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  1. Paint Color Opinions

    General suggestion on paint: if you are going to change colors from the original, get a sales brochure and see what colors the manufacturers chose for your model. A great deal of time and money is spent on deciding these original colors for maximum sales, and, generally, those colors remain the most popular, for that model, today.
  2. Cont'l 6V, 7V, 9V, 10V Engines (Teens-20s??)

    I have five continental sixes in various Saxons. How can determine if they are 6, 9, or 10?
  3. 1925 Packard 243 Series 8 Cylinder 7 Passenger Touring

    There’s nothing very remarkable about a 93 year old car that runs and drives. Those of us in the HCCA tour thousands of miles in our pre-1916 car every year, and many of these cars are entirely original.
  4. 34 Olympic Sedan for sale

    Post some pics of the car you mention Mike, if you’ve got some. I love driving my Olympic coupe...there’s something just right about these Olympics.
  5. 34 Olympic Sedan for sale

    Scott, It took me a little sleuthing to get the number, etc. I figured out the guy was in Okeechobee, emailed him, and got the right number. I could tell from the phone call that this car wasn’t going to be worth the visit. But it was right on our way to Arthur’s. That’s why I posted the photos with as little comment as possible. Mike got it right...one too many zeros. Alex
  6. 34 Olympic Sedan for sale

    I didn’t put this in the for sale section, because this is just a review. In the recent Service Station there was a 34 Olympic for sale in Florida. Since we were driving across the state to attend a lecture about Franklins with Arthur Einstein at the Elliott Museum in Stuart, We thought we'd stop by to see it. It is a very late “C” model, rear spare, with the Vee grille. Though it seems to be intact, it needs everything, having been parked in a semi-open garage near Lake Okeechobee for thirty years. Rust, mold etc. the car was under some old junk, and the owner was finally able to lift part of the hood to let me take a photo of the engine. The owner is asking $20,000. I leave it to you.
  7. Earheart car found

    She was often associated with the Franklin Airman, and owned one.
  8. 1913 Buick model 25

    You can go a great deal faster than 35, but you don’t want to. You have just rear service brakes and an emergency brake. Driving brass cars takes all the concentration and energy you can muster. Our HCCA tours are usually under 100 miles a day for a reason. After 100 Miles, most drivers are ready for a rest. 35 mph is comfortable for most of the four and six cylinder cars.
  9. 1923 Buick, 1927 NASH, 1923 STUDEBAKER ocala FL craigslist

    From the pictures I saw on the Ocala Craigslist site, these cars were fairly priced. All need a great deal of work. These aren’t rare cars, but with work and money will, one hopes, be touring with HCCA Florida one day.
  10. Olympic fuel pump

    Thanks, Hook. Got it.
  11. Olympic fuel pump

    I’m trying to order a fuel pump repair kit for my 33 Olympic coupe. The parts place asks for a flange number, which I can’t find. The pump on my car has a glass AC filter, and the pump has the number FP296-A on top. Anyone know what I should be ordering?
  12. Trailer Tires

    Here in Florida, where the heat takes its toll on trailer tires, many of us just replace all four tires every year, even if they've only had a few hundred miles on them. The other thing some do is to go up a size in tire rims. The larger tires seem to last better.
  13. WANTED - Saxon 3 speed axle

    You might want to put this inquiry on the Saxon site here on the Forum. And yeah, I have some three speeds around.
  14. Freewheeling, Olympic (success)

    After soaking the cable and shifter in PB Blaster for awhile, and the gentle use of a soft hammer, I was able to get the freewheeling to shift. Idoubt that it has been used in many years, but with the coasting cable pulled out, the little coupe coasted easily, and I was able to lock the coasting feature easily as well. Very satisfying to get everything working as it should.
  15. How Many Are Enough?

    One of the problems with living six months in the north and six months in the south is that you have to have twice as many old cars as "normal". Plus double the tools, double the lifts, double the tow vehicles, double the trailers, double the insurance, double the space and double the trouble. Of course, you have twice as much fun. Now, getting back to what's normal...😁