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  1. JFranklin

    Unsung inventors

    Here is a good short video of an auto pioneer. First turn signals. https://www.chonday.com/32935/cacjartlef6/
  2. JFranklin

    I Think This Is A Studabaker?

    Time for a good old fashion duel at ten paces. Then there is no explanations needed! (a joke)!
  3. JFranklin

    Why? Why?

    I think the seller has been attacked by auto correct!
  4. JFranklin

    I Think This Is A Studabaker?

    I don't know Studebaker very well, the only one I briefly owned was a 1951 Starlite coupe.
  5. JFranklin

    I Think This Is A Studabaker?

    Top looks ok it's the fancy curtain that makes it look different. I don't know if it factory or local top shop job.
  6. JFranklin

    For Sale Water And Fuel Pumps to Sell

    Maybe you could have a sleeve repair to the shaft.
  7. JFranklin

    E15 Fuel

    I have never experienced vapor lock until I used E-10.
  8. JFranklin

    E15 Fuel

    Soon we will be able to get 15 miles to the gallon!
  9. JFranklin

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    I think auto rubber parts were already made ethanol safe by 2002, It is the older cars, old and new lawnmowers, chainsaws, & etc having trouble.
  10. JFranklin

    Use Of Premium Fuel

    I think the detriment to rubber parts in fuel systems by ethanol precipitated the need for the Govts. cash for clunkers due to the fire hazards and uptick in vehicle engine fires.
  11. JFranklin

    1928 Buick Standard Marvel carburetor

    I don't know your carb but I would suggest to make sure the float needle is sealing in the seat and the seat is properly set in the carburetor. If so you should make sure the float is not filling with gasoline or hanging up on its pivot. Don't be concerned with the vacuum tank, it is doing its job or there would be no flooding. I would set the float level as specified in the manual. Good luck and give us followup.
  12. JFranklin

    What is this brass unit with ignition points?

    I guess I missed a swap meet. Don't recognize the part offhand.
  13. JFranklin

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    Will 10-30 work like 30 when hot?
  14. JFranklin

    Contacting the original owner

    You don't get if you don't ask. your request was reasonable.
  15. JFranklin

    Waterpump woes

    If you found kits you might as well just get one and do the rebuild on your pump.