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  1. brasscarguy

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Pluto, I have known of Gil Duffy's dual cowl since I was about 15 years old, now 75. Gil was a good friend of my fathers, hence I was around in the early years of car collecting. He actually had 2. The dual cowl and the other a rebodied convertible sedan made by a body shop in Seattle when it was "modernized" I have ridden in the dual cowl car a number of times and around 1965 when I was 18 Gil let me drive the car. It was an interesting and fun ride, damn the hood was long!. I think Nethercut "freshened up the dual cowl in trade for the convertible sedan. Gil was not at his best at the time and they convinced him to let them have the supercharger, which was very very sad. This car was one of Waynes' big finds. The whole show was hokey, the story went that he was going to find this long hidden car that no one knew about, wrong!! Most older locals classic car guys all knew exactly where it was on 3 tree point on Puget Sound where Gil lived for over 50 years. As he was being filmed on his way to south Seattle and letting out the long hidden secret, he actually was going the wrong direction heading north on the Seattle waterfront. The rest of the story was it had not been seen for many many years, which was also more b/s as when Wayne "found it" it had recently been returned from Nethercut's. If you watch the program he lead Gils daughter to believe the car would fetch just at mil. Wayne apparently did not notice that the supercharger was missing until the real experts looked under the hood at Pebble, and it brought far less than his estimate I think around $650,000. The daughter was more than pissed if you watch the show. At least the big secret and story sold tickets and in Hollywood that's what counts. These are memories of a guy that's been around the block many times and I might have a fact or 2 off a bit but that's the jist of the story. just sayin' brasscarguy
  2. brasscarguy

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    I always heard "A fool and his money are soon parted" My question is how did the fool get the money in the 1st place? I say if you really are stupid enough to purchase sight unseen a ridiculously low priced car from a photo, then you get what you deserve, your pocket picked. No sympathy here quit your crying and get on with it. As for the so called professional collector car hustlers, buy an inexpensive "water mark" program to lay over the top of your photos so they can't be "stolen" and reproduced. The money you guys make hocking these cars certainly must give you enough profit to buy one. If your potential customer is really interested you can email photos directly. just sayin' brasscarguy
  3. A good friend is a director of several dealerships. It seems the car delivery companies try to deliver all new cars after the dealerships are closed. That way neither the factory, or the shipping company could be held responsible for any damage on delivered cars. They ended chaining off all driveways after hours so no cars could be dropped off. That solved the damaged delivered cars. just sayin' brasscarguy
  4. brasscarguy

    1967 442 convertible 4 speed for parts

    Do you have the radio antenna? I need a good mast or complete unit. thnx
  5. WTB: Passengers side chrome rear view mirror new or used. 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. thnx
  6. brasscarguy

    1953 Olds 98 Convert FS

    WEB MASTER, ARE YOU LISTENING?????? Prices should be mandatory on all cars listed for sale. That saves the potential buyers a lot of time and effort. If the price is out of their range they can pass. To try and get a hold of sellers with no phone number is a time consuming and often a waste of time. Solve that problem by making sales price mandatory, this should be a very simple rule change. As I've stated before no price I just pass on to the next, even if its a vehicle I would like to own. just sayin' brasscarguy
  7. brasscarguy

    What should I do with old yellow fabric..

    My late friend Tom Sumner of Seattle had a Kaiser Darren that was an original survivor and it had that color exterior and interior. It was a washed out color that had the appearance of being out in the bright sun to long. just sayin' brasscarguy
  8. Tom Sumner long time Seattle collector and restorer of vintage automobiles has passed away at the age of 94. Tom owned and worked on some of Seattle's best and most interesting collector vehicles. He started his own business " The Pit Stop" in the late 1950's. He was the go to guy for sports cars and exotics in Seattle for many many years. After the sports car furry subsided he then focused on his real love of classics and changed his focus to a premier restoration shop 'Golden Era Motors" For over 30 years he was the go to guy that could do the impossible to get your classics and antique cars up and running or back on the road. He had the uncanny ability to do the impossible and do it with incredible design and finish and the finished product looked every bit as if the factory had done it with engineers and design teams. His shop was filled with Blower Bentley's Old Rolls' and a Packard or 2 here and there. Every one was welcome no matter if you were a model T owner or a hi dollar Rolls Royce guy. If you wanted advice, he was the go to guy, if you needed service or repair, he was the go to guy. Tom hired me for my first automotive job way back when I was a 19 yo who knew very little. He taught and mentored me on the finer points of automotive repair and service. Much of what I know and do today was learned from Tom. I remember one particular customer that called regarding his Maserati. His generator pulley had broken and wondered if Tom could help him. Tom said bring it in and lets see what we can do. The owner and car showed up, I had no idea who this person was but it made no difference as it was a customer in need. We removed the generator and Tom looked at the pulley as it was destroyed not usable. Tom sent me out to the back room to look for a suitable replacement. After much rework and modification the new replacement pulley was installed to the customers great relief. We worked about 4 hours late in to the evening to get him back on the road. This was in 1960 and not a lot of Maserati parts were available. This customer became a life long friend of Tom's even though he did not live near Seattle. Seems the customer was on his way to his next concert in Portland Oregon the next evening. The customer was young Miles Davis the jazz great. To this day I will never forget Miles very deep voice. Tom as stated was never at loss to fix, repair, restore or make the impossible happen. Tom at 94 had just purchased a Rolls cloud 1 a few weeks ago, not running needing service and that was his next project. His current collection includes a Darin Packard, Kaiser Darren, 1913 model t, 1905 1 cylinder Reo, 1901 Thompson 1 cylinder,Oldsmobile Toranado,Citroen wagon, and the just acquired Rolls cloud 1. With a great sadness my very first employer has passed, Tom God speed, You will have a lot of work to do up there!!!!!! brasscarguy
  9. My wife and I visited the Ferrari factory a few years ago. To set the stage. We stay at the Planet Hotel just across from the main gate of the factory. One morning a light rain was falling. After all Ferrari's are finished, they are driven several laps on the factory formula track across the street then off into the countryside for some 50 miles. Then back to the factory for a final check. This particular day, as I remember, a new Ferrari California came back on a flat bed tow truck with the front end pushed in a bit. Only a 1/4 million dollar car with 50 plus miles. This was an OH=============Sh*% moment. Not the way to start the test drivers day. just sayin' brasscarguy
  10. Why are listers here afraid to put a price on their cars? From my years of experience it seems they are afraid to price it because it might be overpriced? I will not bother to contact a seller afraid to put a price their merchandise, my time is far to valuable to go through the hoops. Price it or forget it that's my opinion. This car is already priced on Craig's list why not here? Maybe the forum boss should make that a requirement no price no listing. just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. Mike, About 4 photos up is a 4 blade aluminum fan. This fits a Packard twin six and possibly other same era Packards. Also I see a couple of things that say Harrah's. Can you send an email photo of what appears to be a sign. The centennial Nevada License plate is that a Horseless Carriage plate? Also might you have any Nevada low number larger horseless carriage license plates? When I worked there, Harrah's was instrumental is getting the state to make personalized license plates. We spent weeks making personalized plate names up, spelling interesting cars and nick names. I would love to find one of these plates. We had one for James Milton when he attended one of the Reno tours and drove Harrah's 1913 Mercer. For some reason his nick was SQURL and that plate was ordered and placed on the Mercer. thnx
  12. brasscarguy

    Early fire engine parts for sale

    I am looking for an original hand crank siren, should you have one available. thnx
  13. brasscarguy

    1934 Cadillac Limousine

    The 1934 Cadillac's had the rare double bar "airplane bumpers" Not saying that this might be a late 1934 production model. Most Likely the 2 bar bumpers were beyond restoration as they were quite fragile. If one was interested in judging the bumpers would cost you points. I think this car is very reasonably priced and it appears to be a very nice restoration. brasscarguy
  14. brasscarguy

    wtd Mercer project

    Sorry Don't have a Mercer project . I wonder if you would know where I could get the paint formula for a 1913 Mercer raceabout? The yellow I'm looking for is the bight yellow as opposed to the more orangeish yellow. thnx
  15. brasscarguy

    Engine scanner

    If you are looking to purchase on the inexpensive side, try your local Snap on dealer. They all have older trade in's that are unable to be up dated to the 2005 and up. These are a drug on the market and dealers let them go very reasonable. just a thought, brasscarguy