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  1. 1948 Radio Knob

    That should be easy to fabricate if not found.
  2. Oil (Groan)

    If the engine is clean just use your favorite brand 10-30 or 10-40 oil. If it is not clean, be nice to it and clean it out and then use these oils. These cars when new used a light oil.
  3. Fun with steering geers---> 1918 Buick

    You are on the right track, we were just dismayed somewhat that you showed us the parts before the cleanup. It was difficult to give good responses.
  4. Fun with steering geers---> 1918 Buick

    I agree that the first step to any repair is a thorough cleaning. The grease just attracts grit and will need to be removed anyway before reassembly.
  5. hot rod w chevy motor

    Interesting description on the tittle.
  6. Adjusting Huck Mechanical brakes

    This is from the Grey Rock Brake Manual I hope it comes out useful.
  7. Sealing NPT in oil pan

    If the plug bottoms just use a gasket.
  8. 1926 Buick Coupe Kansas city craigslist - plus more cars

    Rubberized top coating is now called naugahyde.
  9. Unknown starter

    What? no photo?
  10. I have an old Ferguson tractor and a mid '30s Chevy and it seems that every time I let them set a few months I need to clean the points before they will run. Of course at first they flood due to not firing so I always have to get the points filed and then wait to start because of the flooding. Don't give up.
  11. I bet a good local auto repair shop could get your car running for you. It only takes Fuel, spark, & Reasonable compression to run. BTW my high school was Venice High.
  12. The lever that controls the spark needs to be set to retard the spark at startup. It is advanced somewhat to get around, and advanced more as the car speeds up on the road. It needs to be used to retard the spark some while climbing hills or pulling hard. Used wrong in starting it can bend the starter or your arm depending on how you start the car. It is used to save your bearings or crankshaft pulling on hills or under load.
  13. The lever that controls the spark is important, it is to be used correctly.
  14. preservation - Buffing Patina

    Ospho has never harmed any paint I have used it on ( rock chips etc.). Might try a spot to verify on any project you are working on.
  15. 1926 Willys Touring Car Value

    The Willys Knight looks like a cross between a sedan and town car.