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  1. 1990 climate control

    Couple of screws in each air vent and then it snaps off carefully.
  2. DIY Leather Steering Wheel Cover

    Have you ever tried to install one?
  3. Reatta conv with hard top

    When they put a hardtop on a convertible it usually has a ragtop also. The only problem would be storage for the hardtop.
  4. What to do about driver door:(

    I think Jim Finn would be a lot cheaper for the same part.
  5. Red Reatta

    How about this hood pad?
  6. Red Reatta

    Thank you Sir.
  7. Red Reatta

    Anyone remember who had the red reatta with the reversed hood? He had some other mods that I am interested in. Could you tell me his name and e-mail address?
  8. Cruise control again

    Well, I ordered a new one from Ronnie (the store). We will see what happens. Thanks. Jon..
  9. Cruise control again

    Dave, I just took it out of the box, new. You think it is bad?
  10. Cruise control again

  11. Cruise control again

    One at a time, they turn on you.
  12. Cruise control again

    Grow up!
  13. Cruise control again

    to 89RedDarkGrey Thanks for the reply. You are the only one to do so. That's another reason I don't like to post on this site
  14. Cruise control again

    Any Idea would help. Here is what's happening. Start car drive up to speed, set cruise, (it works) 5 minutes later it kicks out and will not work again. Let it sit until the next time I drive it and it works for about 5 minutes. HELP!