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  1. Buick 1927-24

    Great looking car. by the way, bilprovning = vehicle inspection.
  2. Artillery Wheels - loose spokes How do you tighten?

    As a reference point that I do what I say, I am redoing the '08 Buick that I have and the wheels appear to be tight, but I am going to have them re-spoked with new fellows because it is over 100 year old wood. It is not worth a few dollars to compromise your and your passengers safety. I will probably drop them off in the next month or so and expect to get them back in the spring. As C Carl said, a good wheelwright has a long waiting list.
  3. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    My vote would be for an auction. With that many cars and some promotion I would guess he would get "market value" which is the price a willing seller will sell to a willing buyer. Being in Michigan, he would need to do it in the next month or so or they will be buried in snow. He could pick maybe the "best" or "most attached to" cars and be able to keep them for his entertainment. Just my thought.
  4. Need help id a part

    If my memory is good, they look the same as on a '59 Invicta convertible.
  5. Artillery Wheels - loose spokes How do you tighten?

    Look up Stutzman Wheel in Baltic, Ohio. They have made wheels for me and the Model T guys like them too. I currently have a pair there now. You need to call and leave a message. They will call you back.
  6. Artillery Wheels - loose spokes How do you tighten?

    I agree with Terry. New wheels. Safety is of utmost importance and you would not want to have break while driving, especially when turning a corner.
  7. 1924-41 models side window "level"?

    My first thought is that the slot is for a strap that would be attached to the bottom of a window shade that when the strap is pulled out the shade would come up from the door and cover the window. When released the shade would go down into the door. The knob above the slot would be used to lock the shade in place. Are there any channels in the door that would indicate a window shade?
  8. IT RUNS ! 1925 Buick coupe back to life !

    The funniest tow that I was ever involved in was near the house (fortunately). My wife was towing me in the '15 truck with our Corvette. What a combination.
  9. Please introduce yourself...

    No garage is ever "big enough"
  10. FS/ 1923 Buick Model 48 parts car

  11. 1914 Buick B-37M Touring Sedan ignition info

    IMO, this is a 6 cylinder engine from probably 1920+. That is based on the picture of the starter generator, the side covers on the engine, and I do not remember any 6 cylinder engines on a 1914 car. Howard, can post some pictures of the total car and more of the engine. Something is not right in your post on the year/make. Here is a picture of a 1923 6 cylinder engine. Look familiar? PS: I am selling a parts car that this is attached to.
  12. Need help id a part

    They look like they are for a 62-63 Buick Skylark.
  13. Crankshaft crack evaluation?

    "If you do not have the time and money to do it right the first time, where will you find the time and money to do it the second time?" I too vote for a new crank. We were on a tour this summer and one of the Model T's broke a crank. Trailer time.
  14. Elster Hayes rim reproduction information wanted

    Residential neighborhood.,+Springfield,+OH+45503/@39.9467636,-83.7744595,3a,75y,247.84h,74.64t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sNyrSXq_nLzuj5TU2KpbWmQ!!7i3328!8i1664!4m5!3m4!1s0x883f5a8fe971c649:0x1cbb949b51513ee5!8m2!3d39.9467497!4d-83.7745194
  15. Took the truck out for a Golden Memories car show at the Sloan Museum in Flint today. Put about 25-30 miles on the ride back and forth from the storage facility to the car show. Weather was beautiful and just relaxed and read a book and talked to participants and lookers.