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  1. IMHO, the 64 beats the 63 because of the 425 2x4, transmission, and interior layout. It beats the 65 because of the headlights, taillights, interior knob design, dash treatment, and upholstery pattern.
  2. True -- but there is a best choice: 64.
  3. IIRC, the gear fits over the motor shaft and is fastened with a set screw. You don't need to disassemble the motor to replace the gear. Although if you have the motor out, a little R&R should get you another 50 years. These gears are notorious for going bad. As noted earlier, replacements are available. CARS has them, and I think other places do as well.
  4. Sounds like the gear is worn and it slipped a tooth.
  5. KongaMan

    53 Skylark barn find

    White. No black.
  6. Yepper. Is that so? I don't know, but were the HD springs different lengths as well as different rates?
  7. I contacted him once about something (pedal pads, IIRC). He was evasive as to the origin. Which was of no help, as I was trying to determine if they were the same as other, sub-standard parts that I'd bought before. For what he was asking for the parts, it wasn't worth taking a chance.
  8. KongaMan

    52 Buick build (first build)

    If you can see the trunk latch, you may be able to open it with a long screwdriver or the like. The later latches had a rectangular notch in the latch shaft; IIRC, you could turn that to release the latch. Dunno if this latch has that or not, but it may be worth looking into.
  9. KongaMan

    EBAY - 1953 Buick Skylark

    IMHO, that car is worth but a fraction of what it could have been, and about an order of magnitude below the asking price.
  10. Concur; try the flasher first. If you have an old electro-mechanical unit, try rapping on it. It may just be stuck.
  11. KongaMan

    1920 Buick Roadster - Craigslist

  12. KongaMan


    And for the third time for this picture... Did anyone else notice her hat?
  13. Seems strange that they would put such a short pigtail on a light that is supposed to be mounted a couple of feet away from the power source. Would they really expect the installer to make a 2' jumper?