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  1. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks for the help Ben. I contacted the dealer today and they have both Baldwin filters in stock.
  2. 1946 oil filter

    I'll take the filter out and have it with me ( and the interchange numbers) when I go to the supplier. See if they can match it up with anything they have in stock. Thanks again.
  3. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks fellas , much appreciated.
  4. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks Bill What brand is the P-127 please. We have a Baldwin dealer locally.
  5. 1946 oil filter

    Can somebody please give me a part number for the 1946 Series 40 engine oil filter. AC, FRAM or WIX would be good thanks , then I can work out interchanges for availability here.
  6. Best Kind of Fire Extinguisher to Have?

    Carbon Dioxide ( CO 2 ) would be most effective Pros --- will knock almost anything out , no mess Cons --- expensive, don't last very long on discharge, dissipates oxygen so not to be used in confined spaces ( with you in there ) Dry chemical / powder Pros --- will knock almost anything out, cheap to buy Cons --- very very messy, corrosive towards sensitive electrical components Halon Pros --- very effective, no mess Cons --- environmentally unfriendly ( very ) , banned in most countries , very expensive if you can get hold of one but most likely won't be able to get it refilled. Water Pros --- cheap, very effective on Class A fires ( carbon based, wood, paper, fabrics etc. ) Cons ---- Class A fires only. Not to be used on oil, electrical, metal, or burning fat fires ( eg. your burning chip fryer )
  7. The starter just grunts

    A growler Bernie refers to looks like this ------
  8. LeSabre Concept car comes to life, driving around

    Who owns it ?
  9. How can I find out the number of RHD built?

    If that car was in Australia from new it would most likely be a Fisher body and come RHD from the factory. Most Buicks here up to about 1952/ 53 were imported RHD chassis and running gear from the US / Canadian factories. The local body builder Holden would have made most of the sheet metal for the body here. They would have been just about all Special models. Super and Roadmaster cars were imported, there may have been some local content in them. After the early 1950s Buicks were privately imported and underwent the LHD > RHD conversion locally ---- and Chapel Engineering was one of them, a well known company. A very good conversion by them I believe. A lot of cars were " backyard " converted and not very good. Because now we have relaxed rules in regard to LHD vehicles on our roads, most " new " Buicks imported into our country ( pre 1980s ) are kept LHD. The cost of conversion and engineering, red tape etc. is cost prohibitive.
  10. The starter just grunts

    When the bearings / bushings wear the unit is said to be " poleing " That is, the armature starts to rub against the stator winding core and can make a grunting noise and potentially jam up.
  11. 1962 Owners Guide & Protection Plan

    Matt , seems he has these already. So I'll pass and give someone else the opportunity. Thanks.
  12. 1962 Owners Guide & Protection Plan

    I'm interested for my son's 62 Wildcat. Will send you a PM.

    Eric, as far as I know the 1960 Electra is still ( mostly ) all original ( it's a local club car, but not mine ) There have been some minor paint touch-ups here and there.

    Good job Elpad. Thanks.