. MrEarl, Would you add a link to the following thread into this post ... "Easy five minute solution to 1965 Buick Riviera unobtanium auxiliary headlight motor relay" Possibly change the title of this thread to read ... "Riviera Tips, Web Sites, Vendors and Services"? Thank you,
  9. Not quite up to ROA Meet standards, but it turned out pretty good ...
  10. One of the last, 1999 Silver Arrow, 11/98, and one of the first, Black 1995, 6/94, of the last generation ... I took some time yesterday and gave the SA a well deserved cleaning. Todays goal is to do the same for the '95 ... It reflects the sunlight pretty well even as filthy as it is!
  11. I was not going to list "the other Buicks" at that meet, didn't think it appropriate for this thread about the Silver Arrow, but, since you did I have a question for you. Just wondering, why you didn't include the white '63 or '64 that GM brought to the meet too? They brought nine cars that year and you only listed eight of them? I don't remember the significance of that one, or even for sure what year it was, but it was in the group they brought also. These are pictures of how they had them lined up at the meet ... The last one in the row in the second picture is the one I am talking about.
  12. Alan is correct, I found the first Silver Arrow Registry Alan had sent out and it included a picture of the dash plaque. Here is that picture and the caption that was below it on that first registry ... Numbered badge is blank on this final silver arrow owned by General motors
  13. Ed, Aren't the Inconsistencies/Inaccuracies your department?
  14. There is a member of the ROA that has been compiling a Silver Arrow Registry for several years, you might contact him, he would have all the information you are looking for. I'll try and answer some of your questions ... 1- Of the 1956 Total production 200 of them were Silver Arrows, and Yes, they were NOT built in order at the beginning or the end of production, but at random throughout the production run. 2- Yes, the SA numbers were not in any particular order, the box of accessories was delivered in the trunk and dealer installed. Actually the company that made the accessories made a duplicate of at least one of the SA dash plaques, #142 if I remember correctly, no way to tell if any other errors were made also. Yes, the headrests were part of that package. 3- The information I have said Riviera production would end November 25, 1998. Yes, GM kept the last SA built, it was brought to the 2005 ROA meet in AR along with other Buicks, the hood liner was left off and everyone working the line at that time signed the underside of the hood, see picture below. 4- The two I have are 1872 #10, and 2085 #152, neither one lower than what you have, and as said, the SA # does not mean any kind of sequence produced. The pictures you are looking for are all on the Riviera Owners Association Photo Gallery website. If you go to the ROA website in my signature, click on the "Photo Gallery" link in the right column, look for the "Special Editions" category, then you can view the "1999 Silver Arrow" album. That album includes pictures of everything you mention you are looking for above. As I said, there is a long time ROA member already tracking the Silver Arrows, if you contact him I believe you would get any and all info you are looking for.
  15. It's the same '66 Tim posted in post #559 that's on Craigslist too. Yes, I have seen the car a few times, it is a very nice one. Doug is the Tech Advisor for the 66-70 for the ROA and a great guy. I am kind of surprised it's for sale as much as he likes it, but he does list a couple others he owns on the ROA roster too. It was the first place winner in the '66-'70 Class at the ROA International Meet in Asheville in 2007, and it also won at our 2014 ROA Southeastern Regional in Asheboro in the '63-'70 Class. I can't recall if it won more than those right off hand, but I do know it did at those meets. I'm not absolutely sure of its condition and value as of right now but I'm sure it is as nice as it can be. Here is a bit different view of it from 2014 ...