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  1. Yummy, Yummy,Yummy. Matt, down here we would joke --- sell the wife ( tongue in cheek of course )
  2. I bought most of my rebuild parts from Falcon Global and Russ Martin ( and some from TA Performance ) I got good deals on Ebay international shipping with FG that's why most of the parts come from them. The only thing I'm wary of is the crankshaft main bearings I got from FG. They are Rebuilders Choice brand made in Asia. Any one have any experience with this brand ?
  3. Can a member confirm with me please that the 264 / 322 bellhousing pattern for the Dynaflow trans is NOT the same as the 364.
  4. Thanks Sean. I was thinking the Dynaflow came out of a 1955. If this was the case then it would not fit a 364 ?
  5. Can anyone identify these casting numbers please. There is a Dynaflow trans and a straight 8 block with casting number and engine number.
  6. Took Irene out today for the bi-monthly Buick club meet down by the river. Drove very well as always. From here we ventured to an aircraft museum for a look through. The drive home was spectacular with a lightning and thunderstorm show and a few drops of rain. Got home just in time before the big downpour.
  7. I'm still shaking my head at the availability of this ( new ) part. It's like ----- yep mate, got one of those, no worries. You can lucky sometimes, good for you George ( and Steve )
  8. I'm sure any good instrument repair shop can fix that for you. Sorry but I don't know your area to recommend -- maybe Google ?
  9. She is still driving as good as ever. She won't get a gig this Sunday for our local Buick Club Xmas function however. It's the 1929 ' s turn for a day out.
  10. It appears he never returned your call Lamar. Pity, there's a few people here that would have liked to know where it's gone and find answers to some theories.
  11. There's one less car in that posted lineup of yours, so a red RM should fit in nicely. C'mon mate, work on her. Buy Rita a new diamond ring or something. Ring up and ask if it's still available or at least get a name of who bought it.
  12. That doesn't look like a 1929 to me. Unless McLaughlin used an earlier radiator shell ??
  13. I'm always up for something a little bit different, but that's just weird ??
  14. LUV that Patina. !!
  15. Well having never attempted such a task, the first thing I would do is get something like a metal paint scraper and try and lever off any old dry rubber. You may even have to give the scraper and few taps with a hammer to help along with the lifting. Then I would try some heat from a torch of some kind to soften or burn the remaining stuff off. Make sure you wear safety gear, respiratory protection ( proper filters not just a paper mask ) gloves and eye protection. Hitting them with any abrasive grinder, paper or such will only clog up.