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  1. Buick Enclave steering issues

    The big difference in the LT1 is the switch to reverse cooling. The coolant returning from the radiator goes to the cylinder heads first. The reduced head temperature allows more aggressive timing and slightly higher compression ratios. That is the performance plus. Higher temperatures in the cylinder block area (heated in the heads) enhances the lifespan of the block and lower end. Previous convention was exactly the opposite. The water pump on the LT1 is driven by the camshaft. This increases its life to about 140,000 because stress is removed from the bearing. Today the only major concern would be a failure of the oil cooler or it's piping. They are 500,000 miles engines. I had two '94 Roadmasters lost to rust, mechanically they were fine. Both had trailer packages. I still have a black '94 Impala SS which is the same car. The 3.08 gears make it pull real good. It is a 9C1 cop car with leather seats and aluminum wheels, and feels like it. I enjoy driving the car a lot. I am the tech advisor for '91-'96 Roadmasters through the Buick Club of America. I average about one call a month for advice. My personal source is http://www.impalassforum.com/ It is a very active group and informative. Based on the Impala SS, it also included Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac cars derived from the B-body platform. The recommendation to drive one is great, but be careful. It may follow you home. Bernie
  2. When the concept was introduced it was 1958. That was just a decade and a half after Cadillac had to kill the LaSalle for taking sales from the bread and butter line. A LaSalle II would have detracted from the relatively new DeVille line. Olds was working on a front wheel drive knockoff of the Cord. They had their style picked. (look at the Cord ques on the Toronado). It was pretty much a default to Buick all the way. And at a 40,000 unit limit it was for showroom traffic like the three years of two seater T-Birds. Luckily GM didn't go out for bids on the body and got a better product. Bernie
  3. The needle will get a couple of shots into it but still follow the path of lease resistance. It is not a hard driveshaft the remove, even on a creeper. A routine of pulling it for a good greasing every other year and bleeding the brakes to bring fresh fluid to all the wheel cylinders is a good practice. The driveshaft splits easily to do a thorough job on the spline, inspect the carrier, and clean out the frame. I have had mine on a four post lift at a garage I use a couple of times since I had medical issues, but this year I will do those routine things at home where I can be fussier. Don't forget the rear end lube either. You might have to suck it out and flush it a couple of times. That gets neglected on many old cars until the axle bearings fail and the old grease runs out into the brake drum. Bernie
  4. I run a stock 401 air cleaner on my 425 with an AfB. I had a correct Riviera air filter but it covered up my nicely painted turquoise engine. I like seeing the engine more so after about 20 years of the flat orange filter kicking around the garage I sold it on Ebay. Bernie
  5. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    I think all that stuff was left behind when the movie company decided "Strawman Classics" was not a catchy title. The Boss was just a big windbag. The metal worker was a British ex-basketball player. And they had an older guy who just sat around and growled. The girl was supposed to be saving up for a tattoo that said PAWS. There is a rumor they relocated to frostbite falls and they found a woman with a retractible who is going to do a surprise test drive with a moose and a squirrel. What the hay! Bernie
  6. Remember Driving the Big Buicks in Snow?

    I dated a hefty Polish girl once. She could push a stuck car pretty good, even in the dark. Bernie
  7. I just looked at my nails. Is "dirty fingernails" a metaphor? I do agree that random examples do not indicate a trend. There are a lot of factors affecting the dollars in our hobby. In the 1960's and early 1970's old car people were noted as being a little eccentric, odd balls. but they were people who carried folding money at a time when the stock markets were strong. In the 1980's, when confidence in stocks weakened, we got a new group shifting their money to cars, art, and other tangible things. A lot of hobby support businesses sprouted and matured in the '80's and '90's that make the hobby easier. The past 20 years communication and availability have been strong. And the late '90's and early '00's brought some skims off early retirement accounts into play. "Please, Dear, I have always wanted.....". That got whacked pretty good 10 years ago, but the communication has been strong and bound things together. We are seeing a significant resurgence in the stock market and those potential clean nailed "collectors" may leave us for something like the Pacific Rim investments that even appealed to the likes of me 25 years ago. Easy money. What those high priced Rivieras may be is a last gasp, rather than a trend setter. When big chunks of your money are on the line, cars are a tough investment. It is a matter of love then. And the car lover's watching TV won't be buying cars, they'll buy soap for their nails first. Wasn't the media invented to sell soap, anyway? Bernie
  8. Buick Enclave steering issues

    Makes me think of Will Rogers.
  9. Remember Driving the Big Buicks in Snow?

    I still run snow tires and not particularly fond of "all weather" tires, but then, I don't own a Swiss Army knife either. I always preferred firestone Town & Country snow tires. And, if you live in real snow country, lowering the pressure only causes the center of the tread to cup in and you lose traction surface, another old wives tale passed on around the country store cracker barrel. The T&C's were discontinued about 15 years ago. I shifted to Winterforce directional tires at that time and have been very happy with them. But this year my local tire supplier has changed. I recently put four Kelly Edge AT tires for my Wife's Tahoe and replaced the last two Winterforce on my truck with two more. L like them. And I just drive off the end of my driveway and make a loop around the back yard for a track to walk the dog in. I have noticed that the farther south you go, the more questionable the stories about snow tires and many other car anecdotes get. I think I am noticing a pattern.
  10. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    Must be a barn find.
  11. Remember Driving the Big Buicks in Snow?

    Anyone remember seeing this on TV?
  12. Buick Enclave steering issues

    Sharks in the service department and vampires in the showroom. I can see them getting picky about the red fluid. Of all the cars I have owned there was only one that, even my Wife will tell you, I hated. A visit to the service department is a lot like the old country music songs; I'm in a bar, I'm alone, my wife left, my dog died, the house burned down. Always predictable. My Silverado has 168,000 miles and has never been back for service. I laughed at the "free" oil change coupon they gave me. However, I do buy all my hard parts from the dealer, just brake stuff so far, including rotors. Did the rears once, front twice. In automotive design, if you stick with two parallel frame rails front to rear, bolted on body, a longitudinal engine and transmission, and rear wheels that push, you are going to end up being a happy owner. But less will go wrong and you will probably keep the vehicle longer. Bernie
  13. Well, I hope they kept the top up and had good weatherstrips if there was a lot of rain. Hoffman. he looked a little odd and was kind of short for a German name. I never saw many of his movies. Missed it. Bernie
  14. My kind of confidence. I am confident of that as well. We could "pretend" my friend Mike wanted it. "Mike, I decided to sell my Riviera to you for the $70K." "Bernie, you wanna do it at the circus and see what happens?" I was doing the flim flam dance in front of adults when I was 12.
  15. Dodge Brothers

    I had a stroke, heart attack, and triple bypass in '12. I am in better shape now than I was in the previous 20 years. Take long peaceful walks (I walk the towpath along the Erie Canal often). Don't walk near traffic. Stay as far away as you can from anyone remotely related to the medical field. They have an incredible ability to raise a person's blood pressure and push it to the boiling point. Unbelievable! And where do they all find those female pit bulls to work as receptionists? Bernie