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  1. 1955 Roadmaster / Super Taillight Reflector wanted

    Interesting. The reflector is reproduced for a 1956 Buick, but not the 1955 - would make sence though given time period for them to be all different from year to year and make to make.
  2. 1929 Model 135 questions

    As to the oil question - I would lean toward a 20W-40 or 20w-50 (at least I did for 1930 147 Series for 6.5K miles)
  3. 1955 Roadmaster / Super Taillight Reflector wanted - does someone have a good one that is not sunfaded or checked/cracked ? Needs shipped to Cincinnati, OH
  4. Heaters

    The heater is actually a special exhaust manifold - they are not cheap, but can be had - they work fabulous (warm and toasty) - in hot weather you disconnect the pick-up of the blower shroud.
  5. Series 14 Generator Removal

    May give you some problems if it has not been off in a long time. If I recall the sliding plate is actually made of bearing material, but the gear is steel and so is the generator armature shaft
  6. Does Someone make 1955 Roadmaster Waffle Pattern Vinyl for Door Panels and ... Good news is I need Black in color.
  7. Any Advice if I need new Wiper Blades for my 1955 Roadmaster ?
  8. 1955 Buick Power Radio Antenna Switch

    I have a power antenna on my 1955 Roadmaster, but it is missing the chrome "antenna" bezel/plate - I do have the switch. I would be willing to buy both switch and Bezel/plate (or just chrome bezel/plate) if anyone has one.
  9. Hudson museum auction

    John Kruse = wonderful person who I have known for years. And, I endorse Worldwide Auctions too!
  10. Hello, What should a 1955 Buick Power Radio Antenna Dashboard Switch look like as to switch, bezel/chrome trim piece or ?
  11. 1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    By the way: Love the interior in the Packard Speedster Sedan - super neat car all around too. I had the pleasure of driving a Packard Speedster with a reproduction Dual Barrel Carburetor - IMPRESSIVE !!! !!! !!!
  12. 1930 Packard 734 Speedster Sedan - For Sale

    1935 -1936 Auburn Phaetons are near ideal tour cars and cherished by those who own them - there are about 100 surviving Phaetons with good representation between Supercharged and Non-Supercharged - the prices slowly creep up and I see no reason why that would change. And, when you find a "bargain" car it usually is a bargain because it will need an influx of cash put into it. By the way: 1934's are Phaetons are worthy of a glance.
  13. 1933 Buick Series 90 Model 91

    Did the woodworker start on it ?
  14. Custom bodied Packards

    The 1932 Packard Twin Six with Murphy body originally owned by Gar Wood of boat racing fame has a similar pull out dual cowl feature. What I find more interesting is the spit "walk through" front seat that are generally only found on earlier Packard Cloverleaf Tourings and 2 door Cloverleaf tourings in general, as well as the periodic teens Pierce Arrow and ... (which are all rare of rare body styles to begin with).
  15. 145 Spark Plug

    Champion C-7 as a new car which I believe interchanges with a modern Champion D-16 or D16