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  1. 1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    Cool. Did some work on the Packard powered Brewster Auto that is at the Old Rhinebeck Aero Drome a while back. The car there has black patent leather fenders. Dandy Dave!
  2. That's pretty unique. I can't say that I ever saw it either though. It would stand out at a show without a doubt. Dandy Dave!
  3. ...so many left over bolts, parts, carcasses of derelict stuff left over from rescuing the "good Stuff" that I had to have an auction to down size. ......Ahhhh, the days of putting a coil, points, condenser and charging the magnet on a Magneto. .....Carburetors were made of brass and many had cork floats. .....Most of my fondest friends, those I learned from, and customers are no longer with us. Dandy Dave!
  4. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    Holbrook body's were built right here in Hudson NY. It's just a few miles from where I live. Dandy Dave!
  5. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    It looks like an 8 Cylinder model. 20-25 models are 6 Cylinder.
  6. 1926 Rolls-Royce

    Best to join the Rolls Royce Owners Club. They have a fairly complete amount of history on these cars which also includes who purchased the car originally and often subsequent owners and model information. Dandy Dave! Look Here.. https://www.rroc.org/
  7. 1924 White Yellowstone bus Help

    Look here for my truck and also the serial number list on early White trucks. Dandy Dave! http://forums.aaca.org/topic/197464-dating-an-early-white-truck/
  8. 1924 White Yellowstone bus Help

    Also to check the year there is a list of serial numbers. The number will be stamped in the left frame horn on the outboard side up front just below where the headlamp socket is bolted. Dandy Dave!
  9. 1924 White Yellowstone bus Help

    My 1925 Model 15 White Truck has a lost oil system. It is different than your truck. Looks like yours has a governor and one oil filler is just along side of it. On my truck that oils the timing gears. Looks like a sight glass or it may have a level indicator with a float in the oil pan just behind the carburetor. My truck has sight glasses on the dash that you see the oil drip though and a tank on the firewall to put oil in. Very Cool save by the way. Dandy Dave!
  10. Babbitt BearingTolerances

    I have an electric one and it is in Virginia at the moment. I'm in New York right now taking care of loose ends so can't even get a photo of it. Even with that type of tool .015 (about 1/64 of an inch.) is a mile and a half in machine shop talk and too much to grind out this way. If the .015 is on one side then the crank may have to be turned as much as .030 or .040 to be usable. Yes, Best to mic your spare crank and have that either turned or polished as needed. You have something that has gone though the engine and every oil galley, line and even the oil pump should be cleaned. Even a piece of dirt under the relief valve in the oil pump can lead to bigger problems. Also keep in mind that if either crank has already been turned your bearings may not work as they are. You will need to know if they are standard or .010, .020, or even as much as .040 under. Depends on what was done when the engine was rebuilt. Tolerances should be about .0015 to.003 on the bearings. Dandy Dave!

    I got one myself. The bells and whistle's were going off right away. They are asking for financial assistance for a shipment from Germany to Texas. Goes like this, Hi, How are you? I hope all is well with you. I need a favor from you, please email me back as soon as possible. Thank you Terry Me back.. What’s up Terry? Reply, Glad you replied, I have some goods coming in from Germany to Texas port and i have some dues to pay at the port but i am out of town and couldn't get the payment done myself. I need your financial assistance,I'll refund you once i get back. Please let me know if I can count on you... Well, Hell. I'm so broke I can't pay attention. Sorry Charlie, Only the best Tuna get to be Star Kissed Tuna. Dandy Dave!
  12. That added radiator is from an I.H.C. Farmall Regular or F-20. I'd recognize that anywhere.
  13. 1928 REO Speedwagon 3 Ton Heavy Duty

    I had a 1929 Model GA REO at one time. Very similar model to the one your looking at. Was rough. Bought it at a local farm auction for $25 Bucks. Ended up swapping it to a fellow that wanted to save it for parts for another project I was working on at the time. The GA had juice brakes. Reo was one of the first Trucks to use Hydraulic brakes The engine block was high quality as it had Nickel - Chromium cast right in the side of it. If memory serves me correctly,I think the 29 had a different, new and improved engine. 1928 was the last of that series of engine. Dandy Dave!
  14. Ohhhh. Leave it to JD to notice that. Stop loosing sleep and have a Utica Club or two Burnie.
  15. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Like my Signature says. Most Of my Money I spent on Tools, Mechanical Things, and Girls. The rest I wasted. Never enough. Always something "new and improved" or something old and made from "unobtainium" that pops up to add to the collection. Dandy Dave!