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  1. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Yes, Yes 60FlatTop, You are doing the right thing, if you are running any ethanol blend. he said, " I don't let the car sit. I run a lot of gas through it, And I keep the garage above freezing and dew point all winter" Not letting it sit for, and regularly using the vehicle and keeping it out of the damp, cold, storage environments is key to using the junk ethanol. Just remember, the politicians who are so set on us using ethanol to clean up the environment; probably don't even own a car. They ride limousines around the city and fly big luxury jets all over the world. The ethanol problem never reaches them.
  2. Identify?

    Don't wait too long pull the 1st Chevy out of the dirt and leaves; you won't have any steel left for scrap. Maybe just leave it there, as a last resting place; it may have had a hard life.
  3. Ethnol ruining rubber fuel lines

    Bob, Bob, I would buy a lottery ticket for the biggest pot of gold there is; if I were You. You are a very lucky person. And I am really glad you have had no trouble, I see your avatar shows you are from Eastern PA, not the same climate as myself; which is Central PA, but close. Small engine shops, and including my shop in this area; have experienced all kinds of trouble, starting when the ethanol was used commonly. A Stihl saw shop, in the area has a huge bucket of carburetors; off of Stihl saws; that were ruined by moisture. Of course they are aluminum alloy carburetors. I find the problem more in motorcycle, ATV, carburetors; probably because I work on more of them. Again aluminum alloy carbs. The people that use a certain piece of equipment, daily see less problems with moisture. The ethanol fuels seem to draw moisture into them, when they set idle. I have had saws, motorcycles, atvs, etc that would not start not even a chug; only to find that if I drained the fuel system including the carb; giving that no damage was done by the moisture yet; that piece of equipment would start right up. Nothing else done. Some people have tried to let some fuel set on a shelf and see if it separates; I don't rely on those findings. I do rely on what I see, the moisture actually eats out the fuel bowls, turns the aluminum whitish. And on a small engine it doesn't take much to ruin the carb enough to screw-up the flow of fuel. Again those engines set for maybe weeks at a time, in a unheated shed, or outside. Yes I have seen fuel line problems and even on some of my equipment. Unsafe yes, I would say so. I have a couple of John Deere 400 tractors for lawn mowing; and the engine used is a Kohler K-532 twin. The fuel line comes up from behind the engine and runs over top of the engine block "Hot engine block"; because the carb is in the center front of the engine . A fuel line failure there would we catastrophic. One tractor I use Aviation fuel and the other I use pump gas. The aviation fueled one still has original fuel lines; the other has had 2 line changes and 2 new electric fuel pumps. The pumps froze up; and the lines looked like they were going to explode. intimeold I am not a scientist or petroleum engineer ; but as a technician; I am guided by what I see, in the fuel system.
  4. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    Perhaps the lead additives work; I don't have any knowledge of them. And yes a small metal box with either a blue or black lid sounds like the voltage regulator, that condenser has to be there. Takes the static out of radio reception. You know pictures would help a lot, try to attach some.
  5. Sitting garaged for 33 years

    That will be a great car to drive. At a Ford dealer; I worked on a lot of these cars. Very simple car to maintain; especially compared to any new model. If you have to pull the cylinder head for any reason; make sure you have hardened valve seats put in. The gasoline used today; will eat the valve seats up in short time. Gas was leaded back then; and valves liked lead, to survive. intimeold
  6. Is this car worth buying as an investment?

    As An Investment? Well one of the the pieces of this puzzle is missing: How Much are you investing? The really knowledgeable people on this forum, especially the Buick fans, have already given advice on this automobile. The people on this Forum, have decades of experience, listen to them. Tell us how much you need to take this car home; and lets see how the forum responds to that the price. Some have already given the best advice possible; Get it running, and ENJOY The Car. If you are only interested in it as an investment; you are missing the best part of owning a collectible automobile, or motorcycle to some of us. intimeold
  7. Forum Rules Interpretation

    Yes, JV; I see that point. But those are two different scenarios. 1. Putting a vehicle, Up For Sale, on Buy sell Trade Forum. That is one scenario. 2. The question you bring up is a bit different: Scenario #2 You have a vehicle, maybe inherited it or something like that. Put your question in the Up For Discussion Forum; and let the members comment on it. Asking advice is exactly what the Up For Discussion forum is for. Ask away condition, price, worth, anything, give the members, something to discuss. After you get varied options on what you really have and the condition, worth etc; then put it in the For Sale Forum with a price you are comfortable with. I have vended at Carlisle, Hershey and many other venues. If I put something on a table without a price; and a potential customer, stops and maybe be interested; and he asks a price; and I say something like I want to get as much as I can for it, or What will you give me for it. Guess what, he puts the item back on the table. Believe me, that happens more than you think. I'm glad we are getting a discussion on this subject. intimeold
  8. Forum Rules Interpretation

    Hello Everyone, I am somewhat like the majority of the readers of this Website's Forum; who frequent other forums. I am certainly not a person who likes rules imposed upon me; but some format changes may be of help on here. I Read the rules for the forum; But maybe I am missing something; but I don't see any rules for this. On some other forums, if something is posted For Sale, to be accepted by the moderators; the For Sale AD must include a Price, Contact Info, Location, and may some Pics, if the poster can send pics. If the poster cannot send pics, I'm sure someone on here would help the poster get a pic on here. Other wise the ad will be pulled. Yes I have done my share of Fishing for a price, in some ads; but on here when a poster does not include the above info; the next few posting are What is the Price, Location, Contact info , and pics I know in my later years when someone contacts me; with something they are selling; if they don't even want to give a starting point; I pass on that deal. Too many times I have traveled too far, just to peg a price, on whatever. Then only to find out that after I was there, another buyer bought it. I am not trying to steal anything, but me giving a price has given the seller a starting point. With the advent of the computer; anyone can search and compare whatever they are selling, to something like it somewhere else. I welcome other points of view on this subject. intimeold
  9. "The car was never mistreated."

    Well, now we know, what someone was willing to pay for this car. Winning Bid US $14,695.00 [ 38 bids ] The bidding was over 15 grand; but obviously some bids were pulled, for whatever reason. intimeold
  10. "The car was never mistreated."

    Yes, padgett; that is one of the first things I also looked at. And an easy clue to the puzzle. The tach does pass the test For some reason I am drawn to this posting. intimeold
  11. What is this car?

    Look at this pic, I can't make the image any bigger. Notice the man, with the hat at the right front fender.
  12. "The car was never mistreated."

    Yes, capngrog; you are absolutely correct. I posted earlier that the documentation is the $$$$ in this car. That documentation includes the "correct driveline". All of it, with the correct casting numbers. Corvette people live and die by casting numbers. I'm sure every attempt will be taken to keep the original casing number engine, trans, rear axle, and intake manifold, exhaust etc etc etc. Some years ago, I had an original COPO carburetor off of a 427 Chevy, by the casting numbers; the float bowl, metering blocks and carb body were all correct . That carb went to a car getting a frame up, pro restoration. Casting numbers on a Corvette, it is hard to describe, the effort made to find the parts they need to build a car back up. The seller does say that oil pan is rusted . Not a big deal. Auto restorers, can do wonders with today's tools and welding, machine shop. As long as the parts retain the original casting or stamping numbers. This job would be way beyond my skills and $$$ pocket book. But someone out there is hoping to get a crack at this car. But as we sit here we don't know exactly what is left of the car. We can only speculate . Every time I look at a potential Corvette, for myself; it is a long process of verifying numbers, if the price is really up there. Proper Documentation equals $$$$. Price is reflective of what the car has left on it. Of course there are some Corvettes that will never be a high dollar car; the special ones are the cars collectors dream of. A 365 HP 1965 with the right numbers is a special car, not the highest but special in it's own right. intimeold
  13. "The car was never mistreated."

    Being a Corvette guy, I've watched this thread. Yes it looks awful, needs at least a frame; and a whole lot more. But if it has all the documentation of a true 365 HP car; the non Corvette people on this forum, may get a huge surprise, at the end of the auction. The bids are for the documentation, but sitting here, I am not sure what really exists. If the serial number tag, build sheet, and any documentation are there; this is quite a find. Notice I did not mention title, that is very helpful; but not as much as the car identification. Frames are available, and almost, or maybe all, the parts can be obtained to put this car back in pristine condition. I am anxiously waiting for the end of the auction, to see how many people have seen this car for sale. intimeold
  14. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    I totally agree with Matt Harwood. The seller of this car; didn't ask to have it picked part. He is simply selling what is presented, that being the Franklin. This may not be the case, in this particular conversation. Many times someone has commented on whatever, an automobile, or anything really; only to find that that comment was wrong. There are certain running changes; on production lines that the public is never aware of. Even book have been written on certain automobiles or whatever, only to find that certain change was on the automobile; or is an approved update modification. Even factory pictures, are known be be off a little. Maybe because some of the pictures were, of prototypes. We see different things on, a lot of vehicles that never made it to production. I honestly know nothing about this Franklin, and I am not calling out the poster that made the observations. Just the practice of some people inserting themselves into something that is none of their business. The owner of the Franklin didn't ask anyone to judge his car; on AACA standards, or Franklin standards either. I just think it is better to wait to be asked before making such comments. There is no reason bash me , I'm just making a general comment.
  15. Packard

    I would say Elk antlers; Deer antlers curve forward.