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  1. MCHinson

    Looking for 1937 Series 80 Parts

    I would also like to invite you to consider joining the 36-38 Buick Club. While we obviously don't know as much about the McLaughlin Buicks as the other club, we have a number of members with them who could probably help you with information, including some with similar McLaughlin Buicks. You can learn more about the club at the following link:
  2. MCHinson


    creed227, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. The best thing to do would be to visit and hopefully join an AACA Region or Chapter near you. Your new AACA Friends will be happy to let you get some seat time in a variety of antique automobiles. When you have had a bit of exposure you will be better positioned to decide exactly what antique car you want to buy. You will be able to find local AACA Groups by visiting the following link: If you post your location here, there may also be a forum member who is near you who might be able to help introduce you to the hobby.
  3. MCHinson

    '37 Century Modest Restoration

    I seem to recall you needed a seat. I have a lead for you...
  4. MCHinson

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    I would agree with MrEarl that you should reconsider your decision to leave the forum. In any venue where people discuss any hobby, there will always be some disagreements. The reason we have Moderators is so the Moderators can remove any inappropriate material, just like MrEarl did with the post just before yours. We may not always agree about everything, but by far the majority of us are able to disagree agreeably. Civility is required, total agreement is not. I have had a lot of emails, phone calls, and messages from people regarding concerns about the recent direction of the BCA. I am encouraged that the BCA board of directors has already started the process of resolving the issues that came to a head at the Denver Meet. The current board seems to be committed to working together to get the club headed in the right direction. It has been said that it is darkest just before the dawn. It looks to me like the dawn is approaching.
  5. You need to register on the forum so that you can post in the Dodge Forum. If you have attempted to register and are having trouble completing the registration process let me know. If you did not confirm your email address by clicking the link in the confirmation email sent by the forum system, it is possible that email is in your spam folder. You may wish to check your spam folder.
  6. A quick recap. It has been 1 year since I arrived home with my 1938 Model 61. A year ago, it was not drivable. Today, while drivable, it still has a long way to go, but it has come a long way. The chassis has been restored. A replacement, less rusty, body has been installed. I am posting a few random photos to show its transformation from a rusty rat infested mess to the restored chassis with a partially restored body that it is today. Still to complete is body work on the replacement body, interior installation, paint, and chrome. A lot of boxes of parts still need to be installed, but in time I expect it to come together.
  7. MCHinson

    Looking for 1937 Series 80 Parts

    I don't know if the parts you are looking are different from US production or not. If US production car parts will work, the best source for any 1936-1941 Buick parts is Dave Tachey. He is old school and the best way to reach him is by phone call between 4 and 7 pm Central time here in the US. His phone number is 763-427-3460. You can also write him a letter. His address is 11949 Oregon Ave N., Champlin, MN 55316. I am not aware of anyone reproducing the running boards. There are one or two companys in Canda who will reproduce the rubber on running boards. I have no personal experience with them but here is one of their websites:
  8. MCHinson


    I suggest you actually register on the forum so that you can post in another forum, rather than the software questions forum. Based on my experience in a 30+ year law enforcement career, I would suggest that posting in an online forum such as you have done might not be the safest alternative. If you actually register on the forum, you can communicate with people, get to know someone, and possibly find a safe ride that you are looking for. Your current post listing your phone number could get you contacted by a number of assorted characters who might not even be registered on the forum. That might not be a safe method of getting a ride, so I am going to remove your phone number from this post for your protection.
  9. Eatonfab, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. You might have better luck selling the car if you post a separate post with more description of the car and photos. I would also be willing to help you get it advertised on the 36-38 Buick Club website if you are intersted. You can check out the club website ad page at this link:
  10. I think they are neat. I don't know anything much about them. The key thing for you to remember is that these are not automotive so you would probably find your best value elsewhere. The best idea I can give you is to list them on ebay with a few photos, and clear description listing as "Philco Diamond Grid Type UX 54 glass case battery". There is probably someone out there who would be interested in them an would more likely find them on ebay. That would likely be the best way to get the most out of them. I have no idea if they will sell for $20 or $200 or more. The start them as low as you are willing to sell them and maybe you will find two people to bid them up beyond your wildest dreams, or maybe not. The only way to see is to list them.
  11. The best way to free that up is to spray the shaft pivot points down liberally with a 50/50 mix of acetone and automatic transmission fluid. Allow that to penetrate and then take a hammer and working back and forth, tap the shaft back and forth. Don't try to turn it, just tap the shaft left and right a few times. Moving the shaft in and out will break up the rust and free it up. If you want to read about it with some photos, it is discussed in my 1938 Century Model 61 Restoration discussion in the :Our Cars and Restoration Projects" forum. I don't remember which page it is on in the discussion.
  12. MCHinson


    A partial repaint will potentially cause a deduction, but that by itself would certainly not prevent the car from certifying in HPOF. I would encourage you to enter it in HPOF.
  13. Are you sure about your user name? There is no record of that user name. I see your email address listed with the user name C38-1947. Does that ring a bell with you?
  14. Today, I drove my 1937 Century to lunch. Later, I washed it, took a short drive to blow off most of the water and then finished drying it with a towel. The first photo shows it in the driveway after I washed it. Later this evening, I drove it to dinner. After returning home, I took a photo of it with the 1938 Model 67 in the background. The Model 67 is scheduled to be picked up by Dave Tacheny in the next few weeks. I recently scrapped the remains of the body donor Model 41. As soon as Dave picks up the Model 67, all of my Buicks will fit in the garage. I will soon be down to the daily driver Lesabre, the 1937 Century and my 1938 Century project.
  15. MCHinson

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Willis, I think that the "PWD Operatives", to use your term , as do I, have an informed opinion on "Why", and I am sure that the current board has received at least one proposal. I personally emailed a suggestion that they reverse the previous action regarding the Pre War Division, a fairly simple quick and easy action. If they then want to take some other action(s) asking the Division to make any changes, they certainly could also do that. As Jack Welch posted earlier in this discussion, the board has some higher priorities at the moment, so it may take a bit more time than some would prefer for this issue to be addressed.