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    Matthew, glad to hear you and yours are okay! Phillip
  2. Phillip Cole

    1967 Buick tires

    Try ask David Landow to see what is in the BHA has in the collection. Brian DePouli on Phillips phone...
  3. Phillip Cole

    1967 Buick tires

    Actually, the guidelines do mention Buick and Olds having radials as early as 1967.
  4. Phillip Cole

    Amazing discovery

    Terry, Nothing that I've seen in the Charlotte Observer. Arden is definitely in the Great Smokey Mtn Region. Yes, not that far from Chuck's new home. Phillip
  5. Phillip Cole

    2018 Eastern Spring Meet results

    Gary, Having now chaired an annual meet seven times, I try to encourage others to do meets. You are not going to make everyone happy, but it is a great service to the hobby. All those volunteers are the key! I truly enjoyed your meet and saw everything on my checklist being executed beautifully. Thanks!
  6. Phillip Cole


    DaveA, thanks for this thread. Some good, honest opinions here! Having done all three (counting touring), I enjoy all three for what they are, because I simply love classic cars in whatever form they present themselves.
  7. Phillip Cole

    1994 Ford Taurus SHO

    Show it anyway!
  8. Phillip Cole

    Request for judging sheet

    James Elliot, VP of Judging PO Box 723 Yorktown, VA 23692 The names and contact information for the national officers can be found in Antique Automobile magazine.
  9. Phillip Cole


    Well done. Great show!
  10. Phillip Cole


    Aftermarket guages are not original and have a three point max deduction each. That falls to the interior judge to decide.
  11. Phillip Cole

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    It does sound like a sensor, but... First things first, talk to the dealership service manager. If that doesn't help, talk to the general manager. This should never have gone on this long. I've had three members of my family who managed dealerships. They would have been appalled by this.
  12. Phillip Cole

    Trade advice,comments

    More like avocadoes and pumpkins. If the other guy has always wanted an MGB and you would like to have the Model A.... I've owned a B and driven both, enjoyed both but for my own subjective reasons. How does your Buick come into this mix?
  13. Phillip Cole

    Re-production license plates

    NC does not require submission of a YOM tag for registration. If you use a YOM tag you are required to carry a current tag (with current sticker) in the car and show it when requested. Also, NC does not require front tags. The AACA regions in NC have had good friends in our state legislators for several years, and we are thankful.
  14. Phillip Cole

    Indian Head Gasket Cement

    Uh oh! That means no more Mary Janes, Sweethearts, or Squirrel Nut Zippers, too! 🤤
  15. Phillip Cole

    Questions about VIN numbers and trim tags

    Mr Harwood has given you a good view of the circumstances surrounding our guidelines. Now, please read the following from the Guidelines: "The objective of AACA judging is to evaluate an antique vehicle, which has been restored to the same state as the dealer could have prepared the vehicle for delivery to the customer. This includes any feature, option or accessory shown in the original factory catalog, parts book, sales literature, or company directives for the model year of the vehicle. AACA accepts motorized vehicles 25 years old or older, which were built in factories and specifically designed and manufactured for transportation use on public roadways and highways." Note that we "evaluate" and the the vehicle can have "any feature" that can be factory documented. It is the owner's responsibility to restore the vehicle authentically. The team captain can ask for documentation if the team has questions. I have judged in several marque meets and can tell you that AACA judging stands up pretty well. Not all VIN and cowl tags tell you everything about drive trains and options. In fact, I have seen a marque judged muscle car recently with a faked cowl tag and options which were not available that year. The back seat was full of trophies. We do the best we can....
  16. Phillip Cole

    Mini-Lindy Toy Cars Ever hear of them?

    Sixties through eighties plasic kit cars. Basically, a Match Box contemporary. Kelogg used to offer them two for fifty cents to sell cereal. The models from the sixties usually have a Buy It Now price of $20 plus. I'm guessing the most valuable one in your group is the VW dune buggy (?)...
  17. Phillip Cole

    Biggest new car per peaves

    Sounds like most of us have aged out at least in spirit of the target market for car manufacturers today.
  18. Phillip Cole

    Caption this photo....

    Do these tires make my trunk look too big?
  19. The Southeastern National Spring Meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway will be April 7th. The deadline to show and/or judge has been extended to March 21st. Remember free Charlotte Autofair (April 5-8) tickets will be provided for registered owners/judges
  20. Phillip Cole

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Media Center @ 2 pm
  21. Phillip Cole

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    We judge on pavement in Charlotte. 😁 Matt, apparently no one knows the Hershey weather rule... 😞 The Speedway has a lot of new events planned for this Saturday, including a burnout contest and a drifting exhibit.
  22. Now that we are judging/evaluating cars from the late 80s and early 90s, how is HPOF evaluating cars where the factory gave an extended warranty for prematurely fading and peeling paint? I know GM offered this for dealers to respond to the numerous customer complaints in 1993. In other words are warranty replacements, re-paints full or partial, and/or restorations performed by dealers acceptable?
  23. Phillip Cole

    HPOF: Extended Paint Warranty from the Factory?

    I had a white 90 Buick on which the roof peeled. I don't think the dealers gave any documentation. Never occurred to them.
  24. Phillip Cole

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Thanks for offering them. I'm putting the 89 back in HPOF at Charlotte. When will you arrive?
  25. Phillip Cole

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Nice cars! I'll stop by. I'll be at the AACA Meet Tent each day. The start/finish line is prime property! You should do well. When will you arrive?