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  1. fiber optics

    Thanks guys, I noticed two fittings on the courtesy light and only one line, so I thought their might be another line hidden somewhere. Jon..
  2. fiber optics

    How many fiber optic lines got to the door lock? Please.
  3. Door help

    Yes, And I think you told Me about it. Jon..
  4. Door help

    Thank you one and all. It was as you all said the plug for the theatre lite over the door handle. My Dumb! I had previously wired in the switch lights from an (Olds I think) and when I went to put it back together I didn't see that I had gotten the juice for the switch lights from the theatre lite wire. Thanks for steering my the correct way. Jon..
  5. Door help

    Ronnie; They are gray and black wires.
  6. Door help

    Does that lead come out of the door down by the lower speaker?
  7. Door help

    At first I thought it was, but it is sticking out of the door. And it looks like it needs to be plugged into something on the door panel. Where is the plug for the lower speaker at? And thanks for replying. Jon.
  8. Door help

    I replaced the driver's side door panel and have run into a problem, (or my memory is gone) When putting it back together I seem to have one connector without a place to go. Now, I connected the courtesy light at the rear of the panel and the door handle plug, and I know where all of the window and seat and mirror plugs go, but I have on more connector up at the front of the door down by the lower speaker It is a two wire connector) and I cannot find where it goes. HELP ! Please.
  9. Anyone have a pewter Reatta coffee cup?

    Ronnie, You Stole my saying !!
  10. Car cleaning tips

    That's OK, Chris, no one is perfect.
  11. Mineral build-up....

    Look at this one. http://cat.sv.us.criteo.com/delivery/ck.php?cppv=1&cpp=4mNV3HwzSFErbXhsYzU0TTBiNHhhanNkR2Y2SW1GcVBiYkpoWFdyNVhKMTdwU2h1UFloNVBRaHZWdWlSekVEMkk2QzFFQWU3alQ1cVpsQWI5MXUybkN6UjRlNi9DM1RFTDhlK3NpKzhnN2lNRHU2YjFEKzdpYnVpQWhqeHBlZjRGb0xtMUZybzN1VHlhbmR3Wm1vOWtWVk5meEhDMUUwV28zTEVLSXpSLzBuZlo5UWJCdUgvNHhtMXhGczhwN2ZFTVpXMnpIVS82aitoZlhlVjFVLzVRQWJKOG1USnB2RER2WmZLRGZYSE1sMUR6UThrRVRNd3pFUDVkVXhEWlo3ZnpDR3c5d1BPcUVjckZEbjZmdUMybWJCbG1JVDNBZXNsamtVME04TW4yVEd3WEt5MGRrM1YwckRidDdhZEVjZlpLcndFV3w%3D&maxdest=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.jegs.com%2Fi%2FDerale%2F259%2F25709%2F10002%2F-1%3Futm_source%3Dcriteo%26utm_medium%3Dcpc%26utm_campaign%3Dretargeting
  12. Parts reduction.

    I have decided to reduce my inventory of Reatta Parts. I have Some Parts. Contact me about you needs please. There will be only shipping involved. Jon..
  13. Brake line

    Man you said a mouthful there. Also the rear brake set-up in it's stock caliper.
  14. Brake line

    Thanks for all of the video's they really do help. Do you know if you can replace the line that goes over the gas tank can be replace without dropping the tank? Jon
  15. Brake line

    Thanks, 89reddarkgray.