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  1. 1931 Cadillac Model 355A Fleetwood Phateon

    Outstanding Cadillac and hard to find one so "original" and always well kept.
  2. Reo Royale

    He always had really great "unrestored" cars - last one we looked at with him was a 1932 Pierce Arrow V-12 Coupe.
  3. Dupont

    I thought this Dupont had a really good look to it in the Dark Brown (all be it's re-restoration is much more flashy and shows off the body lines more) a really good period look - fell in love with it when featured on CCCA magazine cover eons ago.
  4. Franklin Atwater Kent coils & King Seeley fuel senders

    Very nice quality parts - I have been pleased with my purchases from them.
  5. Spark Plug Wire colors?

    Nice look
  6. Spark Plug Wire colors?

    When I bought my 1935 Auburn sedan it had a spare cap in trunk and on it was a set of leads in black with a few maroon leads (dark maroon shiny cloth braided wire) mixed in (and since have accumulated a couple other maroon leads) - my guess is that the Cord had maroon leads and the maroon leads came on the Auburns from having the car serviced at someplace use to working on Auburns and Cords. Attached is a picture of a Cord - do not know color of wires, but they certainly DO NOT look black.
  7. Franklin Oil Level Gauge

    They are REALLY high quality reproduction parts too
  8. 1935 FORD Cabriolet - For SALE

    Still for sale - the executor of the estate had a lot on their plate so had to not push sales over summer, but time for this to find a new owner. It is a super nice Ford that was high quality/high point score restored (on what appears to have always been a nice car to begin with) - some age to restoration, but rarely do you see a better 35 and for that matter 36 or 37.
  9. Reo Royale

  10. The single Full Classic Plymouth. Any information?

    It would look better if they put the landau irons on in the more traditional form - looks like the right is on the left and visa versa w/bottom needing moved to top.
  11. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    Congratulations ! I strongly believe you are now the owner of a very fine Franklin !
  12. Oil Filter

    MOPAR canister type works fine
  13. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    This is a great period PI Photo
  14. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    I am only aware of the company referenced by West Peterson and Peter Zobian (and I have not bought complete sets from them, but on the 25/30 cars I have bought the replacement parts for the die cast pieces at the hub and they were very nice). I actually would not mind having an original PI set of (20") wheel disk covers - anyone have an extra set ?.
  15. American Rolls Royce (Ghost, PI & PII)

    And, this is a first generation Dover body circa 1929 (also a few variations were made on such - ex. one is close coupled)