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  1. brasscarguy


    Having been in the automotive business for nearly 50 years I have a bit of an insite, you know the old adage if its to good to be true it prolly is.. However the most telling signs are as follows. Tesla has no dealers they are all company stores, therefore all personnel are company employees. As advertised on line their techs are abandoning the sinking ship . Hardly a day goes by that we don't get an on line listing for Tesla techs looking for work. That is a very basic premise of financial troubles. Next the Federal government is now involved in a congressional investigation regarding stock manipulation. In fact check it out there are 2 investigations regarding financial practices on going. So adding all those things together plus the constant delays in production plus the fact that the "trades" are chattering about vendors being forced to negotiate lower prices or not get paid for the monies already owed, just adds yet another nail in the coffin. Not an investment I would be making in this climate. Oh just another thought the stock has dropped damn near thru the floor from its overinflated highs a while back. just an old mans opinion, brasscarguy
  2. brasscarguy


    Mercedes just announced the availability of their Tesla Killer. You get a real Mercedes 100% electric beginning at $54k. You get the backing of a real world wide automotive company with over 100 years of service. Unlike Tesla who is running out of money and is on a path to being broke in 6 months. Mercedes will be around long after Tesla is a distant bad memory.. Remember how many millions Obama poured into Fisker and how long did they last. The poor duped customers that bought Fiskers are now holding a bag of no value, the same will be true with Tesla after they go belly up. Jaguar has just offered a full electric in the same price range as the Mercedes, yet another Tesla killer. Just try and get you deposit refunded for non produced and unavailable Tesla cars, fat chance!!! Want a quality electric with decent resale value, buy it from a reliable well financed manufacture, Mercedes, Jaguar and Ford has one almost ready for market. Don't waste you money on a company like Tesla with non existent future financing. just sayin' brasscarguy
  3. brasscarguy


    I checked today with a Washington State license agency and Washington State has a very dim view of this type of Florida Title. In fact the DOL is taking a long hard look at these phony paper shuffling title services. They stopped those Alabama title guys a few years back. In Washington State if you have an assembled car, or a car without a title, you can apply for a bonded title, For a minimal cost you can have the car inspected by the state patrol then they apply a vin number decal to the car. You can take the paperwork to a license agency and get plates and a "bonded" title. This allows you to license and drive the car. After 3 years you can apply for a regular title. You can sell the car in the State of Washington but can not sell it out of state until the 3 years is up. Cost is about $100.00 depending on the value of the car. This is way cheaper than the title guys that may or may not get you a Washington title. I would rather use the real deal and know you are going legal. just sayin' brasscarguy
  4. brasscarguy

    Knock-off wheel removal

    So Some years back I sold a set of quick change wire wheels and hubs and nuts. These were a very good original condition set of wheels just clean and paint and mount. I sold this set to a well known brass era collector. He calls me a few weeks later mad as hell telling me I screwed him by selling junk wheels and if I did not refund his money he was going to tell everyone on the net what a bad guy I was. I asked him what the problem was and he told me he could only drive the car a couple of blocks and the wheels almost fell off the car. I told him to go out to the car and look at the hub nuts and see that they were on the correct side of the car. Stamped into the face of the hub nuts, is "right or left side" and an arrow with the word off so you know which way to remove the caps. I never heard back from this well known brass car collector with an apology, so I could only assume he had installed the hubs on the wrong side so when he drove the car the hub nuts loosened up as he drove. His embarrassment for being so ignorant was so bad he could not fess up and tell the truth. I so badly want to share his name but discression is the better part of valor, my lips are sealed. brasscarguy
  5. brasscarguy


    If there is a flame spraying machinist in your area they can be flame sprayed oversize and precision ground back to standard. I have used this process on many worn pins and king pins. The cost runs about $75,00 per pin . Much cheaper than making new pins. just sayin' brasscarguy
  6. brasscarguy

    34 X 4 1/2 tires

    Here is an option for white tires. Go on line and find white tire paint. This is a flexible paint that sprays on and looks like a real white wall tire. I think the paint cost about $20.00 per can and 1 can thinned should do 2 tires . Buy black tires spray the permanent white on and for a lot less you have really nice looking white walls. Sorry don't remember the name or manufacturer of the paint. just sayin' brasscarguy
  7. brasscarguy

    REO engine info 1914?

    The exhaust side of the engine will tell more. I believe the radiator is 1915/16. If the exhaust ports are rectangular rather than round and if the valve port plugs are not removeable it very well may be a 45hp truck motor, if so rather rare and will interchange with a 35hp bolt for bolt. These motors are really bullet proof with the exception of the bolt that holds the hinged rod together, how do I know that you ask? Well I started my barn fresh 1913 and drove it less than 1 block and bang the bolt broke and the rod decided to come out and see the daylight. Rather an expert on Reo 2 and 4 cylinder motors having rebuilt one of each. Justsayin' brasscarguy
  8. brasscarguy

    Bring a Battery......and Maybe Some Gas.

    I know of a collector paid $40,000 for a data plate and good title. He would have paid more if asked. After restoration he now has a $250.000.00 100 point car. just sayin' brasscarguy
  9. brasscarguy

    1969 442 Convertible

    Pardon my ignorance, but my understanding was the 442 determined 4 speed 4 barrel dual exhaust. As the seller seems to be hesitant to give a $ number up front therefore I am no longer interested. I'm just not interested in a bidding war, If I wanted one I would go to an auction.The key to the value is "numbers matching" . A photo of the build plate and title would be a big plus. I'm guessing this is just a fishing expedition to get commitments then go elsewhere to sell the car. I thought the forum rules here had to have prices listed in the advertisement, if not it should be, save a lot of time wasted back and forth. His stories are a bit thin and if the car is really at a restoration shop better photos would be easy to get. Again its just a fishing expedition in my opinion. just sayin' brasscarguy
  10. brasscarguy

    Gus and the Model Garage

    I read one of such story in the mid 50's about a Plymouth that would stop and start while the husband driving, but never when the wife was. Husband was overweight and wife blamed the car stopping on his weight. After some research it was determined hubby had a ton of keys on his ring. It turned out the ignition lock assy was worn and hubbys heavy keys caused the lock to break contact and shut the car off. Wife only had a house key and car key on her ring so it never happened to her. To this day when we see a customer at our Subaru Service Centers with a bunch of keys on their key ring we tell them it causes additional wear on the tumbler and replacement is expensive. We then offer them a free disconnect key ring much like an air coupler with 2 loops. Its small and easy to use allowing the customer to remove the heavy bunch of keys and just have the ignition key in the tumbler. Just sayin' brasscarguy
  11. brasscarguy

    Cooper Duesenberg at auction

    Pluto, I have known of Gil Duffy's dual cowl since I was about 15 years old, now 75. Gil was a good friend of my fathers, hence I was around in the early years of car collecting. He actually had 2. The dual cowl and the other a rebodied convertible sedan made by a body shop in Seattle when it was "modernized" I have ridden in the dual cowl car a number of times and around 1965 when I was 18 Gil let me drive the car. It was an interesting and fun ride, damn the hood was long!. I think Nethercut "freshened up the dual cowl in trade for the convertible sedan. Gil was not at his best at the time and they convinced him to let them have the supercharger, which was very very sad. This car was one of Waynes' big finds. The whole show was hokey, the story went that he was going to find this long hidden car that no one knew about, wrong!! Most older locals classic car guys all knew exactly where it was on 3 tree point on Puget Sound where Gil lived for over 50 years. As he was being filmed on his way to south Seattle and letting out the long hidden secret, he actually was going the wrong direction heading north on the Seattle waterfront. The rest of the story was it had not been seen for many many years, which was also more b/s as when Wayne "found it" it had recently been returned from Nethercut's. If you watch the program he lead Gils daughter to believe the car would fetch just at mil. Wayne apparently did not notice that the supercharger was missing until the real experts looked under the hood at Pebble, and it brought far less than his estimate I think around $650,000. The daughter was more than pissed if you watch the show. At least the big secret and story sold tickets and in Hollywood that's what counts. These are memories of a guy that's been around the block many times and I might have a fact or 2 off a bit but that's the jist of the story. just sayin' brasscarguy
  12. brasscarguy

    Classic car fraud scheme shut down

    I always heard "A fool and his money are soon parted" My question is how did the fool get the money in the 1st place? I say if you really are stupid enough to purchase sight unseen a ridiculously low priced car from a photo, then you get what you deserve, your pocket picked. No sympathy here quit your crying and get on with it. As for the so called professional collector car hustlers, buy an inexpensive "water mark" program to lay over the top of your photos so they can't be "stolen" and reproduced. The money you guys make hocking these cars certainly must give you enough profit to buy one. If your potential customer is really interested you can email photos directly. just sayin' brasscarguy
  13. A good friend is a director of several dealerships. It seems the car delivery companies try to deliver all new cars after the dealerships are closed. That way neither the factory, or the shipping company could be held responsible for any damage on delivered cars. They ended chaining off all driveways after hours so no cars could be dropped off. That solved the damaged delivered cars. just sayin' brasscarguy
  14. brasscarguy

    1967 442 convertible 4 speed for parts

    Do you have the radio antenna? I need a good mast or complete unit. thnx
  15. WTB: Passengers side chrome rear view mirror new or used. 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible. thnx