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    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    I've used NOS 50 year old brake shoes. Well actually linings I relined my shoes with. What's the problem with them once riveted back on just like the originals the car came with? They are better than having some of the modern linings guys I know have had done, that first of all were to thick to even get on the car and secondly absorbed moisture and locked up under damp conditions. Mine worked great.
  2. auburnseeker

    '57 Buick totaled in Hamilton, Ohio

    I believe in NY state (one of the few legislative bonuses). is you get first right to buy the vehicle back as long as you are willing to pay or have clipped off your settlement the top bid on the car. Seems any insurance company should offer that without charge. I imagine it's a higher percentage that don't want their car back anyways. Think of alot of the guys that know little about their cars. Are they going to buy a totaled car and fix it themselves? I doubt it.
  3. auburnseeker

    Need id on the hub caps

    I've had 70's caps brand new in the original GM boxes and rarely ever sold any on ebay, even at 10.00 with the box. I steer clear of them unless they are chrome plated and very nice from the 40's or better 30's, as there are enough guys restoring those cars and no caps available for any of the off brands so they are happy to buy them, but often even those rarely crest $50 a cap. The one hubcap near the center of the last photo looks like an original 55 Olds Spinner. Usually someone is looking for those.
  4. auburnseeker

    Wanted ANY Pre-1929 touring car (Please read for insight)

    You might want to post your location with your avitar so people can find it with a quick glance. With a $3000 budget it will have to be a somewhat local car as something across the country will cost a minimum of $1000 and more like $1500 or more to get shipped across the country. I do have to say I haven't seen a whole lot of running cars in any configuration for 3000 in the recent past, but stuff does pop up every now and then. A set of new tires will run you I believe 600 or more for blackwalls and tubes. All things to consider when buying as you will eventually need to have that money to replace them unless they were recently replaced. Will keep my eyes out around here in NY state and lower new England which should be close enough for you to chase one down if one comes available. Good luck.
  5. For the money, buy the Florida car and use yours for parts. Even if pretty well done, yours will always be a patched up car. Better spending money on the best example you can find.
  6. auburnseeker

    Build site yields small automobile "treasure"....

    Hey Don't laugh too much about finding stuff. A friend went to an auction and won a 33 Ford grille, Maybe about 6 years ago, with really nice chrome for around $1000. He then never took it out of his trunk and went to another auction, the following week and was bidding on a Hudson Convertible for me which I didn't think he would win (my budget wasn't high enough and I kind of had that feeling when he went) But he won a twin H setup that was complete but damaged first, anticipating he would win the Convertible. (he's more optimistic than me) Well after losing the car (which didn't meet reserve anyways) He took the grille out of his trunk and leaned it up against a tree to load the Hudson twin H setup in his trunk. You guessed it. He took off and never loaded the grille back in the car so it was just leaning up against a tree in a car guys neighborhood. He didn't realize he left it there until a week later when he opened the trunk at Hershey to show me his big score (the grille). If it was in Oregon, I'm sure Keiser would have happened upon it. I still feel bad for him today. I think the Hudson intake didn't even bring $200 when I finally got rid of it, when I sold my shop.
  7. Interior has been redone in a cheaper aftermarket pattern. For warranty purposes I believe the last part of the engine number should match the vin number. Not uncommon for them to be replaced though as they were just used cars for much of their life. If you are looking for one of these, What's your price range? There are still pretty nice examples out there that you would be better to find than to fix up someone's old project unless you enjoy the journey of restoration more than the driving around part of old cars.
  8. auburnseeker

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I can't remember. I covered the whole show, all be it very spotty on Tuesday looking fior open vendors knowing Thursday more than likely was going to be a wash out. That's when I bought it. Later in the day.
  9. auburnseeker

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    Probably because most guys think you can buff rough aluminum, which you can, but as you mentioned, the only surface that looks right is a smooth one to start with, otherwise, you are just buffing the high spots. Kind of like trim work. Where the guy buffs it all up but never got the dents all the way out first.
  10. auburnseeker

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    I unfortunately didn't find anything for my cars/ truck that I was willing to pony up for. I did buy 355 Pieces of literature for my business though with some being some pretty unusual pieces. Also picked up a few parts. This was the first year my literature far surpassed what I found in parts. All in I spent about $1850 for the parts and literature.
  11. auburnseeker

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    With polishing you will want to start with 220 grit or coarser. You have to smooth down all the roughness before you polish. I have used as coarse as 80 grit for particularly rough castings and even a rasp for something I was somewhat sculpting. On flat surfaces it's good to somewhat block your sanding when in the coarsest grits so you don't make a bunch of waves in the aluminum. Remember every scratch with the coarsest grit you put in it, you have to take out with the next grit. The Roloc wheels guys use for cleaning gasket surfaces work well as well. You will eventually probably go 320 or 400, then 600 then 1000 then 1500, before polishing with a buffer and white rouge compound. Alot will have to be hand polished because of all the nooks and crannies so a dremmel tool will be handy. If you have to truly hand polish it without a tool, you may even want to go 2000 grit in those areas. Cross sanding in opposite directions with each grit will show you if you got all the coarser scratches out. I have been able to go from 1000 to machine buff on a big buffing wheel depending on how soft the aluminum is. Good luck but definitely worth testing it first as you will have alot of time in polishing it. My favorite Aluminum hand polish is Mother's in the little round can available at probably every parts store and Walmart. The big can will last you for years.
  12. auburnseeker

    RM auction at Hershey

    That little sales picture made them look like number one or 2 plus cars. It's always nice to get a first hand report of true condition.
  13. auburnseeker

    RM auction at Hershey

    That helps explain it a bit. I was thinking wow the value must really be tanking on them, but a 200K car that needs 80K worth of work selling for 120, makes sense.
  14. auburnseeker

    RM auction at Hershey

    Did anyone actually look at those Cord Cabriolets? They look good in the one photo of each. Seems they were selling for less than phaetons bring and usually cabriolets are more desirable. Any thoughts?
  15. I did the majority of my buying on Friday. Though it wasn't parts. All literature and a few supplies for the shop.
  16. auburnseeker

    What did you buy at Hershey this year?

    Don't you hate it when those people just won't leave us common folk alone? All we want to do is buy car parts and they want a darn photo. Hopefully he atleast let you finish looking in the booth first so you didn't miss that part.
  17. auburnseeker

    looking around Hershey this year

    Alot of collections are finally coming to market though as hoarders pass on that weren't available at any price. Maybe some parts aren't as plentiful, but I don't think we are running out of alot of stuff anytime soon. Guys keep buying it just in case though they have a fully restored car. When they finally sell that car, the new owner rarely ponies up for the extras so they come back on the market again. I would be more worried about all the later model parts being tossed out as other than a few examples, nobody seems to buy the parts much less fix the cars, just the occasional guy who finds a real nice example that grandma banged up a corner on the garage or something and need a lens or molding. I have a bunch of early 80's late 70's GM headlight / tail light assemblies brand new in the GM boxes that have been in my ebay store for probably 5 to 10 years at 10 to 20.00 and have never had a buyer. The only exception might be a monte Carlo firebird or Camaro piece. Guys were rebuilding Chevelles when they were ten years old. 80's cars are over 30 years old and other than a few exceptions rarely even get the occasional nod.
  18. You can appreciate this at Hershey where you often get to hear all eras of machinery being excersied. 1 and 2 cylinder cars zipping by (hoping all the while someone doesn't jump out or fall in front of them because they will get run over (I saw a few teens machines that were totally stock zipping at a pretty good clip in the flea market) Would you even look if everything rumbled by with a 350 700R4 9 inch Ford rear combo with glasspacks? I do appreciate machines that are original more than modded ones, that's for sure. I have been wondering if I found a 40's-50's White Super Power road tractor, what to do with it? Swap it out for a more modern cummins Set up or keep the old original flat 6. I guess it would matter if someone else as stated above already dumped the original 6 or it was really worn out and not worth the cost of rebuilding. Now on most other cars I wouldn't even give this a consideration. I guess it's all case scenario. The real shame is all the aborted attempts that litter craigslist that started as good original cars. It takes alot of work and engineering to really take an old chassis and repower it completely. Different story if you just dump an old body on a newer chassis ,bu that isn't much different than a boob job. The only thing that keeps it from being a 1987 chevy suburuban is the older cosmetics you dumped on top. Alot of those turnout about as good looking as Phillus Diller.
  19. In the past, until last year, We walked in from our hotel on Chocolate Ave along the back of the park and entered the red field next to the Hershey Park Admission booth. Last year it was blocked off and we had to walk the new scenic long walk that eventually ended at the Giant center to get in the swap meet or walk against traffic to access the entrance of the chocolate field next to it. Does anyone know if they have opened that route back up or is it forever gone? It was sure nice for getting back to the hotel after walking all day. (especially if you wanted to see the Red Field) I really don't like adding another 1/4 of a mile or so to my foot commute on the way back, especially with a full cart of who knows what in tow and a large Wagon for the Daughter.
  20. auburnseeker

    1930 Packard 733 Roadster

    Wish I had the green or they really wanted a 36 Cord 810 phaeton. I could see myself driving that around.
  21. auburnseeker

    looking around Hershey this year

    In response to Terry B Lots of parts and some cars even in the car corral. I picked up a stainless bug guard for my 2006 F250. They stopped making them years ago and only make plastic now real cheap, unfortunately I think it fits a F150. The shape is very similar and without one nearby I wasn't able to check, but for 7.00 I couldn't resist. I'll throw it on Craigslist and make a few bucks if nothing else. I see lots of parts for all eras and makes right up to a little real late model. I like Hershey best though as the parts go back really old as well as the cars, unlike at other shows.
  22. Seems to be closed to access making that really ridiculous walk to nowhere that eventually ends somewhere near the Giant center a wonderful joy first thing in the morning and especially last thing at night on the way home. Was half way down it when the lightning started today, fortunately it was only one strike. I was thinking what a wonderful place to be all by yourself in the middle of a scenic field in a lightning storm with an umbrella and metal cart. Someone coming up that road said it was gated for construction, hopefully it’s only temporary ,though this is the second year, with next year returning to some sort of short cut again. Otherwise I’ll be picking a different hotel next year.
  23. Still buying. Will be wandering around Friday until about 3. Make me some box lot prices and make up for the bad sales on Thursday while having less to put away until next year. Let me know your space number so I can stop by.
  24. I'll be wandering around buying sales literature (yes for my business). If you have any lots you want to sell off let me know so I can make your space, especially with what looks like a limited amount of time to have your paper out. So much to see, it's easy to miss a box full behind a table or something. Buying pre 1980 and preferring 60's and older foreign and domestic all makes. Even dabbling in motorcycle and Boat plane stuff. Good part with selling it by the lot is you have nothing but money to take home at the end of the day.
  25. auburnseeker

    Hershey weather

    Seemed to be 3 types of weather today. Misting, light rain and moderate/ heavy rain. Did it ever actually stop? I think every time I put the umbrella down, it started in a new form of rain. A few vendors were braving it though and made a few sales courtesy of me. Lets hope they are right about tomorrow. The forecast for today showed a lot of time without rain, let hops tomorrow’s is more accurate. Stay open vendors. I’ll be here till 3 and still have a lot of money to spend. Still looking for bulk literature lots.