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  1. GM factory authorized generator to alternator update kits

    The owner would still have to provide documentation to prove that scenario, which could be hard if not impossible to produce. I was honored this year at Hershey that the Judging Team had asked for documentation on a few items that might be considered questionable.
  2. How many are still around today?!

    I was not sure who it was but I was sure it was not period correct for 1962
  3. How many are still around today?!

    You are being sarcastic, correct?
  4. How many are still around today?!

    Nice to see Hershey without golf carts aimlessly running around
  5. Vintage Head Light For Sale

    I only have one of these there is a brass tag riveted to the assembly that say D L C Headlight 622 J came with a load of old Chevy parts possible truck??? About 8" deep with a 6 7/8" opening $30 domestic shipping included PM me if interested, I like to use pay pal Thanks
  6. I agree but my Mirage is 40 years old and was sitting in that same spot in a barn on a potato farm in upstate NY since 1983 until I purchased it 2014. If the post offends you because my car is to new I will delete the post if you wish. I guess a "barn find must meet some sort of criteria. There were only a few thousand made and less then 100 known to survive, and out of that only a handful that have not been modified
  7. I don't really get it leaving the dust and dirt on the car. The photo below is what was sent to me when I ran the wanted ad. That ad was placed in our great magazine by the way. The dust and dirt was the first thing to go, The second photo was after I cleaned it up. This car was also featured in the May/June issue of Antique Automobile. I do use when I am down in Florida, and draws a ton of attention everywhere I go
  8. I am also, I bought this 1950 Chevrolet from our own classifieds forum about 3 years ago, it runs like a watch! Nice powerglide car, don't have to move my left leg, a pleasure to drive! I am the third owner and it still wears the second family's vacation decals on the windows. I put my Dad's old 49 hood ornament on it.
  9. Good Chrome Shops

    I used Librandi's in Harrisburg, very good quality and lifetime guarantee as long as you own the vehicle. They delivered the date that they promised, which is important They are also a vendor to Harley Davidson 717 944 9442
  10. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    I don't Joe made a snide comment, it was a realistic answer. An investment is different then making a fast few dollars on a flip. If the OP took 9K and placed it in a conservative financial investment for 5 years he will have over $12,000 at the end of the term. That car can sit in the same spot as it is now for 5 years and I feel he will be lucky to get the original purchase price of $9K. That car could easily consume anywhere between 5-10 to get it on the road as a safe driver. Tires alone are going to be around $1200, parts for the entire brake system. we still did not talk about the exhaust or a leaky dynaflow, or a cooling system problem. What if the engine is locked up or even worse a cracked block? So after initial purchase and repairs the buyer could easily have $15,000 in a car, and it would still look the same as it does now. I myself would love that Buick and I myself would over pay for it, just because there are less and less cars like that to be found. It appears to be a solid, straight, un-touched car and a great candidate for a restoration. I also am partial to unrestored cars but............ I know I would never see most of money back if I sold it. Then again I don't think ever purchased one of my collector with plans to sell it, like all of us here I do it for a hobby. The monetary return for the memories, friends, knowledge gained, experience, rewards, and even the places we visited I could not put a value on. I am sure many of you will agree with me. The OP asked a straight question and Joe gave a very straight, and very HONEST answer
  11. How do you handle an unsolicited offer?

    I have it happen a few times, and my reply was "you have to want it more then me" and it is going to take a lot to make me let it go" They usually leave, I feel most of them are looking to get a good car for a cheap price, however I do have two people who have said if you ever go to sell it I would like first shot, and they know that it will be a market price. Come to think of it it is a good problem to have
  12. 14,000 Spark Plugs For Sale -- Inexpensive!!!!!!

    Maybe move this thread to PARTS FOR SALE??????
  13. Just a few thoughts on this, did you think that maybe the people in the red field south like it there, and enjoy the social aspect of their Hershey neighbors? Those vendors could request a new location if they wanted to. I have several spaces in the red field north, and if I had to relocate for the above reasons you mentioned I would have to think long and hard about renewing them, and most likely I would not. True there might be a few people who park their cars and not set up, but it is very hard to both vend and enjoy hunting for parts. Between 3 of us we have 9 spaces, four on one side of the aisle and five on the other, and yes we park our cars on the the other side of the aisle and sell from the other. Otherwise we would have to breakdown and set-up everyday just to move our cars in and out. This allows us to put more things out
  14. What did you buy at Hershey?

    I have to agree with you on that one. I just thought traffic was slow for good weather, not just because i sold less but we did noticed many people walking around empty handed