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    I couldn't let a day go by without another addition ,though this one kind of pales in comparison to others.
  2. 1930s Mopar Parts

    Oh come on you could have had some fun with him. Could be a Canadian Plymouth Another one of those Plydos.
  3. The UK, and other countries, to ban ICE engines.

    According to Doc Brown, We should all be retrofitting our clunkers with Hover conversions and Mr. Fusion to solve all of those pollution and road problems by now. Gov't can only regulate to the point the people revolt and relieve them of power. Maybe getting out of the whole paris climate accord will keep us and our Gasoline demons together a little longer.
  4. On the other hand you have the sellers who waste the serious buyer's time as well that they could have avoided by posting prices up front. I only have so much time in the day and don't want to spend it on the phone again with someone who gives me a 30 minute speal only to say well you will have to come make an offer or finally say something like, well they are priced between say 20,000 and 150,000 each. I see one PAckard that I doubt would bring much over 6,000 with rusted bumpers in a 4 door configuration. I have been through this before and more often with parts. Your offer isn't even remotely in line with the seller's expectation. I looked at a collection of Buick and Oldsmobiles and when the seller hit me with the prices for all of the 4 door sedans that had all been laying packed in buildings for 20+ years, they were at $20,000 or more each. We are talking 59 Olds 4 doors, 37 Buick 4 doors. etc. They eventually sold them to someone else for about 6500 each.
  5. I have made some progress on getting my 47 Hudson pickup doors moved. I have found a connection to get them from Pleasanton CA to Hershey. I now need to find someone to either move them from Santa Rosa CA to Pleasanton CA and Hold them until the week of August 23-27 when they can be picked up or atleast be able to take delivery of them and hold them until that time for them to be picked up.
  6. strange situation

    I believe it 's a very limited number of cases (like this) where work has been performed and completed all bills paid up so nothing is owed on a project of any type and then the person that had the work commissioned will not want to take possession of the item. 99.9 % of the time the person will be ecstatic to get their item. (this could apply to almost anything from a car, boat, piece of art, Etc. ) Usually the thing that holds the process is the person's ability to complete the final payment. I wouldn't be surprised if very few people have a clause in their contracts that establish a delivery or pick up time frame once all work has been paid for. Mainly because it is usually never needed.

    Looks great. Now you can sleep at night.

    That one actually looks pretty nice when you look close. I think the wheels make it look cheap or poorly done for some reason. The stock rallye style I think would look a whole lot better.
  9. Seems they have changed the ad a bit. Here is the new ad. Maybe they realized people didn't want to have to be put under the microscope before given the chance to even view the cars. "Classic Car Collection located in Hartford County, CT. This collection has been amassed over decades The collection includes 7 Packards (including a 1955 Caribbean not pictured) years 1941-1955, 2 Chevys, a 1971 El Camino and a 1949 Styleline, a 1933 Chrysler Coupe RS, a 1955 Lincoln Cosmopolitan, a 1948 Oldsmobile convertible, a 1948 Pontiac Woody Wagon Silver Streak, a 42 Hudson Coupe(not pictured) and a 1939 Buick Sedan.We are looking for serious buyers only."
  10. Saw this Packard project

    I use a cannon and have taken literally probably millions of pictures with it. Not hard when you are taking around 100 a night. It still performs wonderfully. I would suggest one to anyone for a good general purpose camera. I'm not a photographer so I don't know the fine points but for the point and shoot crowd it's perfect. I have actually worn the finish off many places on the camera just from handling it every night. All that and I think it was only around $50 probably 6 or 7 years ago when my wife bought it for me.
  11. This Is 4 U Auburnseeker

    I did actually get my first actual test drive off the property in mine 2 days ago. I took it for a 10 mile trip. Came home under it's own power so that's always a good thing. It has a mighty tall rear at 3.0 gears (it has a Ford 9 inch) The rest of the truck is mostly stock or atleast Hudson in that it has a 49 Hudson 6 with a 55 or 56 Wasp Twin H setup. An improvement over the splash oiler and a near 50 Cube gain. 1st and 2nd seem to be a bit noisy but when you get her up to around 45 and go for the 2-3 Shift the revs drop to what feels like a 1,000 rpm or so and it's so Quiet you think it stalled. I was amazed and likened the overall ride to that of my 48 Cadillac I had. Very smooth, but maybe a tad HArd as those 9 leaf springs don't give alot. There was no wind noise or rattles. Actually the only thing I developed was a squeak that I'm 99 % sure is a front of the rear leaf spring bushing. It was a pretty rough road as well with lots of pretty sharp corners so the suspension really got a work out. I'll spray the bushings and see if that helps. It's been pretty much dormant for probably atleast 3 years. 1 of those in My garage as I have had it almost a year already. I can say it's not as nice as either of those though not a junker, Especially Hyman's but I have Alot less in it than that. It was surprising after driving my 49 Chevy truck. It's a whole different ride.
  12. strange situation

    You could tell her you are going to have to start charging her storage after a certain date. Not to be mean but to get somebody to take action. Storage for auto towing facilities around here can be very high. I have heard in the hundreds a day range. You will either rack a large bill up fast and be able to take the car back or they will realize they need to resell the car or move it. I would approach her with the my attorney said I need to do this (consult one first of course to be sure you know what you can legally charge) and give her a deadline telling her that on such a date you will have to start. That gives her some lee time to make a decision and not a few minutes, but will put a sense of urgency to the whole matter. Sounds terrible but sometimes you have to take the next step. Sounds like you have been very understanding and as helpful as possible.

    Today's contribution just posted in Hemmings.
  14. Educated Guess as to Year - Make - Model ?

    It seems something else would have been more modernized to have a Jaguar engine under the hood as it still has 36 Style Mopar artillery wheels on it.
  15. I'm getting tired of putting forth all the work to buy something then again have to put forth all the work to sell it. I have cash I'm ready to travel for the right thing but don't waste my time or yours. I'm starting to feel this way about both the cars parts and literature that I buy. I have found with the literature, that it's a real small number of guys actively buying any sizable collections. It's even getting to be that way with guys buying parts. I sold 4 or 5 large lots of my own parts last year to empty my shop, making sure I put enough stuff to make sure the pile was a deal. I had almost no interest and for the $1000 lot I had advertised. Each time more than a pickup would hold and a large majority NOS, I had only a couple inquires and many even at the $1000 mark wanted to know every number for every part in the pile so they could make sure they were buying for .10 on the dollar. One of the buyers was even a guy I buy stuff from at shows. I gave him a ton of good deals one day and he went home for a few hundred more dollars with a second load of trim and other very marketable parts. Either you want to sell the stuff or not. When I bought a few items from him at a show this spring, I didn't get any kind of deal, though he said he would remember what I had done. Oh well all part of the game I guess.