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  1. Looking to buy collections/ lots of vintage (pre 1970) car sales brochures. Multiples are fine as well as all makes domestic and foreign. Also seeking more unusual stuff like showroom albums and salesman related / showroom stuff. The larger the lots the better. Looking for these at Hershey as well if you are going bring it along. It's surprising how much a box full like the US mail one will bring you to spend on new toys at Hershey.
  2. 1931 Pontiac

    The worst money to try to get out of an old car is money spent on mechanical rebuild. I've learned this the hard way and do most of that myself, knowing as soon as I go under the hood of a car for anything other than detailing it will be money lost. Very few people appreciate it. Paint and chrome, then interior sells. I would rather sell a car that looked like new with a blown motor or even a missing motor than to sell one that was ready to drive across the country but looked needy cosmetically. Paint and chrome don't get you home but it sure does sell cars.
  3. 1931 Pontiac

    I'll be the first to shoot. I think the interior was redone at some point. Seems like it would have been a Mohair or similar material, not vinyl or leather. I think it's probably $4500-$5000 car. Someone put an alternator on it instead of a Generator. Is it 6 or 12 volt? Can't quite tell from the photo and the tag on the starter. Not that it makes any difference in value.
  4. Local artist in Michigan

    The pilot rays must be broke. They are turned but the wheels aren't. Just being picky,
  5. Local artist in Michigan

    Does look nice. Do you have anything they have done with people in it? I have found they are the hardest thing to do. Though from the looks of the dogs, it does look like they may be good at them as well.
  6. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Well we've made slow but steady progress. All the concrete is in the ground and I insulated the walls inside in preparation for my eventual heated floor. Now I started back filling, but have been waiting for my Friend to finish with his tamper so I can do it right. I did take delivery of all my Plywood to insure I would have it when needed. The price was actually going up the day I bought it significantly. The concrete came in at 14,500. The guy was happy I handed him a check in full just as soon as he handed me the bill. I need him to do the floor when I get ready so you want to make sure you keep on his good side. I had a little foam, but the rest of the foam ran another 1000. My lumber ended up coming in just over 10,000 for the list above. I also put a deposit down and the trusses are being manufactured. Unfortunately they are tentatively scheduled for the week of Hershey for Delivery, so I have to see if I can get them pushed back a week. The weather has been crazy warm here. Mid to upper 80's. I wasn't expecting to be burning my butt in the sun doing dirt work the end of September. It will probably start snowing when we start building. Anyways, back to the shovel. I have more backfilling to do today and alot of rocks to sort out. Crazy all this work and it's going to be buried.
  7. eBay Refund

    I can see that carb costing 20 to ship. That looks like an iron updraft that weighs probably close to 5 lbs especially with packing materials.
  8. eBay Refund

    Once you file a claim, the seller has a few days to respond. After they respond or don't and the time period lapses you can escalate it to a decision. They will then make a decision, often swiftly and almost always in favor of the buyer. Probably 99.9 Percent of the time, even if the item as as described. The way it's set up it's almost impossible to get burned as a buyer on Ebay. However quite easy as a seller to be burned by dishonest buyers.
  9. eBay Refund

    The big sticking point I find is, was the item not as described or did not live up to a buyers unreasonable expectation being a used part or even a new part with flaws that were clearly pointed out. Now this is not aimed at you Curti but as a seller (though it happens very rarely I get agitated because the buyer didn't read the description) I've even had the buyer buy a round headlight bezel for his car that has square headlights. Guess he didn't know what his car looked like. My approach is if it's something that was my fault I pay both shipping fees. If they were hoping it would fit but won't, then I only pay one. (ebay actually makes you give a full refund, so you have to) Depending on where it's coming from a Carb. could easily cost $20 to ship. 3 lbs coast to coast I believe is around $15 or more. Postal rates are always going up. Even those flat rates have been creeping up.
  10. 37 buick parts needed

    I know alot of parts don't interchange, I'm assuming mostly mechanical, but I just want to be sure I find the right parts as with other cars there are subtle differences that make the smaller car parts not fit, though they look very similar.
  11. 37 buick parts needed

    Which series is it? I have been buying 37 Buick parts from a local estate and there are a a decent pair of grilles there as well as the whole sheetmetal surround they set in in nice shape. Stored inside. What part of the country are you in? Any other parts needed? I am suppose to be going back in a couple of weeks. I'm assuming you are referring to the front grille and not the radio speaker grille.
  12. But Is It Really A Blight Issue?

    I don't like government forcing anything on anyone. I just went through the whole roundy round with them on my project in the woods. My perspective is more a consideration for your neighbors as we all have to exist together. I try not to impose on them or create what could be deemed an eyesore by the average person, in return I hope they extend the same courtesy and try not to impose something I might dislike on me. Usually it works, unless you get that new person from the city who moves to the country and expects to change it to what they had in the city. That's a whole different story. It's good to have a plan for stuff. I always told friends that wanted to drop cars at my shop for a while to store them, they had to have a plan to sell it or work on it. I wasn't going to store something out back to only watch it disintegrate into a valueless hulk. That's doing no one a favor and especially not them. They were usually the same type of guys who could use the money for self betterment in a different way. Storage units are great for this type of person, because they have to pay every month and most usually have to pay in cash in person, so to see that money just disappear in front of them, puts it all in perspective for most. The free storage route they tend to abuse.
  13. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Same here or motorcycles. They fit in a whole lot smaller space and have alot less parts.
  14. Help with prices

    One good thing with a motorcycle over a car. They take up a whole lot less space, especially when they are all torn apart. Parts are easier and cheaper to ship and it will only need 2 tires not 4 or 5 or 6 depending on what you might have ended up with. Probably a mag so you don't even need a battery. Upholstery is going to be a whole lot cheaper as well. Makes me kind of wonder why I didn't get into bikes instead of cars.
  15. Pretty rough car for 2-3 years old

    Samsonized had a nice project one a while ago that I didn't really find out about until it was pretty much sold. I think he had your boat tail body at one time as well.