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  1. 1966 Electra Brake Drum Confusion

    The important thing is the size of the brake drum on the inside. The shoe surface diameter, the diameter from the edge of the drum to the bearing race and the size of the bearing edge to the inside edge of the shoe surface, etc. If all of those dimensions are the same the drum should work. The higher number of fins (heat sinks) should help with heat dissipation and reduce brake fade on hard braking. Also double check the outside diameter of the drum including fins to be sure that they are not so large as to interfere with any other parts. Just IMO and what I would do.
  2. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Are you a power seller? Here is the ebay fee schedule About 15% Plus Pay which usually in my experience is about 10%. Plus other expenses like packaging & time. And here is a discussion
  3. How to Sell A Huge Shop of Classic Car Parts

    Sorry to hear of your fathers illness. I just lost my Dad a couple of weeks ago. To Mercer09 when you talk of fees and say Ebay, depending on the amount of your sales fees will eat up about 30% of the total sale price from my experience. Every sale method incurs a cost. You just need to determine the value of your time and at what point the stuff goes away. I have selling stuff at swap meets for a couple of years and the sales have dwindled to the point it is not worth my time anymore. I am going to sell some for a wholesale price next month and the rest of it is going to the scrap yard. I will then have a clean trailer.
  4. Check Those Lug Nuts

    From my experience I would recommend that you change all of the lug nuts from the standard car nuts with open threads sticking out to the ones with totally enclosed ends. If you do not have to change the tires the lug nuts can get so rusted on that you will not be able to get them off. They will either strip out or break the stud. Not a situation that you would like to encounter on the side of the road with a flat tire. Ask me how I know. Here is an example. Show All (2) Product Images Show Fewer Product Images
  5. Emblem

    Radiator emblem for a brass or nickel era car. Attaches to the radiator shroud. That is my guess.
  6. I thought that winter fronts were the covers that were put over the radiator.
  7. Here ya go. Or here.
  8. 2017 PWD National Meet After Tour

    Brian, Thanks for a great tour.
  9. 28 carb corrosion

    What year and model of car are you driving? I have not had any problems with fuel on my Marvel with corrosion. Post some pictures of what you are talking about and it could be something else.
  10. Took the truck out to dinner last night with Derek Thille's boys in the rain. One of his young'ns each way. Ran about 20 miles in total. Definitely a ride for the real guys.
  11. 2017 Forum breakfast preference

    Yeah, but nothing has the perception of "Fish Eye" wine.
  12. Please ID

    Might want to move this to the "what is it" section below to get a better response.
  13. Classic Car hit by Semi - Michigan

    Barry, I was good to see your post. I too have been wondering on your condition and ability to get around. If you still have my number, give me a call and we get together again for lunch and talk cars or what ever. If not, let me know and I can call you when it is convenient for you. Larry
  14. Motor Muster and Old Car Festival part 2

    Here is some more discussion on the Old Car Festival from the Model T folks.
  15. 2017 Forum breakfast preference

    Actually the Kroger near us is very upscale. For the first few years it was open it had the feeling of the grocery store in the movie The Stepford Wives. They actually have a large wine department and if you like beer they have dozens of micro brews in their selection.