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  1. Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. You have already received some great advice from others. I would also suggest that you join a local AACA Region or Chapter in your area. In the local club, you can probably find an experienced AACA Judge. An experienced judge will often be happy to go over your car with you and identify any minor easily fixed issues that you can correct before you go to a show for judging. An experienced Judge can also give you his or her best opinion, based on close observation of your car and a discussion of your goals, about the choice on whether you want to enter the car in Class Judging, Driver Particpation Class, or Historical Preservation of Original Features. It is difficult to give you advice on that without a direct look at the car and a conversation. A local judge can do that for you.
  2. MCHinson

    1938 Special rear shocks

    The top of the shocks are held in place with "C Clips". Compressing the rubber bushings are a bit difficult. I think that comment #188 on page 8 of my 1938 Century restoration should help you with your question.
  3. Paul, If you want their 2N material, you might as well wait a while. If you want any other material, I would not be concerned. I think they said it would take 6 to 8 weeks to produce my kit. My kit was ordered on 4-26-18. It was delivered on 6-18-18.
  4. Just got through skimming through all of your posts in this discussion. Nice work. I guess I now have another one that I have to read daily. I will especially be looking forward to your post in about 3 or 4 days, but I won't spill the beans on why.
  5. MCHinson

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    John, After reading all of the board minutes on the BCA website I do have some concerns about the operation of the organization. Since the bylaws call for publishing the report each year and the report has not been published since 2014, it is very difficult to have an informed opinion of what the real situation is. A large number of questions have been asked by board members that are difficult to evaluate without at least knowing what the real numbers are for all of those years. As a member of the organization, I am simply asking questions. For some reason, some members of the organization seem offended when a fellow member asks questions about financial issues. That was apparently the case back in 2009 when someone else started this discussion. It was apparent recently when someone bumped it up to the top, and it is apparent from a few of the responses, phone calls, and emails that I have received after adding my own questions to this old discussion.
  6. MCHinson

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    Thanks. I am just surprised that those circumstances have taken over 3 years to overcome, since the last one was published in 2014. I am sure that a lot of folks are looking forward to seeing the 2015, 2016, and 2017 financial reports soon.
  7. MCHinson


    Dave, If you will send me an email with your ad text listing parts, maybe some photos, and prices for the parts, I will be happy to advertise these in the Torque Tube II for you.
  8. MCHinson

    When Did BCA Fees go to $50 per year?

    John, Not trying to be argumentative, but I agree fully with that statement. How can the membership get the board to do that? That would have solved a lot of the problem with members being upset about their lack of knowledge on this subject.
  9. MCHinson

    1938 Chevy Park Brakes

    Welcome to the AACA Discussion Forum. I don't have any information Chevrolet parts suppliers for that era. I am very familiar with 1938 Buicks. While the cable on the Buick is a bit different where it attaches to the main emergency brake cable coming from the front of the car, the parts that you are looking for look identical or nearly identical to those found in 1938 Buicks. If I was looking for those for a Buick, I would call Dave Tacheny. You can best reach him between 4 and 6 pm Central at 763-427-3460. Here are photos of what the Buick parts looked like when I disassembled them on my 1938 Buick Century restoration.
  10. MCHinson

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    The recent discussion was about a 1938 320 in a Century. I would suspect the routing to be similar but I have no idea if it is the same.
  11. Thanks Rodney, When I look back at the past few weeks, I feel like I really need to get moving forward but I also realize that the project has still come a long way in less than a year. I just finished the next issue of the Torque Tube II. I am also covering this story in the magazine. The magazine version is so far behind that when I write each installment for the magazine, it is odd looking back and rediscovering my own story through old posts that seem so far back that I have often almost forgotten what I have done.
  12. I have been spending more time on the Model 67 lately than the Model 61. I have been cleaning it up a bit. I have washed out the interior a few times with a garden hose. I removed most of the upholstery materials from the rear seats and washed the remaining upholstery pieces a couple of times. I have left the car in the back yard with the back seat out of it, and attempted to get all of the upholstery still in the car to air out and dry out in the sun, driving the car around to maximize sun exposure on different areas over the past several days. Unfortunately, every time it gets almost dry, we seem to get an afternoon thunder storm which gets it all wet and we start the process over again. Hopefully I will get the Model 67 to a point that I can leave it alone for a while soon. I had the best of intentions to do some work on the Model 61 today. I planned to disassemble the engine side panels for some minor repair this morning. Just before I got started on that, I received a large engraving order from one of my regular customers. That bumped the Model 61 job back another day. I can't justify putting off work that I get paid for just because I want to work on my car project. Hopefully tomorrow will go better. This afternoon, UPS dropped off my interior kit from LeBaron Bonney in two large boxes. I need to go through it to make sure there are no problems and nothing missing, but that will have to wait for another day. Today, I did open up the two boxes and pull a few things out to get a quick peek at them. The nice new upholstery materials certainly look and smell better than those I took out of the car a while back.
  13. MCHinson

    1941 Special engine dies when warmed up

    Your current problem sounds like vapor lock due to engine heat heating up the fuel lines. Are the fuel lines in their original position? If someone moved them closer to the engine block, that can cause this problem. Today's fuels, especially those with ethanol also boil more easily than the fuels back in the day. For solving this problem in my 1937 Century, I avoid ethanol fuel when possible. I also have made sure that my fuel pump is rebuilt and operating properly. I have an auxiliary electric fuel pump located near the fuel tank which is activated by a switch that can be reached by the driver. I almost never have to use the electric pump when using non-ethanol fuel. When I am touring and only have access to fuel with ethanol in hot weather I typically have to run the electric pump quite a bit. I would rebuld the mechanical fuel pump. I would try to avoid fuel with ethanol. I would make sure that the lines are no closer to the engine block than they were originally. I would put the electric fuel pump switch where you can reach it when driving. That should solve this problem.
  14. MCHinson

    Oiling a frame to prevent rust

    While I suspect it would be better than nothing, Ospho would be a better choice although perhaps a bit harder to work with.
  15. MCHinson

    Survey on Classic Car Community Engagement

    Since the company does not want to be identified, I will honor that request. In the interest of calming any potential concern among some of our forum members, I will simply report that as an adminstrator on this site, I can see the email address of the CCIntern and I will simply say that without identifying the company, the email address is associated with one of the companies that is a large player in the antique automobile insurance company.