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  1. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    the stuff leaking out looks GROSS!
  2. '48 Packard value

    Go ahead and buy it. You only live once, some say.
  3. Dangerous hydraulic jack

    Leaks can be fixed.
  4. 70's Chrysler Daily Driver?

    I had a '77 New Yorker, it was a comfortable reliable car that liked to drink the gasoline!
  5. 1925 Buick

    I would give $22 for that car but it would cost 2-3 grand to get it home.
  6. Oak Bows

    Was your price each, or set?
  7. gardner automobile

    Encourage The 3-D printing industry and soon those parts will be easy to obtain!
  8. Brake Shoe Adjusting Cam

    I have a '48 Ply. but can't envision what is broken. Can you see what is wrong or post some photos? And remember anything can be fixed if you can afford it.
  9. Bijur Filters

    Can the felts be cleaned with solvent?
  10. 1922 Elcar K6 Coupe Ultra Rare For Sale

    Looks darn modern for 1922! What would it take to buy it? and how far is it from my house?
  11. 12v battery on 6v system

    Stakeside, Keep it original. You are contemplating a change that is not needed.
  12. Engine paint

    Well, that is the genesis of smuggling. Don't you have any paint stores in Canada? Olive green has been around before you were born.
  13. 1934 Plymouth PE Deluxe

    This post reminds me of calls on my answer machine that says "Call me back" instead of the gist of the reason they called. Go ahead and don't be shy and tell us what you actually need. Maybe we can answer all your questions/needs.
  14. Oak Bows

    I need bows, but first I need the proper irons.
  15. Early wood floorboard sections, but for what?

    Like this?