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  1. Can you identify these items? (More will be added)

    Yes, That bar looking tool, is a Ford Flathead V-8 engine valve spring compressor intimeold
  2. While going to the doctor today

    WOW, Really Nice
  3. auburnseeker I am coming around to your way of thinking. Between, eBay - PayPal - Shipping, I am finding that some buyer just want to take advantage of you., as a seller. The shipping is usually the part where I find the real, scammers, a buyer bids and the wins an item, the shipping is fully explained, in the listing. Whether it is a Local Pick-up or whatever shipping service. After the sale, they call and want a better deal on the shipping. I am Not Fed-Ex, UPS, USPS; call them. They want me to give a discount on the shipping. Yea! intimeold
  4. I also Like it is
  5. Buyer's premium

    I attend local auction frequently and the times are changing. A few years ago even the local ones started to demand a buyer's premium. With time demands; I can't attend all the auctions what do I do? Solution: First thing is to eliminate the buyer's Premium ones. I just don't attend intimeold
  6. Sorry, I am amazed at the carpeting in the shop. Great Somehow, I didn't learn it this way. But I Love it. intimeold
  7. 1956 Buick 322 V8 Spark Plugs

    I looked at my new spark plugs and only have TWO "2", AC 44 spark plugs, NOS I have other AC 44 suffixes but only 2 of the AC 44, won't help you much intimeold
  8. 1969 Chevelle SS 396 Convert

    The trend in recent auctions; is the auction company tries to collect a fee from both seller and buyer. This has been going on for a long time at national auctions; but even local auctions seem to have jumped on the bandwagon.
  9. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Yes, Yes 60FlatTop, You are doing the right thing, if you are running any ethanol blend. he said, " I don't let the car sit. I run a lot of gas through it, And I keep the garage above freezing and dew point all winter" Not letting it sit for, and regularly using the vehicle and keeping it out of the damp, cold, storage environments is key to using the junk ethanol. Just remember, the politicians who are so set on us using ethanol to clean up the environment; probably don't even own a car. They ride limousines around the city and fly big luxury jets all over the world. The ethanol problem never reaches them.
  10. Identify?

    Don't wait too long pull the 1st Chevy out of the dirt and leaves; you won't have any steel left for scrap. Maybe just leave it there, as a last resting place; it may have had a hard life.
  11. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Bob, Bob, I would buy a lottery ticket for the biggest pot of gold there is; if I were You. You are a very lucky person. And I am really glad you have had no trouble, I see your avatar shows you are from Eastern PA, not the same climate as myself; which is Central PA, but close. Small engine shops, and including my shop in this area; have experienced all kinds of trouble, starting when the ethanol was used commonly. A Stihl saw shop, in the area has a huge bucket of carburetors; off of Stihl saws; that were ruined by moisture. Of course they are aluminum alloy carburetors. I find the problem more in motorcycle, ATV, carburetors; probably because I work on more of them. Again aluminum alloy carbs. The people that use a certain piece of equipment, daily see less problems with moisture. The ethanol fuels seem to draw moisture into them, when they set idle. I have had saws, motorcycles, atvs, etc that would not start not even a chug; only to find that if I drained the fuel system including the carb; giving that no damage was done by the moisture yet; that piece of equipment would start right up. Nothing else done. Some people have tried to let some fuel set on a shelf and see if it separates; I don't rely on those findings. I do rely on what I see, the moisture actually eats out the fuel bowls, turns the aluminum whitish. And on a small engine it doesn't take much to ruin the carb enough to screw-up the flow of fuel. Again those engines set for maybe weeks at a time, in a unheated shed, or outside. Yes I have seen fuel line problems and even on some of my equipment. Unsafe yes, I would say so. I have a couple of John Deere 400 tractors for lawn mowing; and the engine used is a Kohler K-532 twin. The fuel line comes up from behind the engine and runs over top of the engine block "Hot engine block"; because the carb is in the center front of the engine . A fuel line failure there would we catastrophic. One tractor I use Aviation fuel and the other I use pump gas. The aviation fueled one still has original fuel lines; the other has had 2 line changes and 2 new electric fuel pumps. The pumps froze up; and the lines looked like they were going to explode. intimeold I am not a scientist or petroleum engineer ; but as a technician; I am guided by what I see, in the fuel system.
  12. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    Perhaps the lead additives work; I don't have any knowledge of them. And yes a small metal box with either a blue or black lid sounds like the voltage regulator, that condenser has to be there. Takes the static out of radio reception. You know pictures would help a lot, try to attach some.
  13. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    That will be a great car to drive. At a Ford dealer; I worked on a lot of these cars. Very simple car to maintain; especially compared to any new model. If you have to pull the cylinder head for any reason; make sure you have hardened valve seats put in. The gasoline used today; will eat the valve seats up in short time. Gas was leaded back then; and valves liked lead, to survive. intimeold
  14. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    As An Investment? Well one of the the pieces of this puzzle is missing: How Much are you investing? The really knowledgeable people on this forum, especially the Buick fans, have already given advice on this automobile. The people on this Forum, have decades of experience, listen to them. Tell us how much you need to take this car home; and lets see how the forum responds to that the price. Some have already given the best advice possible; Get it running, and ENJOY The Car. If you are only interested in it as an investment; you are missing the best part of owning a collectible automobile, or motorcycle to some of us. intimeold