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  1. FOR SALE: 1960 THUNDERBIRDMileage: 20,800Price:$25,000Location: Jacobus, PAOutstanding, low mileage original car. This car was stored from 1967 through 2001 when I purchased it with only 17,000 miles on it. It now has just under 21,000 and is in unbelievably nice condition. The body is totally rust free and the chrome looks like it is NOS. This T-Bird runs and drives like a new car.Body is absolutely rust free and exactly as Ford built it. The interior including the door panels, headliner, carpet and all the chrome and anodized aluminum trim is beautiful and appears as new.When removed from storage, the car was made operational by replacing the fuel tank, recoring the radiator, installing new wheel cylinders and master cylinder. The original carburetor and fuel pump were both rebuilt as well. All fluids were changed and Goodrich Silvertown tires matching the original spare were installed. The original exhaust system was just replaced two years ago with a correct style system in aluminized steel.This car still wears its 1967 PA inspection sticker and original oil change stickers from the 60's. I also have the original window sticker, build sheets and mint shop manual purchased by the original owner.The lower portion of the car was repainted, the roof, door jambs, trunk and engine compartment are still original. New seat covers were installed as the originals were split from age. The dashboard cover has also been replaced with a correct reproduction part.The only changes made to the car are the addition of period-style front seat belts and Sun Ray wheel cover ornaments.You can see pictures and read more about the car here:http://squarebirds.org/vbulletin/sho...urvivor&page=2I'll be glad to supply more pictures and answer any questions you may have.Mike LawsonBuick8guy@yahoo.com
  2. You have a good selection of oil filters that will fit your car, here are some numbers to check for availability in Australia: AC Delco PF24 Fram PH25 Hastings LF212 Wix 51049 Purolator PER33 Air filters have less choice. For single carburetor engine: WIX 42084 For GS dual carburetor engine: Hastings AF26 All or the above parts are readily available through many sources here in the US, I hope you can find them down under.
  3. 1948 super convertible/ebay

    The car you are referring to once belonged to me. Here is the sale ad: Sure wish I could have gotten 60K for it when I sold it. Funny, the "professional appraisers" I spoke to said I'd be lucky to get 40K for it. I hope the new owner likes it, it was a GREAT car.
  4. Here is a period picture of an engine showing detail of how the fuel supply hose is routed through the AC/ alternator bracket. Notice that there is a depression stamped into the bracket where the hose contacts it.
  5. The rubber fillers you are referring to were only used on '63 & '64 Rivieras. The rear bumper was changed in '65 and the fillers were no longer needed.
  6. Still looking for one of these trunk release valves. If you have an extra you would like to sell, please let me know. THANKS!
  7. Here is a picture of the trunk release system parts from a 1965 Riviera. The vacuum tank was located on the passenger side lower firewall where it angles back towards the floorpan. The Accessories Section of the '65 shop manual will show you how everything was installed.
  8. Thanks for the responses. I suspected that the trunk release should hold the vacuum for a reasonable length of time. I think mine just had a defective check valve in the vacuum tank. The trunk release units on the '63-& '64 were a different style which had the release pull knob connected to a piston in a cylinder which created its own vacuum each time it was pulled, no leak down problems with this unit. I don't know why Buick changed to engine-supplied vacuum in 1965. Seems like this system required more parts and had more opportunities for malfunction. I got mine to work properly now so I'm happy.
  9. I am curious to know if the vacuum tank for the trunk release on a '65 was equipped with a check valve to maintain the vacuum when the engine is shut down. My trunk release would only operate while the engine was running. I tested the reservoir tank with a vacuum pump and found it did not hold vacuum so apparently it does not have a working check valve. I've added an in-line check valve on the vacuum supply hose and now the trunk opener will operate long after the engine is shut off. Does your trunk opener maintain vacuum?
  10. I saw this decal on a '65 Riviera at show a while back and I thought it was really interesting. The story I got about the car was that it had belonged to the Service Manager at a Buick dealership. He had his shop install the factory GS 2x4 setup on the car. I've never seen this decal on another car. Could this decal have been included as part of the dealer-installed equipment package? Anyone else know anything about it?
  11. I came across pictures this form a while back and I thought it might be interesting to other '65 owners. The form lists all the option codes and has a full description of what the GS option consists of. Hope some of you find this interesting.
  12. I'm looking for the correct trunk opener control for my 1965 Riviera. The picture shows what the part looks like. Thanks for your help.
  13. I'm looking for the correct trunk opener control for my 1965 Riviera. The picture shows what the part looks like. Thanks for your help.
  14. Buick Master Body and Chassis Parts Manuals

    These have been sold. Thanks!
  15. 1956 Buick Wholesale Parts Guide

    Price reduction now $35.00 plus shipping