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  1. JFranklin

    1925 Chrysler gas tank cap

    Maybe see if anyone has a 3D printer, they may be able to make you a usable cap.
  2. JFranklin

    36 brake shoe problems

    When you say you have poor brakes can you define the symptoms? I think the linings you are using should stop the car as well as other types.
  3. JFranklin

    Shape of Speed Portland Art Musuem

    Sounds interesting!
  4. JFranklin

    49 Plymouth

    I like the quality of these cars but every MoPar car I have owned drove the same. '48 Ply, '52 truck, '69 Super Bee, '70s Dart, 77 New Yorker. I never did like the clutch action, gear ratios, or how they acted when cold. Of domestic makes, I like Chevy first, then Ford. I find each company tries to keep the driving characteristics of their cars very similar to their predecessors. All the Chevys I drove acted similar as well as the Fords all had similar feel all the way back to my model A. Yes your Plymouth is a great car,
  5. You may not, but it is the best time to make sure it doesn't burn up in an electrical fire.
  6. JFranklin

    1936 plymouth

    I always see ads for junk yards in Hemmings News, you might find those at one of those yards. A machine shop could turn you out some if you get desperate.
  7. JFranklin

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Do research before deciding on liners between the leaves. Just Lube them well and go for a ride to determine if it gains a more satisfactory ride. You can decide how to go afterwards. I like the look of open springing, and the roads are paved.
  8. JFranklin

    ford t windows?

    If they are not safety glass they should not be installed in any car that is going to be driven. they would be good for patterns or a museum static display.
  9. JFranklin

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    Grease and oil does attract debris, that is a given. Good maintenance is required to keep things clean and well greased. Gators are great additions if they are not originally equipped on the car. When cars were first introduced everything was open, the clutch, brakes, springs, valves, & Etc. The motorist was advised to keep things clean and well oiled. Of course we also don't drive our collector cars on dirt as often as when they were new.
  10. JFranklin

    Tappet clearance HOT vs COLD

    Once you get them adjusted to specs let the engine cool completely and mark the clearance cold. Let us know what they read.
  11. JFranklin

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    You seem to be upside down, springs like lubrication on this side of the Earth. To each their own!
  12. I saw this on Craigslist maybe someone could use something from them. Calls only, I have bought parts from them and they are open on offers. https://eugene.craigslist.org/pts/d/1920-dodge-brothers-motors-4/6589961565.html
  13. JFranklin

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    If you are going to clean them up then use a good grease. The idea behind the oil was to drive it around oiled and the oil lets the rust liquify and springs to move. And then clean as you wish to do, then grease.
  14. JFranklin

    Why does my 1929 Cadillac ride so poorly?

    I think you will have better results using oil rather than heavy grease. Use the grease after things free up. jack it up under the frame and leave the wheels and springs hanging as Ghram Man suggests.