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  1. And that's just the entry level Special.
  2. At 3AM, thinking my fingers would fall off, I never would have been able to relate you your experience. My Wife's makeup? she just came in the house barefoot. I hope she doesn't come over here and read this. She thinks I am working. Bernie
  3. Hey! You edited my reply and changed the meaning. Do you work for CNN? If your nose doesn't grow you will develop a slight stutter like this guy. Be careful.
  4. Join a club and use all the resources of the club to make the best purchase you can. If you wait until you buy the car and then join the club, you may go to your first meet and have someone say "Oh, you bought THAT car."
  5. I quoted you so the message was in there twice. It's a good one. I haven't had much scammer trouble. They read a couple of my posts and put me on the "Avoid" list. Come to think of it, the telemarketers did that, too. I remember my Daughter calling to my Son "Hey, Dad's on the phone with someone selling something." Great entertainment for kids. Bernie
  6. They are stainless. Years ago I took the ones from my '64 to a plating shop and they buffed them, Looked like new chrome, not a lot of money, and still look good. Bernie
  7. Don't lean with your paws on my fender, Jay, I'll get you a walker. It does look a little choppy. I had to laugh when he said the car was the way he remembered them. Oh, well, he said he was born in 1950. I guess it's a kid's point of view. Bernie
  8. I have the cars because I can't have my own fully equipped nuclear aircraft carrier. Sometimes you just settle for less. Bernie
  9. The flakes and rust that can be scraped out and put in a pile are the material the tank is made of. I agree with opening the tank and doing a thorough recondition. I got involved with a Bentley tank one time and there were a number of chamber inside to prevent sloshing. It would have been impossible to clean without cutting it open. Many other tanks have a baffle around the sending unit and pick up or in other areas. It is hard to get all that flaky stuff out and the sealer won't adhere. Either go new or physically repair it. Then keep it full. I used to sell the sealer and provide the service. I wouldn't any more. Getting older, minimizing the risk of jobs done right. Bernie
  10. You guys are awful careful about tires and brakes. Qualifying speed were around 120 for the race cars. I doubt the pace car hit 85 or 90. That's where my speed buzzer is set for the biased tire car. AND I usually just ignore it. Bernie
  11. I think it is a '29 myself. I was going by the owner with the year. The cowl tag calls it a Model 28-26. I might get out and check the engine number later today. One thing is for sure, whenever a mistake is made about a Buick related item, the corrections come flying in. I'm surprised I only got one so far. The whole thing is on Ebay now. Work is demanding the dismember and market time. Bernie
  12. The 4GC's come up with a pretty good frequency on the forum. I know I have written about my day with Tom Toal, one of the quadrajet design engineers. He was retired at the time and THE guy to go to. We worked together in his garage on my '56 Olds that had the stumble on light acceleration. At one point he accused me of being a ringer some engineers had sent to yank his chain. I took that as a complement. Tom had a GM seating tool for the check ball. It looked a lot like a rivet set with a cup the size of the ball. A couple of taps would mold the diecast seat to the shape of the ball and make a nice seat. We almost had to put a zipper on the carb, but when it was off the car it squirted fine. Put it on the car not running it squirted fine. Start the car, hot or cold, it stumbled and didn't squirt well. I have worked on a few and that is the only one I could get to work. Most of my stuff is AFB's or FI now, except the little Cater on the Packard. Ooops, there is a 4GC on the '60, huh, I do have one. Getting old and need to back off a little. I remember the last time I did the AFB on the Riviera late at night. I bought a gallon of carb cleaner at NAPA. The label said "Don't get it on you" I poured a little in a pie pan and started out carefully using a couple brushes and being neat. It wasn't long before I was wallowing in it with my hands. Then around 2AM my fingers puckered up and started looking real funny. I got a little nervous and went into the house where everyone was sleeping and washed my hands......the worked and rubbed them....... then tried different temperatures of water. And got more nervous by the minute, thinking about those safety posters at work where only the bones were left. It's a bit of a traumatic experience. Eventually they got plump and normal looking again. I was even more careful with the cleaner, for a while. Life among the carburetor mechanics is not always easy.
  13. Kids want to be normal. My Daughter "tolerated" the 58,000 mile1965 Electra I put her in as a first car. I think she was a senior in High School when I came home from a dealer auction with a nice clean. high mileage, Ford Explorer for her. She and my Wife looked out to see it under the light and both exclaimed "You bought a Ford!" She loved that car and the normalcy that came with it. Hang around the grocery story parking lot and see what suburban housewives drive. She will be very happy with one and not feel stigmatized. My Wife wasn't so happy inheriting a low mileage '65 Electra, but she had to understand priorities. It made her real happy when the Infiniti QX4 came along. Old men are the absolute worst people to choose a car for a young person.
  14. Look at that background and her expression. It sure brings back memories for me. "Really, no one ever comes up this road and I promise Mike will NEVER see these pictures. You do love me and want to make me happy, don't you?" Boy, they learn fast at that age. Bernie
  15. I shift about like he did most of the time in the video. And only get on it once in a while, like the video. A heavy car with lots of low end torque just develops a fairly slow deliberate shift with broad ranges of engine speed. So it really made me remember driving a friend's BMW M5 for the first time. That one required high RPM's ALL the time. I think we both almost wet our pants laughing at me driving that thing like a big block American car. I told him if I took it for a week I could get good at it. He had more fun driving my '60 Electra on back roads that I did driving his. I'll stick with the automatic. Bernie