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  1. I just bought a decent looking 58 Ford Fairlane from a guy in Phoenix and am trying to get it to the DAS terminal Problem is he can not get it there himself. DAS can pick it up from his house next Monday or Tuesday, but that wont work for him, he will not return until next Thursday of Friday. That creates a second problem for me because I am taking my 89-year old Mom to see her sisters in Colorado which puts me GONE when DAS wants to deliver to me. DANG Complicated stuff just to get the car home! If I go into how complicated it has been to get the car paid for and the title signed, I could write a book! He is over off of East Cactus near Paradise Valley Mall. I think the DAS terminal is 10 miles away at 1966 E. Deer Valley Dr. Anyone available to go for a short ride in a 58 Ford today or tomorrow? I'll buy lunch at El Charro... Anyone tried this place in Mesa on 1st st off of Country Club lately? Still good?
  2. Ovalrace25

    Phoenix Az to Napa Ca Needed.

    I just bought a 58 Ford in Phoenix Az. and need to get it home in Napa Ca. Running car. Not a show car, just a decent "driver" open OK. Anyone out there have a recommendation? I contacted two of the majors, accepted an online quote- then they doubled the price! Said they had to provide enclosed because the Ford was a valuable car.... Heck I paid 4500 for it! I see them hauling NEW cars on open carriers, why not a 58 Ford with years of road wear?
  3. Ovalrace25

    Borg Warner DG250 Locking up

    Changed fluid after checking pressures. Checked detentes to be sure linkage was moving into correct positions. Pulled valve body to check if any springs of valves were stuck. Did air pressure test-- Seemed to be OK.. This one is in a Jaguar. Thanks 39_Buick I am checking out the links you provided.
  4. Ovalrace25

    Borg Warner DG250 Locking up

    This automatic transmission was used in a few cars in the early 50's. The one in this car worked great three years ago when the car was put away. NOW, getting the car out and going, the transmission LOCKS up and stalls the engine as soon as you select "D" -- If I quickly pull it down to "L" I can drive the car up to 15+, then shift up to "D" and go fine UNTIL I drop speed back down to where it downshifts.... Then it tries to lock--- BAN BANG BANG---- I have to put it into "N" really fast so it stops the lock-up attempt. I hope someone out there has WORKED on these or knows what this can be????
  5. Rear seal is leaking. Not the oil pan, It is the main seal. QUESTION - Is this a ROPE SEAL? does it have a PIN in the block that hold it? Can I roll in a replacement? Is there a neoprene type seal available? YES, I want to do this in-car-- pull pan, roll in a new seal and back together... COMMENTS? HELP???
  6. Ovalrace25

    Importing a car?

    IF the cars is an American Manufacture, it will pass Customs Inspection quickly. If NOT, then you need to ask the Customs Office that will be clearing the car, just what is required. I have worked with Customs Offices in Texas, California and the east coast and NONE of them play by the same rules! So you MUST talk to the local office!
  7. Ovalrace25

    Flat Towing vs. Dolly Towing

    Hang a tow bar on it and hit the road. Just DO NOT EVER try to back up. OH-- and remember, now the tow car brakes have to stop a lot more weight.
  8. Sorting all this out. Thinking what can I do with three burned up Harley Topper Scooters? I will try to save the 48 Indian. Will see who has pieces I need to save it. Anyone see any use for the Toppers?
  9. Ovalrace25

    Garage & Car Barn Thread

    OK-- Here is the problem I encountered. Wood frame construction in a rural area. Actually was surrounded with paved roadway. And we kept all brush clear. Because of this calamity a restored 1948 Indian, a Cushman 3-wheel ice cream scooter, thee Harley Toppers and many parts of projects were destroyed. The buildings nearby that survived were Brick and stone with metal and tile roofs. HOWEVER some of those also burned because the window coverings INSIDE were combustible. So- what suggestions do you have for the remains of the 48 Indian?
  10. OK, No Still Shots for me-- A video to show it really does run!
  11. OK---- Another one: This 1960 Rambler Town and Country station wagon was a "one owner" that had been in the garage of the little old lady that passed away. Seems that someone that ended up with the house pushed the car outside where it sat neglected for years. Last registered in 1971. I saw it when I was in the neighborhood and was able to bring it home. There are ZERO dents in this thing and the interior is well-----quite saveable.... Engine was stuck, so I rebuilt it. But the original condition is going to be difficult to change.. I want the next owner to see how straight this car is.
  12. What next? Got 5 cars in this deal- That 57 Buick cleaned up fantastic! Plan was to keep two cars out of this deal. Got carried away and kept only one... oops But the Plymouth is in the hands of a guy that got it for his wife to drive around town. She LIKES the car.
  13. And this one: My Trabant P-50. Really ratty, but it won at the Concours d'Lemons a few years ago.
  14. OK-- You have me going here. This is the 1922 American LaFrance I talked the City Fire Department out of. They even delivered it! YES, I got it running.
  15. And then there is this 1941 Cadillac. Found in an old garage with the transmission not working. No brakes, tires shot. and one rear spring broken. I had a bunch of spare parts ready to go. A few days later and some old blankets over the seats and I was cruising.