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    Dave, You have reported several different wiring configurations in several different posts. Please post a photo of the switch so we can all see what you have. It is impossible to help you figure out what is wrong if we can't understand how the switch is actually wired.
  2. Front license plate bracket

    Grimy, I was not quoting you. This is the comment that resulted in that post. AACA judging is typically reasonable. There are human beings involved in it, so there will be occasional problems. In general, it follows common sense. The system works well. It is much more common for people to complain that the judges let too much go without deductions than it is for people to complain that the judges are being too picky about small items. Most of the people who complain about judging being too lenient have been around the club a long time.
  3. Front license plate bracket

    Gentlemen, When judging is conducted in AACA, from my personal experience, the judges do a good job of doing as they are instructed and use common sense. Nit picking has been specifically discouraged in all judges training that I have ever attended. If someone asks a question here, hopefully they are being given a factual answer based on the judging guidelines. Trying to answer a judging question in an online forum is difficult to do in a way that people can understand and not be misinformed. When questions are asked in an online format, you will typically find very precise attempt to explain things by the book. To think that AACA judging is properly represented by the comment, "fly crap in the pepper attitude" is quite incorrect.

    Dave, Please post a photo of the switch. The way you described it earlier would be terminal 6 and 10, not 9. Terminals 6 & 10 are not supposed to have any wires attached on a 1938 Buick headlight switch. I still think you have a headlight switch problem and not a missing wire. If that bulb works on position 3 and not on position 4, it would seem that the wire to that filament is not missing.

    If I understand you correctly, you are describing terminals number 6 & 10 which is should not have any wires connected to them. Please look at the switch part of the wiring diagram in the service manual, Section 12-42 on page number 270 of the 1938 service manual.

    Dave, According to the 1938 Service Manual terminals 6 and 10 on the headlight switch are not supposed to have a wire attached to them. Are there three terminals without a wire on them on your car? If so, which other terminal does not have a wire attached to it? I still think your problem is likely to be an internal issue in the headlight switch.
  7. This morning, I installed the rebuilt left front shock. With the recent experience of doing the spring and shock removal and reinstallation I was able to easily and quickly remove the spring, change the shock, and reinstall the spring. After finishing that job, I greased all of the grease fittings on the front suspension. I reinstalled the left front wheel and took the chassis off of the jack stands. After that I spent a little bit of time working on the brakes. After several attempts to tighten up all of the fittings on the brake system, I still had a leak in the fitting adjacent to the brake light switch. I finally disassembled that fitting and discovered that when installed everything with new copper crush washers, one of the new was was a little bit too large. When It went together, it dropped down enough that it did not seal the joint. After I disassembled the fitting and reassembled it with a smaller copper crush washer, I think I have solved the leak.

    Dave, I have not seen a schematic for the actual headlight switch contacts to know exactly how the headlight switch is supposed to work. I suspect that this obviously somewhat common problem is a common failure mode of the headlight switch itself. If you were to swap to a different headlight switch, I think it might solve this minor problem. In the near future, since I have the headlight switch out of my 1938 Century project, I will see if I can disassemble the switch and figure out exactly how it works to see if I can figure out what causes this failure.
  9. Gary, I think that the problem with position 4 on your headlights is probably an internal issue in your headlight switch. If I were you, I would ignore it for now. I would send the "Rebuilt" headlight switch back to have the rebuilder correct whatever error makes the off position not work properly. When it comes back, I would test it with a volt ohm meter. After confirming proper operation, I would remove the original switch and reinstall the rebuilt one. I think that will fix your Country light mode issue.

    That article was also reprinted with permission of AACA and Earl in the 36-38 Buick Club's newsletter, The Torque Tube II, about a year or so ago. It is an excellent article.
  11. This morning I installed the two rear wheels. I then installed the right front spring assembly. The installation went smoothly. I then rebuilt the right front brakes greased the bearings and installed the right front hub. I then reinstalled the right front wheel.

    Bloo, That same text also appears in the 1937 Service Manual. I am guessing that must describe a change from 1936 and they left the same text in the 1938 manual as well. Perhaps the word was still just getting out to people, or maybe they just did not want to bother to update the text since the circuit was identical to the 1937 circuit. The only curious item is that the 1938 switch has a different part number. Perhaps it came from a different supplier, or perhaps there was some minor improvement of some component. From the two service manuals, it appears that the 1937 switch and the 1938 switch operations are identical. With a quick glance I see a difference in the source of power for the dash lights and map lights being the only difference between the 1937 and 1938 wiring harness. Maybe you see something else.

    The 1939 Headlamps are different. The 1937 headlamp switch and the 1938 headlamp switch do have different part numbers but I have no idea how, if at all, they are different.

    Bloo, I can't find where anyone has posted that on the forum. Attached is the 1937 Service Manual explanation of the Multibeam headlights for both 1937 and 1938. While the page numbers and a little bit of the formatting is different, the 1937 and 1938 Service Manual explanations are identical. This does not surprise me as they both use the same lenses, reflectors, trim rings, and most of the same internal headlight pod parts. There is some minor changes in the horizontal aiming assembly part numbers. The headlight pods themselves are different, which I think is mainly just different chrome trim.