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  1. 60FlatTop

    Hawkeye Hawskinson Article

    I ran across this North Country article: http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise.com/news/local-news/2016/11/a-story-in-cars-hawkeyes-barns-held-treasures/ Back in 2011 I was coming back from a job in Malone and came through Saranac Lake to find this job parked at the curb. He might have been in town that day.
  2. 40th New York State Inspection 1978-2018, same building, same mechanic for the last 30 years. Just got home.
  3. 60FlatTop

    Good article for those looking to buy/sell/spend$

    For every $1,000 extra that you are willing to spend, you can usually get $4,000 worth of someone else's work (investment). That works both ways.
  4. The safest way, especially if someone entices you into an old barn, is to always bring your camera crew for backup. Sometimes it looks like they aren't there, but even the guy in total desperation can get a sandwich or a pistol from one of the cameramen.
  5. 60FlatTop

    I just DON'T like the picture of this Buick

    Is that the wreck of the Century or the excuse of the Century?
  6. 60FlatTop

    Good article for those looking to buy/sell/spend$

    I got to the part about how to value your car, bored. A ten year niche author needing groceries. Bland as a can of cat food without the fish smell. Is there such a thing as automotive rhetoric? "Emotional miscalculation" 🙂 Yeah, I emptied my pockets and all the tin cans hidden in the garage. Do I have enough?
  7. 60FlatTop

    MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Wondering what happened to Tuesday Wednesday. What's Wednesday, wheels? Wow.
  8. 60FlatTop


    I took these pictures at the Genesee Valley RIT meet, not sure if it was 1974 or '75. I am thinking it may have been a George Staley car at the time, not sure of that, either.
  9. 60FlatTop


    Imagine walking into the showroom and seeing those cars.
  10. 60FlatTop


    Getting ready to turn out the lights for the night.
  11. 60FlatTop

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    Oops! I lost some vision in my left eye and didn't even see that second coil terminal. Yeah, that would be a Nash. I converted one back to twin ignition that had a later distributor. I remember the AL100 cap. Auto parts even had the rotor in stock. If my eye was still good I would have caught that and not agitated that Matt Greoning thing.
  12. 60FlatTop

    So whom would you sell it to?

    It all depends on my perception of the buyer. Their voice on the phone or their body language standing in front of you can tell a lot, if you have been paying attention for half a century. I am the last person you'd find to stereotype, but, boy! can I make generalizations. All that personally observed data. On the topic of honesty, I still remember the High School class when Tom Burns, the business teacher told us about discretionary and non-discretionary sales. Selling a person things they need is a responsible duty. Selling old car stuff is a sport. I'm not much into baseball or football, but I usually have a car for sale.
  13. 60FlatTop

    Ouch, bought in Hershey

    Its been sitting around for two years. Put it on Ebay and just get it out of here. Other cars sitting around in the background, let's get back to making money. I can understand the lack of any urgency, perfectly. Sometimes I don't push back just because most of the other stuff went right. Why aggravate yourself with a situation where only the lawyers win. Judge awards $20,000 for damage to old Lincoln- 50% legal fees, 40% lawyer expense reimbursement, two lost days of work, thanks for the check. I do have to laugh about the two transoceanic trips. The guys I know in Europe buy GM cars. They are afraid the salt air will leave a small pile of rust where the Ford car sat in the container. Two trips! You know they never expected to see that one again. Bernie
  14. 60FlatTop

    V-12 or dual ignition six? Distributor cap

    A Nash Twin Ignition would have two terminals from the coils and 12 to the plugs. That one looks like a Lincoln Zephyr 12.
  15. 60FlatTop

    71Riviera questions

    I will pay extra for silent, sometimes a lot extra. One of my cars has 438 factory HP, silent as an electric car, without a hint of exhaust pipe at the rear. Anything else would just be so.... plebeian.