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  1. John348

    Annual Grand National rule changes for 2019

    With all due respect, what makes your reasons the "right reasons"? We all enjoy this hobby in different ways, and everyone should respect that. I seldom ever heard an owner of a high caliber restoration criticize why people bother to participate in DPC, but more often I hear "I drive my cars I have fun, not like those trophy hounds" Fun is subjective and that should always be remembered by all.
  2. John348

    Advice on repairing paint chips

    Maybe you should contact your insurance carrier and see what they advise, good chance that they will pay for the repair. In order to match they might pay for the entire panel
  3. John348

    Just drill a hole and mount

    Or maybe the deer are deaf living so close to the interstate and just can't hear the cars!!! So everyone buys these stupid things thinking they have a better chance then the guy without the whistles. I know many of the rats that live on the subway tracks are deaf, don't hear anything.
  4. John348

    Just drill a hole and mount

    I don't know who Destin is, but I would rather see some sort of experimental done on the deer whistles, a deer does a lot more damage than a bug
  5. John348

    Just drill a hole and mount

    I don't think high speed photography is needed, just a wind tunnel and a smoke plume. Do the deer whistles really work? Did anyone ever ask a deer if it bothered them? If you do hit a deer with the whistles on your car someone will say "you had them at the wrong angle" or "they were dirty" Everytime I drove across I 80 in PA it looked like the shoulder of the road was finished in a deerskin carpet for 318 miles. I am sure a large percentage of cars and trucks had the whistles on them These cars were as aerodynamic as a cinder block going 50 miles an hour. This bug deflector is in the pre window washer era. I think it was 1965 or 64, and we were going on our annual vacation out of Da' Bronx to the Irish Alps, the Catskill Mountains (Cairo, Windham, Hunter Mountain) We would drive up the Taconic Parkway and I remember my father driving trying to squirt window cleaner out of the side window of his 50 Chevy on to the windshield trying to get the bugs off it with the aid of the wipers. Wind blew it back in face, burning his eyes. too be honest it was pretty funny, but I would dare not laugh. I can still see my mother shaking her head signaling me to be quiet, while he was rinsing his eyes out with cold Schaefer Beer in our Scotch Plaid Cooler, either that or Coke, who would have thought there would be bottled water. My Father would have bought one of those silly plastic butterflies, and insisted it worked, and if didn't he would never admit it!
  6. John348

    Just drill a hole and mount

    Technically if one insect hits it, it works, one less that did not hit the windshield. The question is how efficient is it?
  7. John348

    Shortened 56 Two Ten

    A two door sedan would have worked better with the longer door, just looks odd with the proportions
  8. I myself find the bread to be the worst part of those sandwiches, just not all that fresh, but very little that can be done about that in the environment we are in at Hershey
  9. What ever happened to the guy selling the flavoured soda that had the special hershey souvenir mugs with free refills for the meet? I did not see him last year and have sort of a collection of those dust collectors
  10. John348

    Just drill a hole and mount

    Works as well as those telephone cords they sell to put on wrist to keep mosquitoes away,
  11. John348

    Is this car worth something.

    Looking at the locations of where the plaques were given out it was a northeast car at one point. As far as the mounting location of the plaques it was quite common here in the northeast to mount them under the hood. Growing up in the early 70's this car was a typical example of restorations around here of that era. The car was only a little older than 30 years old and did not warrant a high dollar restoration at the time. There were a lot of cars that got wiped out by Hurricane Sandy, many were cars that were off the road for some reason and did not have insurance. So the owners still are trying to find homes for these projects. Many are turning up as rat rods in the area, and at least they are going to some use
  12. John348

    Is this car worth something.

    Was it a "Sandy" car? Looks like salt water damage
  13. I have two original Ford publications one for Ford, Mercury, and Truck V-8 Engines 1937-1947 and 6-Cylinder Engine G Series 1941-1947. $27 for the pair domestic shipping included. I use paypal PM me if interested Thanks John
  14. John348

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    Scams will never go away, as soon as one gets caught another one surfaces. I do have to agree with the others most of it is not based on innocence, but rather greed and stupidity in these car scams.