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  1. Brian, The gas gauge posts are two different sizes. Assuming the wiring harness is correct, you can't put them on the wrong post. I suspect you need to pull the tank and clean up the rheostat on the fuel sending unit. If you look over some of my recent posts, you will see how easy it is to do. While this won't help Brian, I just figured out my problem. The left rear tail light wire and the fuel gauge sending unit wire on my harness are supposed to be Yellow with black tracer and Yellow with crossing black tracers respectively. I made up a long jumper and tested for continuity from the black with crossing yellow tracer line wire at the fuel gauge to the black with yellow crossing tracer line at the rear of the car and found that they did not have continuity. Since I have not hooked up any tail lights yet, I decided to test for continuity from the gas gaage line to the black with yellow tracer line that is supposed to be the left tail light wire. Apparently when I was soldering the four wires into the body harness plug behind the dash, I managed to switch the two very similar looking wires. I temporarily connected the "tail light wire" to the fuel sending unit wire. My fuel gauge then immediately went to half full, which corresponds to how much fuel is in the tank. I will have to unsolder and switch the two wires in the body wiring harness plug tomorrow, but the fuel gauge mystery is solved.
  2. This morning, in addition to spending some time trying to figure out the fuel gauge mystery, I started buffing the wheel trim rings. I got a couple of them done today. The first photo shows the comparision between one before buffing and one after buffing.
  3. What is a 30 Model A worth.

    Clearly a lot of stuff has been done to that car over the years. With a quick glance, lots of stuff is not original. Headlights, horn, ignition switch are all incorrect. The cowl lights have been removed. The lug nuts appear to have been painted along with the wheels, which leads me to believe that probably none of the paint on the car is original. I have not really following Model A prices for the past 4 years or so, but I would think that one in that condition would be about a $5,000 car at best.
  4. The ohm reading from the tank sending unit appears to be about right, although I really want to replace the leads on my VOM, since they seem a bit erratic which makes troubleshooting a bit more difficult. Grounding the lead from the fuel tank sending unit does not make the gauge go to zero. There is something strange going on somewhere. I am going to replace the leads on my VOM and go over all of the various components and figure out what is going on.
  5. Neither my 1937 nor my 1938 Buick have any rubber lines in the fuel line. They have both had electric fuel pumps added near the tank. A short 5/16" metal fuel line connects from the electric pump to the metal line on the fuel pickup/fuel gauge sending unit. A 5/16" metal fuel line runs from the electric fuel pump to the front of the car. There is a short 5/16" metal line that connects to that line with a metal junction and runs from near the frame rail to the mechanical fuel pump inlet. An approximately 5 foot long 5/16" metal fuel line runs from the fuel pump, over the front of the engine, along the intake manifold and to the carburetor. Both cars have a metal bodied fuel pressure regulator mounted at the carburetor. With a Straight 8 engine and a torque tube, there is not really much flexing of the engine. The 5 foot fuel line to the carburetor can flex enough to take care of any tiny movement of the engine. The gauge on my 1937 works fairly accurately. The one on the 1938 seems to be reading full when it should not. Perhaps the sending unit float arm needs to be adjusted. Perhaps there is another problem. This morning, I used a set of jumper cables to ground the sending unit line all the way back to the gauge and it still read the same. I also tried a spare fuel gauge which also read full.
  6. 1989 Buick Lesabre hearse, not mine

    I almost bid on that one. It was only bid to $595 and did not meet the reserve. I came really close to bidding but I was afraid that I might actually buy it and have to go get it. That would be a long trip. The fact that I am out of garage space is probably the only reason I was able to convince myself not to bid on it.
  7. There is no rubber hose in the fuel line. The electric pump and all of the steel lines are metal. The only thing that I can think of is that maybe between the gasket on the base of the carburetor and the finish on the carburetor from the carburetor rebuilder might be insulating the fuel line from ground. It should ground through the fuel line, but either I might need one of my spare gauges or else an additional ground wire for the sending unit. I will see soon.
  8. The bare seat frames are in the car. I temporarily covered the front seat frame with a couple of heavy duty moving blankets. The seat frames without the upholstery seem to be an inch or two shorter than I would really prefer but to drive it up and down the driveway, it works. I simply connected the two wires from the Rhode Island Wiring harness to the gauge. I did not run a separate ground wire to the sending unit. It should ground through the fuel line. I have a spare gauge or two that I will try and if that does not work, I guess I will do some testing regarding a separate ground wire for the sending unit.
  9. This morning, I only had a few minutes to work on the Buick project. I adjusted the master cylinder pedal rod to resolve the dragging brake shoes. I will have to take it for a bit more of a drive in the near future to confirm that I have the problem totally solved, but I feel fairly confident that it should be fixed.
  10. 1989 Buick Lesabre hearse, not mine

    As a guy whose first car was a 1961 Cadillac Hearse and a guy who recently owned a White 1989 Park Avenue, I sort of like it. I don't have room for another car and have absolutely no need for it, but it is intriguing.
  11. Thanks Bill. I think that Gary is a lot more talented than I am, but I am really enjoying doing the restoration.
  12. This morning, I squeezed 5 new tires, the four old tires and wheels from the car, and two extra wheels that I purchased into the trunk and back seat of my Buick Lesabre and took them to my local tire shop. I had them choose the five best wheels to use and mount the new tires. I then took the new tires and wheels home and installed them on the 1938 Buick project. I also installed four hubcaps. I lowered the car back onto the wheel dollies and rolled it around to face the garage door. I then started up the Buick and drove it out of the garage. I drove out to the street, turned it around and pulled back into the driveway. The oil pressure was great, the generator showed a slight discharge at idle and charging with increased engine speed. After it was running for a while, there was a quick discharge of water out of the radiator overflow tube that initially made me think something was wrong, so I shut down the engine. After confirming the temperature gauge was OK, I restarted the engine and it ran fine and no additional water was dischaged. I assume I had the radiator slightly too full. I let it run for an hour or so and the temperature gauge stayed right where it should. The are only two issues discovered. First, the fuel gauge that seems to show full whenever it receives power, but the fuel tank should be only about 1/2 full. Second, the brakes are obviously dragging a bit. I will need to address those two issues soon. While the car was running in the driveway, I gave the back of the garage a bit of a cleaning job. I swept a lot of dirt and other debris from the area where the Buick project has been for the past 7 months or so. I then drove the Buick back into the garage, put it back on the wheel dollies, and rolled it back into the garage, facing the opposite direction that it has been for a while. I am attaching a short video showing the engine running in the driveway. VID_20180418_130506983.mp4
  13. This morning, I decided to hold off on tire mounting until they had a bit longer to dry more thoroughly. I also had a couple of other non-Buick jobs that I had to do this morning. Wanting to accomplish something on the Buick, I riveted the body data plate to the firewall. I also installed a new vacuum line from the vacuum pump to the firewall to supply vacuum to the wiper motor.
  14. This morning, I swapped the voltage regulator and repolarized the generator again to be sure. It now charges properly. I had too many non Buick projects to do today to do anything else on the Buick this morning. This afternoon, I helped a friend with some work on his 1923 Buick. This evening, I picked up some rustoleum primer and some nice rustoleum paint that I think is a good match for the Dante Red 1938 optional wheel color. Tonight, I jacked the car up, put it on 4 jack stands, and removed the four wheels. I primed those four wheels and my other two extra wheels and later painted them red. Tomorrow, I hope to be able to choose the best 5 wheels and take them to my local tire store and have them remove the four old tires and mount the new tires. I also took a photo that shows the battery with my recently purchased original Delco yellow battery caps.
  15. Bob, It appears that you are posting as a guest, which only allows you to post in this forum. This forum is for questions and issues about the forum software. You need to complete the forum registration process and then you can post in the Model A Ford forum where you should find someone who can answer your question. If you attempted to register and did not complete the email verification link that was sent to you, that could be why you did not get registered. If you did not receive it, it may be in your spam folder. If you are having trouble registering, let me know and I will attempt to help you with the forum registration process.