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  1. 32Pontiac6

    1930 paint scheme

    I agree with the Tinindian...
  2. 32Pontiac6

    '30 right front fender wanted

    Do you have a photo you can share? One thing I found out was that the hotrod shops can do magic with fenders. My '32 had a boo boo on it and they did a great job bringing it back to life. They can do amazing things to fenders with the modern equipment and welding methods. However, I will keep my eyes open for you. Just my 2 cents...
  3. 32Pontiac6

    1930 paint scheme

    I tried to recreate my '32 as close to original as possible (reasonable). The car still had original paint under an overspray when I bought it. I painted it in the 70's but did not strip to bare metal at that time. This time I stripped to bare metal. As I did this I tried to carefully sand through each layer as before I used the chemical strip. The best I can tell is that, at least on the '32, the reveal was only painted only on the first section. I can't be 100% sure on this but I am pretty sure this is how it was painted on the '32. I agree with Reid. Any further is too much. Note that this photo was before pen striping.
  4. 32Pontiac6

    1929 Phaeton in NZ

    Reid- You know my email... I would like a copy of the article, please.
  5. 32Pontiac6

    1930 paint scheme

    My '30 was originally paint code 2021. Paul - Thanks for the comment on the '32.
  6. 32Pontiac6

    1930 paint scheme

    I think the area you are talking about is called the reveal. I have attached a photo of my 1932 Sport Coupe showing the reveal being painted the body color (Antibes Blue). If you check the paint specs on the Auto Color Library you will see that the ‘32 specs show a separate reveal color. With respect to your ‘30 I would be surprised if they painted the reveal black routinely. If you look at the color library they do not specify a reveal color for 1930’s. I have included three photos: #1 is of my ‘32 showing the reveal painted. #2 is from the 1930 sales brochure showing a custom sedan. It does not look to me like the reveal is painted on this car. #3 is another photo of a custom sedan from the same brochure and it is hard to tell if it is painted or not. #4 four door sedan from sales brochure clearly showing reveal painted the trim color It is my contention that specific color schemes may have had a reveal painted to the belt color but I don’t think there were black ones painted (unless the contrasting color was black). From photo #3 (which if I remember right was the original color scheme of your car) you could probably paint it black or not. If you were serious about showing the car I doubt there would be a judge that could say it is right or wrong. Tinindian may weigh in on this... I would be interested in hearing his thoughts as he also has quite a library of information both between his ears and in paper form.
  7. 32Pontiac6

    Ferrule removal - '30

    I don’t know what the normal practice is but I removed mine before paint by prying them out just enough to get something around them like a water pump pliers and squeeze them to deform them enough to take out. How they work is that they are smooth when new and the tool punches a notch in them which catches the wood and does not allow them to come out. If you are careful the crude method I suggested won’t damage anything. When you put them in after paint make sure that you know were the wood is so that you can set the tool to put the punch hole in the right location because taking them out after a mistake will damage the paint (do you sense I have had some experience in this area?).
  8. 32Pontiac6

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    Unfortunately the numbers you give don’t show up on your post. Some observations (for what they are worth): 1) The top picture is interesting. It looks line we are looking at the A pillar and passenger door. From the photo the A pillar almost looks like it has a curve in it. If you run a straight edge against it does show it is flat? 2) Is the top part of the A pillar original or has it been replaced? 3) Have you checked to see that the door is square? 4) I am not sure what I am looking at in the middle picture. However, there seems to be some suspect wood on the right side of the photo. 5) There is clearly adjustment needed from the last photo. One thing I did when I fit mine was to stand back and get a shot that showed both top and bottom of the door and look at gaps on all 4 corners as you stand back. That helps to visualize how things need to move and rotate to get them square (or as close as you can get it). 6) My one concern is that there is some bad structural wood on the car. Without a good foundation the doors will pull and rack because of their weight (as Tinindian says) and that would be the first thing I would check if in your garage. You need a strong main sill and all the pillars as well as the door frame wood strong enough to take the weight of the wood. Additionally, the wood needs to take all the impact loads from potholes and road hazards. My 2 cents worth.
  9. 32Pontiac6

    Trying to Align Doors in 1928 Pontiac

    Bruce, Any way you can post side view photos of your car? If the gaps are not obvious also give some dimensions. I just went though this fun process with my ‘32 Sport Coupe. One point that is sometimes neglected is the front bolts where the cowl bolts to he body. That and the A pillar can rotate the door to align gaps at the B pillar. It is a frustrating process and unless you have a car with PERFECT wood, getting the doors PERFECT might be impossible. Some photos and dimensions might help in providing some suggestions. Rob
  10. 32Pontiac6

    Flat head reunion - west

    Please note email for Rob Guzzetta is: splithead6fan@gmail.com
  11. 32Pontiac6

    Flat head reunion - west

    Reid, if you bring Tinindian to a Flathead Reunion West she can either meet Liz or Poppy.... One of them will be there.
  12. 32Pontiac6

    29/30/31 specifications

    I added it to my scanned split head data that I share with people who ask questions. Thanks.
  13. 32Pontiac6

    30 Pontiac brake light switch

    Regarding the three connection switch my speculation is input, normally open output, normally closed output.
  14. 32Pontiac6

    1930 Pontiac brake countershaft springs

    Here are some photos of my setup. These were taken on the drivers side. Probably should get a shot tomorrow from the passenger side of the smaller spring. I probably should also clean up some of the grease... The long spring on ‘Liz’ looks very similar to the one on ‘Tinindian’.
  15. 32Pontiac6

    1930 Oakland

    Where are the parts located? I know somebody who needs exhaust manifold and synchronizer mechanism.