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  1. Without looking up any documentation, I am fairly certain that is correct.
  2. Kro-Pro, A coouple of members have reported your post as being "spam" since we don't generally allow commercial posts from vendors in any forums except the Commercial Ads Forum. Since you have posted a single post announcing the reopening of a vendor, that some members may have experience with, in a sector of suppliers who are in rather short supply these days, I am going to allow this single post to remain. If you wish to post ads for the business, feel free to post them in the Commercial Ads Forum. I am sure that other forum members will be happy to have your expertise available to answer questions regarding plating issues.
  3. Without more information, I can only guess. It sounds like it is possible that a potential fraudster attempted to hack your account from Sweden. It is also possible that one of the many other users with "Ronnie" in their user name accidentally incorrectly entered their user name as "Ronnie" and failed 3 log in attempts and got their IP address temporarily locked out. I think the first lock out is for 15 minutes. I would not click on the link in the email. Even if I thought I received a legitimate forum system generated email, I would go to the forum directly instead of clicking on an emailed link. I would not be too concerned based on the one email. If you were to receive an additional email such as this, then please alert the webmaster or a moderator.
  4. Jim, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I look forward to receiving your registration for the 36-38 Buick Club Tour and look forward to meeting you in a few weeks here in Wilmington.
  5. Look at the trunk photo. The original radio is in the trunk. It would be easy to reinstall. If it needs to be repaired, they can be repaired. That car looks like a bargain to me. I don't need another car but seriously considered buying it myself.
  6. You may want to look at this recent ebay auction. The dealership did not find a buyer on ebay. They probably still have it available.
  7. That one certainly seems to be priced quite low, could be a scam or could be for real. It all depends on the car's condition. A few years ago $20,000 was a good ballpark estimate on most 36-38 Buicks. Lately a number of 36-38 Buicks, including coupes, have been selling for quite a bit less than $20,000. A 1937 Coupe on ebay a few weeks ago was listed with a Buy it Now price of $18,750. It did not sell. It was bid up to $15,600 but did not meet the reserve. It was a restored running driving car, although the interior was not correct. I have no plans to sell my 1937 Century but if I wanted to sell it, I would probably be a bit upset about recent selling prices. I have seen some nice 36-38 Buicks For Sale lately that have been priced under $20,000 and they just don't seem to be finding buyers recently. Here are a few examples:
  8. I spend almost no time in the gallery myself, so I am not that familar with it but I think this link might work: You should be able to click on your user name, taking you to your profile and then you will see you "Albums" which should be the same location that the link takes you to.
  9. If you want to know the source, here is the link:
  10. The quickest way to explain it is to share the map from the AACA website:
  11. A quick online search shows one 1936 Model 46 listed at $8,800. Depending on condition, it may be worth much more, about the same, or less. I have been following the market on 36-38 Buicks for a few years and the market seems to be down a bit lately to me. If the car is in good driving condition, I would think it is likely worth a bit more than the $8,800 listed price for that one. That listing looks to be priced for a quick sale to me, but I have no idea about that car's actual condition except what is listed in the ad.
  12. Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. You may wish to check out the 36-38 Buick Club website: Once you have current photos and an asking price, I can advertise the car on the 36-38 Buick Club's website and can also publish it in the club's newsletter. Value depends on a lot of factors that I don't know about the car, so I would not hazard a guess at this time. You will have better luck trying to find listings or previous sales listings or other data if you search for the correct model designation. Buick did not call it a 3 window coupe. I am guessing that you are talking about a 1936 Buick Model 46 Special Business Coupe.
  13. David, John originally posted this in another discussion in the towing category. I split it from the unrelated discussion and put it here to hopefully get him a bit more exposure. As soon as we get him accustomed to the forum, the Brush subforum would probably be a good fit for some of his questions but I thought he might reach a few Brush folks here as well as some other AACA folks in his area who might not ever see it in the Brush subforum. I am sure we have some other forum members from his area who can probably help him as a new antique car owner.
  14. John, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. Your first post was in an existing discussion of another subject so I have moved your post to the General Forum where you will hopefully be able to find some help.
  15. Blade3562, Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I would encourage you to read what 61polara posted again. You have an experienced member of the HPOF team giving you some excellent advice. If you have original parts available, you really should substitute those for any aftermarket parts if you wish to have the car certified in HPOF.