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  1. Durant Mike

    The decline of Sears

    Ace Hardware is also carrying Craftsman tools. Glad to see the brand go on.
  2. Durant Mike

    Continental 6E in 1923 Flint - info needed

    Aussie Cowboy; Jump over to the Durant Automobile Club web site at www.durantmotors.com and feel free to post there. You don't have to be a member to post and this club serves Durant, Flint, Devaux, Locomobile (1922-1929) Frontenac, Continental, Mason trucks all the vehicles associated with or made from Durant Motors cars or parts. Good group of people, very helpful.
  3. Durant Mike

    1931 devaux coupe

    Hey Dave, don't know if you are a member yet, but the Durant Motors Automobile Club (www.durantmotors.org) covers that marque and has members that own a number of Devaux's. Norman Devaux ran the GM facility in California under Billy Durant and later ran Durant's Oakland assembly plant. After the demise of Durant Motors he started his own car company with Colonel Hall. If you haven't already, jump over to the Durant club site and check it out. If you need any help or assistance with parts, feel free to post on that site and your likely to find them. The club puts out an excellent quarterly magazine and is truly a car club family.
  4. Durant Mike

    Assembly of my 1928 Durant differential

    Rusty & Nickel Roadster it's a long story but the painter has a restoration shop that does mostly muscle cars. He has a full blast service and he's done many of my parts for me. He had a guy that would take apart his differentials, corvettes, mustangs, etc and repair when needed and put them back together after blasting and painting. Unfortunetely this guy retired and moved out of the area leaving this job just not put back together. If you look at my listing, you will see I'm the President of the Durant Car Club and have posted on their forum also. I was trying to get some opinions on from others. I will try to find out what type of differential this is, and the only input I received from club members was that there was no gasket between the two halves of the differential, they were just bolted together tightly. Thanks for the input, I'll just figure it out.
  5. Durant Mike

    Velocity Channel Ruins Wheeler Dealers

    Just watched the new YouTube Edd China's video. I like it and hope that some television company will pick it up soon. Velocity are you listening? We don't need anymore chopped and hot rod shows on TV.
  6. Any pointers about putting back together my 1928 Durant differential. The guy that painted it took it all apart to paint the outside and gave it back to me in pieces. There is no manual on this thing? I know I have to put the front shims back as they came but I find no gasket between the two rear halves. I would think it would leak, but someone told me just put a thin layer of form a gasket and bolt it together. Any other things I should be careful about?
  7. Durant Mike

    Ma Barker House in Florida

    I saw the very same show and although I was happy they saved the house and a piece of history, I was not happy with them moving the house across the lake. Seems the family that owned it sold out to developers instead of keeping the historic house at it's original historic location. I guess money talks1
  8. Durant Mike

    LED's anyone?

    Matt I read your article and it really makes sense for our older cars to be seen. Great for the tail lights etc. For my TR6 I've just purchased all new LED's for the tail, turn and dash lights. I'll install a ballast resister for it so the turn signals flash. I ordered the tail and turn signals from superbright LED's and the dash lights from a British company. In today's traffic you need all the light you can get!
  9. Durant Mike

    3D Parts Printing

    One of our club members in the Durant Motors Automobile Club had a distributor housing manufactured for our 1928/1929 cars done with the 3D process. Came out perfect and was an exact fit. Price was not that expensive and it was done by a company in Washington State that makes aeronautical and space parts to high specifications. Great for making parts you just can't seem to find anymore if you have the one prototype.
  10. Durant Mike

    Paint Color Opinions

    I say repaint it the original colors!
  11. I need new brake springs for my 28 Durant bendix 3 shoe brakes. Any idea of a supplier? I haven't checked with the modern parts stores but I know what I'm going to get. "what year car is it"? " A what, that' s not in our computer". Oh for the days when the old parts store people knew their parts instead of having to go to a computer to look it up. I long for the day when you could hear 28 Durant, oh that's the same part as a 47 Chevy.
  12. Durant Mike

    6-17 Delux Coupe

    A Sell Make sure you tell the owner to jump over to the Durant Motors Automobile Club web site at www.durantmotors.com and check it out. If you need parts or advise on something this is the place to go. They can join up by clicking a button on the left of the site. Club is a great family club, friendly and the club magazine is worth the membership dues, published quarterly.
  13. Durant Mike

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    Got back last night from the event. First time I attended and was very very disappointed. Not at the AACA part, but the rest of the event. Like Matt said the car corral was a joke for the most part with modern cars for sale, including something like a 2016 Dodge Ram, newer cars you'd see on a corner used car lot. Yes there were some really nice cars, but the should limit the cars to older collector cars and I guess hot rods and modified if they have to. You had the big vendors there, Coker, National Parts Depot and others, but for the most part very very little pre world war II stuff and for that matter even 50's stuff unless it was aftermarket eldebrock manifolds etc. They even had some drifting club running their cars through a course all day and everyday if you like that sort of thing. The AACA event was handled very well, judges school and breakfast was very good and even though the rain was a problem on Saturday there were some very nice cars on the field to judge. There were a lot of empty spaces though, as I'm sure many owners did not want to bring out their cars in the rain. I primarily went to see what it was like and to do my part to judge on Saturday, but not sure I'd recommend it to anyone in the future.
  14. Durant Mike

    Southeastern National Spring Meet, April 7

    I'll be heading out Thursday morning for the drive up. Attending judging school on Friday and then judging on Saturday. Hope the weather is good, long ride both ways. First time attending Charlotte.
  15. Durant Mike

    6 volt LED bulbs

    Many of the british care enthusiasts, MG, Triumph have them now available and are switching to them. Much brighter and safer at night. The companies that service these little Brits sell the electronic flashers, relays etc. They all report that you do have to do some modifications to the wiring since the LED's draw much less power and on some cars will not flash without the electronic flasher. Most of the sites also sell 6 volt units.