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  1. They are the front & rear wheel. They look like 1930/31 Hupmobile wheels & 1930 Chrysler wheels. Also may fit 1931 Desoto.
  2. huptoy


    In 1988 I was looking for a good used car for my daughter and seriously considered a new Yugo. I purchased a used low mileage 5 year old car from a church member. In checking with my machanic, he discouraged my purchasing a Yugo calling it a “throw away car”. You don’t fix it, junk it. Yugo shipped cars but not repair parts & it took weeks to months to repair them. The part that held the hatch back window in place was faulty & people taped a plywood pannel in place driving the car for months. I listened to my machanic’s advice & thanked him for years. if you are keeping it in a museum, it ok. It was never a dependable daily driver.
  3. Bump due to drop in price.
  4. huptoy

    1932 Hupp Engine Color????

    Hupmobile painted their 8 cyl block & head Black. The 6 cyl were a green close to Packard,s with some in black.
  5. huptoy

    1965 Ford Mustang

    Area code 385 is the Salt Lake area.
  6. huptoy

    1931 Hupp top closed car roof replacement

    I suggest you post on the forum “Technical”. More members will see it there.
  7. huptoy

    trailer weight question

    A longer tongue allows better control when backing. With more steel, a longer tongue will add weight to the tongue at the ball. The tongue weight calculation is to use the distance from the ball to the axel & the percentage of distance the weight is from the front. we need the cargo area length & the tongue length for both trailers. We will also need the distance the axle is from the ball.
  8. huptoy

    trailer weight question

    It appears you are using the “by guess & by golly” weight distribution methiod. When you buy a travel trailer, it is built with a tongue weight equal 10 to 15% of the trailer. When the hitch weight gets heavier, you need equalizer bars to distribute the tongue weight to the front wheels & back to the trailer wheels. When the tongue weight is too little, the trailer can sway sideways back & forth till you slow down or flip over. (1) load your trailer & weight it without the tow vehicle attached. (2) Next weigh the tow vehicle without the loaded trailer. (3) Attach the trailer to your tow vehicle & move the only the tow vehicle wheels on the scale. (4) Subtract the tow vehicle (2) weight from the tow vehicle attached to trailer (3) giving the tongue weight. (5) Divide the tongue weight (4) by the trailer weight (1) giving percentage of hitch weight. This should be in the 10 to 15% range. (6) Move the car forward or back to attain 10 to 15% tongue weight. The tow vehicle & trailer should be even height front to back. If it sags at the ball, you are a candidate for equalizer bars. With the bars, you can load the car closer to the front with a 15 to 20% tongue weight.
  9. huptoy

    Early 20's Hupp for reliable touring?

    You can find the club webpage at: To join, go to the tab MEMBERS. June 3rd thru the 7th our yearly Hupmobile Club tour and this year we will be at Staunton VA
  10. huptoy

    1929 8 cylinder Engine and block paint color?

    8 cyl were painted shiny black. Most 6 cyl were a green close to Packard Green. A few 6 cyl were black.
  11. The shocks on my 1931 Hupmobile are not working. They are 87 years old with 45,000 miles. I am looking for information to do maintenance , or rebuild them if needed. A source for parts would be nice. Does anyone have printed instructions? Hupmobile 1931 Model S Shocks Pdf.pdf
  12. huptoy


    Try contacting the AACA Library at Hershey.
  13. huptoy

    Generator cutout: 1929 Hupmobile

    In 1929 they used a cutout instead of a voltage regulator. The relay is open until the generator is putting out about 8 volts. It then closes to charge the battery. At idle, the the relay is open. Without a relay cutout, the generator will discharge the battery at idle. Also the cutout could be bad. Many cutouts have a connection on the bottom connecting to the generator & a 2nd connecting to the wiring harness.
  14. huptoy

    Touring car

    It could be an early Hupmobile. This photo is a 1915. Hupmobile Made the model N from 1915-17. They moved the steering wheel to the left side about this time. The fender lights and rear view mirrors were aftermarket options. They also placed the "Hupmobile" script in the lower right radiator. Keiser31, in reference to this post, in your comment below. Thanks, you are correct.
  15. huptoy

    carter bb1 carburetor,what does it fit

    I replaced the factory Stromburg Carb U-2 with a Carter BB-1 unit on my 31 Hupp 6 cyl. It boltes right up & runs fine. It should work with most updraft 6 cyl cars in the range of 1927 to 1932. If I am wrong, somebody jump in & correct me!