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    That's looking pretty good. I wish I could have gone with the vintage dealership look with mine, but the town didn't even want me to build what I did. I figure it's big enough, I might do a faux street scene at the end inside so I can put my signs up the way they were intended to be, rather than just pasted all over the walls. It will help protect them as well and give me something to do in the winter out of the weather. It must have been nice doing that excavating work. I think I saw one rock in all the photos. I can share a few of mine if you need them. These were some of the small ones we didn't bury.
  2. Chevrolet roadster

    Well pretty much because if anything other than very short term storage a tarp will do almost more damage than it prevents and several cars have gone south under a tarp. Others in a carport, when it's a leaky old one and the car isn't really sheltered when the wind blows. I've even seen and purchased cars inside that the owner wasn't doing any favors. I just spent 100G on a building I could have spent on a car to have my cars properly stored. Now I have no money for cars and the building isn't completely finished but eventually it will be and then the cars I buy will be properly protected. As of now the 4 I have are in the heated garage, that I'm currently finishing off. A lot of people don't understand the value of proper storage when thinking about the long term.
  3. Looking for old stye hub bolts

    Because it will probably get little activity or views down there. Until one of the members told me about viewing by unread content I never viewed anything but the cars for sale, parts for sale and General discussion. Mainly because there isn't enough time in the day to search all the separate forums. (I've seen allot of great other threads since, that I was missing) By the way I have a drawer full of NOS hub bolts like this, I'll have to see if there are any matches.
  4. Parts availability 1950's Buick vs. Oldsmobile

    Happy to help. Ebay is a bit frustrating until you learn the tricks. It's still frustrating then, but you tend to spend less time and yield better results.
  5. Hay, How are you going to move that car?

    Kind of an expensive tarp though isn't it?
  6. I found this 1914 Wolseley on eBay. Looks like it could have it's original interior. Doesn't appear too bad. Seems to be one of the cheaper brass era car manufacturers. Definitely something a little different.
  7. 34 5-Window Coupe ?

    I'm the furthest thing from a Buick expert. The body work on the rear almost has a coach built look to me. It looks a little more angular than the regular coupes I found that were factory made especially closer to the tail pan. The British coachwork angle, might just be the right avenue to pursue. I did a quick Google search and couldn't find anything similar. Neat car. You have what appears to be a pretty scarce car.
  8. Parts availability 1950's Buick vs. Oldsmobile

    Looks like as nice driver. I have a 56 Olds. I do a search on eBay each night for parts. I don't really need anything in particular but have picked up some nice stuff cosmetically for it, sometimes cheap, if you catch your competitors sleeping. I have bought lots of service parts as well that were just too good to pass up, like switches and stuff, that are specific to these Oldsmobiles. I have found with Olds there are 4 ways to search that will yield different results. try 57 olds 1957 Olds 57 Oldsmobile and 1957 Oldsmobile You can eliminate words by following that with key words to eliminate so try copy and pasting this in your search block. 1957 Oldsmobile -Suzuki -Honda -Kawasaki -Harley -Volvo -Patch -Decal -omc -evinrude -johnson -mercruiser -sign -watch -watches -nardi -wood It will filter out a lot of junk. Some of these words may not pertain as much to your searches, but I use it as a general filter and gets rid of most of the repo overseas crap that doesn't fit your car.
  9. Looking for 1948 Buick Sedanette

    I would post this down below in the Buick Section as well. Those members seem to be very active.
  10. Maybe the 'ultimate' speedster?

    That was pretty cool. Would it be a crime to put one of those engines in my non original Cord?
  11. 1932 Plymouth 3 window coupe and parts

    Definitely a west Coast Car. Around here (the Northeast). Typical rust means still has something t attach the door handles and headliner to, but not much of anything else below that.
  12. Bugatti-ish?

    Can't argue with that.
  13. Why???

    Looks to be pretty well done as far as proportions and wheel locations. I've seen a lot worse attempts. There was a 59 Ford wagon done the same way in this neck of the woods. I saw it in person at a show for sale and it was nice and other than the conversion, totally stock looking above the running gear. The problem came, when the guy tried to sell it (might still be for sale). As a stock 59 wagon it would have sold in a couple days at the 20 G asking price. It was really nice as was the trim, paint and interior. Probably better than a 3, the problem is no one wanted a 4 wheel drive wagon for that kind of money. I think that may be the same regret here when the time comes some day to sell. They just need to market it right and find the one guy to believe it's a Napco type factory conversion for the postal service to deliver mail in North Dakota or MT? Sounds believable. Just photos shop an old brochure and you are good to go.
  14. 1936 Cord

    Is timing ever good? Seems whenever I find the right deal, it never is.
  15. 1936 Cord

    Atleast until morning, When you wake up and find a pinto in your garage.