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  1. What are was it stolen from? Never mind I just read the post closer sory
  2. What about NY NJ and CT? From the Dellwood milk crates in the photos I tend to think it the tri-state area in the NE
  3. Roy, PM me with what you have left Thanks John
  4. I myself had had very good luck with placing wanted ads in Antique Automobile and other club publications, although the audience is much smaller, you are dealing with a fellow club member. I had even placed a wanted ad for a rather rare car a few years ago and had very good luck. A fellow AACA member knew of the car and put me in contact with the owner. Again I was not 100% insulated from a scam, but I was a little more at ease. I have sold and bought items from this site with great success, I don't know about a wanted ad, but Matt's suggestion is a good way to narrow things down Good Luck with the search
  5. Roy, Thanks all the pieces arrived perfect as usual
  6. Nice book with real specific engineering terms! Nice shape I like paypal, $30 media shipping included PM me if interested
  7. My Pleasure! Maybe send him a sample, as I recall he was very focused and specific on his applications, but I made things work. He also has the tools for the rivets to close them so they look factory
  8. Try Big Flats Rivet Company they specialize in vintage car rivets. I have seen them at Hershey for years and have helped me out a few tiimes
  9. Nice car brings back GREAT memories, My father had a 39 Pontiac, but his was an eight and the same problem was the water distribution tube rotted out. I remember replacing it sometime in the mid-70's Best of luck with the Pontiac, you just don't see them anymore
  10. I have been having the same problem
  11. Hey Walt, Remember when Westbury Gardens was "special"? I remember when my father was too embarrassed to park his stock original Model A on the show field because he felt it was not good enough to sit out on the field, now it has been ruined in the past several years. There would never be a hot rod let alone a "rat-rod" now the hands are out taking money and letting anything in that pays. I still pre-register and bring a car, but we make it a social event I park with some other members from The Long Island Region of the Vintage Chevrolet Club and make a day of it, just display. The judging part is a joke, and the sad part is some people think (including those who run it) that it AACA Judging. I still go to the Easter Parade and bring a car, brings back memories of my Mother and Father
  12. AGREE 100%
  13. There is a parade for Antique Cars in Garden City Long Island NY on Easter Sunday, this year it will be warm and should draw close to 500 cars. It has has been going for over 60 years, I remember doing this with my Dad in his Model A in the late 60's. I am going to take one of the cars not sure which one yet. I should say it used to be for antique cars now it is a parade that they take any car in as long as they take money from the owner
  14. When my Father passed away five years ago I must have found a dozen or so of those knives. Remember the NFL team logo tumblers? I think Shell was pushing those
  15. Hey Roy I sent you a PM