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  1. bump
  2. I am glad to hear all went well, and especially no reported thefts! In the Chevy Chase movie Family Vacation didn't the hubcaps get stolen in KC off of his custom Chrysler Product Station Wagon while asking for directions? Maybe somebody got things mixed up
  3. Same here, my Dad introduced this hobby to me in the late 60's, he passed away 6 years ago this July at 76 years young, I gave my son his 54 Belair and I kept his 53 Chevy 150 Two Door Sedan. I do miss him!
  4. Long after a high price is paid for a job the job is forgotten,,,,,,, sometimes the cheapest price if not most of the time, will give you memories that will last a lifetime, never good ones. If I found a price that cheap I would just move on to one that is line with everyone else, the norm is around 95 cents to $1.25 a mile. You get what you pay for and some times even get less
  5. I think Roger Moore drove one on the TV show the Saint
  6. In the V=8 era of Chevrolet, they never used "I" because it could be confused as the number 1
  7. Hello All, I wanted to post this here before putting it on ebay. I remember my mother having something similar when I was a kid. Nice metal case cups plates thermos and even a table cloth, look pretty cool with a vintage station wagon, kit has fold out legs to make it into a table. A great conversation piece to have in the trunk $85 free shipping US shipping only. I do like paypal PM me if interested
  8. On his behalf I thank-you
  9. He's not much of a computer guy that's why he asked me to post the ad for him. He just bought a 56 Desoto wagon (project) that is at my house in Florida now waiting for some space to free up in NY so he needs some space. Link this ad to your club I am sure someone might be interested in it
  10. I retired 2 years ago, my job was in heavy high steel new construction in NYC, involved about 4 hours of commuting time besides working 8 hours a day 6 days a week, I seemed to have gotten more done on my cars with less available time when I worked then I do now. I made better use of my time then
  11. Bump
  12. And a clock
  13. Like I said my memory is a little cloudy of that time in my life, but I do remember it was a lot of fun and could not wait to go to the next show!!!! As the lyrics in the song "Truckin" go it sort of describes why maybe all three became the one in the middle "other times I can barely see" ............................. "lately it occurred to me".......................................... "What loooong strange trip it's been"............
  14. This is not mine but my friends who asked me to list it for him on the forum, he finished it last year and came upon another project and needs some space. Looks pretty nice he is asking $17,500 for it and it really needs nothing contact Todd at (631) 258-5385 Located on Long Island NY call between 9am nd 9pm eastern time
  15. Back in the day I used to travel around to a lot of Grateful Dead Shows (those were the days!) I could have sworn I seen that Pontiac out in the parking lot of a few shows, then again my memory is a little cloudy of that time in my life