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  1. Povertycove

    Replacing water pump

    Finally got it and, as you said Joe, by removing the fan and pulley. Now the trick is going to be to put the new one back in. Sigh.
  2. Povertycove

    Replacing water pump

    Is there any way to replace a water pump on a 1950 Dodge without removing the radiator?
  3. Anyone have a fairly good fuel tank for a 1930 sedan available?
  4. Anyone know what the 1932 club sedan brought at the Crum auction last week? Did it sell to a club member?
  5. Povertycove

    Please help identify

    This photo comes from a family album, and it is dated August, 1908. Does anyone have an idea what it is?
  6. Povertycove

    need saxon engine info

    Saxonmotorcars.com will answer your questions. The B5R series roadsters were 1917. The brass plate is self explanatory. These four cylinder engines are first rate, and plentiful. They tended to outlast the cars, and many of them ended powering sawmills, boats and other homemade stuff. The value of the engine depends upon its originality, it’s completeness and whether it runs or not. Look especially at the gearing, in the back of the engine, that runs the AK timer,,or distributor. If that is intact, the engine may have some value. You can buy a good Saxon engine for about $500, if it has good compression and a working timer.
  7. Povertycove

    Belle Amilcar Basket Case

    It looks almost like a car model to be assembled. Nice.
  8. I use these on some of my brass cars. They come from Egypt garage in New York State. They are inexpensive, work fine, but you have to monitor their battery usage.
  9. Povertycove

    Windshield wiper arms, blades

    Does anyone have a good source for vintage windshield wiper arms and blades? For some reason I can’t seem to have much luck fitting arms and blades on some of my cars, like the Airflow and the Franklins. These are fairly short arms and blades. There must be someone who deals in the old stuff.
  10. Povertycove

    FOR SALE very nice restored Saxon radiator

    If that one isn’t available ( and it looks like a good one) I have a couple that would work. Do you need just the radiator, or the radiator and shroud?
  11. Povertycove

    1930 Ford Backfiring

    In a condition like this, the third thing I do is to replace the spark plugs. With air cooled engines its the first thing I do.
  12. Povertycove

    Nail/screws for cowl

  13. Povertycove

    Nail/screws for cowl

    Are these nail/screws that attach the fabric snubbing (or welting...not sure of the terminology) to the cowl on a 1933 Olympic still available? Or is there a substitute?
  14. Povertycove

    Can Anyone Identify This Car?

    It is more likely that this is a prosperity photo. The man in the car is showing you what he’s achieved...the big family, the nice house, the new car, fine clothes and, politically astute, a cute dog. Good shot for his mayoral campaign.
  15. Povertycove

    antique air cooled engine

    There are some beautiful old air cooled engines from the early days besides the superb Franklin. They were the engine of choice in the desert where water cooled engines gave out. I’m thinking particularly of engines like the Knox, the so-called “porcupine” engine, that looked like a can with hundreds of spikes in it. Some great innovative engineering back in the early days.