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  1. brasscarguy

    Engine scanner

    If you are looking to purchase on the inexpensive side, try your local Snap on dealer. They all have older trade in's that are unable to be up dated to the 2005 and up. These are a drug on the market and dealers let them go very reasonable. just a thought, brasscarguy
  2. brasscarguy

    Still alive; need ideas

    If you are not locked into Oregon, some folks move to Southern Washington, just across the river from Oregon. Oregon has INCOME TAX, and Washington does not. Oregon has no sales tax Washington does. So the trick is to live in Washington and make your major purchases in Oregon. I have a friend that did this very same thing moving from Cali. He figures he is saving about 20 percent per year on taxes alone. just a thought, brasscarguy
  3. brasscarguy

    Boy, do I want this....

    Like myself many of us Pacific Northwestern'ers are not joiners, we are lurkers. If an event ques our interest we just may show up. My cars from a 1907 thru 1994, from a 2 cylinder Reo to a V-12 Ferrari. I don't belong to any specific car club, just the AACA life member, HCCA life member, MTFCA . I have no interest in going to boring senseless meetings. I prefer playing with and restoring my cars. That is why very few regional groups flourish or succeed in the Northwest, my humble opinion. just sayin' brasscarguy p/s sadly the caleefornicators are moving here in droves. It saddens us locals to see housing developments taking over dairy and farm lands.
  4. brasscarguy

    Boy, do I want this....

    Hey Guy's, Be kind about Snohomish!!!! It's the antique capitol of the pacific northwest.A quaint little town right on the Snohomish river. There is an airport, a lumber mill, lots of taverns, a real honest to god police department, and a Ford dealer since 1933 still owned by the same family, rural America to a tee. I live less than 5 miles from Snohomish and often go there for a real full service hardware store with a nut and bolt selection 2nd to none. I was there last Friday and purchased 6 -11/16th's black hi crown castellated nuts. Try that at your hardware store!!!!!!! just sayin' brasscarguy
  5. brasscarguy

    1918 Rauch and Lang

    I found a barn fresh 1913 Waverly electric coupe few years back. It too was 84 volts. I decided to add 1 more 12 volt battery and made it 96 volts. 96 volt chargers are relatively in expensive. I purchased a 96 volt solid state charger small enough to fit under the seat. The charger was about $250.00. Adding 1 more battery did not cause any undo harm to the electrical system. I replaced all the battery cables with high quality welding cable and used heavy battery clamps and soldered all connections as well a using heat shrink tubing on ll connections. The reason to use fine strand welding cable is to reduce resistance. This was an original unrestored car that had the original controller which was a copper finger controller which by today's standards is very inefficient. If you are going to use the original controller make sure you clean the contact surfaces of all contamination and sand them smooth as a baby's butt. They tend to get pimples on them during driving. I sold mine a few years back and was like a boat owner, the happiest days of my life was the day I got it and the day I sold it. The driving issue was no power to go up even a slight grade. With no way to gear down the Waverly could only go 5 milers per hour even on the slightest grade. On the flat 20 to 25 mph. You learn to drive with the amp gauge, the higher the amp gauge registers the more current is used, which cuts down on your distance. Just sayin' brasscarguy
  6. brasscarguy

    1911 REO Truck For Sale

    I sold my 1912 Reo single cylinder truck for $11,000 several years ago. The issue as I stated above is limited by the slow driving speed and low horsepower. just sayin' brasscarguy
  7. brasscarguy

    1911 REO Truck For Sale

    I owned one of these single cylinder Reo trucks a few years back. They originally had hard rubber tires and much larger diameter wheels. This one has later small diameter demountable rim wheels. As a 1 cylinder chain drive vehicle they are really good for a parade vehicle. Not so much as a tour car. They are easy to drive with a 2 speed planetary transmission. Easy to start. Reo used a later Reo 1 cylinder motor and transmission. The interesting part is they used a 1905/06 Reo rear axle assembly mounted solid in the frame, and with sprockets mounted on the axle shafts. This acted as a jack shaft with chain from the solid mounted rear axle to the dead axle at the rear wheels. There was a shorter chain drive from the output shaft of the transmission to the diffy in the rear axle assy. Top speed about 15 mph, down hill with a tail wind!!!!!! just sayin' brasscarguy
  8. brasscarguy

    1928 Studebaker President race car AUSTRALIA

    Andy, I have a spare Budd Wheel Nut wrench if you are interested. This is a pickle fork style that has a ramp on I ford to raise the locking dog on the nut.
  9. brasscarguy

    Duesenberg J grille shell

    Wow, you are reaching way back to Bill Honda. When I worked at Harrah's Automobile Collection he was making beautiful bodies for us. 1930s pontoon fenders, Duesenberg boat tail bodies and Murphy dual cowl phaeton bodies. In those days sedans were stripped of their bodies and chassis'were converted to open cars. They even had Bill Honda make a boat tail body for a Packard. Those bodies and fenders were works of art. When we took delivery they were ready for paint and upholstery. The finish was outstanding, real lead was used and all doors opened and closed perfectly. Just sayin' thanks for the trip down memory lane. brasscarguy
  10. I would buy one as well. Keep me informed thnx
  11. brasscarguy

    Cadillac flower truck?

    The tank engines were identical internally. The blocks were quite different how they were mounted in their respective frames. The tanks had 1 engine for each set of tracks. These tank engines were dipped in cosmoline, they took one hell of a lot of work to get them cleaned up. They dipped canvas in the cosmoline and wrapped the engines in it. I purchased a surplus Cadillac motor when restoring my father's 1941 Cadillac convertible sedan. They were very inexpensive at the time $300 each in 1985. We used all of the surplus motors innards. It was an easy swap over. We used the pistons, rods, crank, timing components, valves and the hydraulic lifters. Our car had minimal miles on the odometer and the bore was not worn . Just a light hone and we were stylin' just sayin' brasscarguy
  12. brasscarguy

    Need Oval Gas Tank

    I have a 1913 Overland raceabout oval tank for sale. It is a oval tank that was mounted on an angle from the rear deck sloping upwards to the seat back. Can supply photos.
  13. Oh, my an honest to god machinist job shop!!!!!! In Seattle if you don't order 1000 pieces, they won't give you the time of day. It's a sad day for those that need a simple bushing or shaft made. Job shops are almost a thing of the past. Even living in Seattle I get to Fresno each year and never miss an opportunity to check out Emmrick's machine tool sales center for both new and used. It's almost a good as the Bakersfield swap meet. Sadly our last good adult only place to shop, Boeing Surplus closed down a few years ago. Kyle, We will be in Fresno in April on our way to Bakersfield just might stop by. just sayin' brasscarguy
  14. brasscarguy

    How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Never enough, both Snap On and Matco trucks stop by each week to my wife's Subaru Service Center. I have a standing order with both, to purchase any repo or trade in tools and they know what I will buy. Every week is like Christmas, I never know what will show up. Keep in mind the repo and used tools are less than 1/2 of new and they work just fine. Also the warranty is still good, as I'm a very good regular customer. I have several tool boxes and they are full. I have complete sets of hand tools in each of the cars in my collection , plus tools for the summer home. When I pass on to never never land it will be one hell of an auction, don't miss it, not to mention the lathes, milling machines, welding machines surface grinders, and too many hand power tools to mention. I never met a tool I did not love and covet, my wife feels the same about diamonds, so its kind of a trade off, we each get what we want, a happy wife is a happy life. just sayn' brasscarguy
  15. Mike, sent you pix of one I have, think it was off a Stutz. Was going to use it on my 50 hp t head speedster project but it now surplus. I also have a dual 4 distributor, that is off a studebaker fires 8 plugs for a 4 cylinder motor, was going to use that on my Fronty sr but decided t use one of my Bosch 2 spark dual mags