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  1. Antique Auto Battery still in business?

    That ad could have been prepaid for a certain period of time. Last year around this time I had ordered a 6 volt Delco for my 53 Chevy 150, and it was backordered for months after they charged my card for the full amount. After a few months with no contact I finally had to ask for a refund which they indeed had done. Good luck, I hope they are still in business I hate to see any of our valued suppliers close up shop for any reason.
  2. I know its for a newer vehicle but many of use these for tow vehicles. Someone decided to "borrow" a few off of my 2009 when i owned it so I had to buy a pack of 6 from the dealer. That vehicle is long gone but the other three covers remain. $12 domestic shipping included. I don't want to toss them without asking. I like to use paypal. Thanks and Happy Holiday's
  3. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Sport Coupe

    I love that color on 61's. My grandfather had a four door hardtop in that color new You seldom see it and it is refreshing to see one today
  4. 283 Chevy motor

    The DB on the engine suffix indicates that it was for a 1958 or a 1959 230HP passenger car with a powerglide, not a Corvette. The DB suffix was used through 1961 on passenger car 283's with a four barrel and powerglide.The rest of the stamping on the block F922 would indicate it was a Flint engine assembled on September 22nd. The year would be on a pad on the upper rear flange of the block on the passenger side and it would be the last single digit, either a "7" of a "8" It was primarily a 58 only block but some were installed in the early 59 passenger cars. The casting number on the heads indicates that they are 59 heads so with the 922 assembly date it appears that this engine is an early 59 passenger engine. The heads are the most desirable part. for both Corvette and Passenger. The cylinder heads changed in late 59, and the change is visually noticeable. The first design heads staggered the screws that secure the valve covers, the more common heads are straight across fasteners. The 58 Blocks had a thicker sidewall casting then the 57 blocks, I guess all part of a learning curve in the early days
  5. 1961 Chevrolet Impala SS 409 Sport Coupe

    That"s the trunk floor, not the fuel tank and it is not orange it is red oxide
  6. This is a NOS USA MADE bearing for a 55=64 full size Chevrolet m and Corvette $32.00 domestic shipping included I like to use paypal. Try to find an American made bearing now, not many around anymore... Why pay more for third world metal Thanks John
  7. Looking for career advice

    I was told this many years ago and it proved to be true " one door closes another door opens" I know there is nothing worse than being at a job that you don't get along with somebody and having to look over your back constantly. The day drags... to the point that you don't even want to get out of bed to go to work. I feel for you man, I know what I would do, but everyone is different and so are their situations.......
  8. Question on old Autolite part

    Thanks for getting me on the right track, what I came upon is that it is an "underdrive" relay for semi automatic for 46-48 Dodge, Desoto, and Chrysler
  9. I came upon a box of parts I purchased a few years ago on a bulk sale, In there were a few nice Autolite parts bagged '48 Chrysler marked "rebuilt." I am GM guy so please forgive me for my unfamiliarity. I think it is a cut-out? Pre-voltage regulator? The numbers on it are HRM 4102. I was thinking horn relay because of the "HR" in the part nomenclature... but??? I also found a Chrysler Desoto eight-cylinder electric choke set up in the box, I confirmed that on search, pretty pricy part!

    Those roads are really bad, but I guess you never had the pleasure of driving through NYC on the Cross Bronx Expressway Thanks for sharing the pictures of the show, real nice cars
  11. Just a note that our cars are delivered in a different format than they were in the past, and I almost tossed them out (I did not have my glasses on) but they are sent in a postcard type of format. Just look close at your mail....
  12. Good reason to go to Hershey

    I sell a lot of antique toys on ebay. I have to say the global shipping program does not seem to stop people. About 1/3 of my sales are shipped via global shiping
  13. Good reason to go to Hershey

    I encountered that problem with ebay myself. Just trying to help a guy out in Australia. What I would suggest is offer local pick-up also, and them make your arrangement as "a friend of the buyer is picking up the part" Ebay has become the mafia they want a ta$te of everything.
  14. ANFSCD - Innocenti

    Lets Start Making Fun of This ??????
  15. ANFSCD - Innocenti

    Maybe This Should Be In The Parts Wanted - Forum??