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  1. oldcarfudd

    HPOF Rules on Interior and Dent Repair?

    I can understand spending a lot of money to make a used car look like a new car. I can't understand spending a lot of money to make a used car look like a used car.
  2. oldcarfudd

    Hemmings Cruise In's

    I won't drive a gas-lit car at night, so I don't do cruise nights. But there's a very active cars and coffee group here, although ours is called Cars and Croissants because it used to meet at a French bakery. The founders are into exotic muscle - Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati. Porsches, 'Vettes, Jags are sort of ho-hum. The founders asked me to bring a car, and I demurred because I didn't have their kind of car. "Oh, no," they said. "You can come in anything interesting, and your cars are definitely interesting." So I show up in a single-cylinder Cadillac, or a 1912 Buick, or a brass Model T, or a Stanley. And they draw a crowd. I ask kids if they wan to hear my duck, and then I blow the bulb horn, and I let them blow it. Then I take the bulb off and blow into the horn, to show them where the term "blow the horn" comes from. Then I let them sit behind the wheel. A year ago on New Years Day, temperature 28, I drove the Stanley. With cross-country ski clothes, motorcycle gloves, a lined cap with ear flaps, and a snowmobile suit, it wasn't bad except for my cheeks. The other guys are now convinced that I'm totally insane.
  3. Talk to Jeff Keysor of Keysor Automobile Works in Bouckville, NY (successor to Steve Bono's M&S Auto Restorations). Jeff's father has a '15 Cole 8 that had a minor issue on the BBC tour in May. Jeff is fixing it.
  4. oldcarfudd

    Antique in 1963 movie

    Left hand drive, and what looks like shaft drive. If it's real, that's pretty early.
  5. oldcarfudd

    A haunting question

    More than 60 years ago I was driving my dad's '51 Cadillac with a new date next to me. I was going way too damn fast, as was my wont when I was under 20 (and for some time thereafter). Suddenly, the car quit cold. The gas gauge went to zero. I pulled over and stopped, tried the starter more from frustration than from any idea of what was wrong, and everything fired back up again as if there had never been a problem. As I looked out the driver's window before pulling out, there was a cop standing there asking for license and registration. I was dumbfounded, and said I hadn't stopped because he had pulled me over; I had stopped because the car quit, and I hadn't even known he was there. It didn't seem to faze the cop. He gave me back my papers, told me to take it easy, and let me go. To this day, I've wondered whether he was testing some sort of gadget that could remotely shut off my car. Today, maybe, but this was the late '50s! Ghosts, indeed!
  6. oldcarfudd

    Collector Car Market for Pre War Dying???

    Brass cars stay at home? Codswallop! The HCCA runs weekend and week-long tours all over the country. The Snappers, an AACA brass group, does several tours a year, some in conjunction with HCCA. There are independent brass clubs doing week-long progressive tours. As you read this, a former HCCA president, his two sons, and two of his grandkids are taking a month to drive two 1911 Model Ts across the country on back roads. And they're blogging it, so you can read about it as they go along. https://ca2vabyt.com All cars on HCCA national tours are now at least 103 years old. And no, we don't remember them from our youth. Maybe you don't see them at AACA judging meets because we're too busy getting grease on our clothes and under our fingernails!
  7. When I was about 6, my grandmother and I boarded at a farm in NY State for a month. The farmer's son had a '34 Chevy running chassis, with only the driver's seat. He taught me to drive it on farm roads, unpaved ruts with grass in between, sitting on his lap so I could reach stuff. At last year's Hershey Hangover, one participant let an 11-year-old drive his 6-cylinder 1907 Ford Model K around a deserted parking lot, low gear only, alone. That kid is hooked!
  8. oldcarfudd

    Portholes in Nickel Era and Brass era Cars

    Didn't Model T Ford couplets have them in 1916?
  9. oldcarfudd

    Inspired by Keiser

    I'd like a ride in that, but only if I can sit up front!
  10. oldcarfudd

    little car show in France :)

    That modern Citroen convertible is an interesting car. And I love the sign on the back of the little red touring car: "I was born in 1930. I do what I can. Thanks!"
  11. oldcarfudd

    Car collectors knowledge needed

    I just submitted my answers.
  12. oldcarfudd

    Help my neighbor ID this car

    The one in the OP's picture is a year or two older, since it has gas headlamps and oil sidelamps.
  13. oldcarfudd

    What year?

    The newest car I can identify is a 1916 Ford. Most of the cars are a bit older.
  14. oldcarfudd

    Looking For Help Cheering Up Grandparents

    You might, in that case, want to contact the local Model A Ford and Flathead Ford V-8 clubs. Those cars are very popular, and their owners love to drive them. You might even end up with a caravan!
  15. oldcarfudd

    Lottery winnings

    In my working life I was an actuary. I know about odds. I don't buy lottery tickets.