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  1. Can not sign in

    Ben, I just sent you an email. Please contact me and I should be able to help you get it reset.
  2. Forum New Look

    I have the same issue on my Windows 7 laptop.
  3. Yellow metal in 1932 Packard

    I don't know anything about car but I recently found a great GL4 SAE140 gear oil at O'Reilly Auto parts that I am now using in my 1937 Buick Century. It is Masterpro brand, fairly inexpensive and available on the shelf as O'Reilly part number 80040. gear oil
  4. Memes for Newsletter Use

    The problem is that the lack of a watermark does not indicate it is safe or free for use. I am inclined to leave this post up, at least for a while, for informational purposes. If you have a photo or illustration that you have permission to share for such use, you could post it or them. 50 years is not any sort of safe time frame for copyright purposes. Many images over 50 years old are still covered by copyrights. You could easily get into trouble if you are simply assuming that something 50 years old is safe to use in a newsletter.
  5. 1937 buick

    Dave Tacheny would be my first call if I was looking for those parts. He can best be reached between 4 and 7pm Central at 763-427-3460. It would not be too difficult to make some plates if you can't find them. You should be able to find nuts locally to secure the plates.
  6. 1937 buick

    This document has some illustrations that I think will help you. It looks like you might be missing the "plate" and nut that goes in the center of the wheel. 1937 Buick - Sidemounts, Adding.PDF
  7. 36 Buick generator

    The best potential source would be Dave Tacheny. It is best to call him between 4pm and 7pm Central at 763-427-3460. He is the best source for 1936-1941 Buick parts. Also, if you are not a member, you may want to consider joining the 36-38 Buick Club. You can find information at
  8. Since you are showing up as a Guest, you have not completed the registration process for the forum. Perhaps the email with a link for confirmation of your email got stuck in your spam folder? If you can't find that confirmation link in your spam folder, please give me your email address and I will see if I can help you get registered so you can post in an appropriate forum to ask your question.
  9. Memes for Newsletter Use

    Jim, While it sounds nice, without knowing specifically where an image comes from, and knowing that you have permission from the copyright owner to use the image, or knowing that the image is in the public domain, you would risk civil penalties as well as newsletter disqualification if participating in the NAAP if using an image. If you have an image that you can identify as being in the public domain or can attribute it to the source and the source has given permission for its use by newsletter editors, it would be fine. I am not an expert on copyright laws or issue but I do know that at least one AACA Region that has had to pay a significant penalty for a copyright violation. Copyright is a serious issue for any publishing endeavor, and AACA Newsletters are not an exception to that rule
  10. Judging for Newbies

    I would suggest that you also call headquarters and they should be able to make sure you are in the judges database. The database is created and updated based on the judging school and judging participation cards. It does take a little time for the database to be updated, but it is usually an efficient process.
  11. Buick Reatta Ignition Coil Replacement

    Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I have moved your post to the Reatta Forum. I am sure you will find lots of good information here.
  12. Judging for Newbies

    hursst, You should have received your first issue of "The Judge", a newsletter for Judges, back in April. It includes forms to sign up for judging. There may have been a problem with it getting lost in the mail or some other issue. I assume that your address on file with AACA is correct and you are properly entered into the system as a judge. You can simply go to the main AACA website and use the members login at to register to judge at a meet. You just need your member number and your PIN # which is located on your Antique Automobile mailing label. If you would prefer not to sign up online, or if you have trouble doing so, you should call headquarters and have them verify that you are properly entered on the judges list and to get a copy of "The Judge" sent to you. You should be on the apprentice team at your first meet as a judge. You will learn quite a bit more about judging with the apprentice team, and with each subsequent judging experience. Welcome to the judging community!
  13. Happy to see you back and making more progress. Interesting as always...
  14. Making the AACA More Appealing to Young People

    I agree. When you hear "How do we attract young people into the hobby", different people have very different ideas about what is meant by "young". We have youth members and student members in our local AACA Chapter, but most of the new members join in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. This is the demographic that more easily lends itself to having a sufficent place to store or work on a hobby car. This is the demographic that is more likely to have sufficent disposable income to be able to afford a hobby car. This is the demographic that is most likely to have the time for the hobby. I am a bit different. I am 56 and have been in the club for a couple of decades. I was the Chapter President before age 40 and I remember back then, we were discussing how to get "Youth" into the hobby and AACA defined "Youth" as 40 or younger. You are absolutely correct about the need to invite folks to join us. I bought a really rough old Model A Ford as my first antique car. A friend knew a local AACA member who worked with his Dad. He introduced me. The gentleman asked me to drive my Model A over to see him. He quite simply lied to me about what a "Nice Model A" I had and invited me to a meeting. I went to the meeting with my wife and young son. We were welcomed like old friends, joined the club and have been active ever since. I have a lot of friends in the club. Most of my friends are older than I am. I have learned a lot from them over the years. The presence of a local Chapter or Region really helps the hobby grow in a healthy manner. If there is not a Chapter or Region in your area, I suggest you start one. I am retired and own my own small business. I typically drive one of my antique cars to lunch or dinner on a daily basis. I talk to folks whenever I see another old car or whenever they want to to talk about mine. I hand out club business cards and invite people to join the club on a regular basis. It is easy to get people to join when they show up to a meeting and are treated like friends.
  15. bullrun, From my reading of the parts manuals, as well as fairly extensive reading of years of back issues of the Torque Tube of the 37-38 Buick Club as well as reading all of the back issues of the Torque Tube II of the 36-38 Buick Club, I don't think that Buick offered any such mirror originally. I suspect that is why Bob's does not stock any such mirrror. Do you have an existing one that you are trying to match or replace? If so, I suspect you should widen your search to non-Buick vendors. I don't think it is a Buick item.