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  1. Yes, welcome! That is a GREAT looking Boattail! I agree, Congratulations! There has been a couple NOS right hand mirrors on ebay that I remember, they did get up to between $500 and $600 if they were actually "original" GM NOS. There is one seller on there that advertises some aftermarket mirrors as GM NOS but they are not! Look them over very carefully if you are buying on ebay, this might be the one you got and they are completely different than the originals ... Just thought I would mention it too, we do have a Riviera get together in Archdale, NC annually in September. If you're interested let me know and I'll be sure to send you the information.
  2. It looks like it "was" there, the vents and hoses are in place, but NO compressor? Maybe because it is missing the A/C compressor? Not "all original" because of that missing, so it is "mostly"?
  3. I'm pretty certain Winston is correct, the '65 is chrome, it might be just the custom interior, but I do think all '65s were that way. RIVNIK, If you want to replace them I believe Gene of A B & G has a couple of sets that he had rechromed, at least the last time I saw him he had them available.
  4. My sister-in-law used to sew car covers, among other industrial covers, for a living. I remember she told me for some applications she would sew in a pocket for the antenna if required. That might be something you could look into?
  5. This auction gives me hope that if I ever decide to sell my 60K mile '95 I might be able to get top dollar for it! One big draw back, for me anyway, this is a nice example, BUT, it has a dealer added sunroof in it! It looks like they took an almost fully optioned '95 and dealer added the sunroof and dash kit. I know all dash kit were dealer or owner installed, but they had to cut a hole in the roof to put that sunroof in after it was built!
  6. Looking good! Not the "worlds slowest"! I've had my first '65 for 22 years and it's STILL setting in the garage with the front clip off of it!
  7. Thanks for the endorsement Bob, we got the Rick Schmidt tour the last time we held a Regional in Ocala too, he does give a great tour. They definitely have a great collection of cars!
  8. Looks good! That looks like a Sherwood dash kit? It appears to be the one piece across the dash? I think they were the only ones that made them that way. Sherwood is the one I used in my '95, I think it gives it a cleaner look than the kits that are five pieces across the dash. Nice find, and welcome to the ROA!
  9. Thought I would put this on the forum for those that hadn’t noticed the announcement in the Riview or on the ROA website. The Sixth ROA Southeastern Regional Meet is Thursday, May 18 through Saturday, May 20, 2017 in Ocala, Florida. Friday kicks off with a tour of the National Parts Depot classic and collectible car collection, with NPD COO Rick Schmidt as our personal guide. Lots of additional touring options including Don Garlits Museum of Drag Racing and Car Museum; scenic driving tours through thoroughbred horse country; the famous glass bottom boat cruises at Silver Springs. Here is a link to the website with the registration form and additional information. Sixth ROA Southeastern Regional Meet We have made a bit of a change to the dash plaque and T-shirt design that’s posted on the website. Pictures added so you can see the updated versions, we’ll be updating them on the website soon. Any question or comments you can contact myself or Bob W. in Ocala. Would be glad to see you there.
  10. This is very true! The judging is pretty much subjective, I think so anyway. I took 2 of mine to Concord in 2012, it was my late model cars, but all I have ready at this time. I figured on around 12 points of deductions for my '95 and they only took 4 points, and the Silver Arrow lost 1 more. I know a few people into the judging at the BCA and they have told me at the judges' meetings they are instructed "not to kill the car", possibly why mine didn't lose as many points as I figured it would? I know Ship is a bit more into the judging than I am, but I believe it is 385 and above for "Gold", and 390 and above, with NO mandatory deductions, for "Gold Senior".
  11. It was discussed a while back ... 1965 Gran Sport at Gooding Auction - Jan 2016 in AZ
  12. Actually it does take a bit longer to warm up at idle rather than driving down the road. Less circulation when at idle so it might actually get there quicker driving it a bit.
  13. Yes, he was referring to the R emblem, there isn't anything on the door that is Gran Sport specific.
  14. I believe Gabriel is correct here. The "chrome" dual snorkel was on the '64 and '65, and I believe the MZ '66, the one pictured above I also think is custom built.
  15. I haven't done it on any of my '65s but I would park it on a level surface and use this ... If that isn't available you can always use a level surface and either a garage door, or something suitable. Take measurements on the car and where they hit the surface in front of the car, and just make sure they are the same height. And I believe they should be slightly inward for the low beams, and I think both slightly to the right for the high beams.