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  1. 1938 Oldsmobile pickup truck

    Quite an oddball, for sure. Family resemblance to the Chevy & GMC of that year, though the cab seems a little taller and the door windows are arched a bit more.
  2. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    Agreed, they stop very well, and you can lock them up easily - unless the master cylinder blows out. I blew out the MC on a 1954 T&C Station Wagon - every single thing had been rebuilt or replaced in the braking system, with the exception of the power booster. Traveling about 50 mph, I topped a hill, only to see traffic backed up at the bottom of the hill. I hit the brake firmly, to give enough time to bring that heavy beast to a stop. The pedal caught for a moment, then slammed to the floor. I'm very grateful that the car had a good-functioning emergency brake. That taught me a lesson I won't forget.
  3. So I guess I'm a Chrysler guy now

    For the sake of safety, I'd think about converting to a dual pot master cylinder. As a daily driver in today's traffic, she's gonna have to mash that brake pedal pretty hard to whoa that thing down. It's not a great experience to jam the brake pedal, and feel it go to the floor. I've been there, done that. Great car, though.
  4. It somewhat resembles a Willys Aero or Bermuda (whatever they were called) from around 1955.
  5. What Is It? 2018-02-11 0956

    I believe this might be a Peugeot. If so, I'm wondering the approximate year. Thanks in advance for all your responses.
  6. Yeah, the Ford products from 1952 are supposed to be the first PRODUCTION cars with suspended pedals, I guess. But, these appear to be the earliest ones I've seen - period - on an American car. Not familiar enough with foreign brands to know about them.
  7. It looks as though some of the Playboy cars used contemporary Mopar radios, distinctive due to their vertical configuration versus the more common horizontal type. The speedometer/instrument cluster is tantalizingly familiar, but, so far, I can't figure it out. I've attached three different images, and I wonder if a knowledgeable person, such as Keiser31 or another like-minded expert, might recognize it almost instantly. Additionally, the clutch and brake pedal arrangement seem to suggest that this might be a suspended pedal setup, rather than the more common pedal through the floorboard type. Were there any other Amurrican autos with suspended pedals at this time? Thoughts? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  8. I really enjoyed the current issue of AACA magazine featuring the piece on the Playboy Automobile Corporation. A lot of information about how the company was formed, how it tried to stay viable, and how it came to an end. Several interesting photos, to boot. Cool stuff, if one is interested in such things. I really like the magazine.
  9. When was this?

    The car closest to the fire hydrant appears to be a Valiant from 1960-62. The car on the other side of the Valiant looks like a 1963 Buick.
  10. What Is It? 2018-02-02 1202

    Found on the web - any ideas as to brand and county of manufacturer? Thanks in advance for any responses.
  11. Mercury Montcalm

    It appears to match up with the U.S. version of the 1961 Mercury Meteor. I attached the below images after finding them at the curbside classic website. Not familiar enough with Canadian cars to definitely say the car on your property is from the 1961 model year, but, I'm guessing 1961 to be correct.
  12. What Is It?

    Thanks in advance for all your responses.
  13. Not familiar with this brand, which I believe is of French origin - a cool looking monster, whatever it is.
  14. This is my favorite internet forum, by far. But, the same rules apply here as anywhere. Don't enter into a conversation if you aren't sure you're right. Be prepared to have your remarks challenged by someone who doesn't agree. Be prepared to hold your tongue when your remarks are challenged. Arguments on this type of forum can cause current members to stay away, and can cause prospective members to consider looking elsewhere. If you ask a question that generates no responses, it probably means that no one on the forum is interested in the answer but you. Don't take it personally.
  15. Here I go again...Another New TV show