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  1. JFranklin

    Vacuum Question for Dort

    Could the problem be that the carburetor is running too lean? If you think compression is to blame do a compression check.
  2. JFranklin

    Need Top Rest Saddles for a 1922 Four Pass Touring

    You might be able to fabricate a set. My Nash has 2 posts with saddles from a model A catalog, most of the parts are generally available. You may have to make the posts from bar stock depending on the threads at the body and any bends needed. Paint them Black!. Now you have a way to tie the top down until you find a fancy pair.
  3. JFranklin

    Old oil products

    The address on the can looks to have a ZIP code so they are not ancient by my standards
  4. JFranklin

    Old oil products

    New oil has changed a lot because the auto industry has moved ahead with different processes, clearances, and engine speeds. Plus there are EPA regs. that weren't in place then. that oil was sold in the '70s for antique cars. The cars those oils were for have not changed so the oil would still be adequate for the older applications, maybe even better suited than some modern concoctions!
  5. JFranklin


    Cars are taken to other countries all the time. When has this insurance problem arisen? I have driven in other countries with no problems and people ship cars for tours and shows often also.
  6. JFranklin


    Doesn't your insurance company cover your car wherever you drive it? Mine will.
  7. JFranklin

    Old oil products

    Put it up for sale it will get sold. It is a more modern oil put up for antique cars. What cars did he own?
  8. JFranklin

    Vintage Automobile Reamer Sizes

    as well as every other bushing a car may have, Distributor, water pump, shackle, piston pin, and Etc.
  9. JFranklin

    Vintage Automobile Reamer Sizes

    You are asking a very subjective question with no concise answer. you can buy many reamers and still need one you don't have that is why you see snap on trucks driving around to repair shops to supply that one they didn't have. There were hundreds of car makes that used many different bushings.
  10. But wait it says Make Offer!
  11. JFranklin

    What is this antique Firestone Tool used for??

    How about an early horseless carriage or motorcycle tire bead breaker?
  12. JFranklin

    The decline of Sears

    Kinda like corporate welfare!
  13. JFranklin

    what kind and viscosity oil in a 1911 4 cylinder?

    Put some good 30 wt or 10-40 in it and be happy! Change it often.
  14. JFranklin

    1923 Stutz 4 cyl - valve train lubrication question

    Some early overhead valve trains were periodically oiled by way of the oil can on the dash, manually. People used to have a close relationship with their autos.
  15. JFranklin

    Trying to unstick a E-49 engine, video part 4

    But wait, you showed us how you did it!