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  1. Touring Model T wanted

    Check the HCCA website, under classifieds. There are a couple offered there.
  2. Museum needs info

    Bill, thanks for the scholarship. It's exactly what I needed. Though my car has wire wheels and side mounts, the base price is what is relevant here. The car is heavier than I thought. You get free admission to the Seal Cove Automobile Museum!
  3. Museum needs info

    As many of you know, my 1931 Transcontinent convertible coupe is going into a museum for the next two years, as the centerpiece for a studied display of automobile advertising. They need to know the following for their i.d. Poster: 1. Original price of the car 2. Weight of the car. I know the basic specs of the car.. wb, hp., etc. I just don't know the price or the weight. Any help? Alex Huppe
  4. Pair of 1953 Cadillacs

    35 miles east of the Maine border? I suppose it depends on which border, or where on the border, but if you are 35 miles east of me here on Penobscot Bay, you're in mighty deep water!
  5. 1915 Saxon Model 14 FOR SALE

    A pretty example. Someone has gone to the trouble of plating the radiator shell and the windshield. Very unusual, as they were always painted. By 1915, most of the cars had electric lights, so the gas lights are also unusual in a three-speed. These are surprisingly good touring cars, easy to drive and economical. It would be interesting to find out what the seller wants for the car, and where it is located.
  6. 1930 Franklin Convertible **RESTORED** BEAUTIFUL

    I think that John's observations are useful and interesting. The purpose of a Forum is to exchange information, to post notices, and to discuss matters of interest. A seller, or a dealer, should know that the followers of this Forum have a lot of expertise and knowledge that they freely share, and it's that freedom to share that makes the Forum terrific, even in the Buy and Sell section. I can understand why a dealer might be sensitive to such public nitpicking. But that's what we do in this Forum. There are other places to place your advertisements that won't subject you to freely stated opinions and observations.
  7. Complete Saxon project for sale

    Sold for a little more than $2300. I hope there will be another Saxon on the road and touring.
  8. 1915 Saxon Roadster project

    Close up of hub, headlamps and rear fenders
  9. Complete Saxon project for sale

    The radiator on this really looks good, and they were sturdy units to begin with, made by Fedder. Many other detailed photos on request. This is, again, an ambitious project, unless you're interested in making a speedster. But that would be a neat speedster.
  10. 1915 Saxon Roadster project

    See the Saxon site further down for full information. The project...and I do mean project...is being auctioned on Ebay.
  11. Complete Saxon project for sale

    Happy to report that Irma did no damage. The Saxon is up on Ebay, though for some reason they've listed it as a "1915 Other Makes G80", though I think you can still find it as "1915 Saxon Roadster" I'll see if I can fix that. Here are some other pictures.
  12. Complete Saxon project for sale

    I will be putting a 1915 (?) Saxon four roadster up on Ebay within the next day. I pulled it out of a barn last week. It is fairly complete with an engine that turns over easily, with compression. It's a three speed, and has okay fenders. The body will need a lot of attention, as someone along the line has done some amateur repairs, and there is rust and wood issues. What is special about the car is that it has WIRE WHEELS, two extra rims, plus surplus spokes...you could upgrade these wheels to perfection. It also has good, original headlights, the original and rare aluminum fan, Saxon hub covers (four...all fitted on the hubs, so you know the hubs are round and good.) There is no interior. This is an ambitious project, to bring the car back to looking as it did in 1915. But a sportster, with those wires, might be fun. I'm going to put the car up with a starting price of $500, no reserve, and it will be listed as "1915 Saxon roadster." The car will have to be picked up from my home in midcoast Maine by mid October, as I'll be heading back down to Sarasota to find out what Hurricane Irma has left.
  13. How Does one 'Fog' an Engine.

    Fogging is essential for marine engines for winter storage. It's cheap and easy insurance against storage disasters. A shot to each cylinder, plus the carb.
  14. Latest Air Cooled News Cover - Great Picture

    The ACN gets an amazing amount of participation by Club members. There seems to be an endless number of stories about Franklins, Franklin history and car owners. We are now working to increase the frequency of technical articles, especially on series 10 and later. If you have an idea for an article, let us know. And thanks. --Alex and Jeryl.
  15. Booster install

    It would indeed! I look forward to seeing them!