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  1. Rooster

    MrEarl's Daily Therapeutic Dose of Buick

    Tail light Tuesday
  2. Rooster

    Fuse type for 56 radio?

    Possibly means it's a shorter fuse than the standard length.
  3. Rooster

    WTB - Parts For Roadmaster 75R

    Did you not have it insured ?
  4. Rooster

    1958 Special 2-dr ht. in New Mexico

    Pete, have you tried changing the digital camera settings ? If you go into Menu and find the camera settings there should be a section there which will have a choice of S M L I think that means image size ? Put the camera on S and see if that makes a difference with your next photos. I remember my first digital camera was inadvertently set at H and took huge Mb size photos which I could not even send by email. And I don't have the skills to re-size them 😕
  5. Copper has a high heat absorbing factor. That's why it's used in electrical installations as heat sinks ie. to take away heat from electrical components / contacts etc. Buicks were not poor cars -- a lot of cars built in that era may or may not suffer from vapour lock depending on a heap of varients eg. ambient temperature, poor ignition timing, insufficient radiator cooling, poor fuel, road speed, road gradient, inferior mechanical design such as fuel lines installed too close to exhaust system. And --- it gets a lot hotter in Australia and in parts of USA than New Zealand. I agree with raydurr on the rubber fuel line, I've got that also.
  6. Copper will absorb more heat and increase your risk of vapour lock, which the '20s Buicks suffer from as standard. Why not consider steel bundy tube instead of brass? It will be cheaper and probably easier to bend. I would run only 1 line from the tank and have an inline electric pump ( with filter on tank side ) installed in the same line close to the tank and switchable so that you can prime the carb after car has sat for a long period. And for giving the line a sharp boost when vapour lock sets in on a hot day. That's how mine is set up and works perfectly.
  7. Rooster

    Nice Buicks for reasonable $

    If that wagon is any good, that's pretty cheap I reckon.
  8. Rooster

    1925 Buick model 45 seattle WA craigslist

    I actually like the green colours on that car --- and with the WW tyres, really sets it off.
  9. Rooster

    It Wins!! Amaxing Buick wins at Amelia Island!

    I wonder if he will drive it or trailer it home ?
  10. Rooster

    1930 VIN location?

    Check the chassis rail behind the front right wheel. On my 1929 that's where the alloy VIN plate is fixed.
  11. Rooster

    Another nailhead question

    Lucky you checked for this ! You can buy the new correct plugs from Russ Martin at Centerville Auto Repair in Grass valley California. Same place you get the rear plugs from.
  12. Rooster

    Fat Fender Friday

    What about this with no breathing room My 1954 leaving Mr. Brown's on it's way to L.A.
  13. Rooster

    55 buick

    Is any of this information helpful to you Ray ?
  14. Rooster

    55 buick

    Are you asking if the 1955 Dynaflow will bolt up to a later 425 ? If so I think the answer is No.
  15. Rooster

    Looking for '62 Buick gas tank

    I wonder if it's the same for 1962 Chev Impala ?