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  1. Rear Body mount

    Keiser31 has that rare 6th old car sense. Not many have it. The automotive universe seems to revolve around these people. Just look at the posts for cars he finds every day. They seek him out I think My wife thinks I'm one, But I feel like a Jedi in training when compared to the master.
  2. 1937 Buick Business coupe frame

    I sold my 39 coupe frame less engine and tranny with full set of nice wheels, even a nice battery tray, to a guy restoring a 39 Conv't (both specials) for 300 the next state over from mine. I had a few other guys vaguely intersted at that price with pipe dreams of building something on it some day. It looked atleast as good as your chassis. Took 5 months to sell it.
  3. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I don't need the museum type setting so much and I know the turning radius on my truck is terrible so I think it is as close as I can come to an operable comp at this time. I have to admit as well, that my collection right now consists of 2 , 32 fords, the 36 Cord, 56 olds 2 door hardtop, 40 ford Coupe a model a, and my Hudson truck. Actually the Cord and the Hudson are the biggest cars i have. I do plan on adding that Auburn some day but I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of room if i don't buy too much equipment. Besides, there is no money left now to buy any more cars.
  4. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    My wife actually told me today if anyone asks, we'll just tell them it's for when we get to old to climb all the stairs. See I knew should would warm up to the idea of having it around.
  5. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Well I hope mine at 60 isn't too narrow. I did stake it out then park stuff inside the lines. It's a little tight for bigger stuff but seemed still manageable. I honestly don't think I could have gotten the trusses to the location if they were a foot longer without a lumber jack and a skidder. I did use my 2006 Superduty Ford extended cab 8 foot bed for the lay out/ test vehicle. I used my 24 foot car trailer not including the tongue to determine the door size for putting stuff in and out behind my Truck. I know should have went bigger, but I had to compromise somewhere or I would never have enough money to build it. I'm going to be rolling my pennies as it is.
  6. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    One good thing with a round building is nothing can get stuck in the corner.
  7. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    He automatically fails. No safety harness on the operator.
  8. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    Oh now you spoiled it. I thought it was reality TV.
  9. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    Thus the reason for such a big garage. I was a little reluctant to buy only because of the size of the machine collapsed, knowing it would occupy a few of my car slots inside. As I applied for in the permit. It will end up actually becoming an equipment barn before I get done. Right now I can just about fill one side with equipment. Hopefully I'll have atleast a spot or two for cars left. I told my wife we will scare off any potential buyers if we ever sell our house. This 30 foot shed is the tool shed, this 60 by 72 foot building is the maintenance garage for the property. Not many millennials will want to take on that much manual labor.
  10. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    I was just looking up Harnesses. Any suggestions on what anyone else is using? IS one type easier to get on and off, better designed for comfort?
  11. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    A turn table would be awesome especially if you were building a round garage. A 60 foot round garage would have definitely broke the bank. My rectangular simple box is doing that.
  12. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    The company was still regularly using it but more for backup. They have a much newer 60 foot They were buying a new one. They have several. It was a quarry. They use it to service all the conveyors and this was the oldest. They had it 8 years. Everything seems to function properly. It does have some slow drips and they had a bit of a challenge getting the axles retracted as they had been out for 8 years. I'll have to look into getting a harness. I was thinking it would be a good idea just incase, but as you mention hadn't thought alot about the catapulting factor when moving it, though it did try to launch us when we drove it off the lowboy. ( I was prepared though as the driver forewarned me to hold on when the axles drop down to the pavement off the bed and that wasn't very high. I'll definitely make sure it's retracted when moving it more than a few feet. )
  13. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    I'll feel better once the roof is on. I'm sure the guys I got building it will like to see that lift Monday Morning. I know it isn't big enough, but that's the max for the budget and space. More budget, as I could have gone bigger and put a lower level if I went further toward the other end. It's hard to balance needs, wants and money in a way that makes you feel satisfied in the end. My wife still thinks I'm nuts and ruined the property with it. She'll come around eventually.
  14. Do I have Tim the ToolMan Syndrome?

    I use to have a guy like Wilson that lived next door. Not a bad neighbor, though his carpentry skills were a bit questionable but the ingenuity was there. Never met a pallet he didn't like. I moved though. Now I can barely see my nearest neighbor through the woods. I like it better that way.
  15. Garage & Car Barn Thread

    Some progress shots of the project. Everything is sheathed and framing mostly complete. Looks like we will be setting trusses this week. I bought a lift to help ease that project. I also cut the 2 doorways on this end out to accept a 36 inch door as they were set for a 32 inch door. Why would you ever put a 32 inch door in a garage this size? The far doors were already set for 36 inch doors.