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  1. for sale

    Matt , seems he has these already. So I'll pass and give someone else the opportunity. Thanks.
  2. for sale

    I'm interested for my son's 62 Wildcat. Will send you a PM.
  3. Eric, as far as I know the 1960 Electra is still ( mostly ) all original ( it's a local club car, but not mine ) There have been some minor paint touch-ups here and there.
  4. Good job Elpad. Thanks.
  5. image.bmp 1960 buick.BMP I don't know what I've done here ?? Can't get it to open, maybe it's too big.
  6. I agree with the sealed bearing conversion. I have one in my 1929 and have never had trouble nor expect any in my lifetime of use. Like v12lincoln says, once installed it looks just like original part.
  7. Thought it was time the old girl got out for a shakedown. It was a glorious sunny Autumn day here and the car drove beautifully as usual with the top down. Picture shows my 1929 tourer and son's 1962 Wildcat parked up at the coffee stop car park.
  8. Have a look at They come up for sale at times. There was a red console from a 1963 for sale last week for $200 ( no shifter ) I don't know if it sold. He said he was going to list it on Ebay as well.
  9. I wonder if the " I'll buy it Monday " man actually did ?
  10. This is me and our daughter on her wedding day a few years ago making an entrance to the ceremony in grand style aboard the 1929.
  11. Joe in New York is correct with his explanation of trying to re-chrome port holes / ventiports. I had all eight of my 1954 portholes chrome stripped then spent many, many hours removing pits and polishing the insides ready for chrome plating. After plating they turned out a bit disappointing. They had what the shop described as "blow' effect whereby the chromeic acid would not adhere to all the surface and it has a blend of chrome / nickel, because of the internal shape and trying to get an all round electrical contact. You have to look hard but it's there. I don't know how the factory suppliers did it ??
  12. Yummy, Yummy,Yummy. Matt, down here we would joke --- sell the wife ( tongue in cheek of course )
  13. I bought most of my rebuild parts from Falcon Global and Russ Martin ( and some from TA Performance ) I got good deals on Ebay international shipping with FG that's why most of the parts come from them. The only thing I'm wary of is the crankshaft main bearings I got from FG. They are Rebuilders Choice brand made in Asia. Any one have any experience with this brand ?
  14. Can a member confirm with me please that the 264 / 322 bellhousing pattern for the Dynaflow trans is NOT the same as the 364.
  15. Thanks Sean. I was thinking the Dynaflow came out of a 1955. If this was the case then it would not fit a 364 ?