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  1. Did You Ever Own.....

    Had a Mazda RX7 with a Wankel Rotary engine once. A neighbor gave it to me when it started spitting antifreeze out of the exhaust. My first intention was to pull it apart and see what failed in it but a few years went by and I was moving so it ended up at my buddies salvage yard. Wasn't worth much back in the late 70's or early 80's. I remember the neighbor said it was really not that good on gas either. Also I remember a 1960's two cycle Peugeot that was in the neighborhood. Buzzed up the road and smoked like the dickens. Dandy Dave!
  2. 1 - 1/4 inch NPT pipe die wanted, buy or borrow

    Guess I'm a little late. I've got a bunch of that pipe stuff at my Dads over in Orange Va. I'm in New York at the moment though. If something does not work out or you need it again don't hesitate to message me. I'll be back down there soon. Oh, And my pipe stuff is made by Ridgid. You can't go wrong with a quality tool. Dandy Dave!
  3. Stoddard Dayton Carburetor

    If someone needs it, $75 to $100. If not needed the price of scrap. Dandy Dave!
  4. Dating an early White truck.

    View from the drivers seat.
  5. What was your biggest screw up working on the cars

    Biggest screw up was bringing them home and spending more time and money on them than their worth. Still making that mistake. Guess I'm a slow learner. Off to rescue another....
  6. 1914 big bore

    I've started stuff like this. My advice is always be sure to Retard the Spark.
  7. DEF Tow Vehicles and a real dumb question

    I had to look DEF up. Diesel Exhaust Fluid. Most professional trucker's are pretty pissed about having to have that crap added to everything else that they have to worry about on a big highway truck. Just a bunch of hog wash that you now have to put up with. Think I'll just put a tow hitch on the 1925 White I just bought.
  8. 1921 Stevens

    Here's a Moline Tractor like the one he had.
  9. 1921 Stevens

    Interesting Discussion on this car. A friend had a cultivating tractor made by the Moline Plow Works. The engine was a 4 cylinder and different than the one in your car. If memory serves me right they became Minneapolis Moline.
  10. Dating an early White truck.

    I got $3,200 for the remains of the Stoddard Dayton Bob. It went to the state of Colorado.
  11. Dating an early White truck.

    Can't see the nose, But I think this is a White Mustang. Around a 1950.
  12. Say. Where do I need to go to edit the List of stuff I have that comes up with every post automatically. Can't seem to find what to do to update it. I guess it is called Signature Preferences.
  13. How Many Are Enough?

    I agree with having inside storage and having no more than you can efficiently maintain with that storage. Basically the more bucks you can afford to house and keep them, the more you can have. I did a load of downsizing last year and cleaned out a bunch of tractors, early gas engines and antique construction equipment. Got down to an 82 Buick Riv. Convertible, two 1915 Buicks. One running and driving. One in pieces. An Agricat Dozer (9HP Model 23 Briggs and Stratton powered.) A small swing shovel that I built. A 1939 John Deere A Tractor and now a 1925 White Truck that I could not live without for some reason. I can just it as a great parade truck. Rusty but three and a half days of freeing stuck and rusted parts now has it running and driving. Also there are 4 daily drivers at the moment, 3 Chevy Suburban's and a 1994 Buick LeSabre. Dandy Dave!
  14. Dating an early White truck.

    I would not be surprised if the last time it ran was around WWII. The only thing I found that they would have parked it for was a broken off block drain that is in the front of the engine block just behind the fan. I would surmise that whoever had it did not know how to get the broken piece out. It only took me minutes to remove it. A little heat from a torch and an E-Z out and the threaded brass piece came right out. It had to be in a barn or shed back in those years or the War Board would have made them scrap it. I can just visualize the building it was in falling down around it. Even though it's rough, It would be a lot worse if it had always been left outside. Dandy Dave!
  15. Dating an early White truck.

    Here's a better YouTube video of the engine running. Dandy Dave!