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  1. A bus bar with fuses. The circuit should be generator to battery to fuse block/ distribution center to accessory. Also keep the wire from the battery to the fuse block as short as possible.
  2. And I am buying one next week.
  3. I would not "dry fit" the cylinder seals, etc.. as you might damage them. I would always use some brake fluid for any assembly for lubrication.
  4. If you look closely you will see that it is The Wall Street Journal that I am reading.
  5. OMG, what a large collection of what looks like very high quality items.
  6. Interesting coupon. You get about 10% off in the upper right coupon, but 15% off in the lower right coupon. I wonder how many persons use the 10% off coupon?
  7. Where is this place? Are they selling anything? Can it be visited?
  8. The Gilmore Museum has a pre war car show and swap meet this weekend, May 20th.
  9. True on parts being cheap or inexpensive. I recently scrapped out two station wagons because I got more for them as scrap than others willing to pay for parts. I also scrapped about 1/2 ton of parts that I could not sell for $50.00 for all. Cleaning out my stash of stuff.
  10. Might want to repost down in the forum in the commercial cars section.
  11. The local Buick group that I belong to only sends out email newsletters that I know of. I think they discontinued the printed copies a few years ago.
  12. Bernie, What year on the trailer and do you own it? I might have a tub for the back if you need one.
  13. Hey, It was a great time and the weather was PERFECT. Joyce and I decided to take something different than the Buick Truck to this show and having shade was great. We have had the camper for at least 25 years and still use it for camping. Gracious thanks to the MGT that ordered the great weather and did a great job with the show. ( Steve M. & his team) The Friday night entertainment was fabulous and good BBQ on Sat night.
  14. I had a chart some time ago but can not find it I seem to remember that clearance should be about .001"/ inch of journal diameter.
  15. Notice that the cars are on a "board race track".