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  1. Cadillac flower truck?

    The tank engines were identical internally. The blocks were quite different how they were mounted in their respective frames. The tanks had 1 engine for each set of tracks. These tank engines were dipped in cosmoline, they took one hell of a lot of work to get them cleaned up. They dipped canvas in the cosmoline and wrapped the engines in it. I purchased a surplus Cadillac motor when restoring my father's 1941 Cadillac convertible sedan. They were very inexpensive at the time $300 each in 1985. We used all of the surplus motors innards. It was an easy swap over. We used the pistons, rods, crank, timing components, valves and the hydraulic lifters. Our car had minimal miles on the odometer and the bore was not worn . Just a light hone and we were stylin' just sayin' brasscarguy
  2. Need Oval Gas Tank

    I have a 1913 Overland raceabout oval tank for sale. It is a oval tank that was mounted on an angle from the rear deck sloping upwards to the seat back. Can supply photos.
  3. Oh, my an honest to god machinist job shop!!!!!! In Seattle if you don't order 1000 pieces, they won't give you the time of day. It's a sad day for those that need a simple bushing or shaft made. Job shops are almost a thing of the past. Even living in Seattle I get to Fresno each year and never miss an opportunity to check out Emmrick's machine tool sales center for both new and used. It's almost a good as the Bakersfield swap meet. Sadly our last good adult only place to shop, Boeing Surplus closed down a few years ago. Kyle, We will be in Fresno in April on our way to Bakersfield just might stop by. just sayin' brasscarguy
  4. How Many Wrenches Do You Really Need?

    Never enough, both Snap On and Matco trucks stop by each week to my wife's Subaru Service Center. I have a standing order with both, to purchase any repo or trade in tools and they know what I will buy. Every week is like Christmas, I never know what will show up. Keep in mind the repo and used tools are less than 1/2 of new and they work just fine. Also the warranty is still good, as I'm a very good regular customer. I have several tool boxes and they are full. I have complete sets of hand tools in each of the cars in my collection , plus tools for the summer home. When I pass on to never never land it will be one hell of an auction, don't miss it, not to mention the lathes, milling machines, welding machines surface grinders, and too many hand power tools to mention. I never met a tool I did not love and covet, my wife feels the same about diamonds, so its kind of a trade off, we each get what we want, a happy wife is a happy life. just sayn' brasscarguy
  5. Mike, sent you pix of one I have, think it was off a Stutz. Was going to use it on my 50 hp t head speedster project but it now surplus. I also have a dual 4 distributor, that is off a studebaker fires 8 plugs for a 4 cylinder motor, was going to use that on my Fronty sr but decided t use one of my Bosch 2 spark dual mags
  6. Stoddard Dayton Carburetor

    That is the same carburetor I had on my 1909 Stoddard Dayton . It was a dog, while not worn out you could make it idle nice and smooth but no acceleration. If you made it accelerate no idle. I swapped it for a BB-1 and it ran like the devil. It became a pretty polished brass shelf item. I finally sold it on e bay just sayin brasscarguy
  7. Fronty head questions

    Has anyone running a Fronty overhead running pressurized oil to the rockers. If so how did you run the returns? thnx
  8. Our worst nightmare

    You have my deepest sympathy. In 1959 my family had a fire and we lost 12 antique cars. Only 1 was saved that being a 1930 model a phaeton. The cars lost were from 1914 thru 1947. It still haunts me to this day. Sadly our fire was caused by kids playing with matches. sorry for your loss brasscarguy
  9. which one do you most regret missing?

    About 5 years ago a sales rep came in to my wife's Subaru Service Center and saw some AACA magazines in the lobby. He said his boss had an old car he wanted to sell. he thought it was an Auburn or something like that. He thought his boss inherited it from his father. The sales guy said he had not seen the car but he was told it was a convertible. He also said he thought that it was a reproduction that was done in the 70's. I told him to get some photos and send them to me. Well time went by and I forgot about it. A few months later I saw the salesman and asked if he ever took the photos. He showed them to me from his phone. It was an Auburn boat tail speedster. Now for the rest of the story. His bosses wife was tired of her new car sitting outside, so she listed it on Craig's list at $12,500.00. Of course it sold to the 1st looker. Turns out it was a real Glenn Prey car with 4300 original miles, white with red interior, external exhaust and all the trim. The car was dusty from being stored in the garage. The car was last licensed in 1977. Ya snooze, ya loose. brasscarguy
  10. Harry Bennett

    A while back I was offered a tour of the Ford Motor company archives( not to be confused with the Benson Ford) in their new digs. when there I saw and read the following original letters. The letter that Clara and Josephine wrote to Henry telling him that if he did not resign the presidency they would sell their Ford stock on the open market. This was in 1945 and they were the major stock holders. The letter that Henry wrote and signed resigning his Presidency. Not many people understood that Harry was appointed president when Henry resigned. The letter Henry Ford the 2nd wrote to the board of directors accepting the Presidency of the Ford Motor Company if Harry Bennett was removed as President of the company. Harry was President for the shortest time in Ford history. I saw the letter from Harry Bennett resigning as President of the company. I also saw Lee Iacocca's letter of resignation from Ford. These were the originals not copies. just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. Congratulations Tracy!!!

    I have looked forward to an editor change since I was HCCA National President in 2001.In my opinion, it long past time to freshen up the Gazette and make it a publication for our members to be proud of once again. I applaud the HCCA board for making the long overdue decision. I'm sure the board has made an excellent choice, someone that is steeped in brass era cars and touring. I look forward to her efforts on our behalf. I would ask our members to lend a hand and offer stories,and photos, to help fill the pages. Keep in mind an editorship is a lonely job especially when the due date is looming and there are blank pages to fill. To make the Gazette great again the editor needs our support and help, so lets step up and give a hand, just sayin' brasscarguy
  12. Brass Era Mystery

    Interesting, My 1909 50 hp Stoddard had the same compartment between the front seat cushions. I believe there is a 1909-1910 Stoddard limo is Vancouver BC for comparison. you asked about Kimbal features. First of all they were screw happy. On my 1915 Packard the body had slotted wood screws at 1 inch intervals. Big head short stubby screws. If you remember their main business was Pianos, and of that era they were finished with screws lots of them. Also lots of solid hardwood was used much of it glued or laminated into larger pieces. My body has chain drive mechanism window raisers for the doors. The divider window was a sliding bypass affair in metal tracks. just sayin' brasscarguy
  13. Brass Era Mystery

    The hood former is very close to a 4 cylinder Reo. Reo's hood rolls out like the hood former. That said I can't believe that Reo would have produced a limo. I'm guessing this is near Chicago. I restored a 1915 Packard Twin Six Limousine with a Kimball Body. Kimble built car bodies during the slow piano season. Kimball was located in Chicago just sayin' brasscarguy
  14. 1916 Reo 6 cylinder motor for sale

    1916 Reo 6 cylinder motor for sale. It appears to be complete with manifolds, carb, starter and generator. the only obvious missing parts are the 2 overhead valve covers. I do not see any cracks or damage to the block and head. I am offering this motor for an old car collector that no longer is able to play with old cars. Open to a reasonable offer, he needs it to go away. Can help with loading, or can pallet it for shipping. I can provide photos if needed thnx
  15. 1929 Olds R/S Roadster $4,000 C/L MN

    The wood replacement is not all that expensive. I had "The Craftsman" in San Diego replace all the wood in my 1931 Hudson boat tail roadster a few years back $3500.00 and he provided the materials. I got it back with both doors hung and fitted, the rumble seat lid finished and fitted. I had him rewood a 1912 Overland roadster $2000.00. When I got it back it was like I ordered a new body from the factory, the doors fit and it mounted on the frame perfectly. I think his "new model t bodies start at 3 grand. Wood work is not all that big of a deal. just sayin' brasscarguy