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  1. Lotta folks recommend the O'Reilly's house brand. Cheap, readily available, and safe for yellow metals.
  2. Well, mine did that when I got it. Then I fixed it. It doesn't do that anymore. What it does do is accelerate to speed faster I do using my right foot.
  3. KongaMan

    New Old Stock Air

    As with oil, air standards have changed since our cars were new. There's a lot of good info on this on the BITAG (Bob Is The Air Guy) site.
  4. What is this detailing of which you speak? Drive it, fix it, and drive it some more. Keep the chrome polished, vacuum the carpet, and rinse the dirt off every couple of years. It's roadworthy and presentable. Anything more than that defeats the purpose. I don't see how rinsing with a hose is any different than rain; we're not talking about breaking out the pressure washer here. Unless you're water-phobic, in which case any drop on the barometer can send you scrambling for cover. A damp garage may be a somewhat unavoidable consequence of a damp environment (e.g. a midwest spring or summer). Building a garage in New Mexico might not be a practical solution for most folks. 😜 A fan may help to mitigate condensation, but it won't lower the humidity. And it won't do much for condensation where there's no airflow (e.g. in a car under a cover or inside a car with the doors and windows closed). If it's damp, you need to condition the air rather than just move it around. A lot of folks won't spring for HVAC in the garage or an adequate dehumidifier.
  5. I find it easier to make sure my wipers work. All that time you spend watching the weather forecast is time I spend watching the road. 😜 In any event, one might posit that you'll get more rust from storing your car in a damp garage than the occasional shower or car wash. You do wash your car, don't you?
  6. You guys live in a different world than me.
  7. KongaMan

    1958 Special 2-dr ht. in New Mexico

    If you're taking pictures for a magazine, then you should have a working relationship with an imaging software package. Example: Photoshop as a 'Save for Web' setting that will create a downsized copy in two clicks. .
  8. Life would be simpler if there was either a drain plug in the pumpkin or a removable cover.
  9. If you need a distributor wrench on the cheap, go hillbilly: get a standard 9/16" box wrench, heat it up with a torch, and bend it. You also might be able to use a crow's foot. I was in Sears a few years ago (back when Sears was an operating concern) when a customer came in to exchange just such a modified wrench. Seems that it broke on him and he wanted a replacement under Craftsman's lifetime warranty. They gave him one.
  10. KongaMan

    Help me date these wire wheel covers

    Note that the 63 Riviera covers had a silver tri-shield. These are red, white, and blue. Hence, they are for not for a Riviera. According to the parts book, the red, white, and blue were offered on the 64-66 Le Sabre and Wildcat.
  11. KongaMan

    New Old Stock Air

    Air gets stale and loses its resiliency. As the molecules age, the electrons weaken and their ability to maintain pressure deteriorates. This is why you should never keep old air in your tires. Part of any comprehensive annual maintenance routine should be to completely remove all the air from each tire and refill with new air from a certified compressor.
  12. If you just want to push the car around without the rear end falling off, make some temporary control arms from rectangular tubing. You might even be able to get away with using a 2x4.
  13. KongaMan

    Question on Garage Supports

    Uh... I had an oak drop this one a while back: If that tree is regularly dropping large branches into a habitated area, you need to get a competent arborist on the case irrespective of whether you build a garage or not. You'll have a better looking, healthier, safer tree if you do. And if you build a garage right next to it, you will compromise its root system. I would also suggest that some insurance policies will not pay off for tree damage plausibly caused by negligence (i.e. lack of maintenance).
  14. KongaMan

    Installing a rack and pinion on a 64 Riviera

    Concur. While I would not assert that the factory steering system on the Riviera can or will behave like a contemporary systems, one might posit that most evaluations are made using a misleading baseline. Specifically, one is often comparing a car with 50-year-old bushings and worn joints to a car with new components. If you do a comprehensive renovation of your factory system (replace all rubber bushings (including rear control arms and track bar) and loose/worn ball joints, tie rod ends, etc. as needed), you might be pleasantly surprised at the results. It won't be the same as a modern sports sedan, but it will be much better than it was, and likely better than a rack-and-pinion conversion. There are some non-invasive changes that you can make that may further enhance your steering and handling: stiffer springs, stiffer shocks, heavier sway bar, and a steering box with a quicker ratio.
  15. KongaMan

    New Image upload size

    I almost always take pictures in the highest resolution available, as it's crucial for reproduction, enlargement, etc. However, images that are destined for posting are usually resized (e.g. 1000 x 666) and compressed to ~400K. 99+% of the images posted are for illustrative purposes only; that purpose is not compromised by reformatting the image.