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  1. new acquisitions at Browne Salvage, Sunset, TX

    I think I would need to take an Indian snake charmer with me to be crawling over those cars for parts.
  2. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    Thanks for you advice on this buick man, but it's too late. After much ( too much ) deliberation / procrastination I've installed with rope seal. I got NO responses from any of the rubber seal suppliers on multiple requests for correct install procedure. Not even BEST who supplied the gasket kit without instructions. So I didn't want to take any chances with getting it wrong. If the rope leaks ( badly ) at least I then have the option to install the rubber seal as you suggest. Too hard or not possible to change from rubber to rope without taking engine out and to pieces. And I ain't doing that again
  3. 1954 Buick rear end wanted

    Are you after the complete rear axle housing or just the centre and gears ?
  4. Buick Tachometer

    7000 RPM tachometer in my son's 1962 Wildcat
  5. 1930 Marquette Phaeton phoenix AZ craigslist

    There's NO way any Australian would consider that car for the price. For several reasons ------ 1. The currency exchange rate would put that car about A$ 30-35,000 landed. 2. The cost of restoration is high here just like North America and that puts the overall cost to be up in the stratosphere. 3. Marquette ( touring cars ) here are not that "rare". I know of two locally and one is for sale at A$9,000 ( US$6,000 ) and in about similar condition or better. It's not a six wheeled option though and has wood wheels. The sedan models are rarer here. We are the opposite to North America, mostly our vintage cars ( 1920s ) are / were open cars across all manufacturers. We do not have the severe cold weather like you have hence touring cars were more popular and cheaper. 4. You can buy a very nice fully restored proper Buick touring car here for around A$25,000 so importing this car would be out of the question. Remember that green one from another General or Post War posting a few months ago ? I liked it and for the price was a good deal even if it was not the original colours.
  6. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    The new rubber seal halves come with a diagram to show the correct forward facing lip install. But that's it as far as instructions go. Maybe the seal, with it's protrusion on each end is made to suit a number of engines ? That's where the success is measured I reckon. How much to trim and where ----- it being a different install procedure than the rope.
  7. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    They seem to work for some people Benjamin , but not for others. There has to be a specific method of install for it to be successful. The rubber piece ends sit proud in the cap groove by about .020" or so. So there must be a trick to how much to trim ( if any ) and what sealant to use --- if any. That's the key to it all I reckon. These seals have a metal wire core so they wouldn't need to have much crush, if not trimmed to a degree I can't see how they would not buckle under torque ? The supplier BEST ( and others ) have not got back to me yet , so will wait for help, if not then the new rope seal goes in. I've had enough of waiting and need to get this all together.
  8. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    I'm using a 1959 engine and it has the V shape machined groove.

    She needs to go to Thailand for her next holiday.
  10. Nailhead rear main seal -- Help.

    No Lamar, it's on my pick up project 401 engine. I got a BEST gasket kit but it only comes with the new style rubber seal. I'm 50/50 on whether to use the rope or rubber. I know Willie has not has success with the rubber style. Others swear by it, so it's all doing my head in trying to decide which way to go. I don't want to pull engine after it's all been re-built to fix oil leaks.
  11. I bought a complete BEST gasket kit for my engine re-build. It included the new type neoprene rubber 2 piece seal. But there are no detailed instructions on how to install it. I'm thinking there must be a correct method. Has anybody done this with success and can post procedure here please ? I have contacted BEST to ask for help but as yet they have not replied.
  12. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks for the help Ben. I contacted the dealer today and they have both Baldwin filters in stock.
  13. 1946 oil filter

    I'll take the filter out and have it with me ( and the interchange numbers) when I go to the supplier. See if they can match it up with anything they have in stock. Thanks again.
  14. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks fellas , much appreciated.
  15. 1946 oil filter

    Thanks Bill What brand is the P-127 please. We have a Baldwin dealer locally.