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  1. 31plymouth

    1932 Wire Wheels

    I had posted a few pictures of wire wheels that I have in the "what is it" discussion. Some seem to think these are 32 Pontiac. Anyone in the Pontiac world care to verify or comment. They are 18" 5 lug 5" Found a KH mark on the inside
  2. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    To be clear. The KH and numbers I found were on the inner ( tube section) of the wheel.
  3. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    Very hard to read but this is the only partial number i could get. looks like 2 322 or 2 822
  4. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    Yikes, did they make a 17 3/4?( kidding) Am I measuring correctly? 17" or 18"
  5. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    Measuring from outer edge of one hole to the center of other seems to be closer to 5"... Also found a KH stamp on the rear backing plate (Kelsey Hayes ?)
  6. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    Thanks for the measurement instructions.
  7. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    I cannot find any Manufacturers ID on the wheel. Tried it on my 31 Plymouth. Bolt pattern different. Thinking that although 1931 Plymouth uses 19" and 1932 uses 18" the bolt pattern would be the same . Did not fit.
  8. 31plymouth

    Wire wheel identification

    Trying to identify these 2 wire wheels that I have. I think they are 18" (smaller than my 19" Plymouth wheels) 5 lug about 3 1/2 " between lug nut holes.
  9. Nice description of both "right " and "wrong"... All sellers should do this
  10. 31plymouth

    Continental Engine

    The 1924 Paige Continental engine (8A) is still available. It is in the " Continental " Forum
  11. 31plymouth

    1924 Paige engine for sale

    The 1924 Paige Continental engine listed under the "Continental" forum is still available.
  12. 31plymouth

    oil pump

    What do you consider low pressure? Isn't there a pressure control spring?
  13. 31plymouth

    Car door Identification

    Trying to help my brother identify this car door. Any ideas?
  14. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Thanks, will try to find it
  15. 31plymouth

    31-32 Plymouth transmission interchange

    Thanks for the Dodge info. I will post a request in the Dodge section with that information.