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  1. I am wondering if it is Huppmobile circa 1931 or 1932 (they tend to have the boxy look of the earlier "square" type of tire cover for a 1930/1931 Cadillac/LaSalle.
  2. By the way = the look on the counter salesman's face when I ordered umpteen feet of gates heater hose was pretty close to priceless.
  3. I hung onto my extra Stromberg U-3's for just that reason of cost / rarity you speak of (I worked hard to have extra parts and ..... As to the valves - I oiled on the equivalent of a half day to day of driving = Every 4-6 to 8 hours on the engine - depended on how convenient it was to work on ccar via its usage. I ran car about 6K miles and next owner followed my instructions and ran car another 17K miles without service issues.
  4. Hate to say it Ed, but I am not sure who the all the usual sources are for this one all be it I probably know a few and have started asking around (I will PM you my original list I started with). I do know there are plenty of PI cars out there using a black cap verses the maroon caps (so some sort of cap can be retrofitted or some sort of whole distributor - as well as rotor) - important thing is that it run well and that is not possible with the current caps. One cap certainly would help the cause as you can run it on one distributor.
  5. The red stripe looks really great - go for it ! And, I think it will be night and day difference in giving the car proportion to convey its large size and luxury status. Again, a beautifully restored and high point early 1930's CCCA car is very hard to find anywhere in the 40-50K range.
  6. My restorer duplicated the one missing 1935 1936 1937 Super Eight OR Twelve Convertible Sedan center pillar flip latch that I was searching for via a friend's 1935 (and probably also fits 1938 and 1939 Super Eight OR Twelve). My restorer now has this part available if anyone should need one or a pair of these latches. Sorry, I do not have a picture of the part, but they came out very nice (they were made in a model lab taking in account shrinkage and .... - beautiful parts). Let me know if you need and I will connect you to the fellow making. JOHN MERENESS 513-478-1887 johnmereness@AOL.COM
  7. I saw this out on ebay for 22.5K - You could not even begin to bring this car to the quality of yours for anywhere near 30K more.
  8. Ken, as mentioned, did not mean to offend. Personally, I think you are selling yourself short at 39K. This Auburn was all Black with an Orange pinstripe. I painted the Silver belt molding over a weekend- I sprayed it out in the driveway. I just liked Black, Silver, and Red; and thought I would give it a whirl. I pinstriped it myself as well (the following weekend) and I then did a wheel a night.
  9. Funny you can say that about Trippes as I actually have only put one set on a car and it was sometime in the early 1990's - they were on the car already and I changed them from Junior to Seniors (changed the backshells, levels, and emblems) - That was on a 1931 Packard 833 Sport Phaeton (interestingly a maroon body car with red fenders and trim - fairly well restored, but entirely assembled from the junk door of the workbench - I had to change literally every nut, bolt and screw). I also have a set of Trippes untouched on a closet shelf for some 17 years (and I probably bought them when I was 16 in 1979). I have put on plenty of sets of Pilot Ray Driving Lights (pretty pricey for any car) and some GM driving lights, Packard driving lights, and Dietz, and Fog King Teleoptic . My point only being: How do you add some proportion to this car - it is a fairly big/large car and paint combination as it exists does not for some reason convey its size ? And, being a base equipment car is there a way to work around such ?
  10. Hello, If I need a pair (or at least one) 1929 - 1931 Rolls Royce Springfield Phantom I Distributor caps - who should I be talking to and/or is there a retrofit/replacement ? They need not be maroon - they must work though.
  11. Dave Bell and Dad spent many many a weekend working on his 1929 Stearns Knight 6 cylinder - just do not break anything. And, they are pretty forgiving engines. Dave was fortunate to have extra parts, but it was the 1960's and 1970's and at times there was not much money around - many times a problem part was pulled out and the best used put back in. I believe the car covered some quarter of a million miles. It smoked quite a bit too - just live with that. My best advice though with a 30's car (any car for that matter is to drop the pan and make sure there is no sludge in it - sludge is a killer. Also, I remember dad and Dave on the quest for alcohol based antifreeze (and I believe they added water pump lube to it) - Dave was always concerned about if water in the oil via head design.
  12. A good friend in Cincinnati had Studebaker's for years - including a 29 or 30 Commander Coupe, a 31 President Sedan, a 32 Four Seasons Roadster, and ...... They are nice cars. One of the first President's I ever saw was in perhaps 1980, a 29 Seven Passenger sedan - it was in a dis-repaired tiny garage in Columbus OH - it was dark maroon (almost black) with black fenders and trim, black wire wheels (with sidemounts and ancient mismatched tires), red pinstripe, leather trimmed trunk, - it caught my eye. As mentioned - at the very minimum I would: 1. Pinstripe: Ask around at the motorcycle shops about your pinstripe options - you may have to take it to them (hard to get a house call in certain geographies) - it does take a while (several hours) for One Shot sign painters enamel to dry (ie best to trailer car if going to a pinstriper). You could probably use 3M fine line tape to tape the lines and then paint your own stripe - will not be the same as hand drawn, but will be nice nevertheless (not easy - takes many hours and a lot of patience). My gut feel on the stripe would be Gold - and Red would look good if you did not tu-tone. 2. Change the Red on the rear fender wells to Black (looks awkward to see Red in the rear fender well when underside of car is all Black). The photo of body in unrestored condition looks like fender wells were trimmed out to better match fenders as well. 3. Add back your spare tire cover and add on a Studebaker emblem 4. Optional but harder= Tu-Tone body. If I had the time and ...., I would certainly be adding a darker Maroon to the belt moldings to tu-tone. The belt moldings are really attractive and just totally lost being monotone. Also, lack of tu-toning on body for some reason on this car makes the car loose proportion (looks more Model A Ford sized than Cadillac/Packard sized). 5. A set of Trippe Driving lights, a set of windwings, a stoneguard, or ... any one item would dress the car. You could also sew up a lap robe for the robe rail and a set of pillows as well - If a Cadillac or Packard they are in the factory accessory brochure/list. In the big CCCA picture, it is pretty hard to buy anything restored to an AACA or CCCA prize winning level for 47K (and when you do it is older done and often toured with or is a Cadillac or Packard sedan of late 30's/40's vintage). That being said, on day one there was a hierarchy of sedans - close coupled probably first, then any style sedan with 6 wires with sidemonts, 5 wires with a sidemount, 6 woods with sidemounts, 5 woods with a sidemount, and probably last comes 5 woods with a rear-mount spare. The car need not be painted or accessorized like a circus wagon, but I think you are loosing sales as it is too "plain Jane." Also, advertise in CCCA and Hemmings too. By the way: We apply a lot of strategy via - sending plenty of cars out for changes in wheel color, tires changes, pinstriping, adding driving lights, and .... - sometimes we are fortunate to have owners capable/interested and other times trying to maximize the dollar value for an estate.
  13. We used Mobile One - hand lubed all the point via oil can and then added some oil to the valve pads (via 1930 147 series, though doubt anything different for a 29 23 Series car) - your main concern is heat and an oil that can take such. Please take no offense, but the dual carbs are probably a just whole bunch of grief when combined with a downdraft engine (a 29 is pretty much a 50 mph car with 55 for short periods) - speed just breaks things.
  14. My dad and I took this Peerless out for the weekend when Leo gephart had it for sale in perhaps 1978 - very nice car and was pretty unrestored at that time (excepting an amateur repaint - same colors) - interestingly it had wire wheels on it then and very nice tire covers (a well optioned sedan all the way around) but the wheels and hubcaps were pretty marginal, so I am guess the woods were in better shape or ?). Photo: vancouverexpress and conceptcarz 1930 Peerless Custom Eight owned by Ele Chesney.
  15. The red rear inner fender visible in the rear fender wells is somewhat distracting as well.