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  1. 55 buick

    Is any of this information helpful to you Ray ?
  2. 55 buick

    Are you asking if the 1955 Dynaflow will bolt up to a later 425 ? If so I think the answer is No.
  3. Looking for '62 Buick gas tank

    I wonder if it's the same for 1962 Chev Impala ?
  4. Nail head question

    This picture taken from the rear of the block shows the lifter oil gallery plugs and the large core plug in the centre is the camshaft oil plug. Behind that is a circlip ( snap ring ) which stops the rearward movement of the camshaft.
  5. 1929 Came Home Today

    Guard for our North American friends is short for what we call mudguard, you call it a fender.
  6. 401 harmonic balancer timing

    Good stuff, thankyou.
  7. 401 harmonic balancer timing

    It looks like the green coloured one is the same as my red painted one. So I'll go with that one being correct. The other one must have moved at one stage. The timing tab on the engine is on the passenger side ( for USA cars ) as I recall.
  8. 401 harmonic balancer timing

    I have had a look over them and can't see any marks / stampings other than the one seen on the outer section.
  9. I have two balancers here and the timing marks are located in a different position in relation to the keyway which means one has turned on the rubber. Does anyone have a good one on hand to compare with these two. I'm pretty sure the good one will be the painted balancer.
  10. 1928 Buick Universal Joint Ball question

    The red arrows are where the felt "seal" is located. As the ball rotates inside it's outer shell the felt seal scrapes the ball and supposedly keeps the oil in. I replaced mine on rebuild and it still leaks. Next time I would use an "O" ring like later years. If there is not a size procurable , then all you would do is get one larger circumference then cut it and rejoin with super glue.
  11. 1957 Super Coupe - Not Mine

    If only I were a younger man ( and higher Aussie $ ) and didn't have the asbestos storm troopers to deal with.
  12. 322 camshaft plug question

    Russell Martin at Centerville Auto Repair will have them --- snap ring and plugs. Snap ring should be installed correctly, rounded side towards cam.
  13. Importing classics to Australia

    It certainly is for real. And it is causing buyers/ importers of classic cars much angst. Another hoop we have to jump through. The Government upped the ante especially after a large Asian country car manufacturer was importing new cars with asbestos in them. And ----- building and construction materials containing asbestos from that same country were getting through customs onto work sites. Unfortunately Australia has a large legacy from blue asbestos mining in the last century with health issues of former workers their families and the community at large. The product was used everywhere here for various manufacture, especially for roofing and fencing.
  14. 1949 Buick Roadmaster Engine Performance Issue

    The ring gaps on those top two rings should be 180 degrees apart
  15. 56 4dr hardtop special, not mine

    At least it will be a good donor parts car for someone, unlike this 1962 Wildcat