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  1. oldcarfudd

    1906 Cadillac Victoria Model K

    Is that Gordon Bird's car?
  2. 1969, helping a friend salvage a 1923 Packard out of an old moonshine still - some crocks, instructions on making sour mash, and half a pack of Wings cigarettes.
  3. oldcarfudd

    Steam Powered Packard

    I think he did it so he could run the car on unrationed kerosene during the war.
  4. oldcarfudd

    Steam Powered Packard

    Ask Auburn Heights Preserve. Tom Marshall's father was a Stanley dealer, and became a Packard dealer after Stanley folded. I believe he converted a Packard to steam using Stanley parts. Tom, the son, lives at Auburn Heights and is mentally very sharp despite being in his 90s. He can no doubt tell you all about it.
  5. oldcarfudd

    YEAHHHH!!!! RETIRED!!!!!!

    Retirement day is when you can walk into the boss's office and say: "You want me to do WHAT by WHEN?" My last day of work, almost 27 years ago, was on a Friday. Someone in the office asked me what was the first thing I would do the next day. I said I didn't know, but that I DID know what I was going to do at 6 o'clock Monday morning. "What?" "ROLL OVER!" All the best.! Gil Fitzhugh the Elder
  6. If you're tired of obsessing over the point that will be deducted for wrong hose clamps - - - If sitting at a show all day answering silly questions is losing its appeal - - - If you're debating putting a bigger engine and disk brakes in your car to make it drivable - - - Take a look at this posting from today's Model T website. If I didn't live in New Jersey, my T would be on this tour. By Gary Giarratano-Arvada, CO on Sunday, September 30, 2018 - 02:50 am: The Mile High Chapter is having a fall tour to the Spanish Peaks area in Southern Colorado next weekend. We can accommodate a few more cars if anyone is interested. Rooms are still available at the Cuchara Inn for $106 per night 719-742-3685. We will be traveling from Cuchara, Colorado on Highway 12 (The Highway of Legends) a designated Scenic Byway, to Trinidad, CO on Saturday Oct. 6th. On Oct. 7th we will travel from Cuchara, CO over 11,248 ft. Cordova Pass to Aguilar, CO and the Ludlow Massacre Memorial, (Colorado National Guard slaughtered five striking miners, two women and 11 children). We will travel back through coal mining ruins on dirt back roads. About 50 miles dirt and 50 miles paved. On Oct. 8th we will travel from Cuchara, CO to La Veta, CO and visit the Francisco Museum, the oldest original US fort in Colorado. Then it is on to some abandoned coal fields with remnants of buildings, a cemetery and gun turrets on the hillsides where the mine guards kept watch on the striking miners. We will then have a picnic at Uptop. Uptop is an old train depot at the top of the old La Veta Pass. Uptop made history in 1877 when the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad crossed the Rocky Mountains for the first time over Veta Pass. At the time it was the worlds highest railroad. We will then drive back to Cuchara to load the cars. All meals and expenses are on your own except the picnic on Oct. 8th. I will need to collect $20 per person for the lunch and porta potty. For questions call me at 720-215-8238
  7. oldcarfudd

    Scripps-Booth V8 1912 (Bi-Autogo Engine)

    I once had a 1916 Briscoe 8-38 that had an ohv Ferro V-8 engine.
  8. oldcarfudd

    Hershey Bound

    I expect to show a 1912 Model 35. Not for judging. It took a senior about 5 years ago, and I've driven the bejabbers out of it ever since. (And it shows!) I'll also drive it on the Hangover on Sunday and Monday, unless I get daring and drive my one-cylinder Cadillac instead. Gil Fitzhugh the Elder
  9. Chris Petersheim, Sr., 1962 Mine Rd., Paradise, PA 17562. (610) 593-1375. Chris is an Amishman, so don't expect instant communication. Call that number and leave a message; he'll call you back. A number of us brass car nuts use him. Good man, good work, reasonable prices. Gil Fitzhugh, Morristown, NJ
  10. oldcarfudd

    Can anyone help me?

    Are you anywhere near Ephrata, PA? The Seiberling Collection there has a whole museum full, and might be able to help you.
  11. oldcarfudd

    Hershey tour

    It's a pre-'16 tour called the Hershey Hangover. I wrote the routes for the last 2 years, and have written the routes for this year. We gather at a nearby motel with trailer parking, have a light meal Saturday night (with cash bar), tour all day Sunday, have a more formal meal Sunday night, and a short tour with lunch Monday to let people get an early start for home. You can be a member of either AACA or HCCA to join. The host is Jeff Lesher, (610) 639-1977. I wrote up the prior hangovers on the HCCA website. Here are links to the last two, if you want to learn more about the tour. https://hcca.org/BOARDS/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1058&sid=619890b9805939f33aa5e6a276b3db43 https://hcca.org/BOARDS/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=978&sid=619890b9805939f33aa5e6a276b3db43 Gil Fitzhugh the Elder
  12. oldcarfudd

    2018 Reliability Tour

    I just posted an article about this tour on the HCCA website. You may be interested. I double-posted a picture and have asked the webmaster to remove it since that's above my skill level or pay grade; he may have done so, or not, when you open the link. https://hcca.org/BOARDS/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1122&sid=44fc08aefcafc187f2c1a34e644 4d623#preview%23preview%23preview%23preview
  13. oldcarfudd

    Old car hitchhiking

    I couldn't go this year, but I've done the run three times; twice with a single-cylinder Cadillac and once (last year) with a Stanley. I do a lot of brass-car touring, and this tour is one of the very best.
  14. oldcarfudd

    You never know what you will see.

    My Stanley, like many, is set up to run on kerosene. But kerosene in northern NJ is impossible to find. So I go to a friendly local airport with a bunch of five-gallon cans and buy Jet A, which is highly refined kerosene. Even running on jet fuel, I doubt my Stanley would beat that Indy car!
  15. oldcarfudd

    1956 Messerschmitt KR200

    Damn autocorrect! What I typed was: Has the world gone utterly mad?