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  1. Est-ce que ça neige maintenant?
  2. If this is what you are looking for, I might be able to help you. Send me a pm with a picture and measurements.
  3. I thought that where you live, it is both days of summer that far north.
  4. What roster?
  5. If you want to work at almost any age, get a degree in Electrical Engineering with work in hybrid vehicles. I continue to get calls.
  6. Or probably Urban Studies with a minor in Women's Studies. The reason I included the latter is because I have a friend that his daughter who has a PHD in Women's Studies and can not find a job anywhere and she is in her mid 30's and back living at home.
  7. I also got the same message. Oh well, I know a lot of people tried to explain to the HF staff right after the first letter was sent out the importance of a customer friendly event, but even in this letter they said that they needed to downsize the show. They obtained their objective. I do not see why they are so concerned. Instead of managing the popularity of the event and find parking, shuttles, etc.., the made the overall show nothing special.
  8. Ouch... Glad that you are OK. See you in a couple of weeks at Milwaukee.
  9. Other than the problem with my truck, it was a great tour.
  10. The standard transmissions are the same as used in the first couple years of the Chevy Vega. Interchangeable. I had a number of GT's in my younger years. Maybe around 6-8. Good fun when I was smaller and more agile. Now very small relative to the trucks that I drive.
  11. The best results for dead batteries that can be brought back is to put them on an automatic battery charger. I have also used a battery tender charger. Leave them on for maybe a week to have a chance of bouncing back. The rule of thumb that I used when teaching technicians was that it takes about as long to recharge a dead battery as it took to discharge it. That said, if you run a battery down trying to start a car, then it should recharge fairly quickly. If the battery discharged because the interior light was left on, then it could take a few days to attain a full charge. Just my experience.
  12. Is it possible that they were used for shot gun shell reloading?
  13. If it was my car, I would 1.Try to put air in the tires. Move the car out of the garage. 2. See what is in the gas tank. Is there fuel or sludge. I would drain the tank no matter what. If a lot of crud you will need to clean the tank. 3. Change the oil. 4 Change the coolant. 5. Make sure the battery is good. ***Get the engine running*** 6. Check and repair any issues with the brakes. 7. Check the steering. Replace the tires after the car is running and drivable. Drive and enjoy the car!!
  14. Very smart words of wisdom. My 1915 Buick truck will usually start on about the 4th pull after sitting over the winter. You can tell when it will start by the sound of the fuel being pulled through the carb and UP the intake. I had it at the trim shop last month and it started after only 2 pulls. Remember, NEVER PUSH DOWN on the crank. My crank on my truck usually engages about the 7:00 position and I just pull up thumb stretched forward, not wrapped around the crank.