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    Trade advice,comments

    That MG looks like the life boat for that Packard.
  2. auburnseeker

    Help IDing bumper

    No problem. That plate light made it pretty easy to narrow down and the wide guards just confirmed it. Maybe now you can find a Plymouth for it. I actually have a NOS set of vent visors for I believe the car I posted above in the Mopar box. They are like 7 feet long, so they must have gone on the drip rail? I'm not sue if I have ever seen a picture of a car with them on it, though; I think this year Plymouth hardtops are pretty scarce.
  3. I know this should probably be down in the literature section, but The ads get pretty dusty down there. Looking to buy vintage car dealer literature, including brochures, Showroom albums, dealer press kits, and dealer paper in general. Salesman bulletins, factory correspondence to the dealers about the new cars etc. Really looking for bulk lots but will gladly purchase a few pieces, if it strikes me. Interested in all makes through the early 1970's. The older the better. Domestic and Foreign.
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    1936 Chrysler Didn't have those blocks in them. They screwed right in the Cylinder but were side specific of course because of the hose angle. I wonder if they were possibly swapped with those or Plymouth made a part change part way through the year to eliminate them, thus saving money.
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    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Temps are suppose to climb here next week to low 90's. I'm going to try to get those doors painted tomorrow so I can put the hardware in them and actually use them, then back to finishing the windows. With the heat, I may move that break into my finished garage where it will be cool and bend up all my trim to wrap the windows. I'm not looking forward to masking the 60 window lites off tomorrow to spray those doors, but I cut a bunch of masking pieces on a paper cutter today so I only need to tape the edges. You are right on the timber. I gave a few logs to my Friend who was putting up the building. I had a few drawn over earlier to have sawed out, but didn't really keep track of them. He may have sold some of them back to me in lumber form, but his prices were so good and he gives me lumber, I could care less what he did with them. I did cut up a pretty nice Cherry and a pretty clean Oak that probably would have sawed well, but with the Chaos, I never got them over to get them sawed and Dad needed firewood so they wen't the way of the saw and splitter. We have literally probably a million Blue berries around here as over 50 percent of our front field I cleared is covered with nice plants. They are smaller ones, so it takes more but we do pick them and usually the berries between that and the blackberries keep me in Pies for most of the winter. My wife was just commenting that she used up the last of our Berries from last year a couple of weeks ago. We have a tough time getting a garden going up here, but the wild berries grow like weeds with minimal maintenance. The deer and Turkeys like it as well. It's a thanksgiving dinner right off the front deck. Too bad we are right in town though. You just can see it because of the horse farm with 50 horses on one side and the good Vegetative barrier and hilly terrain that kind of hides it all.
  6. I've been meaning for some time to get a continuous thread going dedicated to my shop build and likewise the finishing off of the garage shell already on the property. My goal here is to kind of give anyone contemplating a similar project a step by step build with time frame and costs of each step as well as what was involved to get to that stage. For some time after buying an old run down diesel repair garage to work on my cars in and run my business out of up town, I realized that I would really like to find a property that would contain both my residence and my shop. Having moved to a small town lot , roughly a 1/4 acre that my wife bought right after we met I realized we would need more space to accomplish this task. Our growing family also required something a little bigger than our 1200 (that's stretching it) square foot house. So after a lot of discussion and actually a couple of years of searching for a larger property with a garage that would suffice, we decided that if we could find something that we could build one on that would work. It also meant the house had to be decent as well, as I wouldn't have time to build a shop and repair an old run down house. This meant the budget would have to be increased and even pushed to the limit, including reaching a little past a comfort zone in what we were looking for price wise. Though I told my wife trust me, she still had me show her on paper what our budget cap could really be. Like most of my cars though, it always meant so much more for so little extra that it just made sense. I did require it to have some kind of even slightly oversized garage already needed to exist on the property as I needed a place to put the cars from my shop and existing house which had an oversized garage so we could sell those. Fortunately after much searching, while having a casual conversation with a friend and mentioning my woes, he told me his Brother was thinking of selling his house and he believed the price range was right at the upper limit. We looked at it in the dead of winter and had too wade through the snow to even get to it as it has a 600 foot driveway and there was no way to see it from the road. (it was heated but he wasn't using it to live in anymore as he had, like me, moved to be with his wife. Coming from the little house we were in which needed some work, but the wife and I couldn't agree on the direction to go, she loved it and I saw the potential for where a shop could go as well as the existing garage would suffice nicely to be able to store my cars so we could sell the house in town. Then eventually the shop. I needed to come up with a pretty good down payment but the owner was willing to hold paper as his brother had many dealings with me and gave him his nod of approval, so I decided to cull my collection to make it happen. A decision I had discussed with my wife well in advance if the right place came along. It took 6 Months but a few cars down and we had our down payment, then another 3 to 4 for the seller's Lawyer to get their end in order. Our's was exceptional and on top of everything the whole time. Now we finally had what I deemed to be a place well worth the effort to make it just what we wanted. (our dream home). With room of course for the dream shop. The house in town was originally only to be a 5 year plan house then upgrade and again upgrade later in another 5. We stayed at it for 10 but then skipped the in between step and ended up in 10 years with same result, so it worked out. It took a couple of years to finally sell off the shop, after really dropping the price and like wise almost as long to sell our small house in town. Though I didn't lose any money on the shop, because of many improvements on the house in town we came out ahead on that. Which even after having both listed with realtors, sold it our selves. I also decided it would be necessary to sell the house I bought before I met my wife after realizing we were never going to use it again. (it's more like a vacation cottage in a small tourist town). This really worked out like a savings account for me, requiring me to put money away every month which I would have just wasted on cars otherwise. This with the left over funds from the sale of the shop after paying off the mortgages would give me 100G to build the new shop.
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    Mr. Earl, You've been at it the longest, you win. I started site work / clearing trees August 2016, Dug the footings in August of 2017 after all the paperwork was in order and we finished the raw shell and roof December of 2017. I'm at dead last in the race. That just means you all will have more time to help me catch up once yours are done. The plan is CO this year for the finished shell with siding and windows with just a gravel floor. Then if I'm really lucky Maybe get my floor poured before October. That is probably pushing it though.
  8. auburnseeker

    Vintage V8

    If it wasn't strapped to a chassis with a steering box, I would swear it was a boat engine, still in the boat having just been raised from the bottom of a lake or maybe even the Ocean.
  9. auburnseeker

    Olds Limited print "Setting the Pace"

    Something like this you will definitely want to add a photo here of to generate better interest. Sounds like it could be a really nice addition to a collection, but a word description of a print in this price range probably won't' sell it.
  10. auburnseeker


    All I managed to get done was a little paint prep work on the doors today and spent a few hours cleaning up piles of scrap wood (from when they put the building up) that were full of nails (pulling all of them) so I don't have to trip over them any more. It's not real progress, but one of those jobs you need to get done. Made a dandy wood pile for the summer campfires though. They were calling for rain or I would have painted those doors as well.
  11. auburnseeker

    Trade advice,comments

    The girl in the picture above in solid pink has a look on her face that seems to say How did I draw the short straw?
  12. auburnseeker

    Trade advice,comments

    If you want something to beat around town, run to the feed store, hardware store and Lumber yard, the A would be perfect. If you like long summer rides with the top down on a fast highway, then the MG is probably a better choice. If you are just banging around with the A, I doubt the leg room would be a problem, unless you have a prostetic leg, then there is always plenty of room to store it in the back.
  13. auburnseeker

    FOR SALE- 3 Pierce Arrows. 50 year ownership.

    I wish I was really in the market for one. That seems like a very realistic price. My garage has consumed pretty much all my funds, unless I liquidate my Cord.
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    The one furthest from completion gets first work. Wouldn't want to get yours all done, then you all not wanting to come over and help any more because you will finally have some free time to actually work on those cars we have all put on the back burner to finish our palaces. just kidding. The name by the way is Randy. But call me whatever you want everyone else does, and sometimes it's not always flattering.
  15. auburnseeker

    The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    Ok so I made a little progress. After a trip to the lumber yard for more flashing tape and paint, as well as a trip to the Hardware store to pickup up more finish nails (I know there is a box of them somewhere but I can't find it) and caulk as well as to see if they stocked the same color (which they don't) I did buy a black primer. The green will cover that much better than over the white. I did manage to get all 4 doors installed and shimmed. Now I need to paint them, which masking will be a pain in the butt. but spraying them will look much cleaner. I think if I cut paper inserts for masking the windows on my paper cutter, that will make it go a bit faster, plus I can slide a piece of cardboard behind the weatherstrip to paint the jambs so no taping there. Now we just need the wind and humidity to die down so I can get it all done. Once they are painted, I'll finish flashing them. Here is that match on paint. I sprayed right over the green with it as well. That spray out is with no primer and the semi gloss or satin clear over it, I couldn't believe the match was that good. Wouldn't have happened if I had been trying to paint a car fender. Oh about another 130.00 in Materials. The only good thing is I take the long way to the hardware store, about 6 extra miles and use the Hudson, so I atleast get to drive it. She likes stretching her legs outside of town with those tall gears. The windows have grilles for them as well. I just haven't installed them yet.
  16. auburnseeker

    Help IDing bumper

    Probably a '53 Plymouth. The bolt holes and tag light seem to fall in all the right places. Most of the cars had closer spacing that I looked up for the rear bumper guards. Plymouth had wide spacing. Probably a 95 percent or better chance that's the right app.
  17. auburnseeker

    Help IDing bumper

    My guess would be '50s early to mid and probably a rear as that looks like the hole for the tag light. You might want to post a width as well. Could even be foreign. Wider ones would probably mean US full-size car, narrower could be foreign or US economy size car.
  18. auburnseeker

    1957 oldsmobile J2 stick shift

    You'll want to try to come up with a starting price and a few pictures to wet the appetite on here. I have a Stick shift 56. Neat cars you don't see too often.
  19. auburnseeker

    FOR SALE- 3 Pierce Arrows. 50 year ownership.

    I'm drooling over the coupe, but it's probably out of my price range.
  20. auburnseeker

    BMW 327 1940 coupe

    Most of us don't have any idea what one of these look like, so a picture would probably help quite a bit.
  21. auburnseeker


    So if we were all neighbors building these garages in the same time and decided to work share. Would they realistically get done quicker? Would it take longer because of too many people adding what if's or in the end would it take just as long to get the three done, because we would have to alternate between the three jobs equally? I know my wife would be happier if we were, because it would mean she wouldn't get suckered into helping me. Her excuse is I can't do that, I'm just a girl. Usually while I'm making her do that, such as helping me lift the 36 doors into place like we did today.
  22. auburnseeker


    Any progress is progress none the less. Not envying you insulating in the hot weather. I hate doing it hot or cold, but cold you can bundle up a bit when dealing with batten type insulation. I managed to get one door in Yesterday, but besides being a tad under the weather, did prep the other openings and found a perfect match in Rustoleum Hunter green to that Pella Green the windows are. Works out well as I can't match a flashing to it to wrap my windows, even going through a local contractor, so I'm going to respray the green flashing I can buy, with that same green after I bend all the caps. It will also let me get a good match on the metal doors I have to paint.
  23. auburnseeker

    1926 Auburn Brougham Sedan

    Not sure why Chrysler changed it and didn't just improve on it. Seems like it was a good engine. I think it had a slightly larger displacement than the engine that followed it and was used up into the 1960's on industrial applications.