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  1. "Where's the camper, Snoop?" "I got there and they kept talking about catfood or CTFD. So I traded it for these birds.
  2. 40s Car Photos

    I like the Heads Up display in the windshield that warns you a cup of coffee is on the dash. Safety first, that's my moto. Bernie
  3. Help with this GM casting piece

    Once the binder has been mixed in the sand muller the wood core is surrounded by a cope and the sand rammed in with a hand pneumatic tool, then set on a low rail car and lined up for the pour. The foundry I worked in was owned by General Railway Signal with its primary product being railroad switch boxes. The foundry independently marketed services to maintain a return on the investment. We were casting International truck axles there the night the ladle fell. I also worked with a department at Eastman Kodak that contracted stamped stainless windshield wiper parts for Trico, but Kodak didn't put wipers on the lens of any cameras. Companies that departmentalize profit centers often contract work. GM would have only used oil transmission. I have worked on early variable speed pumps with adjustable torque converters for dialysis temperature control. Now, those were pissers.
  4. I used to do lots of "adventurous" stuff when I was younger. Today, standing by the side of the road waiting for assistance has no place in my life. Buy a Tahoe. These days, I find myself sitting on the edge of the bed at night, taking off my shoes and socks. I sometimes think to myself "Was I too cautious today?" The answer is always "Nope" and, with a big smile, I go to sleep peacefully. I have also found my Wife's Tahoe great for moving cars and tractors around the yard if they aren't running or the wheels don't turn. Bernie
  5. Dynaflow differences 59-63

    That's odd.Low and reverse use the bands. In drive it is just straight through the torque converter. Two things I might do: 1, overfill it by about 3 quarts and see what it does. 2, clean the valve body, If you do try overfilling it get it on a steep incline and try to submerge the rear pump. It is worth a try. What is the history of the car prior to discovering the problem? Bernie
  6. Help with this GM casting piece

    Water, Oil, Gas- it is a common acronym. The 8 mile water supply from the Lake to our village water tower was originally wood. 20-150 PSIG is a reasonable range. Bernie
  7. Here is a tester I made up something around 30 years ago and I pull it out of the drawer quite often. I use it to test both grounding and power supply. The big clamp is for the negative battery post to test for a ground or the positive to apply power to a device that doesn't work. The wire is about 25' long to reach any device on the car. Just put it on the ground post and clip the small end to the taillight housing or bulb socket and you have a known completed ground, the same bypass works from the positive cable. See Scotty with his hands behind his back? Guess what he has in his hands. Oh, if you run into me with my '60 Electra I will show you my voice command engine start; no hands, no wires. I'm tricky like that. Bernie
  8. Very Sad (and I'm not talking about the car)

    I looked at the damage to that car and couldn't really figure out what happened. I did notice the dual master cylinder and disc brakes. From what I have heard and read I thought it must be way safer than a couple of my cars. Bernie
  9. I replaced all five of my u-joints right before I left for the Buick Nationals in Sandusky. The CV balls were fine. The joint cross won't come out like a normal one and I had to cut it with a torch. The rest is straight forward. Cadillac CV driveshafts are described as non-ervicable and to be replaced as a unit. I believe that. I took a '67 Caddy driveshaft back to a specialty shop three times before I picked up a good used one. The repaired one leaned in a corner of my garage for close to 20 years before I through it out. Bernie
  10. Dynaflow differences 59-63

    Is your car licensed and able to be driven? It sounds like the pump is not picking up a suction. How long did you leave it in Drive? If it is a car that has been sitting around, not driven, it may take a while. It is one of those things where the pump loses suction, but once it establishes it, the car will be fine until it sets overnight. If it was mine I would head down the road in LOW and nudge it into DRIVE every 500 feet or so. If you don't hear and feel the torque converter fill and start pulling you will need to pull it and repair. The '63 is not a torque tube drive so iy is different. Bernie
  11. How old was your car when you bought it?

    The thought mostly came from ways to recruit younger people into the ranks of active hobbyists. I thought the similarities of the age of what one considered an old/collector car when they entered might shed some light. Maybe, maybe not. I had dinner with my Wife tonight and she went back to work for a youth program. It is a government entity struggling with losses in financial support. In tonight's conversation I told her that six years ago, when I had a stroke, heart attack, multiple bypasses, and the routines that go with it, I talked with the cardiologist after the big turn around. He told me that for every ten years I followed the rules and maintained my health the medical community would advance its skills to help me get another ten years. Living another 40 years was not unrealistic. I told her tonight that I came home considering how to support myself/us for another 40 years. The first step was to get online and look at successful business models in Third World Countries. Ponder the motivation behind that and it pretty much wraps up my thoughts on the old car hobby, future members, and a whole lot of other stuff rolled in. Oh, yes, I do have a plan based on the findings and it is being implemented. "I" plan on buying a few more cars. It should be a buyer's market. Bernie
  12. Antique car Insurance

    My Daughter is 32. We got AAA for her when she started driving and now we all have it. At some point I licensed my first of 6 Jaguars during that time. I opted for the extended towing using Jaguar ownership as the reason. To date the only car that has been hauled was a 65 mile trip with my '60 Electra. My Wife thinks that's funny.
  13. That bit of technology is a P right in the A. Mine has never really worked seamlessly and to my satisfaction. Once I took the steering mast cover off and removed the column bracket nuts. With the whole thing lowered it was easier to get to the adjusting bolts on the switch. That was over 20 years ago. I had the car out yesterday. Maybe I will be inspired this weekend and monkey with it. If I do I will lower the column. It might be easier to rig it with voice command using today's technology. Bernie
  14. Very Sad (and I'm not talking about the car)

    Wait until 4 PM on Friday to leave. More of a chance of being mugged in your car than an accident at speed. I left a 2PM meeting at the 106th ANG one Friday. OnStar even gave up on me.