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  1. Did not find it in the xerox copy of a book that I have. Sorry I could not help.
  2. LUMP, I have collected screw on hubcaps for nearly 50 years. This certainly looks like an aftermarket Studebaker cap. Some can be very interesting. If your selling screw on caps I'd love to take a look.
  3. Looks like a 1948 Accessory Grill Guard for Chevrolet.
  4. hI LUMP......Give me a couple of days. I have a Hood Ornament book that I just found at an estate. I think I saw that in the book that I have.
  5. Here is the handle on the lid.....Handleman this is the one we discussed last week that I have.....
  6. Here are pics of the lid
  7. Not sure where to post this. I have a rumble seat lid with a T Handle that made me think it was a '31 Chevrolet. Unfortunately the lid is not a Chevrolet lid. But, the T handle is the exact same handle. I know there is a possibility that the handle was changed at some time. Is there anyone out there that knows if the same handle was used on other makes of cars. The lid has rounded corners. I posted a while back about the lid with a pic and no one could ID the lid. Hoping for a handle ID. Thanks !
  8. Thanks 1940 Torpedo. What is the difference in the 25 and 26 ? I am assuming series.
  9. I do not have a Pontiac parts book in my library. Are '42 Pontiac Rear fenders interchangeable with other years ? Are they specific to body style ? Thanks in advance.
  10. Looks like either '49 or '50
  11. This is sponsored by the Miami Valley Region of the VCCA. Held at the Clark County Ohio Fairgrounds just off of I-70 . Between Columbus and Dayton. Doors open at 7:00 am. close at 3 pm.. Always a crowd . Always a great experience. Good Food, Easy access from Highway, The first swap meet of the season in the area. I will be set up with a variety of makes and models of parts. I'll be against the wall opposite the entrance. AACALIfeer
  12. I have what looks like a NOS Detroit Lubricator # F-32906. Any idea of the application ? Thanks
  13. Yes, Someone else wrote that on the lid. The handle looks exactly like a '31 Chev. That is what attracted me to this. The key is the rounded corners opposite the hinges. I saw some lids that made me think Dodge, but the handle is different. Was hoping the numbers I provided were part numbers. Maybe not, maybe they are casting numbers.
  14. Could this be for a '32 Buick ?
  15. Really thought this could be identified. I'll haul to one more swap meet , then.......well I'll have to decide then.