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  1. I was wondering the same thing Mike? My brother, lives in Goldsboro, said he had 13” as of yesterday, through this morning we got 9 1/4” here at the house. Winds were the worst for us Friday night into Saturday. I kind of had a problem, but it was actually expected. The ShelterLogic I have one of mine in was showing its age and the winds finished it off early Saturday morning. First time in five or six years that one has been wet, guess I’ll probably get another one and get it covered back up. Hope you don’t get too much flooding in Fayetteville.
  2. Looks like the Aqua Zephyr is tucked away pretty well Mike. Good Luck! I’m further west and north so hopefully we won’t get hit too bad. I have everything I can, most of them, either in the garage or under cover. As you said, hope everyone in the area gets through it OK.
  3. It should be ready soon, just not ready to get it printed and into the current issue. I'm sure it will be on the website first, then it will be printed in the Nov/Dec issue. It takes some time to work out all the details and then get them onto the registration form. Not to worry, it will be available soon.
  4. Rivman

    Conway Twitty's ' 63 '

    Sorry, I don't have any information about Conway Twitty owning it, but, I did do a Google search for "conway twitty buick riviera" and it took me to the book pictured below. I don't know anything about the book or its origins, but it does use his car, vanity plate and all, as an example for the Riviera in it, even though it lists it as a '64.
  5. I save it as an excel file too, since I am the Regional Coordinator for NC I save them for my state monthly. I have found using state then city works better than using the zip code for sorting purposes? My copy shows two members in Green Bay, one with a '65 and one with a '72, the next nearest member, in one of the cities Bill mentioned, owns a '71. Another way to search excel is to use the "control" and "F" keys, it brings up a search box, then you can type in Green Bay and it should bring up any matches.
  6. Do you have the most recent roster from the ROA website? I just sorted the roster I saved, it is from this month, by state and then city, in that order in the sort function, and it shows a long time member in Green Bay that owns a '65. I'm not saying that member would be able or willing to help you out, but that is what I found? I'm a firm believer that contacting an ROA member would be the way to go, but that might not always work out. Another possibility, if the lead that Bill mentioned doesn't pan out, is check with other clubs like the BCA or the AACA and see if there is a member of that club that might be willing to help?
  7. Yes, congrats Mike! Not being a BCA member I won't get to see your article, but I'm sure as Jason said it is a great read.
  8. Even though this is pinned I thought I would bump it to the top to hopefully let everyone know there is more info added. I have added it here, and it has already been posted on the ROA website. I was told the registration form is almost ready, so it should be available soon too.
  9. Right, wrong, or OTHERWISE, no matter what it looks like, it needs whitewall tires!
  10. Steve, Did you have any luck finding/verifying the VIN on the '71 you were looking at?
  11. Sorry but I'm just not sure why you would want to make that change? The '73 lost sooo much character with the "new" bumpers, it takes away from the looks. Something odd about this one too, what is wrong with the grille? And the bumper just looks incomplete without the upper bar? I have seen them split and they look good, but this one … I just don't know?
  12. I have over 20 of them myself, which includes one NOS set, just not sure I want to part with that set or not, Sorry. IF I did decide to let them go they would be at a premium price for sure. I do have a couple other sets, not as nice, but let me know if you're interested and I can get pictures of them.
  13. Steve, I found the VIN on my '72 where Gabriel's top picture shows it, on the passenger side right beside the water pump. On a '71, Gabriel's other picture below shows where it is. In order to see the VIN on a '71, the power steering pump, and bracket, have to be removed. Hope that helps ...
  14. Mike, I meant to say, great post even though not Riviera related. It gave the FORD MUSTANG enthusiast instructors I am dealing with right now a kick.