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  1. 63viking

    PROM, memcal, etc.

    Try this. http://www.moates.net/g1-memory-adapter-tpi-etc-p-32.html?cPath=64 There is also a video of the attachment for this unit.
  2. 63viking

    Passenger side vent window

    I also have spare vent windows. jclabree@comcast.net
  3. 63viking

    Oil Pressure

    I also shim the relief spring to increase the pressure. With the pressure of the supercharger I think it is wise to do so.
  4. 63viking

    Oil Pressure

    I have tried several sending units and I still get the same readings. Since the last time I had the engine apart the pressure has been up. But that's the way I like it. I also have a six quart oil pan.
  5. 63viking

    Oil Pressure

    The reason I ask is that I have a "souped up" rebuilt oil pump and I pin the gauge on the dash, but the "real" gauge reads 65 -70 bs cold and around 45-48 hot.
  6. 63viking

    Oil Pressure

    What is normal oil pressure for a 3800 engine. At Idle and at speed?
  7. 63viking

    Pinstripping question

    That's inappropriate!
  8. 63viking


    Thanks Barney.
  9. 63viking


    Could someone tell me where the "Starter enable relay" is located? Please.
  10. Only for the intake manifold. Put a dot in each corner where the gaskets come together.
  11. 63viking

    1990 Reatta Won't Crank

    Spray some electrical cleaner into the ign, let it dry, clean the key well and try it again.
  12. 63viking

    Reatta parts

    I Have three items on e-bay that some of you may be interested in. Arm rest / Center console REATTA 1990 (123219341248) Reatta trunk pull down motors (123220113756) License plate holder Reatta. (123220098785)
  13. 63viking

    A/C help please

    Thanks guys, it worked after checking the fuses I disconnected the battery last night and the air started to work again. Thanks again everyone. Jon.