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  1. Tail gate wanted 1964 D-100

    Sure looks factory to me. I think they went to the other style in the later 60's.
  2. Finishing my Buick Shop

    Bet you are happy you are done insulating. I get the itches even walking in the room with the stuff. I had to pull down about 9 bays of roxul insulation to run a wire the other day that the previous owner didn't do right and I was relieved when I pushed the last piece in place then unsuited. Now it's all covered with foam. I only have the bay the panel box is in and a couple tiny rippings to stuff up by my stairs, then I'm completely done with the stuff. On the little garage. The big one is 3 times the size of it. I'm not looking forward to that. Looks like you are making good progress. Keep us up to date.
  3. The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    I was going to put the Hudson out in the big shop but with the cold and temperature swings still holding on, I didn't want it to sweat. It's got some paint issues I don't want to aggravate and a battery blew up under the hood before I got it, and I don't think they got it all neutralized so keeping it dry is pretty important until i can get that rectified, maybe this summer. I wanted to pull and blast everything under the hood, but my blast cabinet is in my trailer as is my big Air compressor which I finally am making a spot for in the toy box. I may set the blast cabinet up in there temporarily until I get a floor and maybe electric in the new shop. It is nice for all that under hood detailing. I got all the foam up on the ceiling today so now I can address the panel box and get that wall finally closed in. Then move some more crap so I can put some more wainscoting up. Just not enough time in the day or money in the bank. As usual.
  4. '48 Packard value

    I would agree with a convertible but that will be in the mid 20's and not quite in the shape the sedan appears. I always spend the extra when I buy to get the most desireabe version, but I don't usually start with a 4 door then upgrade to a convertible. That's a big step. If you look at it and it really does make you zing I would say offer him 8 If he says no, tell him he can keep the parts, as long as it doesn't need them and see if that does it. Alot of those parts are valuable until you try to sell them. So the owner will see the value as in what they spent and what they thought they had to spend to buy them. They probably figure they have a couple thousand in extras. It's all up to what you want. If you like one of these, then though they aren't real desirable, there aren't alot of them around in the condition this appears to be in. If they will consider the 8,000 or whatever number you would like to buy it for, think what else you could buy for 8,000 that you would like better. I do that when I'm pricing a car. If I'm going to sell something to buy something else, I price it so I could atleast buy the same type of car with what I'm trying to get out of it, maybe with a very slight reduction, to make it seam like just a little bit of a deal for a faster sale. It's hard to even find say a 50 ford 4 door sedan in decent shape or similar Chevy for much under 10. It's your money, you will know if it seems like a deal. I know an all original car will give you a whole different vibe when you look at it, and often cause you to up the anty a bit because you know the crappy ones that are a little less will never be what a true survivor is. Not sure about this one, But again, the lack of paint on any of the door hardware and rubbers which look aged and not fresh, Plus the super clean dash and very nice door panels make me lean toward survivor. Other than the head having been off (probably for a valve job) and some fresh paint on the air cleaner the paint on that engine and accessories look like they may be original even. If you like it and it's close enough to look at, I would take a look and see, what the story is. You could even Make a deal with the parts if you think the value is there and possibly recoup the difference on some of the parts, if the NOS parts are shiny bits. NOS chrome sells decent, even for these. The other NOS and NORS mechanical related parts will have little value except maybe to a new owner to keep it going, though I doubt it will need alot if it's in good working order now.
  5. '48 Packard value

    I only thought original paint because the door jambs looks awful clean. I can't imagine someone would have spent the money on this to have a really thurough paint job in the past. Possible but usually unlikely. I do agree that if you go to sell it, unless it's a really good survivor and marketed as such, will be a slow seller. Not many buyers lining up for this type of Packard. It's still an interesting car in what looks like very nice original condition. Still curious what the asking is on it?
  6. The toy box and the big shop, my New shop Build.

    With winter not yielding to spring here in the North East (April 16th revealed about 3/8 of an inch of ice over 1 and 1/2 to 2 inches of sleet). I have been working in the old garage. As mentioned a painfully slow process because of the need to do a small area, then move everything to do the next. I did manage to finish where the cord was and move that back, then move the 32 out of the way and a bunch of junk so I could properly run the wire through the ceiling for the lights instead of the through the lights with the wire running across the ceiling. I have to add an 8/3 wire in conduit on the base plate for my Air compressor, then change that outlets location at the panel box so I can finally finish that wall up. With the weather being so crappy atleast I have inside heated work to do. It's pouring right now and about 36 degrees. If I'm really lucky I may be able to finish that wall up by the end of the week. It will feel like a major accomplishment. I imagine I could have finished the whole job in probably 1/2 the time if I didn't have to work around everything in the garage. As soon as I get the Foam up on the ceiling, I have to move everything back and then move everything away from the wall. I spent $80 yesterday for 50 foot of 8/3 wire. Again all that little stuff that adds up you don't think about.
  7. '48 Packard value

    Looks to good to repaint. If the paint is original, it would probably have a negative effect on the value if you repainted it. In general I dont think they are a valuable car in terms of Dollars on the open market. This being what looks like very original and possibly a real survivor, should have added value over a "restored" or prettied up car. I've seen a pretty clean looking one, shiny paint and decent chrome, though I'm sure not this nice in person for 6500 on a local craigslist. I would think if you like it and it doesn't need major work in any way, that 10G or less would be a good buy. You couldn't begin to buy one in lesser shape and make it this nice without spending a pile of money. So the big question ,is what are they asking for it?
  8. 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    I had 3 sets cast, because I'me sure someone else out their like myself will be needing a set as theirs is missing. If chrysler is so worried about that quantity and the high Profit I will make off from 3 sets, let them. They can come to the house and I will personally let them watch me destroy them. I'm pretty sure they have alot better things to spend a day's worth of someone's salary on as well as travel. Plus I want them to bring a set with them to confirm that what I have is an infrigement on their product. I'm sure they have a set laying around at their disposal. I'm pretty sure any profit is pretty nominal if non existent once any of my time is figured into the finishing work they still need and I would provide before they left.
  9. 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    Looks as though the rumble lid isn't on it. The coupe would be good pieces parts, excluding the frame, though maybe there is a way to beef it up like the factory did. Odd what is missing and going to be hard to come up with. Surprising the doors are there but the windshield frame is gone. Looks like someone parted it out, but unless they were doing a coupe, seems the doors would have been high on the list to free it of.
  10. 1958 Caballero

    Beautiful work. The only problem is it will be alot nicer than new when it's done as I'm 100 percent sure there wasn't as much care as you are taking involved in it's first assembly. Keep it up.
  11. 1938 Buick Convertible central NewJersey craigslist

    It looks to have sat in very damp storage at some point. I would really look those floors over. If what you can see is rusting like that, what you can't will be more of a concern.
  12. 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    That 36 Plymouth coupe listed above for I believe 2100. would be a very valuable parts car for you, from the looks of what is left with your car. Coupes and convertibles share alot of parts, sedans don't. Buying coupe parts individually will be alot more expensive than that parts car. Give it a long hard though before passing up the opportunity.
  13. 1936 Plymouth Cabriolet. help needed

    convertible top assembly might be tough to come by for one of these. I had a 36 Chrysler convertible which shares much of the same top parts and ended up having to have an set of top brackets for the mounting pegs cast when I couldn't find them anywhere. Fortunately I had all the steel and cast parts, but I was missing the wood front header bow and these clamps. I was fortunate enough to borrow a set from his car to use to have new ones cast and machined. He ironically was missing the rack itself, which he searched for for years before he paid a premium for a rough rack. I did have extra clamp assemblies cast if you get that far and need a set, I may be able to help you out.
  14. HELP what is it cyclecar?

    Would a farm implement have had a wire spoke wheel though?
  15. New to me 61 Invicta 2dr hrdtp

    You did good if you got it for a better price. That's a great looking car and as mentioned looks like it was a well cared for original and not a fresh field car rehab. I would be happy to have on in that shape to drive around.