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  1. I don't think it is/was offered, it is wi-fi that Hershey park uses to gather the feeds from their security cameras. Carl
  2. hellerc

    Memorial Day Car Show, Norwich N.Y.

    I've been attending this show since 1982. It was an excellent show for some of unusual makes of cars attending. The flea market along with crafters took up all the spaces at the fairgrounds. As attendance and vendors dropped off it went to a two day show from a Sunday only show. Now it is street rods and modern cars on Sat and antique cars on Sunday. On Sat the flea market is crowded tho the crafters have dropped off and there are not as many vendors as the old days. 75% of the vendors leave after Sat and the Sunday crowds are pretty sparse. If it's Flea market you want, go Sat. If you want to see some great older and unusual cars go Sunday. If you have the time do both days.
  3. hellerc

    Preview feature missing

    Well MrEarl, I never knew that was there and it's usefulness is yet to be discovered. What I was referring to is the first sentence of a post in the thread. I'm not sure I made that clear as I referred to the topic and not the post in the thread. Again, You used to be able to hover over a post and read some of the first sentence to get the 'gist' of what the author was writing about. Now all you get is a repeat of the topic and the date which is already visible without hovering. CArl
  4. In the old version you could scroll the mouse over the topic and it would show the start of the first sentence. It helped with new topics in that you did not have to open the topic to get a 'flavor' as to what the author had to say. You could then move on or open the topic. This was a big help when DSL was running slow. Now what you get is a repeat of the topic already visible and the date which is also visible. Perhaps there is a way to change this in my controls, but I'm not aware of it. Carl
  5. hellerc

    Using Iron Out to derust an old cylinder block??

    I've used Iron Out to de-rust a Lincoln 430 Intake manifold that had been totally rusted from outside storage. I immersed the manifold in a plastic storage box with water and added the entire bottle of Iron Out (Not sure what the dilution should be for this use). I used a small cheap plastic pump (like would be used in a small fish tank) to circulate the solution. After 24 hours the manifold was rust free, and the solution held much of the rust in suspension. After drying, the manifold must be painted or otherwise protected as it will quickly rust again.
  6. A residual pressure check valve is located in the master cylinder.
  7. hellerc

    New Scammer alert

    The black triangle only appears when you are logged in.
  8. hellerc

    What are these called?

    Something along the same idea is a riv-nut, available in many sizes thru industrial hdwe distributors. Requires a special tool to set them correctly.
  9. hellerc

    Will electric welder screw up my electronics?

    Modern repair shops when welding on computer equipped cars have a device that is connected to the pos and neg battery terminals. The circuitry within it isolates current spikes from the electronics. It also keeps the computer memory alive instead of being lost if the battery were disconnected. The device goes by different trade names, none of which I can recall. Snap-on, Mac, and Cromwell tool distributors carry them.
  10. hellerc

    Salvage yards with 30's close to NYS

    The yard in the Watertown NY area ( Brownville) was run by Eric Farr, an cantankerous gentleman if I ever knew one. He passed away several years ago, and from what I understand, the yard is being operated by his son who has a full time job and is there infrequently. A check of phone listings might be a place to start.
  11. hellerc

    AACA Vehicle Descriptions

    Back in June, I took Peter's suggestion and called the phone number and got what I thought were results. In a few days I had a corrected plate for my HPOF Board and the assurances that everything had been corrected, until today, when the 2013 Winners list arrived as an insert to 'Antique Automobile'. There it was again, 1960 Ford. What can we do to make a PERMANENT correction for this and future listings?
  12. hellerc

    1959 Thunderbird Coupe

    The 58-9 Convertible deck lid was operated by two solenoids mounted on the deck lid, one on each side that released two latches. Springs near the hinges lifted the deck lid about 6". The driver then released a hood type secondary latch and lifted the deck lid to the upright position and then reached into the trunk area and using the switch, operated the top mechanism. On the 1960 all this was done from the driver seat. When the top lever was activated two screw mechanisms on the forward edges of the deck lid unscrewed from two post mounted sockets mounted to the floor of the trunk. When the limit switch determined that the screws were free of the sockets, the deck cylinders raised the deck lid, the flipper panel was raised, and then the top lowered. I'm not sure which system you want to operate your hood. Carl
  13. hellerc

    Dodge Generator Rebuild Kit

    Don, I sent you a PM. Carl
  14. hellerc

    1929 Pontiac Coupe

    I've owned this project since 1979, and have restored the chassis, plated the rad shell and bumpers and replaced 90% of the wood. The car was driving and complete, and now needs body work, assembly and interior. Asking 3500. Car is located near Orwigsburg, PA. Respond by PM for additional information.
  15. I've recently begun showing my Thunderbirds, and being careful when filling out the registration, I always use Ford for the Make, and Thunderbird for the Model. All AACA descriptions from this point on identify my cars as 'Ford'. I see others have listings as 'Ford Thunderbird', which seems appropriate as does 'Thunderbird'. Is there a way to assure that the next Thunderbird gets listed as Ford Thunderbird, or just Thunderbird?