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  1. Delco 4149 distributor

    Here's something on it: '30s -40s White LaFrance Federal Stewart Truck Declo-Remy distributor assembly.
  2. Mystery touring car

    I found the write-up explaining dual license plates on early DC cars: http://dcplates.com/Reciprocity.htm
  3. Vacuum controls? applications???

    The plastic butterscotch control knob in the last two photos is a match for 1942 Ford Super DeLuxe. The prior two photos without knob look like the same part.
  4. Model-T horn?

    The photo is of an actual 1914 Model T horn.
  5. Hubcap Repair

    Invariably I find the average mechanic will damage hubcaps when servicing wheels, and therefore I remove caps myself before leaving a vehicle off for service. Whether taking off or putting back on [should I say "hammering"] the marks of callous handling seem hard for some to avoid.
  6. DC - Washinton I presume - 1918 (from the plates)

    I believe it no longer applies but in the past it was common to see D.C. autos carrying more than one registration ie, license plate. I believe explanation was in this forum, but I'm not able to locate it. Possibly something to do with residence in a nearby state while workplace was in Wash. D.C.
  7. Does anyone recall what engine uses these rounded valve locks? The top two more common designs are there for comparison. Thank you.
  8. Here are pics of 4 nice '54 Chev caps listed "used with a few pings" on a ebay sale: They sold for $300. The worth of the hubcaps basscaster is looking at have everything to do with what appears to be their seldom seen pristine condition.
  9. Near as I can tell the trunk rack is 31 and poss. 32 http://1931chevrolet.com/accessories2.htm
  10. Nice parts, hard to find that mint!! The cap in front of quaker state cardbord box is 1956 Chev 1st hanging cap is 1953 Chev, The 5 hanging with red center medallion are 1954 Chev. The Chev hood emblem with clear plastic bowtie logo is 1953 The pair of chrome/painted logo are 1952. The old trunk rack has what I think reads p/n 353735. I'll try to look it up. Not sure of ballpark value but I'd say it's out of the park!
  11. 1930's parts? Hub cap, hood ordiment . .

    Speedometer & gauges are 1936 Olds. Headlights might be Chevrolet (it would say it on the lens) '37-9 possibly. Hub caps (need better view of one) look like after market early customize accessory.
  12. 1920s gauge cluster, what is it?

    Should not be difficult, but these gauges are! (After scouring the internet) . Similarities to Buick & Chev but it does not seem to be them or their GM cousins. As is often the case it looks like date codes on back of speedometer: "8-B-25", "9-B-25" putting us at 1925 - 1926 ? It looks American made. Too fancy for a truck, but i'll check.
  13. Speedometer ID?

  14. Really need a pro to identify this car

    On further investigation, I'm handing it partially back to Dave Henderson. It's a "42 or "46 Chev "Stylemaster" Coupe. "Stylemaster" models had plain fenders. "Fleetlines" included the 3 trim bars on fenders. Coupes could have 3 bars or plain, but all Aeros were Fleetlines w/3 bars.
  15. Really need a pro to identify this car

    Yes, Chevrolet Aerosedan. 1942 or '46..., which had 2 horoz. bright trim strips along the beltline. BUT! where are the 3 horozontal trim strips along front and rear fenders? All Aeros should have them.