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  1. This is my favorite internet forum, by far. But, the same rules apply here as anywhere. Don't enter into a conversation if you aren't sure you're right. Be prepared to have your remarks challenged by someone who doesn't agree. Be prepared to hold your tongue when your remarks are challenged. Arguments on this type of forum can cause current members to stay away, and can cause prospective members to consider looking elsewhere. If you ask a question that generates no responses, it probably means that no one on the forum is interested in the answer but you. Don't take it personally.
  2. Here I go again...Another New TV show

  3. I found this photo on Facebook in the group "Motorology". The text below accompanied the pic. Cadillac 1942 Pick-up . Only19 ex built, this one for a Las Vegas casino; Sold in an car auction in feb 1992 in Paris I have heard of the General building trucks on Buick chassis' from the late 1930s to early 1940s. It seems like trucks of this sort were typically used as parts runners for the factories. I have a feeling this vehicle might be a one-off not associated with the factory, at all. But, since the post makes the claim that 19 were built, I wanted to throw this out to the forum and see what you guys have to say. Is this a factory built vehicle?
  4. Saw this Studebaker today....

    This '51 Land Cruiser I used to own had dual factory backup lights. Pretty sure they are original, factory supplied.
  5. I think I remember seeing this at the Fall Hershey Meet in the late 1990s. The image was indelibly burned into what little gray matter remains between my ears. What has been seen cannot be unseen.
  6. The day I made my post I was too lazy to go out in my garage to check my reference books. Seeing your post, combined with my being somewhat more energetic today, prompted me to check out my Standard Catalog of American Cars 1805-1942. Under 1942 Buick Special Series 40-A, there is a 2-dr Utility Coupe, which I assume is akin to a business coupe. It says 461 were produced for the 1942 model year. I could have answered my own question, I guess. I was probably hoping to spur some discussion about a little-seen unusual car, hoping that someone might post a photo of one in the flesh. As usual, my efforts were not successful.
  7. Mystery roadster

    The large touring car in front has a script attached that says "Knoxville". I'm pretty sure this photo was taken in Knoxville, Tennessee.
  8. I don't believe I've ever seen a 1942 coupe like this in the flesh. Was this car actually produced? I like it a lot.
  9. 1951 Chrysler Paint

    Perhaps, the entire northwestern region of the United States.
  10. 1951 Chrysler Paint

    Very interesting to hear of someone else who has an interest in the long wheelbase New Yorker Town & Country Station Wagons of 1951. Just about any of the Chrysler wagons from 1951-54 are an uncommon sight, but the 51 NY is, by far, the most uncommon of any of these. I have a relative who formerly owned one for several years, though it was in need of restoration when he bought it in the early 1990s. It spent most of its life in Nevada, and had been around the Fresno, CA area for some time when he got it. He had been searching for one for some time when this car was listed in Hemmings Motor News. It was a huge beast of a car. He kept it for over 20 years before selling it a couple of years ago. I owned a 54 NY wagon during the 1990s - it was my daily driver for about a year. I loved the car, though it had an appetite for gasoline. It would easily keep up with modern traffic, but, the brakes were just not up to the task of stopping the heavy wagon quickly enough during rush hour. I sold it in the late 1990s, and I now realize how lucky I was to have owned such a fine quality car. It was a real head turner, though most of the locals didn't recognize it as a Chrysler. I can't tell you how many times people asked me how I liked driving that old Plymouth.
  11. Hershey car show

    Outstanding photos!
  12. 1980 Plymouth Horizon ...

    Believe it or not, I read the complete article in the latest issue of HCC - that's not to say that I'm glad I did. I wanted to see if I might be missing out on some compelling reason to care about these cars. If it was there, I missed it.
  13. For The love of Cars on Velocity

    Just about all of the present and past TV car collector/restoration shows have failed to hit the mark in some way. Most have fallen dreadfully short of the mark, while others have seemed promising at times. I have yet to watch multiple episodes of any show without encountering something that doesn't ring true, or strikes me as annoying. The thing is, I'd LOVE for one of these shows to be worth watching. I'm more than willing to give these shows a chance because I don't have a cherished antique car sitting in my garage. I do have a garage decorated with various items of automobilia, but that's all. It is highly unlikely I will ever own another antique car, much to my disappointment. I've recently been watching a lot of YouTube videos. Some of these have been really entertaining, but watching YouTube is nowhere near as user-friendly as using my cable TV remote to simply select a channel and pulling up the channel guide to see what's coming on in the next few hours. Will there ever be a car collector/restoration series on cable TV that is worth watching? To this point, it doesn't seem all that promising. But, I'll keep hoping and looking because I will still watch some of the incredibly irritating TV series on the Velocity Channel before I get desperate enough to watch the likes of programming choices offered on networks like ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX. Those channels are dead to me, with the exceptions of some sports and news programming. The worst TV car show I can imagine would still be preferable to watching the likes of something like Two and a Half Men or one of those insufferable daytime shows like Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer. And, regarding the show For The Love Of Cars, maybe I wouldn't like it if I had seen the entire episode. Maybe I won't like some of the future episodes that will be broadcast. In my earlier comment, I based my opinion on the last 20 or so minutes of the show. I enjoyed the subject 1950 Land Rover, a car I've never seen featured on any other show. I enjoyed that it appeared to have been restored to original specifications. I enjoyed that the characters in the show, apparently from the U.K., appeared to be mature and thoughtful in their comments and actions. All things considered, from the small sample I viewed, it seems - IN MY HUMBLE OPINION - better than just about any other series I've watched lately. Man, this can be a tough crowd sometimes.
  14. For The love of Cars on Velocity

    I caught the last 20 or so minutes of it, and I enjoyed what I saw. Based on that small sample, I'd like to see more of this show on Velocity, or any channel willing to pick it up.