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  1. Saw the one on ebay - immediate thought was incredibly rare car
  2. Most Usable Franklin?

    We had a 147 Speedster with 4 speed Detroit transmission, factory high speed rear axle, and what was thought to be experimental heads matched with original exhaust that featured a larger and shorter tailpipe - it did 60 just fine for hours at a time and 65 just did not sound right, though you could run it up to 75 for short times just fine. I would suggest a Series 16 (1932) or its equivalent 1933 model (all be it I like the 32 headlights better). As to a Series 12 - many friends have them and equivalent - I personally like them, but am wondering if they are 45 mph cars (keep in mind though in 70's and 80's when we were attending Franklin meets a good two dozen were driving into Cazzenovia from all over the East Coast).
  3. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    Notice the airplane ornament at center of rear bumper - a part rarely seen = rare.
  4. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    Like some 40's Lincolns they tend to publically sell lower than one would expect being CCCA luxury automobiles. Part of the problem may be that the "good" open cars very rarely change hands outside of the club - ie the average "Joe on the Street" is not seeing the sale. And, many people get overly intimidated by them being non-traditional (ie AirCooled). Great cars though and I highly endorse ownership. I also endorse their club and club activities - dad and I had years and years of fun with the club and still have many many great friends through such. This car immediately struck me as an excellent buy and I will say again "pick-it-up" ! When I say "Pick-It-Up" - I would call the dealer and ask a few questions, wire the money, have a transport pick up, and be happy first time I saw it coming out of the trailer - this just struck me as that kind of car.
  5. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    If looking for a good open Franklin, I really suggest a serious look at this car especially given the reduced price (and it was fine at prior slightly higher price) ! Matt, I do appreciate you comments. And, I made such comments as car does very much justify its price (and hard to find a restored open Franklin of this quality). As to Paul's comments about running - if ever needed Franklins are not mind blowing to sort out (and while they intimidate some people, there really is nothing to be intimidated about) - I would have no concerns one way or another about mechanics. Agree with Paul that a steering worm drive could be a key - at time I did my car a worm gear was not something made or cost effective to make - and our car had less than 10K original miles on it and already showed wear to worm.
  6. Bijur Filters

    I have several Bijur fittings on the RR PI that appear to have nothing wrong with them outside of what I think may be clogged felt filters in the fittings. It looks like the prior owner put the wrong weight fluid in the jar and that matched with time has clogged the felt. I did a hand oil via removing the fittings, but now time to fix properly. The hand pump is working perfectly and successful users of system encourage using 20 Weight (which works great, but only when I remove the filters - ie why I believe filters are clogged). I have been been tempted to drop the fittings down into carburetor cleaner or lacquer thinner, but I assume the better approach is to just replace the felt filters with new clean material. So, is there a part number for the filters if available ? Or, has someone found some sort of suited felt stock ?
  7. Dupont

    And, I would still love to see a photo of this car as new.
  8. Dupont

    Is there such thing as an interior photo of this Town Car - I have never seen one and am curious all be it I assume it is "modern" aka very plain & simple ?
  9. Great Classic Sedans

    Thanks Walt ! I spent most of the the past two months and a week focusing on it mechanically - nothing really too wrong, but with any car that sits for extended time you have an extensive laundry list of items to rebuild or replace. And, Vintage Garage has been a true blessing, as has Fiennes. The cosmetics came out super well too - the car had not really been cleaned in 20 plus years and I anticipated the worse all be it turns out climate controlled storage for past 35 years made cleanup easier than anticipated. The most difficult parts to clean up were several pieces of brown German Silver. And, I polished all the aluminum under hood - that took some elbow grease as I doubt anyone had ever cleaned with any dedication (again good storage matched to spending its entire life in gorgeous garages certainly helps too. What was interesting is that I have never been a fan of green cars, but I literally bet 200 plus people told me they were in love with its colors.
  10. Great Classic Sedans

    Thanks ! It is interesting as I have never been a fan of green cars and I expected people not to like it, but Sunday 200 plus people complimented its colors matched to countless compliments about car being so impressive. And, another 100 saw it in garage over past two months with same reaction. I did have a few people criticize me for having a Desmo Scottie by the name of "McIntosh" ornament on the car, but it is period correct from 1929 via PG Woodhouse Wooster & Jeeves books.
  11. When we rebuilt the engine in the 1935 Auburn 851 we found one of the main bearing shells to have delamination of the poured bearing in its shell (it had caused only minute damage be being loose and pounding edges of the delaminated bearing material a little bit, though fortunately bearing was pretty contained and car had a hardened crankshaft which I attribute to preventing any real damage). The response from the current engine rebuilder was "this was probably the last bearing poured and often such is the case as the temperature of the last one is too cold when someone does not really understand bearing technology or is not use to doing larger sized engines with that many main bearings").
  12. STUTZ

    And, Correct - it is a Blackhawk and not 28
  13. STUTZ

    Enjoyed the dropbox photos - are you doing a full restoration or just a large scale pick-me-up ?
  14. STUTZ

    Old Car Bearing Company - always finds me the rarer stuff (all be it 4 speed Detroit gearboxes in Stutz cars I hear now have some unobtainium bearings, though looks like you may have a Warner box).
  15. Great Classic Sedans

    Friends have a 1930 Packard 740 Club sedan that had leather in it from new (all be it main part of headliner is cloth) - kind of neat car. A 1929 to 1932 Franklin Speedster could also have leather as do I believe most Transcontinental Sedans.