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  1. BEWARE' Joel Marrifield of Canada

    Joel Marrifield purchased a car on ebay and then refused to pay. Even ebay could not get him to respond to their inquiry. He uses the handle "21chev-490. I would not recommend dealing with this flake. just sayin' brasscarguy
  2. 1919 Model t Coupe on ebay

    Seems the purchaser backed out so its back on ebay brasscarguy
  3. WTB 1920s Overland frame or chassis

    I responded to the craigs list ad. He used the frame for a street rod project. Still need a chassis or frame and springs. thnx brasscarguy
  4. WTB 1920s Overland frame or chassis

    WTB> Overland chassis or frame with "vee" front springs. This type of front suspension was used on several Overland's of the early to mid 1920's. Prefer west coast but will consider any location. Can use just the front of the frame with the springs and axel. thnx brasscarguy 2ho6 919-1949
  5. Steering Unit, right hand drive early brass era

    I will take photos tomorrow and try to post them here tomorrow evening. I will post photos of the steering unit, the deep vee radiator, the chain drive rear axle the 4 speed transmission. The large round gas tank and large running board tool box are on ebay now. brasscarguy
  6. Large right hand drive early brass era steering unit. Has brass spider and wood rim. Actually I have 2 of the exact same manufacture. One has spark and throttle levers mounted on the column. just below the steering wheel. This is another piece of the brass era speedster stuff I have collected over the last 40 years. If you are building a brass era speedster let me know what you need to complete your project I might be able to help.
  7. Running board tool box (large)

    Large restored metal running board tool box 17" long, 12" deep and 11" thick. Nice condition, good hinges and hardware no key. excellent wood base.
  8. Large Round Speedster Gas tank

    Nice older restored round speedster gas tank . 31" long 17" in diameter 4" filler hole with nickle plated brass dog bone filler cap. I'm guessing about 25 gallons.Also included are the original cast iron base brackets with straps.
  9. 57 Buick Special Convertible crash - need some advise

    It appears from the photos that the frame damage is forward of the firewall. If so why not find a frame from a sedan or hardtop and just cut and well the front clip on. The convertible reinforcements are usually an X cross brace under the center of the body. The front clip should be the same. That is an easy and far less expensive repair that can be done by any competent body shop with a frame rack. just sayin' brasscarguy
  10. 1919 model t Coupe

    Interesting 1919 model t coupe listed on ebay, seems to be a rather nice car. just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. Just saw this 1919 T coupe on ebay seems to be quite nice restored. just sayin' brasscarguy
  12. Just because someone in 1970 offered 2 grand for a horn does not reflect the current market value in my opinion. just sayin' brasscarguy(Ex Harrah's Automobile Collection employee)
  13. 1913 REO

    I have an original unrestored 1913 Reo roadster, it is a great tour car. lots of power and easy to drive. It shift and steers very lightly. I really enjoy just cruising around. I will look at my lights and check the manufacture. In fact if you send me an email I will send you photos of the side lights, headlights and the tail light. Learning to drive your Reo will be a bit of a challenge as both the clutch and brake pedal pivot and actually have a ratchet on the underside which when depressed become the emergency brake actuator. Makes for interesting driving until you get the hang of it. Ramsom was quoted as saying, the Reo the fifth was the best possible automobile he could design, there was no way anyone could improve on this Reo. just sayin'
  14. 1915 REO Packard Auburn touring door?

    I'm guessing its is earlier than 1915. My 1913 Reo had more rounded doors. This door appears to be flat. I would think 1912 or earlier. just sayin' brasscarguy
  15. Early US Rolls-Royce dealership?

    How about JS Inskip the dealer in New York City, after RR of America went through bankruptcy about 1927-28, Inskip bought the assets as well as the Brewster Body company assets. Inskip then proceeded to assemble the last of the PR series cars. My father purchased S205pr from Sam Aldelman in Mt Vernon New York in 1955. We picked up the car and drove it across the country to Seattle in the summer of 1956. S205-PR was a St Regis sedanca. It had the late style headlights, the last style fenders and the long streamlined door handles. Inskip sold this car new in 1935( we have the original documents as well as the original purchaser documents) According to Dave Domidian our P-1 was one of the very last assembled and sold by Inskip. Dave often visited my parents and tried in vain t purchase our car. In fact my parents also stayed with Dave and his wife in their restored carriage house where the hardwood floors were arranged to display the last Rolls Royces' manufactured in the USA. Dave had purchased several but could never pry my father's Rolls loose. Both Dave and my father have passed on but S205PR is still in the family now owned by my brother. I might add this car is totally original and unrestored, it runs and drives as new with only 24,000 miles showing. The only real work was to replace the aluminum cylinder head with a new one some 10 years ago. Just sayin' brasscarguy