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  1. Time for a fact check : State taxes State Gasoline tax (excludes federal tax of 18.4¢/gal) Diesel tax (excludes federal tax of 24.4¢/gal) Oregon 31.12 30.36 Pennsylvania 58.20 74.70 Rhode Island 34.00 34.00 South Carolina 16.75 16.75
  2. rcr

    1930 7-45 sedan. Only one known?

    'Don't be a luddy-duddy! Don't be a mooncalf! Don't be a jabbernowl! You're not those, are you?' I have a Black seven passenger original 833, perhaps it is this one that the "ex perts" remember.
  3. The mounting base is a Packard design and the "right" colour.
  4. difficult to see how this automobile ended up in a pile before a modern road hog
  5. In "The Blot" Louis Calhern was driving a Daniels
  6. rcr

    Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    1/2 grilled chicken and roll $3.00 or a complete dinner for $4.50 for years at Carlisle. It couldn't be beat!
  7. rcr

    1920s Car Radio

    Philco Transitone installed in 1931 Packard when new, most likely by dealer. Replacing cord insulator for roof antenna installed at factory when new.
  8. I believe NZcarnerd is correct. This is a 1913 Chalmers Six Torpedo which was the largest of their models, 54 hp. $2400. as compared to the 36.
  9. This place is known as Devils Den now and in those days and during the war. I had a photo of the Wanamaker family in their 1904 Winton taken at the same spot. As stated previously, this was a popular destination and a trolley line also went there. There are many photos taken at this same spot with automobiles and their caretakers. Robert Barrett of Angola , New York has one of these musical devices on his 1912 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost touring and can play it as well.
  10. This photo is taken at Devils Den at the Gettysburg Battlefield, a popular destination for automobilists.
  11. rcr

    Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    I look forward to several events where Sherri's vends and the old Parkside at Hershey is a constant , consistent pleaser. https://www.sherriscrabcakes.com/
  12. rcr

    Wedding day 1912. Name that auto?

    First thing I saw wuz Da Wabbit 1914 Apperson Jackrabbit.
  13. Don't think so George. It does not match any Autocar steering boxes in any parts books for two or four cylinder cars but,if you put it out on your front lawn with a sign that says Autocar.................
  14. "Are you saying that I should take the plate off to see the manufacturer or is the manufacturer's name on the edge of the plate?"Removing the plate only gives access to the valve chamber and will not have any name or other text. Serial numbers are often stamped on the cast frame usually around the crankshaft bearing area.
  15. rcr

    Columbia Six cars

    Perhaps you are thinking of President William Howard Taft as President Roosevelt was not an outsized man.