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  1. Tony, Congratulations, looks like you had a great turn-out and it was a great time!
  2. Yep, working to get everything finished-up to prep for it. Sorry to say Paul but we've only had a vendor come for a couple of the Regionals, and this year is not one of them.
  3. Allen, Not sure if you have made contact with the ROA Regional Coordinator from WA yet or not, John A., his contact info is on the ROA website under the Regional News & Events tab. He is a great guy and owns a '63 and a '65 himself. John hosts an annual event ON Whidbey Island every September. The info he posts about it is ... September 9 2017, Saturday – 16th ROA Fall Potluck held at Brian & Ellen O’Neil’s on Whidbey Island. This has always been such a great way to close summer events. No registrations fees. Bring a dish to share & enjoy the closing awards. All makes & models are welcome. We will have deep fried turkeys, fresh steamed oysters & an assortment of beverages. I'm sure he would be glad for you to join them, contact him and let him know if you are interested. Just thought I would let you know just in case you weren't aware.
  4. As everyone else said, Congratulations, very nice find! And ... Welcome to the ROA! I also have one of the 454 non GS with the LX 425 in it, mine is the same as yours as far as the BT transmission, and it does NOT have a POSI. It could have been ordered but would not have come with it by just ordering the LX engine. And, the 1 of 454 I have does not have the quick ratio steering box either, that would have been the separate H2 option for the handling package. Mine isn't as well optioned as yours, and the colors are not as desirable either! Even the '65 GS I have did not get the H2 package, it must have just been ordered with the GS option but not the handling package? For the "SCO" on the body tag Tom is correct. I believe he assisted another member with some of the research to figure out the original color of their SCO '65. I have the same thing on my '72 GS and the code after the "SCO" is nothing more than a "job number", it does not give you the paint color. I even went to the Sloan to get info about that one, they could not tell me anything other than it was a special ordered color. Good luck, have fun with it,
  5. Lucas, As Winston says, buying one might be the easiest thing to do, here are a few that are on ebay right now ... Front License Plate Bracket 1965 Buick Riviera GS 65 Gran Sport 1965 Buick Riviera Original Front License Plate Bracket 65 GS Grand Sport 63 64 Front license plate bracket 1965 Buick Riviera & Gran Sport - excellent However, if you do want to fab one here are the pictures you requested above. I will include pictures of the bracket, front-back-side, and one with a tape on it so you can see the dimensions. And I'll include a couple of how it is mounted on the bumper. On these I have there were clip nuts on the bumper and bolts to hold it on. The example that is removed is bent some, but it should give you an idea of what it needs to look like. Hope this helps,
  6. I know the feeling about getting smaller, after I built mine a friend asked why I didn’t just go 30X40, but it wouldn’t have mattered it would still be FULL! I built with 12’ ceilings with the lift in mind, it just took a few years after the garage was complete to go ahead and do it. I went with back-yard-buddy, I wanted made in the USA, and after looking into it theirs had the options I wanted. The lift pictured is an extended version, with the red-white-and blue paint scheme they offered. I was not going to go with them because after talking to them at the Charlotte Auto Fair a couple times they were very arrogant about their lift, BUT, I did after all because it was what I was looking for. Theirs cost a bit more but I think it is well worth it, IMHO.
  7. Even in the “county” they tell you NO! I was going to add onto my original garage and they told me I couldn’t! I was supposed to get a permit, even for the portable building, I just didn’t.
  8. I’ll throw in here, my little bit anyway. I don’t have anything NEAR as fancy as Jason uses, and not as Nice as “Riviera Ridge” that was shown in the March/April 2014 Riview either! I built a 28’X36’ stick built garage on a concrete slab, no heated floors or anything that fancy, not in my price range. I still haven’t been able to add the HVAC yet, but it is kind of planned. I have insulated the walls, but not the ceiling, so until that is complete I have to live with it with no climate control. I did add a lift a few years after the garage was built so I can get four cars into the garage. One kind of between the entry door, one backed into the first garage door, and two in the last bay to the right, one on the lift and one under it. Then, because of my stupidity, I needed more space, and added a 10’X20’ Shelter Logic tent, I’m on my second one of those. And most recently I added a 12’X28’ portable building I can get one more into, and I have shelves on two sides of it to keep parts on. SO, I have a backyard full of … stuff, and still not enough space to get “everything” I have out of the weather … yet. I either need more space OR less Rivieras!!! As nice as yours are Ken I would go for something with heated floors and/or climate control at a minimum.
  9. There are a couple 60A-100-1 manuals on ebay right now, but no Delco Manual 60A-100-2. I did a Google search and didn't come up with anything, maybe, as Jason asks, anyone have one?
  10. Actually not brand new Ship, that one is missing about the last 3 inches, it just doesn't show in the picture. I do have another one that IS 36" though, with me having almost 20 years with them, and Gwyn was there 28 years, we certainly have a few souvenirs from there around.
  11. I took a couple of shots of my '65 and sent them to Rodney at his request, just thought I would add them here also, just in case it would help others too. From what I can tell, with the seat, and seat covers installed, it looks like the spring installs onto the front bracket on the inboard side of the seat for the front, and it goes “up” into the bracket on the rear. It is kind of hard to tell with everything installed but it looks like the spring is installed after the covers are installed on the seats?
  12. There is a vendor from Michigan that advertises in the Riview that HAD one from a '65 GS he parted a while back. He offered it to me but I was not interested, you might check with him and see if it is still available. PM me if you need his name and or contact info. I am not saying I would endorse him, but he told me he had one available and is usually reliable in that way.
  13. Tom does mention a GREAT point here! I was drilling an inside bracket on my '95, for a stupid reason by the way, and when it went through the bracket the bit grabbed the hole and I dented the trunk lid! Probably best to use a drill stop, and even put a piece of scrap sheet metal between the brace and the hood surface to keep the bit from denting it. Great suggestionTom!
  14. I noticed that too, kind of wondered about it, but not that much I guess.