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  1. I bid on this Century on the first listing. You will notice it "sold" once already on June 21 for $10,300, perhaps a non paying bidder? If you look at this sellers other vehicles you will see the same words "no reserve, sold to highest bidder", yet his other listings are shown completed but then re-listed. I called him about the Century to ask about the advertised re-built engine and transmission and the claim of 2 owner history but he said he was unable to provide any paperwork on anything and that what you see in the pictures is what you get and he didn't have anything else. He said he is just a re-seller and doesn't know much about the cars he sells. I am reluctant to bid seriously on it.
  2. olds88

    Are 1950's cars past their peak?

    Great topic! I have had these same thoughts too, about the aging population. Many of the older guys are selling off their cars. I don't see many Model A's at car shows nor do I know many guys who follow them. I love cars from the 50's the best but I like all antique or classic to about 1971. My first hobby car was 1956 Olds 88. No power steering, no power brakes. I admit it wasn't as much fun to drive as I had envisioned. Then I got a 1955 Olds 98 with power steeering and power brakes and power windows and power seat, even had power antenna. It was very comfortable to drive and I enjoyed driving it much more than the 1956. Then came the 1971 Chevelle Malibu 350 convertible, a very fun car but too much plastic and not enought chrome for me. I am now looking for a 1956 Buick Roadmaster coupe or hardtop. They seem to still be priced high. Someday we will all leave our cars behind so my plan is to enjoy them while I can, especially during the next five years.
  3. olds88

    1956 Roadmaster 4-door

    What would be a good deal for this car? I was looking at Old Car Price Guide (an older edition) and a #2 car was $14,700, #3 was $9,450. I contacted the seller and he said the propane system could be removed. I wonder if there are some permanent mods from putting in that system that cant be put back to original, I will ask.
  4. olds88

    54 to 57 Buick good daily driver

    Thank you John s and MrEarl. Sorry to disrupt the thread.
  5. olds88

    54 to 57 Buick good daily driver

    I am looking for a 1956 Super 4 door hardtop or coupe or Roadmaster. Just curious how does one get to the craigslist listings. Is there a way to search Craigslist nationwide or do I have to choose each city or area and run a separate search?
  6. I am interested in buying it. How much do you want for it and where are you located?
  7. I reallly appreciate everyone's opinion and support for keeping cars original and enjoying them as they are.
  8. Ok, I agree with keeping it original but with maybe adding options that could have come with the 1956 olds 88. My idea on adding discs brakes is on hold in that it sounds too complicated, or if even possible, if I could do it I would want to use my original wheels. But Power brakes would be nice! So do you suggest buying set up from 56 olds and how much trouble would it be to put it on? Right now my brakes pull to the left (just started doing this). Power steering would also be nice as well as air conditioning. Maybe just a add-on unit. More power from the 324ci would be nice too. Can I just get a olds 4 barrel and put it on or do I need to change the manifold? How about an Edelbrock? I've decided that anything I do I will do it such that it can be undone later. I looked at putting one of those spin on adapters on for using a modern oil filter but decided it wasnt all that necessary since oil changes arent that big of a deal even with the old canister type. Wish I could figure how to post some pics.
  9. I am in Northern Nevada, next biggest city is Salt Lake, Utah 250 miles away! So we dont have much in the way of junkyards. I have tried a couple times to post pictures but it goes thru the motions but nothing shows up.
  10. Ok, Joepadevano and ted sweet and others, I like that suggestion. Where do I start looking for these aftermarket spindles. would I have to get different rims too? I just put new wide whites on (and you know what those cost) so I was hoping to be able to keep the rims the same. And if you could direct me to where to look for other bolt on changes. Thanks
  11. Hey thanks for the input. I tried posting pics of my car as it is today but for some reason it didnt work, maybe I will try again as I would like you all to see it. I think I see your point and maybe I should be happy with it as it is, its just that when I go to car shows and see cars that are more drivable it gets me to thinking how much more I would take it out and enjoy it if it was easier to drive. So maybe I will look into power steering and just doing things to it that will keep it stock. So would I have to find a power steering unit off another 56 olds? and can the brakes be converted to power brakes the same way? I wouldnt care so much about them being disc as being power. You may have noticed that I am not all that mechanically inclined on those things, I would have to pay someone to do it. I change the oil and can do tune ups on points and rotor setups, spark plugs and so on. AC isnt all that important if I dont plan on long trips in the heat. I will try again to post some pics. I appreciate all your opinions and support for keeping it original as that is what I intended when I bought it 5 years ago.
  12. I have a 1956 Olds 88 4 door that I bought 5 years ago when it was in poor shape. I decided at that time to keep it original so I had the dents fixed and had it painted original color, re-upholstered the seats in same fabric, new wide white tires, etc all the time keeping it original. It is essentially done and I have enjoyed it for the last 2 yrs in parades and our local car show. So the question is should I make a street rod out of it? I have decided I would enjoy it more if it had more of the modern conviences like power steering, power brakes, and ac, and maybe a better(as cool sounding) exhaust. My options are to 1. street rod this one (if this option is chosen I would keep the exterior stock) 2. sell it to someone who appreciates it as it is and then buy a street rod already finished, or take on a project and build one as I like (looking at cars in the 1930's to 1940's time period, or 3. keep this one for what it is, just drive it once in a while. The wife (and garage space) say I should only own one car at a time. So does anyone have an opinion as to what I should do? When I first bought the Olds a lot of people told me to street rod it, shave the door handels, paint it a different color, etc. If I do decide to make the changes to it does anyone know how difficult it is or how much it cost ot feasibility of changing the brakes to power disc brakes, installing power steering, and air conditioning, modifying the motor, and exhaust system? And is there something I could do to the 324ci 2 barrel motor to give it more hp I am sorry this is such a long post but I really want to hear your opinions and insight from those who have gone this route before. When I first bought the car you people on this forum were really nice to encourage me in the restoration process. I would appreciate your opinion this time too. Thanks
  13. I have tried unsucessfully to buy the original flooring material for my 1956 Olds 88 4door post. One company (in Washington state) said they had it but then sent something else. So now I have decided I can perhaps make it myself if I could get the material. I know I could get the carpet but I wanted to put it back to original which is the rubber matting. Any ideas on where to get this material? The front needs replaced because the heater core leaked on it and the drivers side is chewed up from wear. The back floors look pretty good except for water stains. Any ideas on restoration. I was thinking of painting it with some sort of elastic paint but wasnt sure what might work. Thanks:)
  14. studemax, are you saying that all I need to do is install this alternator and I can keep everything else 6V, can you provide a source to get this alternator or generator?
  15. thanks, I hadnt thought about all the other stuff you would have to change out. can 6 volt parts still be found easily? from like a napa or checker parts store?