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  1. Dosmo

    Passing the torch

    There should be a country song in there somewhere, ha ha. Not to take away from this proud moment - congratulations on a job well done!
  2. Dosmo

    Dashboard with Gauges BY ???

    1960-61 GMC?
  3. Dosmo

    Saw this going down the road today....

    That's a Sweptside, ain't it? Ha Ha
  4. Add a porthole on each side and Broderick Crawford might be interested. Or, maybe not. Based on the photos, the price doesn't seem too terribly out of line. As was mentioned by auburnseeker, especially in the eastern USA.
  5. Dosmo

    Saw this Dodge truck at Home Depot yesterday

    In the early 70s, my uncle gave me a 1955 Dodge 1/2 ton very similar to the one pictured, minus the quarter windows, long bed and rear bumper. I believe it had what was called the "Poly" V8 with 3 on the tree. It was geared very low and had incredible torque. Alas, the 18 year-old engine didn't stand up very long under a 20 year old lead foot. These Job-Rated pickups are under-rated, in my humble opinion.
  6. Dosmo

    What is it?

    You bring up a valid point. I'm a major offender about putting "What Is It" in the subject box - it seemed appropriate at the time. I never gave a thought to going back to edit the title, which is a good idea, as it would let others know the question has been solved. I will go back and edit some of my previous posts. Thank you.
  7. Dosmo

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    Occasionally, someone builds one of these where everything comes together in the right sort of flow. I don't believe this is one of those times. This is for sale on Facebook Marketplace.
  8. I'm not at all familiar with this make, but I'm guessing a 1960s time frame. Seems like a nice car, and it is driven regularly. I see it once or twice a week.
  9. Sorry for the poor quality cellphone photo. I saw this in a local picture framing shop. Due to my apparent interest, the shop owner asked if I could identify the car. I cropped the photo to bring the car in closer, but you pay a price in clarity when you do so. The bumper made me wonder if it might be a 1920s Buick, but I'm just not that familiar with cars of this era. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  10. Dosmo

    Make and year please

    That crack about being the name for stalls in the restroom tickled the whiz outta me. And, I could not agree more with what you said about new and exciting in the beginning, only to become anything but that.
  11. Sitting outside Sevierville, TN today 7/16/2018 - I texted the number on the for sale sign. Guy is asking $8500. Engine is a 289 V8, automatic tranny with supposedly 69,000 original miles. Car is pretty clean, dinged on the RF near the headlight. I took a bunch of photos, but could only post a couple due to file size. Don't know the seller, don't know a thing about the car. Price seems sorta high to me - I know this is not one of the more popular Fairlanes, but it is one of my favorites. I would imagine it could be bought for less than what was quoted in the text. I have a bunch of pics, should anyone be interested enough to see them. Interior looks original, worn, but reasonably clean. The top rear seat cushion has split open from sun exposure. Car was locked up, couldn't really see inside that well. Seller can be texted at 865-603-5177. Sign on the car says TEXT ONLY - MAKE OFFER
  12. Wow! That was undoubtedly a total beast before being neglected. I hope someone saves it. Keiser, old cars must hatch around you.
  13. My dad at approximately age 9 ca. 1931
  14. Saw this ad whilst browsing Facebook, or Spacebook, as I call it, Marketplace this morning. The link to the ad on Facebook is directly below. The only info listed is on the Dodge pickup, though the seller does mention that all three vehicles are available at one price.
  15. Found the photos of this interesting vehicle on the 247 Autoholic site.