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  1. Cork. The modern replacement is.....cork.

    The stuff to coat cork floats is super glue. Common name for cyanoacrylate. The thicker gell stuff works best from my experience.

    Picture taken at the GM Design Dome patio in Warren Mich. Yes, concept with the rear windows. The area on the south of the dome with the arc of cars in the map.,-83.0449911,298m/data=!3m1!1e3
  3. Can anyone put a name to these faces?

    #2 Is Ken Sherwood #8 Is John Cienki #15 is yours truly.... ME. Spent a fair amount of time at the Craft Centre. I think #1 might be Bob Bradley. Both Ken and John are no longer with us. :-( That picture was taken at the 3rd floor conference room at the old Buick Headquarters building on Hamilton Ave in Flint.
  4. GAS Head Lamp Question BRASS ERA

    Can you post a picture of the whole lamp?
  5. wood floor board

  6. wood floor board

    I will post the first start video as soon as I get home. Home, See below.
  7. Opel Manta Rally front end sheet metal.

    Here are the pictures of the front end.
  8. I.D. Need for a buick badge

    Pictures are worth 1,000 words.
  9. OBD I Buick check engine light on 90%

    The fix for the car would be relatively easy if you had a Tech 1 scanner by GM. The above comments about something else being the problem are correct. Examples could be a rich fuel system. Rich fuel could be caused by things like a bad spark plug wire, bad plug, carb mis-adjustment, bad coolant system which could tell the computer to run rich, bad/poor connection at the oxygen system which could give the computer a signal that it is cold and the car would run rich. A bad engine ground could possibly cause the engine issues. If someone replaced the valve cover gaskets and used high silicone gasket sealer it might cause the oxygen sender to become contaminated. I said might , not would. Lots of variables. You should get the idea that there are many things that could cause the issue. The easiest thing is to have a scanner to see what the engine computer values are in real time with the engine running. Where are you located?
  10. Spark Plugs 38 Century

    No, they are the same heat range. Just a longer reach of the electrodes for the "S". Both plugs are resistor plugs.
  11. April Bugle & Your Vote For Board Members

    I like Brian have sat on similar non profits and that is standard operating procedures. The members are entitled to see where their money is going.
  12. Finishing my Buick Shop

    I currently have two that I use for storing cars and my tractor. I know of others that do the same thing. Just need to put in some ventilation, spray foam the roof and paint the top of the container white. Works fine. Might be a little tight for getting out of the doors of a modern car but no different than getting out of the car in and enclosed car trailer.
  13. Converting 1990 Reatta from R12 to R 134

    Best thing to do when doing the conversion is to watch the pressure readings when adding refrigerant to get the pressure differentials in the correct range. That should give you maximum cooling capacity.
  14. Front wheel bearing tightness

    My understanding is ball bearings run with a little bit of clearance and tapered roller bearings can be slightly or more preloaded. I know that the tapered roller bearings in differentials/ rear ends are all pre-loaded.