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  1. It has been parked for a looong time, then I bought it and Tom M got it running, and then brought it on to me. It needs work to be able to even drive, but I am hoping maybe soon. Yes, the wire covers were an option on the GS, but, this one did come with the original GS wheel covers, the standard covers with the spinners added, and were changed at some point. It actually has a combination of the '63 and '64-6 covers on it now. I'm not sure which I'll use in the end, either get the originals redone, or use the NOS '65 wire covers I have?
  2. Tires are Cooper Lifeline 365, 225/75R15, probably 25 to 35 years old. The PO bought the car in 1991 and parked it in his garage until I bought it in 2015, as far as I know the tires were put on by the owner before him?
  3. Thanks Mike. As Mike said, it was posted with my line-up on page 15, kind of, but this is the first I’ve posted it on its own too. This one needs a complete restoration also, but it is a solid example to start with. Now I just need to get started on it! Flame Red with the Custom White interior … A bit more desirable color combination than the other one, and a GS to boot!
  4. Thanks Mike, like I said it looks better in the pictures than in person. Yes, the rear door handle and longer arm rests was part of the Custom interior option from '63 to '65, along with other things.
  5. Pictures of my 1 of 454 LX 425 as promised … It looks better in the pictures than in person. Shell Beige with the Custom Saddle interior … And of course, the LX 425. I posted it with my line-up quite a while back, page 15, but this is the first I’ve posted it on its own. As I said in another post it is a massive project, I didn’t know exactly how much of a project when I bought it, but anyway. I am getting pretty close to listing it for sale, especially after the purchase of the Flame Red ’65 GS a while back, I just haven’t gotten there yet.
  6. The emblems are pretty durable so removing it with the fishing line should do just fine. I would still be careful but if isn't damaged you should just be able to remove it, clean it up, and reapply it. I have seen them glued back on, or you could put 3M molding tape on the back and cut that around the lettering? I have the dimensions of where they were "supposed" to be applied, let me know if you want those.
  7. There is nothing Silver Arrow on the trunk, not sure what you would be referring to??? That would look sooooo tacky for this application I would go without before doing a chrome Silver Arrow sticker!!!
  8. It does look good, but yes, lots of changes made ... 1965 Buick Riviera NO RESERVE
  9. I like the CTS coupe, but the ATS coupe is a pretty sharp one too.
  10. I disagree, I bet you would notice/mention it missing before I would!!!
  11. I've had fairly good luck with car-part, not sure what you mean about spam emails and calls? I just look for yards that have the part I am looking for, give them a call, and go from there, never had any spam from that? For the emblem you could do as Ed suggests and removed the other side too, there have been others that have de-badged their Rivs, not necessarily a Silver Arrow but anyway. Another thing to keep in mind is they are right and left, so if you do find/get a replacement be sure it is correct for that side. How "excellent" is the condition of the Silver Arrow, and how interested are you in a replacement emblem?
  12. Thanks, Yes, it is Shell Beige with the Custom Saddle interior. So as not to hijack the thread I'll add some pictures to the "Post some pics of your Riviera!" thread soon. Possibly add a "For Sale" ad soon too, who knows? Thanks again,
  13. As Ed said, the wheel well molding from any ’95 to ’99 Riviera will work and there are still lots of them in salvage yards. You can also do a search on car-part.com and probably find one. You would just need to be sure to get one that is not damaged, probably ask for a guarantee from the salvage yard? The "Silver Arrow" emblem will be another story though, I was typing when Ed replied, since as you know they were a limited production so there were not that many of the emblems produced. You might also find one in a salvage yard, but, that would take a good bit more searching for sure. Good luck with your search,
  14. I have a ’65 that I am contemplating selling that meets your requirement. This car is a “project” for sure, it is "running", but not really “driving” because the brakes need attention, and there is plenty more that needs work too. I am not giving it away as much as I am into it for but it is available for the right price. The main "good" point of the car is it is one of the 454 non- GS '65 Rivs built with the LX 425 2 4bbl engine, so it is a fairly rare one. If you are able to do your own sheet metal repairs it might be just what you are looking for? PM me if you would like more info …
  15. It took a while, but I finally got a picture of my desk. My chair is a bit different, but pretty close, and not in as good of condition as yours either. Give Elvis my regards too, he looks like a great companion!