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  1. This booklet is in real nice shape about 60 pages long printed by Ford it is for G series 1941-1947. $20 US shipping included PM me if you are interested Thanks a lot
  2. Did any of these Chevys survive?

    Same here any parts for 58-64 Chevy's I sold all go out to CA or overseas. One of the big suppliers of re-pop parts for these Chevy's told me if it were not for the low-rider guys none of this stuff would ever get reproduced I can see the Buick having it, more then the Chevy. I just would love to see a real working system on a restored car..
  3. Did any of these Chevys survive?

    Do you recall where you sent the parts. I have been around these X frame cars for the past 40 years and only came upon a 58 wagon that was picked clean that had it. I came upon the book today and figured "hey why not put it out there" and see if anyone comes up with anything. I would love to see one in person. from the book it seems like water is the worst enemy to the system
  4. Has anyone ever seen one of these Original Levelair suspension system cars that survived? I remember seeing one in at Hoffert's Junkyard in Shartlesville PA about 30 years ago. I just can't imagine many were even made on the Chevrolet platform, I would imagine that Cadillac had to have something similar.
  5. Chevrolet Truck Shop Manuals 1955 1956

    price lowered to $40 US shiping included
  6. Chevrolet Model Car Collection and Creator

    Very enjoyable! Thanks
  7. 1st sbc

    .K0428CDD Guys the above is not a casting number it is an engine pad stamping.... and CDD is the application which is coming up 350 cui turbo hydra-matic 175 HP K is for McKinnon engine plant 04 is the month April 28 the 28th day of April
  8. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    I did not find the vendor at Hershey who had the soda mugs with the free refills. Not so much for the soda, but I had collected the mugs
  9. Swap Meet Food - Any Stand-Outs?

    You are all very brave men!
  10. 1st sbc

    1972 was the first year that CDD was used as an engine suffix, and it was a 350 code. so far that is all I have come up with
  11. The load on the electric grid has been getting lowered every year by a lot. The use of LED Lights is a main contributor to that. Some of the high rise office building I maintained in NYC had real noticeable lesser loads. There are large federal incentives for commercial property owners to go this way by a certain date. Besides certain incandescent and fluorescent lamps are no longer in production forcing the hand even more. The incidents picked up on the annual infrared test was way less. Most of the damage was from heat due to excessive constant loads mostly lighting panels. Every modern home has to have a 200A service according to NFTB NEC with central a/c. At peak use with the a/c running the most most house will draw is maybe 60-70 amps total per phase with the oven and dryer on also. Electric provisions for a charging station is now code in new house construction, I think has been for a few years. I never did residential, just large commercial.
  12. How does your club handle "secret" data tag decoding?

    Confused by your answer, do not really see how it applies to the question of "how does your club handle it" As a National Officer in a club myself i would be hesitant for the club to publish such information, how do you know it is correct? how do you know there is not a personal vendetta toward another member? What if the information is incorrect? In order to protect the club legally I recommend that the club avoid printing it
  13. Bearing Applications

    Thanks but I keep coming up with sites like that more of "pats locator" then the parts application. I have been moving this box around for 30 years, time to move it to the right person who can use them
  14. Bearing Applications

    Anyone know where I can find a list with bearing applications I have several A-1 through A-6 new in the boxes without the numbers they are useless. On line I have been hitting dead ends, I am sure I am not searching it correctly Thanks a lot
  15. Wire wheels or not?

    I'm in the minority here but I always liked the look of the stock TR6 rims