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  1. Need to identify this early Delco coil

    Other than the riveted bracket, it is same as on a 1920s Nash. Maybe used on a stationary engine, but minus the bracket it might have common auto usage. If it works it would have some value.
  2. OEM parts found!

    I can't see any indication of any parts!
  3. 41 century, not mine

    I would have taken the shop-vac to it before the photo-op. Maybe a hose also!
  4. Ditto, if so I'd hitch a ride and work hard! maybe Keiser31 too.
  5. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    I would take your disk, pressure plate, and maybe the flywheel back to the shop and see what they have to say. Some electrical shops will test the starter for free, maybe check around a bit.
  6. OEM parts found!

    Good scrap metal.
  7. Brake relining

    I don't know where you live but most real brake shops can get what is needed to finish the job. Take the drums also so they can arc the shoes for a full fit..
  8. New Knobs from Knobsoup, Inc.

    Another rare Plymouth knob is for the '48 p-15 headlight.
  9. 6 Volt Booster Starter Necessary?

    One thing a senior member would know is not to recommend changing to an 8 volt battery if it was not specified in the owners manual. We fix the problems that cause hard starting.
  10. Front Wheel Bearings

    You should contact a bearing supply house with all the pertinent dimensions you are needing to fit, they would be my first choice in a search.
  11. '26 engine knock

    Similar situation with a suspected bearing knock, but I first pulled the fan belt so I could get my ear close without a haircut. Well, the knock went By-by. It was being caused by the fan belt and I couldn't see any reason for it. Replaced the belt and all is well.
  12. 1926 Studebaker wheels & parts

    Where are you located? Also can't read the tape measure in the foto, what is the diameter. I have some Stude wheels. RBK may have just what you need.
  13. 1935 Chevrolet Standard Air cleaner

    In the Filling Station catalog that decal is listed for the dry element air filter, there was no listing for the oil bath that I could find. Maybe another makes specialty catalog might have something suitable.
  14. 1935 Chevrolet Standard Air cleaner

    Get your money back.