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  1. What a great engine and a fine looking restoration. Did you do your starter and generator or send them out? Really nice looking.
  2. Another gas company, not sure of the name, gave out two horseshoe's that you peeled and stuck on your car. The gas advertisement was that their gas "gave you a kick". Not sure what company that was. My Mom and Dad always liked the greenstamps, and mom would redeem them at the green stamp center for merchandise. There was also plaid stamps.
  3. Durant, Star for sure.
  4. Tim A member of our Durant Motors Automobile Club had some distributor mounting brackets made using the 3D printing method and they looked fantastic. He took an original had a young neighbor who had great CAD experience draw it up, had a professional factor using this technique make them and pour them in a metal/bronze material. The part needs some cleaning up, and a good powder coating to make it look like the original silver color since it comes out a gold tinted color, but I was amazed at the quality and the ability to do this. It is a great way to get those old parts for cars no longer manufactured and a cheaper price usually than a machinist can make it. Mike
  5. The Durant Motors East Coast Spring meet will be held in Bowling Green, Kentucky April 20th through the 23rd 2017. Tours will include the Corvette Museum and the Corvette assembly line on April 21st and local tour on Saturday April 22nd. Host hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Bowling Green 1020 Wilkinson Trace Bowling Green, KY 42103 By Phone please call: (270) 781-6778 1. Give dates of your stay 2. Request Rate for Durant Motors Rate: $104 From Online: 1. Go to: bowlinggreen.stayhgi.com 2. Select your dates in the upper right hand corner 3. Under the box (check availability) select (add special rate code option) 4. Enter: Motors into the box next to Group Code 5. Select the (check availability box) 6. Your selection of room types and rate will appear Make reservation on or before: April 12, 2017 in order to get the special rate. Don't have to be a Durant owner to join us, any pre-war car owner is welcome at any of our meets.
  6. I'll send you a private message later today with the contact information of the owner. He's a great guy from Canada.
  7. The Flint automobile marque is covered by the Durant Motors Automobile Club Inc located at www.durantmotors.org and has quite a number of members who have Flints. It was a great car made to compete with the Buick. Walter Chrysler had his eye on the prototype of this car before Billy Durant purchased the factory in Elizabeth, New Jersey as the car that would be his first Chrysler car, but Billy bought the plant out from under him and also obtained the prototype. They're great cars. If you need any more information jump over to the Durant club site and introduce yourself. They're a great bunch of car owners over there too!
  8. We have a member in the Durant Club that has a 1922 Lexington coupe. A beautiful car with factory dual exhausts. Great looking car!
  9. Quite a nice show at a good venue. Central Florida College had ample parking and a great place to display the cars. Some trees with a nice breeze, temperature around 82 during the noon to 4 hour. Cool in the morning. Seemed like there was a large group of spectators there of all ages. Great group of cars to view and judge. Don't know about the others but I had a great time!
  10. I agree that installing seat belts in old cars is a real problem. My Durant has a steel frame that the body is bolted to with 6 bolts. The floors are wood. So installing seat belts would be a problem as to where you install them. The wood floor would offer no protection, the body can separate with enough force to shear the bolts and to install a new plate would take away from the authenticity. Would it eve offer any safety.
  11. Try jumping over to the Durant Motors Automobile Club web site and posting a notice on the forum there. It's free and you don't have to be a member to post. Probably have a better chance to find one. it's located at www.durantmotors.org Mike
  12. WHAT, put a Chevy engine in a T-Bird!, WHY!
  13. Hey Curt; The funny thing is that since I've been judging, I have not been assigned to Judge the cars of the 20's, let alone a Durant, which you just don't see much of at shows. I did Judge a car from the Teens this last go around, but just have been assigned to Judge everything else. I know from my study of Durant products and other Durant Motors Automobile Club member's cars that it's kind of a joke among the members that you can't really say something wasn't original on a Durant model. I don't think they had build sheets and we sometimes have found mismatched headlights, or items on a car that was not supposed to be on that model. I think they'd send the parts runner up for two headlights and what he grabbed went on the car. We even have one 1928 model Durant that was supposed to have an oil filtrator (early type of oil filter) put on it, has all the mounting areas on the block but the block was never drilled through and the filtrator was never installed. You can tell by the original engine paint in the area. Yep quality control just wasn't there.
  14. The only problem I see at the events I judge at is many judges are just too critical in their judging areas. Maybe it is because of seeing many over restored cars on the fields and then they come up on one that doesn't have as much bling. At every Judging school they emphasis to judge fairly and not be over critical, but on every team I've been on I always see that individual who is very very critical of something. Personally I like to see all types of cars, the bling type and the normal home garage restored car, and I consider each one when I judge. As to the criticism of the judges that is often given, I agree with others that say you can't know every car. In the years I have been judging, and like I said it has been a few, but not as many as others, I've judged, mid 1950's cars, early 1930's cars, early and late muscle cars, and a mixed batch of vehicles from Messerschmidt, mid teen cars and motorcycles. My cars that I own are a 1920's era cars and a 1971 British Sports Car, so it's impossible for me to know what every car was like coming off the assembly line. It interesting that I have a copy of a silent movie made in 1923 of the Durant car plant in Toronto, Canada. It shows them painting the touring cars on the assembly line with paint coming out the end of a garden hose. Excess paint is going into the troft below. Do you think that paint had runs in it and thin spots? How about them parking the cars on the room to let the lacquer paint dry. Think there was bug spots. As long as it's not a blatant error, this should be considered when judging.
  15. Great to hear, keep us posted with pictures of your restoration efforts. Everyone here on the forum, likes to see pictures. Good luck!