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  1. 31plymouth

    Continental Engine

    The 1924 Paige Continental engine (8A) is still available. It is in the " Continental " Forum
  2. 31plymouth

    1924 Paige engine for sale

    The 1924 Paige Continental engine listed under the "Continental" forum is still available.
  3. 31plymouth

    oil pump

    What do you consider low pressure? Isn't there a pressure control spring?
  4. 31plymouth

    Car door Identification

    Trying to help my brother identify this car door. Any ideas?
  5. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Thanks, will try to find it
  6. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Thanks for the Dodge info. I will post a request in the Dodge section with that information.
  7. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Yes, I have learned that the countershaft gear is also called a cluster gear. My PA is an earlier one with the spur gears. Per the Master parts book, the countershaft gear for my PA (serial number 1593203) is part number 391220 Last item on left hand page 21-11 of master parts book
  8. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    My original trans had straight gears, not helical like the later PA and PB. It broke a tooth on the cluster gear . I had a spare trans sitting on the shelf for 25 years and when I examined it the same gear (high) had a chipped tooth !. I have a 32 trans in the car now but I wish I could have a spare and also find a cluster gear to fix one of the others
  9. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Will look up in my Plymouth master parts list tomorrow.....Thanks
  10. Does anyone know if a different transmission will fit a 31 Plymouth. Dodge , DeSoto ,Chrysler? others? Still looking for a 31 Spur/straight toothed cluster gear.
  11. 31plymouth

    1929 Plymouth Sedan New Owner

    Please, please look at and join the Plymouth Owners Club. I have been a member since 1970 and there and members and technical advisers for every year. They can help identify and lead you to parts for your car. Good luck The website is plymouthbulletin.com
  12. 31plymouth

    1932 Plymouth in Mass. (not mine)

    As an owner of a 31 4door sedan. I would consider these facts before jumping into this project. Although Plymouth was 3rd in sales in 1931 you would think there would be a lot of parts out there but there just aren't. Does the engine have to be rebuilt? interior, chrome, paint , tires, other mechanical items. I just paid $650 to have my radiator recored. (paid $50.00 in 1970 for a recore) Depends on how far you want to go. I realize it's a Deluxe. but unless you really like this car you may have to put a lot more into it than it's worth. It's still a 4 door sedan. I know that the value is not in what you put into it but what the enjoyment you get out of it but look before you leap.
  13. 31plymouth

    34 PE serial 2237565 still out there?

    Thanks, I just got in contact with Jim but this car is not in our club. He also let me know I have been a member of POC since 1970 (the year I bought my 31PA sedan) Yikes.
  14. 31plymouth

    34 PE serial 2237565 still out there?

    Found an old 1937 loan satisfaction- Title. for this Plymouth . Engine PE55153 . Member of AACA? Would like to give it to present owner.
  15. 31plymouth

    1931 PA transmission wanted

    As PLY33 stated and as for as I know all trans after the early PA's had helix gears. My original post stated I am looking for an early PA cluster gear with straight or spur gears. Thanks to all