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  1. There is a tool for that. Still available and just like the one I bought 30 years ago. https://www.amazon.com/Lisle-56500-Terminal-Tool/dp/B0009OR906/ref=pd_day0_263_1?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B0009OR906&pd_rd_r=51VARBPAT83X2D8W3KQ9&pd_rd_w=xzuOt&pd_rd_wg=MdSzm&psc=1&refRID=51VARBPAT83X2D8W3KQ9 I have disassembled and cleaned most of the terminals and plugs on my car. Also unwrapped and repaired hacked up harnesses on many cars. No splices, all wires home runs. A little practice is all you need. Small burnishing brushes are great for corroded terminals. Bernie
  2. If you get in a bind you can shorten one of these: I held one right up next to my '64 Riviera and it is surprising how close it really is. Bernie
  3. 60FlatTop

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    If we stop making jokes about trade with China someone might start crying and never be able to stop. I can go for five more pages as long as the servers are solar powered. My ex brother in law claimed he worked a the Yankee nuclear plant. I always thought he might be dyslexic and his job was really unclear. But he is retired now and has a part time job as an exit light in a stairwell. Bernie
  4. 60FlatTop


    I think this girl is Finnish.
  5. 60FlatTop

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    I told my Wife to look close. The diamond was intricately carved to a replica of a mosquito knee join. She knows I put quality before quantity.
  6. 60FlatTop

    Future of the antique car hobby

    If the old people die off and the young people have less interest the market will adjust. To heir is human. In the meantime, you lubricated those other three latches before you posted to the Forum, didn't you? Bernie
  7. 60FlatTop

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    Interesting comparison. Were you alone or sitting with a bunch of guys having coffee when you thought that? Bernie (planning to buy a new Rotary lift to go with the Snap On scissors lift) and smiling
  8. If you are replacing the exhaust system and the tires still have a lot of tread you need to change your habits. Back to that camber setting. You will find that many alignment shops will not have a selection of shims for the car. My Riviera has not been lined up since I reassembled it. At that time I took it to a shop with an old machine, non-optic, and the mechanic had grown up working with the machine in his Dad's shop. He always drove the car before and after the job. When I was servicing cars I think I took 3 or 4 cars to him that were claimed to be unable to correct. A lot is knowing why you are doing the check and adjustment. My '60 Electra is showing odd wear on the right front tire (biased). The tires are 6 years old and the old alignment shop is out of business. In the next couple of weeks I think I will replace the front tires and pick up whatever bits and tools I need to align it myself. Another shop has never been able to keep my '94 Impala from pulling to the right so that is two to do and makes it quite worthwhile. Also, don't forget your hood insulation and rubber cushions. The hood can amplify the sound of the bumps. I had a Caddy once that banged like a big tin drum and the camber stopped that, those you adjust with a pipe wrench. Remember, a shop has to fix your car in an optimal time, make a profit, and get on to the next job. When you service your own car you have the luxury to read and follow instructions, be painfully meticulous, and get your profit in the long term ownership. You have a great advantage and an excuse to buy tools. Bernie
  9. 60FlatTop

    Dangerous hydraulic jack

    My first choice is a quality used product every time if I can find it. My Walker jack was built about 1967. For the ecologist that is great. Most of the carbon byproducts of manufacture and shipping were incinerated during atmospheric nuclear tests in the 1970's. How will the affects of a new one be neutralized? Bernie
  10. 60FlatTop

    Future of the antique car hobby

    Nah, what do you use after you drink the ale? 5 letters, but a handful.
  11. 60FlatTop

    Chrysler E65 Oil filter

    The clean oil and usage of a collector car today makes a side stream oil filter like that one just a decoration. I would make it look nice and put it back on. Oil will flow through the path of least resistance anyway. How do you say "tits on a bull" in French? Bernie
  12. 60FlatTop

    Future of the antique car hobby

    I have diagnosed my own situation more as a form of arrogance. I have never had an interest in the lesser, utilitarian, cars that might benefit from modifications. I prefer the better by design. Ohhhh, what's that word they use after they say arrogant, it escapes me at the moment. Bernie
  13. Rivieras rode well enough, in the 1960's, to get about $5,000 from professional people over the competition. They are 50 years old. The technology of the car today is on a par with foreign cars when it was new. Your chances of taking it to a shop and having it successfully serviced are right in there with getting an order right at McDonald's. NEVER ask for two things to be done at the same time! "Snugging up" the steering preload should probably be undone. Power assist is regulated by the thrust action in the steering box. Too much preload will bring on more assist that specified and steering will feel very light and vague. It will already feel light compared to the variable ratio systems today so even correct it will feel different, capable, but different. Don't forget to check that hard, old, dried out or oil soaked steering rag joint, either. The jarring on potholes, tars strips, and almost any road imperfection may be due to the new springs. My new springs are the spec of the originals. Lots of shops and some owners tend to order heavy duty or station wagon springs. It might be a testosterone thing. Sometimes they raise the car and create a negative camber situation that is very hard to adjust out. Shops are famous for saying they did the best they could. And that story about them rattling and not driving well, yeah, 5 years before we landed on the moon they couldn't make a car ride smooth. You may not have the correct springs or they may not have had the correct adjustment shims for alignment. Make sure you have, at least, neutral camber and the banging on bumps will go away. Try for a little positive. There is a procedure to position the rear springs in the shop manual. If they did the rears, double check it. A shop will run a car up on a lift, disconnect the shocks, and let the weight of the unsprung parts hang at their limit. If they change a spring they will use a big bar and force it farther. Fifty years ago the suspension bolts were tightened and the serrated sleeves locked things in place. If you don't loosen the bolts and spread the compressed arms stuff will bind or tear. They will tighten the bolts while the suspension is hanging and screw all that up as well. My car drives smooth, quiet, and straight, with the expected lightness in the steering it should have. That is with gas shocks and biased 7.10X15's. Sometimes, if I have a passenger, I will pretend to work hard steering and act like I am sweating to keep control. It makes them smile. The car is different from a 50 year newer car, but not disconcerting. If it is it wasn't fixed or wasn't fixed right. There was a point where I was having some work done for me. A couple mechanics would do exactly what I told them and were happy with how generous I can be when I am happy. I am back to doing more myself. Better to spend money on tools and manuals. Actually, as I age, I am having more interaction with the medical profession. The counter intuitiveness of that cluster has taken up the patience I used to have with the mechanics. One had to go, too much aggravation. The mechanics took the hit. You can make your car operate fine. It ain't brain surgery. But that's a whole other story. Bernie
  14. 60FlatTop


    One of those little towns along the Erie Canal. Probably parked with the owner waiting to ride the lift bridge up.