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  1. John348

    Failed Again! 1977 Seville

    Was there a difference the levels from the emission test before?
  2. John348

    Help with Modern Car Problem

    I feel for your problems, however with an extended warranty and a check engine light on the dealer MUST FIND THE PROBLEM! As Steve pointed out I would go over everyone's head until you get this resolved. Like you said what is the "warranty worth" My friends and my sons who own Chrysler products seem to get the same run around. The way you described the service (or lack of) from this dealer, I would suspect that whatever the repair is they will make sure it is not covered. I realize that you need the vehicle but it is not doing you any good the way it is, and you could be even creating more damage to it with this condition. It is dangerous for someone who is not physically challenged, even more so for you. My "Bronx" attitude would be all over the phone to get some sort of resolution. It is great that members are pointing you in the right direction, but the technician should be doing this.... bad gas my @$$ Being this is temperature related could it be something as dumb as a faulty thermostat? Just seems like nobody wants to do the job because they can't make any money on it Good luck!
  3. John348

    the Spirit of St. Louis

    The spot is marked here on Long Island where he took off from, unfortunately the site is lost in an industrial park where Mitchell Field was located
  4. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Myself personally I would replace one component at a time, so I am 100% sure what the problem was. Even if you were to test the CTS with the wrong temperature thermostat it might test as being faulty when it is not. I am not very familiar with that specific system, but it is very possible that the vacuum is controlled by a temperature controlled ported vacuum switch. Again with an incorrect temperature thermostat it would be affected.
  5. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Yes it will.
  6. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    confirming the emission test results, the engine is running rich! While it could be a clogged injector not misting the fuel properly, but that would be give very noticeable engine conditions. I am sure there are additives that might work, I myself have never found one.
  7. John348

    trailer weight question

    Why would you think that you don't need a sway control bar? A sway control is the best $65 you can spend if you plan on towing any distance at highway speeds on the interstates.
  8. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Good guess but no. I strongly suggest that you try testing the coolant temperature sensor as both Bloo and I suggested. It could be one or a combination of several different things but we need to start ruling things out
  9. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    I am sure Bloo would agree with me, what I would suggest for you to do first is with the engine cold disconnect the coolant temperature sensor, and take an ohm reading between the two connector pins on the sensor. Reconnect the connector and start the car and get the engine up to operating temperature. Shut the car off and disconnect the plug and take an ohm reading across the two pins of the sensor. The reading should indicate an increase in resistance, if not there is the problem. I have to look for what the exact amount of resistance should be I have to find the test manual for the bendix systems, I think it is in the other garage. I will look tomorrow
  10. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Yes, places resistance into the circuit as the temperature increases, goes back to the ECU and then controls the duration time of the injectors. it might be something as simple as to low of a thermostat as you mentioned I totally agree but finding one might be problem in itself. As I recall when playing with the Bendix Injection set up in the Cosworth the wiring connections were not really weathertite it struck me as being odd, lead me to believe that a large part of the problems were due to extra resistance at the connections of the Benix harness misleading the ECU with reading resistance that was not due to sensor input
  11. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    The temperature sensor along with MAP control the enrichment. The temp sensor controls the duration of the fuel injector opening, as it gets warm it becomes resistive. I would look there first. should be a 2 wire lead I believe it they will be 1 black and 1 blue wire. I have to do some digging to find out which is the the line side wire. Later tonight I should have more information for you
  12. John348

    Running Rich Solutions?

    Check the Cosworth Vega Owners Website. They used a similar system, made by Bosch/Bendix, as well as the K-tronic system used on Volvos and VW's is similar. There is a booklet written for the Cosworth's on how to diagnose the system with a volt ohm meter. You also might want to check those sites for forums and put it out there. Just for laughs unplug the coolant temperature sensor while it running and warm to and see if anything changes. We all have gotten spoiled by trouble codes and check engine lights. It does have a T.S.and controls the fuel enrichment system, through the ECU and it might even be unplugged already PS I gave up on the EFI in my Cosworth and located the aftermarket weber carb set-up, now run great and never looked back.Sad to say it was just a bad system, difficult to troubleshoot without the the proper tools
  13. John348

    Ornate early electrics--Do any still exist?

    Truly representative of the term horseless carriage
  14. I agree! Being that this thread is now on top of the page AGAIN! I will comment. Everytime there is a post by a member (who is not interested in the car) all it does is bump someone else back to page 2. I agree with many of the comments, and I also agree that when the forum rules need to be pointed out a post is needed. In this case as in all sales the seller sets the terms.
  15. John348

    Ornate early electrics--Do any still exist?

    So he sell the customer a brake upgrade........... He is just a tad too dramatic for me