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  1. Here is what it shows on their site for results ...
  2. Sorry about that Mike, I guess I posted too quick. I should have known you had more pictures of Bob’s GS.
  3. Not sure if Mike took more pictures, I have a couple pics from when Bob joined us at the park a couple of years ago ... It is a sharp Riv, I believe Bob was having engine problems at that time and was contemplating the rebuild. He has taken it to several ROA meets over the years I have known him too.
  4. Buick Books - Sold

    If these are not already spoken for I am interested.
  5. It is a very nice car, I believe members here had a hand in the owners research, and other things too. I was not one, just thought I would mention it. One thing I did notice though, he said Gene, of A B & G, was his main source for used parts, it would have been nice if while thanking him on his video he had gotten Gene's last name correct. Just Sayin'
  6. Thank you too Sean! Apparently, that answers the “*8” code, I just wonder why it would not have shown on the car order form? Maybe there just wasn’t enough space so they left it off? The low body numbers of the “SCO” body tags you included makes sense too! That makes me feel a little better that mine wasn’t damaged and set aside for repair that’s for sure. It still seemed strange there was a six-month difference between the body build and the manufacture of the car, but, the ’71 43467 you show has a 108 body, which would have been VERY early in ’71 production, and a manufacture date of 04D. So, I think you are right-on there, for SCO cars they reserved the body long before the car was manufactured. Going by this I wonder if the SCO car was ordered very early in the production year and the customer had to wait six or seven months for their car to arrive?
  7. Thanks Larry, Roberta sent me a good bit of info, and my questions did not show on what she sent either? That might be the same thing you are talking about? I don't have the RPO codes, "three digit", for the information I am seeking. What I am looking for is info for the "LC" and the "*8" that is listed on the GM microfilm for my cars VIN pictured above, those "option codes" are not listed on the Car Order Forms I have looked at either. Tom M on the Riviera forum did have a "Sample 1972 Riviera Car Order Form" that was printed before the '72s were available, and he did find that on some '66 documentation there was a "*8" listed and it was for "Special Car Order" which makes sense since mine is an SCO car, I just thought it odd that it does not show it on the '72 Riviera car order form. And, That the "LC" code does not show on anything I have looked at for '72 either?
  8. Thanks again, at least it does give a good "possible" explanation for the "*" code, just off a few years on the info? For the LC code, no mine doesn't have plain glass, it is tinted all around. This '66 info does list an LC, looks like it says ... "Headrests - Conventional Bench Both Sides" ... MAYBE? I can't make it out for certain? Which would not make sense for mine since it has bucket seats? Still a mystery, but thank you for looking and your assistance with this.
  9. Tom, It was actually just a printed copy of the "line" on the GM microfilm of my VIN number ... I added the graph above it in my previous post for clarification. There was also a letter included that talked about each segment of the info, that was what I added to the other one. I have not dropped the tank, have removed just about everything else though, I might visit that and see if I locate any info. I'll get with you off-line about your last question above ...
  10. THANKS TOM! You're right that it doesn't show the codes I'm looking for but it does show one noticeable difference. This "sample" list the "CUSTOM TOP - EXTRA COST" and the Revisions both show "SHORT VINYL TOP", which was not advertised as available until the letter dated Feb 2, 1972. Still makes me wonder?
  11. Thanks, been there, done that. BUT, I am still NOT trying to find out the color with this thread, I was just replying to Gabriel's question about what color it is now.
  12. The car is a baby blue color, at first I was thinking it might be 1970 Azure Blue, but after checking with others, and looking at paint chips, it was kind decided it is more than likely 1972 Opel Glacier Blue. I have been told to just paint it whatever I want to since no one would know it was any different than it was originally, because there is no specific paint code on the body tag, I just want to get it as close to original as I can. My guess is the car was originally ordered by a University of North Carolina fan, colors are Carolina (sky) blue/white, thus the light blue body/white top and interior.
  13. Very nice looking '85 Riviera! Possibly THE ONE for Ship?
  14. That possibility has been mentioned over the years, or it may have been damaged, or something, and set aside until it was repaired, then built. Who knows? This Riv does seem to have several oddities that’s for sure.
  15. Tom, Great info, thanks! If you have the "pre" original Wholesale Car Order form I bet it would be correct, thanks for looking. Any way you could either scan or take a picture of it and sent it to me? What I am going from is a copy of the microfilm from the GM archives that the Sloan sent me a few years ago. No UPC codes, just the one line of the microfilm, I'll attach it here. They told me errors were unusual so if the codes listed don't exist it would seem odd? This is my '72 GS that has the very early body number, "000823", and the late build date, "03B", so it is an oddity anyway. Thanks again,