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  1. I have many questions about sending to have new spoked wheels made. What do I do with the steel rims that fit the wood rims? Don't they heat, then fit them? If so, I can't paint them. I would guess, just sand, clean them. That would mean the inside of the steel would just be bare metal. Will the hubs be removable, once I get the wheels back? What do I use for bolts, as mine are shot? Half one front wheel, half one rear wheel - is that right? Must I send the (two) brake drums, and are they removable, once I get the wheels back? My 1918 wheels are too poor a condition, so I need new ones. Any help would be appreciated. Willy
  2. I am downsizing my antique car projects. I have a 1928 Whippet coach, two door complete automobile, with a storage shed full of extra parts - transmissions, radiators, fenders, wheels, hubcaps, miscellaneous. Rolling on wheels, (Montana) title. Light surface rust, no through rust. Motor apart - has scratch on one cylinder, probably from broken ring. Will sell complete collection - won't separate, for $5000. Thirty five years of collecting parts left me with many Whippet parts to other years, so selling those off will pay back much of investment. Photos included. More photos available.
  3. nash lafayette 1937

    Don't know what year it is, but I have a special heater for a Nash La Fayette that goes just behind the front grille. I might have the small (brass?) nameplate that says, "La Fayette". I'm thinking a 1939, but not sure.
  4. The Horseless Carriage magazines are gone. Sorry willy
  5. I also have more "Automobile Engineering" - 1927, complete set of six volumes, in excellent condition, for $125; a collection of miscellaneous (8) Automobile Engineering, fair to good condition, plus four other antique auto books, $75. Will get some photos out soon.
  6. I just made a deal with someone. Will let you know if it falls through. Willy
  7. What is your best offer? I would like to get rid of these - just don't want to throw them in the garbage!
  8. These have NOT been sold.
  9. Nice old magazines from the fifties - all in very good condition. 17 Gazette, 2 Antique Automobile magazines. $50 OBO. plus postage.
  10. Eight Automobile Engineering books, assorted dates and volumes, dated 1920 to 1924, plus four assorted auto - related books. If interested, I could expound on each volume. Must take all. $150 OBO. Condition - poor to excellent.
  11. Have a complete set of Automobile Engineering, 1919 to part with. $75 OBO. Condition, very poor to yech(!), but all pages are there, and all readable. Took years to collect them, one by one. These are gone.
  12. Downsizing - two manuals, Motor's (1946 - 1956) and Chilton (1961 - 1971)Truck Repair Manuals, both in good condition. Some spots of grease (well, they WERE used!). Downsizing means they go together only. $40 OBO, plus postage.
  13. Cleaning out my garage. Have six Motor's Auto Repair Manuals in very good to excellent condition. The green book on top of photo is an eighth edition, dated 1945. I would like to sell them as a lot, $200. Years: 1945, 1961, 1964, 1972, 1977 and 1980.