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  1. Mickey McChesney

    WTB 60s 70s car

    Check the For Sale section. Just posted 1968 Olds for sale.
  2. Mickey McChesney

    1968 Olds Delta 88 Coupe

    Certified AACA Original: Excellent condition inside and out; 31,400 miles. Has original paint, chrome, glass, and interior. Equipped with 455 Rocket engine, hydramatic, power steering, power brakes and "cold" A/C. Comes with original build sheet, shop manuals, and car cover. I have had this car 11+ years and have put on approx. 10000 miles. Price: $19,500.
  3. Mickey McChesney

    FOR SALE: 1968 OLDS Delta 88

    My unrestored, HPOF Original '68 Delta 88 is for sale. Price is $21,500. Car is unmolested with just over 31000 miles on it. Paint, interior, glass and chrome are all original and in excellent condition. Motor is a 455 cubic inch 310 HP torque monster. A/C will freeze you out with original R-12. Only work done: brakes, A/C, water pump, belts hoses and battery. PM me or call 757-770-7196.
  4. Mickey McChesney


    Gary F and Oldsfan; tried both suggestions. No one make a repo or one that I can reasonably adapt. Looks like I'm going for a cleaning and reseal. Thanks for the input.
  5. Mickey McChesney


    Need a new gas tank for my 1940 Series 90 Sedan. Is anyone reproducing a tank or are there any substitutes that I can use. A local shop will clean and seal for $450, hoping for a better option. Size of my tank; 37.5 X 20.5 X 7.5, 17 Gal.; LH filler. Mick
  6. Mickey McChesney

    FOR SALE 1968 Olds, Unrestored

    My 1968 Delta 88 Holiday Coupe is for sale. I have owned for 10 years, original paint, chrome and interior. Has just over 30K miles on the original 455 cubic inch 310 HP engine. Excellent condition all the way. Certified HPOF Original. Can deliver to Hershey. Asking $20,000. Can provide many pictures.
  7. Mickey McChesney

    Spark plug gap '84 Olds

    Changing the plugs on my '84 Delta 88. Shop manual and emissions label call for R46SX plug with a gap of .080. The plugs I removed were R46SZ with a gap of .060. . Research says the 46SX plug is discontinued. Should I gap the new 46SZ plugs at the spec of .080?
  8. Mickey McChesney

    1940 Series 90 Olds

    Thanks Steve, just made a deal on a 90 Series touring out of Flushing MI. Hope to get delivery soon.
  9. Mickey McChesney

    1940 Series 90 Olds

    Looking at car at Connors Motor Co. outside Philly. Anyone know this cars history? Anything that is peculiar about this model that I should be aware of? Mick
  10. Mickey McChesney

    Looking for a little help

    Currently looking, on line, at a couple of 1940, 90 Series Olds sedans. One is in Flushing, MI at Sovereign Auto Group; it is a 2 tone blue. The other car is at Connors Motors Co in West Chester, PA; it is a black sedan. Obviously, these cars have been around a while and I was hoping someone on the forum may have some info on these cars.
  11. I have several restored '50's and '60's pedal cars for sale. If you have any interest send me a PM I'll send pictures and prices. Mick
  12. Mickey McChesney

    2015 VA beach meet

    Matt, no 2X available; no reorder. Mick
  13. Mickey McChesney

    2015 VA beach meet

    For all you folks that did not pick up your aircraft/car photo, we have them available and will mail them to you for a cost of $10.50. Please contact Richard Hall. (email) MGTB485173@cox.net Mick
  14. Mickey McChesney

    2015 VA beach meet

    Dave A, My personal choice for local crab cakes: Surf Rider, or Lynnhaven Fish House. Both will have chunk backfin crab and minimum filler! Mick
  15. Mickey McChesney

    2015 VA beach meet

    Committee met last night. As of yesterday 356 vehicles registered, still a few days to cutoff, hoping for 400. we have a great venue for this show, antique cars and antique aircraft, what could be better ! Mckey