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  1. 1985 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon F/S

    The car was owned by my mother in laws next door neighbor since new. She was pretty old so the right side took the lumps was brushed going in and out of the garage. My wife is 5'4" and had drove this car with no problem, but everyone is different, by the way the lady who owned it was pretty tiny. I am going up to the meet in Mobile AL tomorrow morning with a friend and will not be back until Sunday evening. I will take photos of whatever you want, I rather the buyer be pleasantly surprised then disappointed. Also I have a copy of the original title that I submitted when I registered it in my name which I will include a photo of. Florida title on the car now in my name. The car is not perfect, but it a very clean 33 year old car that is very presentable. If your serious I would prefer that we have the dialog via email then on a public forum Thanks for looking
  2. Prebent brake lines

    I am just guessing but would the be the same lines as a Chevrolet?
  3. Prebent brake lines

    I believe that I used the same vendor and had no problems they fit perfectly. They did need a little 'tweaking' but for the most part they were dead on
  4. 1948 SAE Handbook SOLD

    Sold it is yours! Thanks
  5. Going through some items that were in my Father's collection and came upon this book which appears to be a text book published in 1951. It covers all of the automatic transmissions at the time. It is a really neat book to place on the shelf of your shop, The book is in excellent condition. $12 domestic shipping included I prefer paypal but will accept checks I have another book for sale and will combine shipping. PM me if interested Thank you very much
  6. 1948 SAE Handbook SOLD

    I am going through some items that were in my Father's collection and came upon this book. Real neat with a lot of information about 800 pages and would make a nice shelf item in any shop. Very nice shape binder is good. $13 domestic shipping included. I prefer to use paypal but will accept checks Thanks for looking PM me if interested John I will combine shipping if there are any other books are for sale
  7. 39 Buick Special 40 - St. Paul, MN

    Any engine photos?
  8. Heirloom Tools

    Now that is cool!
  9. 1985 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon F/S

    Thanks Steve, I was lucky to get it! I would not be looking to sell it if my Mother in Law did not give me her 1988 Celebrity Wagon. That one has around only 35,000 miles. Problem is with that car is my Father in Law had a pretty bad accident when the car was 3 years old so it was a repaint, so it i not unrestored in the eyes of AACA, which I understand. If I put 500 miles a year on that car it would be a lot.
  10. 1985 Chevy Caprice Estate Wagon F/S

    Thanks a lot Jan, It gets someone into the game at an affordable price and if they are already in the game it is a great 33 year old car that can drive at highway speeds and participate without dragging a trailer. I wanted to show the garage bruises in the photos, it is a very clean car but not perfect. Hopefully it will go to a new home. It truly is the end of an era a nice touch is the ash tray along side the rear fold down seat I also forgot to mention that I have a set of door weatherstrip from Steele Rubber for the doors that goes with the car as well.
  11. I am the second owner of this 33 year old 9 passenger wagon. It was bought new by my mother in law's neighbor. I have owned the car 5 years and used it as a second car at my home in Florida. This car was certified HPOF Original at the 2017 AACA Meet in Ocala Florida, where the car is currently located. This car has the last Chevrolet of that era to used the Chevrolet 305 V-8 while the sedan were already using the Oldsmobile 305. Car is equipped with cruise control, AM/FM radio, power steering and brakes, power windows and locks, but oddly no power seat. I replaced the water pump, tie rods and center link, brakes, original alternator was rebuilt, new exhaust, new A/C compressor and A/C lines system was retrofitted to 134. The only thing this car could use is maybe a set of shocks. It is in very nice used car there are a few bruises on the right side from exiting and entering the garage. Someone touched up some of the wood grain with paint that was damaged and did a pretty good job of it, however I have a roll of the correct color and pattern wood grain di-noc material that goes with the car. I also located a set of NOS floor mats that add to the car and make a nice touch.The original factory grey primer is still on the bottom of the floorboards. This is a rust free car! from Long Island New York, was in a heated garage it's entire existence and never was taken out in the snow. I have the original owners manual, shop manual and sales literature, I also have an NOS rear bumper filler panel that is broken, This car will be listed for sale in the classifieds of the next issue of our great magazine Antique Automobile a nice clean car, fly in and drive it home! $8200 PM me if interested (PLEASE NOTE I WILL BE OUT OF TOWN FOR A FEW DAYS THIS WEEK AND WILL BE AWAY FROM EMAIL I WILL CONTACT YOU ONCE I GET ON LINE AGAIN) Thanks for looking