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  1. There is a 1957 Buick Roadmaster 2 door hardtop posted on the Buffalo, NY Craig's list for $35,000. It looks like a beauty.
  2. These 1920-24 Studebaker coach lights are in very good condition. Lamp sockets are placed loose inside. Price is $125/pr plus shipping.
  3. paul55

    Electric auto sidelights

    Thanks to all that contributed. I never would have suspected these lamps were from the 1920s.
  4. paul55

    Electric auto sidelights

    I stand corrected, there are only two panes of glass.
  5. paul55

    Electric auto sidelights

    These lights have beveled glass on three sides.
  6. paul55

    Electric auto sidelights

    These electric sidelights feature a lamp size of 2.75" X 2.625" and an OAH of 6". The mounting holes are spaced 1.25" apart. The mounting brackets are brass. The lamps are nickel plated and overpainted black. The bulb sockets are placed loose inside housing. What is the application?
  7. paul55

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Trying a posting 09Loco.pdf
  8. paul55

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Al, The attachment will not open and I cannot seem to remedy it. Send me a PM with your e-mail and I will send. Paul
  9. paul55

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Al, In the Nov/Dec 1997 issue of Horseless Carriage Gazette on page 43 is an article on 1909 Model I Locomobiles. It might be worthwhile to contact these 4 owners as there is likely some degree of interchangeability between the Model L and I. Earl Filter wrote the article and knows the players. Paul 09Loco.pdf
  10. paul55

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Look in the bottom right hand corner of page 61 and you will see a quarter page photo ad for Hildebran Designs. The photo shows examples of their work including a Locomobile hubcap similar to the one you seek.
  11. paul55

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    In the Jan-Feb HCCA gazette on page 61 is an ad for Hildebran Designs (Brass/Bronze castings) which includes a photo of a Locomobile hubcap. They may be reached at 207-935-3729 or 207-890-9596.
  12. paul55

    Willys Knight - what year?

    Thanks Keiser, I can now see that it is a sedan. Is there any way to determine what year the NY license plate might be from?
  13. paul55

    Willys Knight - what year?

    The car has "WK" on the center of the spare tire so this is likely a Willys Knight. What year is it? Is it a roadster?
  14. paul55

    Tool roll ID?

    Merit was an unregistered brand used by Sears for their cheaper line of wrenches. Today's equivalent would be Companion brand.
  15. paul55

    1914 Premier Z2 Touring

    There is a 9.5" X 13.5" full color illustration ad from 1913 in The Poster book of Antique Auto Ads published in 1974 by Howard Garrett. The ISBN is 0-8065-0492-7.