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  1. Today has not been a good day for Buick work, since I was busy with other things, but I did find some time this afternoon to spend a few hours organizing and storing engraving equipment and supplies from the recent trophy production run and cleaning up the garage. I can get to the Buick to work on it again but tomorrow I will not be able to work on it because I will be driving my 1937 Century on a local AACA tour. Hopefully I will be back to work on the 1938 Buick project on Monday morning.
  2. 1937 Vs. 1938 trunk lid handles

    Pete, Later today, I took some more photos. Maybe this angle will help you figure it out.
  3. '37 Century Modest Restoration

    Stooge, Sorry for taking so long to respond, but I have been out of town for a few days and busy with other stuff after my return. I am about to get back to my 1938 Century project. If I can help you in any way let me know. I have a 1937 Century Model 61 and I am currently restoring a 1938 Century Model 61. You may want to check out my restoration discussion although it is not as amazing as Gary's. It might help you with a few of the differences between a Century and a Special. You will find it here: The best source for any used 1936-1941 Buick parts is Dave Tacheny. He can best be reached between 4 and 7 pm Central at 763-427-3460. I would also suggest you consider joining the 36-38 Buick club. If you would like to know a bit more about the club, you can check it out here: I would be happy to send you a pdf copy of a recent 36-38 Buick Club newsletter if you are interested. For my restoration, I purchased a 1937 Special Model 41 as a body donor. From that car, I have a nice extra complete 1937 Special chassis (including the steering column). I could make you a heck of a deal on the complete chassis (and a rusty body) that would give you a steering column and a number of other parts that would fit your Century.
  4. 1937 Vs. 1938 trunk lid handles

    Pete, On my US made 1937 Model 61, the overall length of the trunk handle is about 3 3/4 inches long the best I can measure it without removing it from the car. The 1938 handle is totally different, as it is not a "T" shaped handle. It is of similar length, probably 1/4 inch or so longer. I don't know where the spring goes, but it does not look like it goes directly under the nut. If a photo from another angle would help, let me know.
  5. 1937 Vs. 1938 trunk lid handles

    Pete, Tomorrow, I will see if I can measure the one on my 1937 Century Model 61 and see if I can find the one for my 1938 Century Model 61 and the Model 41 body donor car as well and do some comparison for you. Is the car you are restoring a Buick or a McLaughlin Buick? For some reason, I was thinking you were working on a McLaughlin Buick. I do not know if they use the same handle or not.
  6. Unfortunately, my garage has to function as my garage, my restoration shop, and my engraving company workshop. It is normally plenty big but it is a bit cramped with the Buick restoration project taking up its space. I hope to move all of the trophies to a spare room in the house today, so I can get back to the Buick project.
  7. You can copy your original post and paste it into another post in a different forum. There is no way to post in multiple forums at the same time. There are few things that are appropriate to post in multiple forums at the same time anyway.
  8. Today I was busy doing most of the rest of the trophy assembly for our upcoming Chapter car show. I was happy to receive the wiring harness today. It looks good. I really need to move the trophies into the house tomorrow. I think the photo (with about half of trophies) demonstrates that I don't have enough room to stack the trophies in the garage and work on the car.

    They are available now. I picked one up at the Annual Meeting in Philadelphia. The major change for this year is that tires are now indeed a two point maximum deduction instead of a five point maximum deduction. You can order one from headquarters for a small fee, or you can download it in a pdf format for free: You can also receive if for free when attending any National Judging School.
  10. I rented a pickup for the trip to the AACA Annual Meeting, because I needed to make a side trip back to pick up the "spare" engine for the body donor 1938 Buick Special. When I bought the car, the purchase included a spare engine, but I initially chose to leave it with the seller to allow him to sell it again to make a little bit more money, since I did not need a spare engine. When I got home from that previous trip, I discovered that the "spare" engine's serial number was listed on the 1938 Buick Special's title. The "spare" engine was the original engine. I got back into town early Sunday morning. My friend who I would normally borrow an engine hoist from happened to be out of state, so on Sunday afternoon, I bought and assembled an engine hoist. This enabled me to unload the spare engine so I could return my rental truck on Monday morning. I enjoyed the AACA Annual Meeting but I really did not get enough sleep during my time away from home. Yesterday morning, I was too busy with an engraving order that came in on Friday afternoon to work on the Buick project. I did pick up the rebuilt carburetor and installed it yesterday afternoon. This morning, I received another even larger engraving order, so I could not work on the Buick project this morning either. I don't like not having time to work on the car, but the engraving does help pay for Buick parts. This afternoon, I was busy with trophy assembly for our upcoming AACA Chapter's 46th Annual Spring Meet. I hope to be able to finish that job tomorrow afternoon. This afternoon, I also received a notice that my wiring harness is scheduled to be delivered by UPS tomorrow. I was happy to hear that. I look forward to being able to install it soon.
  11. Forum Guys at Annual Meeting

    I can help with that... From the annual meeting report the new additions are: 2018-2020 Mary Bartemeyer Megan Boyd Jack M. Harris John McCarthy Bob Parrish Marty Roth Fred Trusty Also, Mark McAlpine was also added to the board, I am assuming he was appointed to replace Wayne upon his resignation from the board.
  12. A Philly Weekend of Emotional Highs and Lows!

    Wayne, It is always fun catching up with you. I am glad that we were able to have a few really nice conversations this year in Philly. I am sorry that you resigned from the board, but understand that family and your business have to come first. Thank you for all of your hard work on the board. I was wondering why the trade show did not have many cars on display this year and glad that I got there late enough on Thursday night not to have any problems getting to the hotel.
  13. Buick Straight 8 weight?

    It was probably more trouble assembling the thing than using it. Two of the casters are a real pain to assemble the bolts, washers, lock washers, and nuts on. It picked up the engine easily, and I pulled the truck out from under it. I then lowered the engine onto a wooden platform sitting on the legs of the engine hoist to lower the center of gravity and prevent any swaying as I rolled the hoist and engine to where I wanted to store the engine. I was able to raise the engine off of the wooden platform and then lower it down where I wanted it.
  14. Buick Straight 8 weight?

    Thanks. The one ton will probably do what I need to do. Since I have an engine in the bed of a rented pickup truck that has to go back tomorrow and Harbor Freight has theirs on sale for $139 today, I will buy that one. I can sell it after I am finished with my current project. In the past, I have borrowed one from a friend but he happens to be out of state at the moment.
  15. Buick Straight 8 weight?

    I am about to buy an engine hoist because I need to lift a spare 1938 Buick Special engine. I would prefer to go ahead and buy one that will lift a 320 engine safely, since I have a 1937 Century and a 1938 Century. I have found a one ton engine hoist on sale for a really reasonable cost. I am not 100% sure that is a heavy enough piece of equipment for a 320 engine. I can't seem to find a quick easy source online where the engine weight is listed. Does anybody know just how heavy they are?