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  1. Yes, these can be removed by prying them off as a normal hubcap. Carefully, as they do grip the wheel pretty good. This would be the "original" wheel cover if no optional cover was ordered. Yes, the rally wheels were available on the '65 Riviera. They have a different color web than the black you see every day, but they were available. By the way, the wheel cover you picture above has the center medallion that would have been on a '63, would need to see the back side to know which wheel cover it actually is, but the medallion is definitely for a '63. You can search the forum and find lots of info about the wire wheel covers too.
  2. Congrats, looks like a great start, and as Steve said, well optioned. The ROA office is in CO, and there are a few relatively active Regions here and there across the country, actually one in GA too. The Ocala meet was in May but Bob does do quite a bit if you are interested in attend in Florida. His next get together is Oct 21 in St. Augustine at the lighthouse, his contact info is on the website if you are interested.
  3. The website has been updated, thanks for letting me know Tom. Next time I'll try and do more research before posting info from the website.
  4. Inner fender brackets

    WOW!!! That beats my project on my first Riv! Bought it in '94, drove it for a while some, but in pieces in the garage at this time. Plenty of info/knowledge on this forum for sure, hopefully you will be able to get the help you need to get it back together.
  5. Inner fender brackets

    I can say yes, they are used, on the ’65 at least. They bolt to the side of the body mount brackets at the firewall, and then the inner fender is bolted to them. The pictures show the bracket on the car, they are only visible because the fender is off of this ’65. Then the 2 bolts go in from the wheel well area, on the back-side of the inner fender.
  6. Just an FYI... I sent the info to Ray and he has sent it to the webmaster, not sure how long it might take, but the correction request has been submitted.
  7. OOPS! I just copied and pasted the chart from the website, and didn't look at it that close. I did look at Darwin's options articles and in it he does list the Blue Cloth & Vinyl as code 611 for 1965, it must just have been omitted on the website chart. I will contact Ray and see if it can be corrected? SO, as Tom states, the Blue Cloth & Vinyl was left off the ROA website listing for 1965 but was an "Optional Available Interior", and 611 is the correct code for it, which was the code for 1964 too.
  8. Inner fender brackets

    Do you mean something like these ... From this auction ... Original GM 63 64 65 Buick Riviera Lower Front Inner Fender Brackets Riviera GS
  9. Makes perfect sense to me, you could have the sleeve installed yourself and save the shipping charges too?
  10. This is how it is listed on the ROA website ... 1965 RIVIERA 1965 RIVIERA CODES EXTERIOR COLORS CODES TRIMS A Regal Black 601 Blue Vinyl C Arctic White 604 White Vinyl D Astro Blue 608 Black Vinyl E Midnight Blue 609 Saddle Vinyl H Seafoam Green *610 Green Cloth & Vinyl J Verde Green *613 Fawn Cloth & Vinyl K Turquoise Mist *618 Black Cloth & Vinyl L Midnight Aqua *620 Dark Green Vinyl N Burgundy Mist *624 White Vinyl R Flame Red *628 Black Vinyl S Sahara Mist *629 Saddle Vinyl T Champagne Mist V Shell Beige Y Bamboo Cream Z Silver Cloud * Denotes Optional Custom Interior Trim

    GREAT matching pictures!
  12. Mr Jones, I see you decided which cover to go with, just thought I would add to the topic some. My sister-in-law used to sew car covers, mentioned it before on the forum I believe. When she had a car, mostly small sports cars, that had an antenna that did not go all the way down to level with the fender, she would sew in the pocket for the antenna. As for covers, I agree with Barney that Covercraft are great covers! I bought one through GM for my ’95 when they were still available, I am 90% certain it is Covercraft brand. The fit is perfect! The one I got was for indoor/outdoor use and it did get used outdoors for several years. With it inside now it does a great job keeping anything and everything off the Riv. There are times I do need to “dust” the car off when removing it, but overall a great cover. Pictured below. As Barney stated, they have patterns for the first generation Riv, so I would bet it would be as good a fit as it is for my ’95. For one of my 65’s I bought one of the XL covers from a department store and it does an adequate job. It is not in a garage but a 10’X20’ Shelter Logic shelter. I used it for a while with it draped over the antenna, then I decided it would not be that much of a problem, cost $30, and it would stay on better, to “poke” a hole in it for the antenna. It does stay on better with the hole, and is not noticeable enough with what dirt/dust it lets in. Just thought I’d put out the options I know of.
  13. A little late here, but, I agree with all above. My Flame Red 65 GS has the trunk painted body color.
  14. OR, if you want to keep it dust free & viewable you could get one of these ... This is an 18' model, the Charger says 17.3' so it is 207" long, the same as a first generation Riviera. I have thought about it a few times but never have gotten one, but, it would be another option.