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  1. MCHinson

    1937 Horn contact plate - Picture please

    The star washer is the lock washer for the steering wheel nut. I suspect a little bit of locktight would be sufficient to hold the nut in place. I would have to take mine apart to remember what size spring is on the horn button and exactly where it is. I am sure that Dave Tachney probably would have both of those (as well as about any other 1936-1941 Buick part).
  2. MCHinson

    1937 Horn contact plate - Picture please

    I assume you are referring to Part Number 263549 in Group 2.819 which is called CONNECTOR, Horn Cable (on column jacket).
  3. MCHinson

    1937 Horn contact plate - Picture please

    Without doing any research, I Assume the 1938 one is the same as the 1937 one. I can sell you the 1938 one for that same amount if it will help you out. I am fairly certain the 1941 one is larger. The ebay ad appears to show it being 4 inch in diameter. I don't think you can easily make that one work.
  4. I was able to prime the hinge pieces and later I was able to attempt to assemble it. I don't have any rivets available locally that are quite right. For the time being, I have temporarily attached the hinge pieces to the hood halves using a few machine screws and nuts. This enabled me to slide the chrome center section of the hood onto the hood and place the hood back onto the chassis temporarily.
  5. I have a standard "pop rivet" tool. I am going to see if some standard pop rivets will work. They are available in a size very close to the original rivet size, although not exactly the same size. For the purposes, I think they might work. If not, I will order some tubular rivets from Restoration Supply Company. I think that they would be a slighly more correct rivet for the job. Rivets are on page 38 and 39 of their online catalog:
  6. MCHinson

    1937 Horn contact plate - Picture please

    I suspect Gary has some better photos but here is what I have available. This is a spare 1938 metal button and inner contact plate that I picked up a while back. I don't remember what else should be between the two pieces but I suspect it is plastic. If Gary does not have any better photos, I can pull one apart and take some better photos for you. The contact plate appears to be 3 1/4 inches in diameter to me.
  7. I finally had an opportunity to work on the Buick project a little bit this morning. The hood hinge on the original 1938 Century hood was rusted almost to nothing. Luckily, I happened to pick up a 1937 Buick Century hood which has an identical hinge mechanism. I figured it would be easier to swap that hinge instead of finding someone to use a metal brake to duplicate it. This morning, I drilled out the rivets that hold the hinge pieces to the 1937 Century hood. I then drilled out the rivets that secured the remains of the original hinge pieces to the previously sandblasted 1938 Century hood. Removing the hinge pieces uncovered a bit of rust between the hinge and the hood. I cleaned up the replacement hinge pieces with a wire brush and a wire wheel and then applied a coating of Ospho to the hinge pieces and the edge of the hood where the hinge attaches to the hood. The last photo shows a comparision between the best one of the original hood hinge pieces and the replacement hinge pieces from the 1937 Century hood. Next I will prime over the Ospho and rivet the hinge pieces to the 1938 Century Hood. I still need to make arrangements for a body shop to do the remaining metal repair on the body. Hopefully, I will have that done soon.
  8. If you want to post this question in an appropriate forum, you have to register as a member of the forum. This forum is for forum software questions. If you are having trouble registering, let me know. If you attempted to register and did not respond to the email verification email, that might be your problem. If you did not see that email, you may need to check your spam folder for the email.
  9. MCHinson

    Hi-Flow vs Normal Thermostat?

    What do you know about the condition of the Bypass Valve? If it is not working properly, you will have an overheating problem even if everything else is fine.
  10. MCHinson

    Is this a problem?

    I reported a similar "Not Secure" Google Chrome warning to Peter Gariepy a while back. I don't know if it is a significant problem or not, but I still see that same warning.
  11. MCHinson

    1937/8 Steering wheel trim question

    I am fairly sure that either of these two should have the ivory colored plastic piece around the horn button available:
  12. MCHinson

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    After driving my 1937 Century from North Carolina to Indiana a while back, I really have been thinking that I should at least check (and should change) the fluid in the brake system. I have really been planning to pull all of the wheels to check the brake system, but I am not going to admit how long it has been since I have done anything with the brakes on that car. It runs, drives, and stops just fine and the brake master cylinder is so difficult to get to, it is one of those "out of sight, out of mind" items on the car.
  13. MCHinson

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    Stooge, I was thinking that the 1937 and 1938 60 Series used different master cylinders but it appears that my memory was incorrect on that point. From looking at my 1937 and the 1938 master cylinders and the spare one that I have and checking the chassis parts manual, it appears that they are all the same. I suspect Dave Tacheny will have one. Be sure to tell him that you need the bracket to attach it to the side of the transmission. The spare one that I have is just the master cylinder it does not have the bracket. These photos are the spare NOS master cylinder that I bought from Dave Tacheny.
  14. MCHinson

    Question on 1938 Century Master Cylinder

    Dave, I would suggest Apple Hydraulics for a rebuild of your master cylinder. Stooge, I need to look, I know I have a spare NOS Master Cylinder that I bought from Dave Tacheny. I don't remember if it is for my 1937 Century or my 1938 Century. The two are different, but I just don't remember which one that spare is. If I don't have one, Dave Tacheny would probably have one.