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  1. Dandy Dave

    The Ridgefield Meet === RIP

    I remember that truck in Pete's yard and at some of the shows he displayed it at. He always wanted to put up a building but it never seemed to be in the budget. I was glad when he told me he let you fellows get it Frank as it was sad to see it just falling apart. Pete had good intentions, but also a full plate building that grand Castle that originally was suppose to take two or three years to complete. 40 some years later he was still building. He kept telling me before his untimely death that he had to stop adding on and finish up. Also maintaining what he had already built was getting to be very time consuming. Dandy Dave!
  2. Dandy Dave

    Simplex automobile registry

    I've heard stories of one in the bottom of the old Slate Quarry off of Slate Quarry/Stanfordville road between Rhinebeck and Stanfordville, NY. It was used as a dump and land fill for many years. So I've been told that many of the higher end cars owned by the upper class were dumped when they were done with them. (Think Vanderbuilts, Astors, Mills. with estates along the Hudson River.) They would send the cars off with the Chauffeur and the cars would be driven off of the edge and sank to the bottom just to show that they had enough wealth to just toss the old one and get a new automobile without selling or trading the old one.
  3. Dandy Dave

    Complete ‘53 Olds w A/C

    Helped a neighbor scrap a mid 50's Pontiac in that condition with AC when I was a young un. It broke in half when it was picked off of the trailer with a loader and loaded in the grinder. That was about 40 years ago. Think about it every time I see one of these posts. Dandy Dave!
  4. Dandy Dave

    Driving old cars vs new cars

    And all that from the land of Lucas. Flicker, Dim, and Off. 😉
  5. Dandy Dave

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    OK. Point taken. But I do know for a fact that a coil with a resister/built in condenser/ whatever is in there that changes the timing in an older one cylinder Kohler series engine (Like a 1970's K301 series off of the top of my head) enough that they will run like they are retarded and not have any power. The points in these engines are set by the cam and not changeable like a distributor that you can rotate on a typical points and condenser style older automobile. Had one that drove me nuts once. Got rid of the 1970's automobile coil that was cobbed on it and replaced it with a correct new coil and the trouble went away. So, with that said, that is proof that all coils are not made equal. Dandy Dave!
  6. Dandy Dave

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    Breaks up at high RPM's in the shop as well as on the road. I know what you folks are saying about inferior parts coming from places in far away corners of the earth. Sometimes it seems like their getting us one cheesy part at a time.
  7. Dandy Dave

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    OK, Sounds like the coil could be the problem. Even though it is new, we will try a different one, check polarity, and double check that grounds look ok and see what happens. I'll be back. Thanks All. Dandy Dave!
  8. Dandy Dave

    1940 Olds got my head spinning....

    MCHinson, You have me thinking. Maybe the coil is one with a built in radio resistor. I know they will not work on something like an older Kohler lawn mower engine. Automatically retards the spark enough so it changes the timing.
  9. Helping a fellow with a 1940 Oldsmobile series 70 with an inline 6-1947- 238 CID engine that was installed over 30 years ago. Dang thing losses power and skips over 40-45 miles per hour. Below 30- 35 it runs as it should and pulls a hill well. Idles like it should. He has had a lot of mechanics look it over and no one has quite pinned down just why it breaks up at highway speeds. Things that have been done. Carburetor rebuilt, installed a newly rebuilt distributor. (The old one had worn bushings.) New manifold gaskets. Checked for vacuum leaks. New coil installed, wires, plugs, points, condenser. Fuel pump and fuel delivery seems fine. Does not seem to be vapor locking. Compression is equally around 80 pounds on all cylinders. Thinking maybe weak or broken valve springs floating at high speeds? Even jumped out the ignition switch thinking there may be a bad connection but it did not make a difference. Not sure what else to look at. Any thoughts?
  10. Dandy Dave

    R-120 in woods

    Mader in the Cars Movie is a 1957 Dodge. Dandy Dave!
  11. Dandy Dave

    Seen one of these Bernie?

    I thought the VW Bug was about the last to have a 6 Volt system in 1966.
  12. Dandy Dave

    Austin-Healy 100 Manuals (free to good home)

    Fix one for a friend a few years back. He sold the car so we won't be needing them. Someone should come along soon that has one. Dandy Dave!
  13. Dandy Dave

    You never know what you will see.

    LOL.. Only when there's no racing fuel available. Dandy Dave!
  14. A 1922 Paige that I worked on years ago had the starter on the opposite side as the photo of the Jewett. So the starter was on the right on that car. On the left for the Jewett.
  15. Dandy Dave

    Xander this would make a Dandy Roadster Pickup

    Wouldn't it be better to just take the time to reproduce a correct touring body for it? Then you would have something to crow about. Dandy Dave!