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  1. Museums where you can drive classics?

    Hey, That was me at the 6:16 minute mark with our Buick truck.
  2. Broken Manifold

    Here is one of the options discussed. Or this which is like a saddle around the neck and put in new longer bolts. Some form or fashion of this repair has been around for Corvairs since the mid 60's. But I believe that it can be welded with a good welder.
  3. Wood spoke wheel maintenance

    I just took the wheels apart on my '08 Buick to have them rewooded. They were reasonably tight, but at 110 years old I did not want to take a chance on driving and having a wheel break and cause a bunch of damage. For about $1,000.00+- my safety is more important. IMO, once the wheels get loose, most of the "fixes" are probably temporary and might compromise your safety.
  4. Parts for pre-1920 Buicks

    Morgan, What are you working on and what are you looking for? Post some pictures of your car. We love pictures.
  5. 1915 C-25 Camshaft Removal

    Do you have all of the lifters out? Cam should come out the front.
  6. 1925-25 Buick Standard, rear axle keyway broken

    I think the square shafts would give more noise than the spline shaft. I think I read that somewhere but do not remember where.
  7. November Bugle 2017

    Henry Ford became wealthy because he gave the consumer what they wanted and could afford. The smaller companies did not and eventually went out of business. AMC held to small cars when the public wanted larger land yachts. Jeep excepted.
  8. Corvair Greenbier

    I am sure that someone that owns a greenbriar will speak up, but if it is like the station wagon I think there was an attachment to the front of engine shield. It has been a long time since I looked at one. Sold my wagons years ago. I do not believe the white bracket is factory. Maybe a fix for a problem with the original attachment.
  9. 1915 c-25 chassis serial number

    From memory, the disk is about 30mm long and 15mm wide, or 1.5 inches x 3/4 inch.
  10. November Bugle 2017

    "If that is not what John Q Public wants, so be it." If you do not provide a product that the customer will buy you will eventually be out of business to competitors that do provide what they want. Old adage in business if you are not growing, you are dying. Then we will become irrelevant. Think Kresges, Woolworths, BlockBuster, and the list of non existent enterprises goes on. On the car side, think Packard, Kissel, Rambler, Duesenberg, Cord, Auburn, Nash, and the other 200 + marquis that are no longer around. They did not give the public what they wanted or could afford.
  11. November Bugle 2017

    Basic marketing 101 is who is your target market which includes all of their demographic characteristics. Real basic questions are what is the product or service that you are trying to sell to the prospective customer? Does the Buick Club know what the real product or service that they are promoting?? The one that customer is willing to pay for? I am not sure. Are sales going up or down? (ie, more or less members, NET #) Rate of increase or decline? This is a critical determinant because if sales go down then the product / service is not what the customer wants and or there is a better product in the market place. This could also be influenced by economic conditions and individual situations. The aggregate of the individual experiences becomes the demographic classes. Is there an elastic or inelastic demand for the product/service based on price? The best example of this for the car makers is as long as the price of gasoline is less than about US$4.00/gallon customers want trucks & sport utility vehicles. If it goes above US$4.00 smaller cars become desirable. For years, gasoline producers thought that they could charge any price for fuel and consumers would buy it. Maybe a little less as the price went up but still sell lots of it regardless of the price. The first time gas went over US$4.00 and the fuel sales hit the wall was an awakening for many industries besides the automakers and fuel companies. As the current $50.00 year annual dues being high, low, or just the right amount, many of you might want to go look at the data. The stock market is up for the last year but wages have remained stagnant for almost a decade according to the information that I have seen. Discretionary income has been squeezed. Also, is the product that you are selling a necessity or a luxury. I define necessity as food, clothing, shelter, and some form of transportation. Basic economics that that I took in 4th grade through graduate school. Everything else is a luxury. Luxury items are paid out of discretionary income. I would put the club dues as a luxury item. For many of us, we are fortunate to have the means to pay the $50.00. That is not the case with the majority of the population. If you want some of the data on income/savings/etc let me know or do some searches on income, savings, # of persons paying taxes, on welfare or some other government payments. If you re-read my editorial that is why I am so pro-park by year with every car in each year sitting next to another including the Buick in tough shape brought by a person of modest means next to the judged show car with which the owner has copious amount of money to make each nut & bolt correct. (ps: I worked in the GM assembly plants and no cars came out "perfect") I was also a service rep and inspected a lot of those cars that came out of the factory and talked to 1,000's of customers about their cars. To be successful we need to become more welcoming and less elitist about having the perfect car. Like what has been attributed to Einstein, "Insanity is continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result"
  12. November Bugle 2017

    Since the question of finances came up, the real question to ask the board and publish the number is how much money "is in the bank" What is the amount of money that is being carried over every year and how money was brought in from the national meet and what were the total expenses? Has money been made or lost to be made up by the general fund for say the last five meets. This information might be of value to have a better discussion on dues, #magazine issues, and any other issues. Just IMO.
  13. 1915 c-25 chassis serial number

    The chassis number for your 1915 should be on the drivers side frame rail about the side of the radiator mount. It will be in an oval disk.
  14. I can't even guess what these might be...

    My first guess would be that they are some part of a sway arm bushing link. Something like this but a different design?
  15. AC Spark plugs (NOS) exactly like this one

    AC used to have a spark plug manufacturing plant in the UK. Do not know where in England, but that was at least in the 70's.