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  1. John348

    GM Compass NOS F/S

    I had this for some time and was going to use it on Caprice Estate Wagon, that I had since sold. New in the GM package never opened . This part was used from 1972 until compass'es became part of the mirrior $100 US shipping included PM me if interested, I like to use paypal, but will take check or money order Thanks Have a great day!
  2. John348

    Show me your Foliage!

    No foliage in this photo but it is my favorite fall scene!
  3. John348

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    I found this link on a H Body site, interesting....
  4. John348

    Jack Juratovic RIP

    Very sorry to hear that, Jack Juratovic and Jack Purcell were the designers of the Chevrolet Monza Mirage, as well as many other cars
  5. John348

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    A new pair of shoes Thursday night
  6. John348

    1937 Chrysler Airflow removed from our barn. It's available.

    I have sold four, two this year
  7. John348

    Hershey News!!!

    I heard the same rumor, but there was no PA system in the red field north so could not hear the about the meeting.
  8. John348

    1975 Cosworth Vega FOR SALE AT HERSHEY

    Locked and Loaded in the trailer and ready to go! Just a bump before I sign off Thanks for looking
  9. See you there about to leave here in about a 1/2 hour Can't wait till Thursday!!!!! Safe travels everyone
  10. John348

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    We are talking like starter failure is common as it was 30 years ago. When was the last time any newer car took longer than 1 1/2 seconds to crank and start? They made millions and millions of the cars we play with for a hobby but very few survived, why was that? Cars were that good? If they ran forever then the manufacturers would have been out of business a long time ago
  11. John348

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    As the owner of a V-8 Monza now, I had heard all of the horror stories over the years, it really was not that bad (with a lift) It is the #3 plug that is blocked by the steering shaft, initially they were not going to use a V-8, GM paid Mazda a ton of money to use the Wankel Rotary engine, which they bailed on prior to production and went with the common swap that was being done to the prior H bodies and put in a small block Chevy V-8. Most of those cars rotted away before they needed a second set of plugs
  12. I have decided to start to thin down my collection, and after long consideration I decided that this car would be one to go. I have owned this car for 6 years and bought the car from the original owner. It was sitting in storage prior to that from 1985. I have the original bill of sale and build sheet. This is car 0718 out of the 3508 of total production in 1975 and 76., with a few hundred known to be left that are running according to the Cosworth registry.The car has 79,000 miles and runs GREAT! In 1975 the Cosworth sold for on $500 less than the Corvette and $800 more than a Camaro. This car is a great fun to drive, and rivals the feel of driving a British sports car of the same era. I had come upon the rare aftermarket Hutton Weber Carburetor set-up, and replaced the original problematic Electronic Fuel Injection set-up, I do have all of the original parts and they will go with the car. Some of the paint is still original in areas but it has been touched up. Since I have owned it I had the original rims restored, 5 new tires, new exhaust from the original factory stainless steel header back, new tie rod ends and center link, new fuel pump, new Delco clutch, new clutch cable, the close ratio 4 speed transmission was overhauled with new bearings and syncro rings, new U joints were installed. original starter was rebuilt, new brakes, radio speaker was rebuilt, new hoses and radiator was boiled out. new Steele weatherstrip on the hatch and the doors, had a new headliner installed, and I am sure there were many other items I had forgotten. Car is very fast! Car is registered to me and is located on Long island New York. It turns heads everywhere we take it! I know that these two words were seldom mentioned in the same sentence 'solid' and ' Vega' but it is.... a solid vega. I feel it is priced very reasonable at $14,500 for a car you start and drive anywhere tomorrow., all supported by a great national club of extremely knowledgeable fellow Cosworth enthusiasts. I must have well over 150 magazines from the COVA loaded with GREAT tech articles, like it should be! If you are interested please PM me for more information. I will have some more photos posted on the undercarriage in the next day or so more history on Cosworth Vegas please go to Thanks for looking and feel free to contact me for more information 9am to 9PM EST(516) 840-3653 THIS CAR WILL BE AT HERSHEY FOR SALE FOR YOU TO VIEW, TUESDAY THROUGH FRIDAY WILL BE IN RNI 81-85 RED FIELD NORTH NEAR TIP SANDBLASTERS
  13. John348

    Pre War Cars - how fast is fast?

    Dirt roads sort of limited the speed!
  14. John348

    My 18 year old sent me this...funny

    Most Northstar engines were toast before they needed a starter In all honesty the engine oil today is much better then it was in the 60's, and with fuel injection the engine never runs rich eliminating gasoline contamination