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  1. I just got the 4th of a 4 box lot of literature I paid 2G for. So this is a $500 box of literature. Not from anyone on this forum but an off ebay because of ebay purchase I made. One other box came in similar shape but atleast wasn't actually broken apart, though many of the brochures inside had smashed in corners. This one right through the hole I can see a 68 Ford brochure that's ruined for starters. I discarded probably 30 or more items that were completely destroyed in the last. Many more are damaged but I will still try to sell as the damage is limited enough I should hopefully get my investment back on them. Please whenever sending anything heavy, literature lots or car parts, make sure it is secure in the box and cannot move. If it is not somehow strapped in place, make sure all voids in the box have packing material. If it's heavy make sure it is relatively crush proof packing material. Peanuts only work if over stuffed. Sheet rigid foam is better. I also use alot of egg cartons. For smaller lots of literature than this I use a rigid cardboard backer , shrink wrap the literature to it, then box it up in a foldable rigid book mailer or a literature mailer (depending on the size of the lot). Seems the rate of damage this way has been almost non existence, though I do get grief from customers for charging too much to ship since a brochure can be thrown in a manilla envelope. Sorry I don't do it that way. I have to guarantee it gets to you as it left, so I'm going to do my best to make sure it does. If shipping anything that can't get wet, make sure it has a plastic layer like a bag or shrink wrap around it. (fortunately even with all the rain in the east this somehow never got wet, though my carrier left it out on my cement patio on a chair. ) Thankfully I was out in the garage (though they didn't know that) So I went right out and scooped it up. I will say a forum member did box up and send me a lot of literature and did a fantastic job of packaging it. Thank you for that.
  2. auburnseeker

    1929 Packard Coupe is it worth anything ?

    Maybe because we know what level of the hobby our bank account can absorb to do the car justice and realize that if the only way we can save it is to paint everything with aluminum paint that was suppose to be chromed, with similar reuslts on other areas of the car, we have done it no justice and just created a mess for the guy that may eventually restore it correctly.
  3. auburnseeker

    How not to ship vintage car literature

    I let the customer pay the shipping, though a few gripe, many build a pile of items they would not normally buy if they all had a 5.00 opening bid. where as with 1.99 or something they will buy 3 to 10 of knowing the shipping will only be 6 or 7 bucks. I lay the biggest fault on the shipper. When you are planning on sending it Media mail, you need to pack accordingly. Discounted bottom of the bucket shipping is just that. Same with cars, when you get a crazy cheap shipping price, hope for the best but don't be surprised if your prized possession ends up on the back of an equipment trailer with a pile of clapped out equipment or junk cars just short of rubbing against it for the last 1000 miles. I sold my 68 Big block tripower Vette to a guy (nice looking driver with good paint and chrome) that hired a flatbed trailer to haul it. That's a flat deck regular Semi trailer. The guy had 2 ramps that looked like ladders that I had to drive up and the car hung the frame up on the back of the trailer, so he had to use a bar to pick the car up so the frame would clear the the back of the trailer. HE strapped it down with barely a hands width between the v in the front bumper and the back bumper of an SUV he had strapped on it.
  4. auburnseeker

    How not to ship vintage car literature

    I actually did tell him to make sure it was packaged tightly because of weight (foreseeing this happening) and that some sort of plastic moisture barrier should be used becasue alot of my packages have been left on my lawn furniture out in front of my house so they don't have to climb the steps the front door, where there is a huge overhang that would keep it dry. I did get a reply back from him "Hello Randy---sorry to hear of the problem---but the packages are covered by postal insurance---so you might want to check about it---regards" I told him it would actually be up to him to file the claim as it has to be filed by the shipper and since it would appear to be improperly packed the USPS would was their hands of it, which for anyone not familiar with the USPS, they will pretty much only honor insurance if the item is never delivered. Da,mage will always be reverted to not being properly packaged. So that free 50 insurance you get with priority is pretty much a crock. I did try to file for it once on a car part and got such a run around on teh website (where it has to be filed on) that I gave up as time is money and I had wasted over an hour with no results. Which all this means is basically you get the shaft. It was an off ebay deal so no repercussion there and I sent a check so no real recourse that way. Suck it up and move on I guess. I just wanted to point out that anyone shipping something should be sure they do a better job than this packaging. Actually the best option here probably would have been to box them in half lots. 8-30 pound boxes would have been better than 4 -60 pound boxes. It takes alot less force to burst a box apart with 60 pounds inside than with 30.
  5. You might have a little better luck selling it if you could post a current photos or two in color. Looks like a good project.
  6. auburnseeker

    For sale Buick.

    It probably was a nice little reatta when it was 2 years old. Time hasn't been overly kind to this one..
  7. auburnseeker

    For Sale: 1957 Super / Low Miles All Original

    A little detailing would go a long way in selling this car. I can't really tell if the chrome is nice as it's pretty grimy. I did see some pitting and rust. A day and some 0000 steel wool then follow up with some Mother's would present it alot better. Surprising the steering wheel doesn't look cracked which usually means it was inside a long time, but the outside tends one to believe it's sat outside for a while (maybe recently). I would check for floor rust. If the paint is original you might be able to bring it back as it doesn't look too thin. .
  8. auburnseeker

    Parting Out 1954 Buick Coupe

    Seems like a good price on the trunk floor as well if you need one.
  9. auburnseeker

    Need help on 1949 Cadillac purchase

    Mother's Mag and Aluminum polish in the little white can works spectacular on chrome if you get around to really polishing up the chrome. I have used it on everything from perfect NOS chrome to Freshly replated parts, to old tired stuff. I don't care what any one else pitches I will put a 5.99 can up against anything they drag up for 20.00 or more a tube. Been using it for 30 years since I was in my early teens polishing my dad's 18 wheeler. Yes it says not for chrome on the can, but that's meant that eventually you will wear through the chrome. With any polishing job, the only way to truly polish is by removing the dead top layer and contaminents held in it. That's what I used on that Caddy, except I used it for everything on the whole car including paint. I'm wet sanding my 40 Ford coupe Acrylic enamel paint job out right now with 600 grit on a long block, because it's so messed up and after a follow up with 1000 and 1500, I'm hand polishing it out with mothers. In fact I just bought a new can to be sure I don't run out. Friends can't believe the finish it leaves. For follow up I then use the # 7 Show car glaze.
  10. I'm surprised anyone would ship what looks like a pretty nice split window vette on an open carrier. I can understand why , because alot of people are cheap, but I'm surprised they did.
  11. auburnseeker

    1929 Packard Coupe is it worth anything ?

    It probably was Matt after it was rescued from the field it sat in for the first 20. Then he got it and stuck it under a tarp for a few more, then in a tent shelter that fell on it now he's realized he better sell it while there is still something left of it. (reminds me of someone else I've nagged before with some rare cars equally presented.)
  12. auburnseeker

    Chrome powder coating vs real chrome

    They might look better than my washing machine than.
  13. auburnseeker

    1929 Packard Coupe is it worth anything ?

    That's one of the rarest ones I have ever seen. It's a straight 10 cylinder with only 8 spark plugs. So two of the cylinders must share a spark plug. Must be a real bugger to get timed right. On a side note, seems like alot of parts there for a parts car even at the 4G. I've seen worse offered for sale to restore on here. I suspect a rodding may be in it's future if it doesn't get scarfed up for parts.
  14. auburnseeker

    Dad and some of his cars

    This one looks like a 40 Ford Deluxe. With an Added on Hood ornament. It looks familiar but I can't place it. I want to say Caddy or Nash. I'm getting familiar with mine after laying underneath it for the last few days doing the brakes. Great photos by the way. I have a few of my Dad, but even he doesn't have some from his earliest cars.
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    You never know what you will see.

    I was lucky to see one running in about the mid 1990's. I was working at a marina, that across the street had an old garage (used to be gas station) for it's shop. One was on tour with some other cars and pulled in for some water as they saw me out washing a boat with the hose. Ironically that had been a gas station in the 20's. Might have been 70 plus years since the last one stopped in for water. I'm sure i had one of my old cars parked out front as well, (probably my 35 Chrysler) so the owner probably figured he was among friends.
  16. I'm just lazy about getting photos. I had a 51 Belair Hardtop really nicely redone, parked in my driveway and was too lazy to get the camera for a photo.
  17. auburnseeker

    Xander this would make a Dandy Roadster Pickup

    Well he did make reference to Buford on the title. He states it ran 4 years ago, but to me doesn't look like it's moved from that spot in 24.
  18. This would make a great Roadster Pickup and you aren't really ruining anything as it's not original from the back of the seat back anyways. If i had the Money I would go look at it. Someone else already took the hit to rebuild the engine.
  19. auburnseeker

    Decent looking 50 Buick on CT Craigslist for 6500

    I found another craigslist ad, with a little better photo, but still nothing in great detail. He said to email him for a detailed description and photos. I've done this before, so I don't have to listen to dreamers tell me about their whole life story and every car they ever owned, only to find out they didn't have the money to buy the car. Just from what I've seen for sale lately, this one presented much nicer than the rest in that price range. No silver paint substitution for chrome is a good start. Silver spray bomb over chrome always sends me running. If the chrome is that good, it's usually worth a closer look.
  20. NOT MINE I just saw this listing. Looks like a decent car for the money. Unfortunately only one photo from afar. 1950 Buick Super: For Sale or Trade - $6500 (Torrington, CT) Runs and looks good. Dynaflow automatic. Straigth 8. New Coker wide whitewall tires. New OEM 6V battery. If interested, please send e:mail address and I will send portfolio with full description and pictures. Thank-you.
  21. auburnseeker

    Need book info

    I would get both a parts and shop manual. If you can find a parts manual very close to the year your car was made that is best, as the illustrations are usually A typical and based mostly on the newest model the book covers, unless there is a drastic change the year later, then they may have both. The illustrations in the parts manual usually give you alot of exploded views with arrows pointing to all the separate parts so you can see they are individual parts and not an assembly not meant to be taken apart. You may want to find originals as well unless The reprints are alot better as some used to be grainy with bad pictures.
  22. I'm not into the whole collectible thing. It looks like it would make a good $10 Christmas ornament to me.
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    Xander this would make a Dandy Roadster Pickup

    But the experts will always let it be known as it's the one without the original coachwork. I like the pickup idea as no one can complain you are trying to fake something. Besides as I said, a pickup sure is handy, more than an extra row of seats. I wouldn't cut one up that was a whole car, but one that was converted long ago is just begging to be finalized with some quality work. Would love to have been able to buy Hawkeyes Packard Pickup that the picture was posted of a few years ago on this site. Does anyone know what happened to it? A 31-33 Auburn pickup would be a fun project if i could find a sedan that a barn fell on and messed the rear body up in a way that wouldn't make it worth fixing, but I'm sure they would be headed to a speedster build before I could get my hands on one. On a side note I read somewhere that Auburn Did make Pickup bodies in the late 20's that could be bought through the dealership.
  24. Seems like alot of money for a metal model of a pedal car. Picture is very deceiving as it almost looks like a real pedal car with nothing to scale it by in the photos. Is it like 4 or 6 inches long? Here is the car in question at 277.11
  25. auburnseeker


    Well there you go. Might as well put the concrete down and be done with it. That engine crane ain't going to roll around good on gravel or mud and you forgot the steel beam for the chainfall when you built it.