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  1. Dandy Dave


    Oh... that 19th Hole!
  2. Dandy Dave

    This has happened before..

    Use to be here in NY state that to register something like a Model A or T Ford you needed a tracing of the engine number and that was the serial number for the vehicle. I often wondered about those numbers when an engine is changed for one that has been rebuilt? In the case of my 1925 White model 15 Truck there never were serial numbers stamped in the block like many other makes. The Numbers on that are both on the frame and on the brass plate on the dash. Lucky me. They match. Dandy Dave!
  3. Nice. I've worked on a few Pierce Arrows and Visited with Kiezer31 and Cherrie also. It was all good. Dandy Dave!
  4. Dandy Dave

    1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 finally Runs

    Thanks all. C. Carl. I'll get some photos of the interior when we get some boxes of stuff out of the back. The interior is decent. Over all it is a very solid old car with patina. Dandy Dave!
  5. Dandy Dave

    1930 Rolls Royce 20/25 finally Runs

    Chassis number GSR39 Burnie. The fellow who now owns it has all of it history. It was brought over around 1947 and was once owned by the Mayor of Catskill NY.
  6. After around 18 years of rest and rebuilding the engine the old Rolls runs once again. This is the same car I've written about on here before that was tied up in an estate but the threads no longer seem to exist. Just so glad to see that it is going to caring hands and that I had a hand in getting it back together and preserved as it should be. Click the link for a YouTube Video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaGZrO9sAG4
  7. Dandy Dave

    Wanted, 18 inch Wooden rim Steering Wheel.

    Blackstar, Sent you an email. Thanks, Dandy Dave!
  8. Dandy Dave

    Wanted, 18 inch Wooden rim Steering Wheel.

    Flackmaster, That wheel was too nice to put on this old truck. Glad you found a home for it hopefully on a Buick that needed it. Dandy Dave!
  9. Dandy Dave

    Dating an early White truck.

    Not sure on the front being factory, but it is a guard and not a winter front. A few have told me it may have been used for logging and the front helped protect the radiator in the harsh environment that working in the woods had to offer. I have acquired a parts book for the truck and I don't see it listed. Dandy Dave!
  10. Dandy Dave

    BCA 50th Anniversary photos @ NB Center

    As per Photo I was there. Glad I did not miss it. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Dandy Dave!
  11. Dandy Dave

    Distributor rebuilder

    Off to a grate start? How do you start a grate? Something like the fire under a grate in a BBQ? OK. Great. Dandy Dave!
  12. Dandy Dave

    1848 Brewster Buggy - Vanderbilt Family

    Cool. Did some work on the Packard powered Brewster Auto that is at the Old Rhinebeck Aero Drome a while back. The car there has black patent leather fenders. Dandy Dave!
  13. That's pretty unique. I can't say that I ever saw it either though. It would stand out at a show without a doubt. Dandy Dave!
  14. ...so many left over bolts, parts, carcasses of derelict stuff left over from rescuing the "good Stuff" that I had to have an auction to down size. ......Ahhhh, the days of putting a coil, points, condenser and charging the magnet on a Magneto. .....Carburetors were made of brass and many had cork floats. .....Most of my fondest friends, those I learned from, and customers are no longer with us. Dandy Dave!
  15. Dandy Dave

    1926 Rolls-Royce

    Holbrook body's were built right here in Hudson NY. It's just a few miles from where I live. Dandy Dave!