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  1. Mark Shaw

    Need advice on buying custom enclosed trailer

    Last year, I bought a 20' V nose all aluminum trailer from Mission Trailers. located in Maine and MT. I suggest you get the drop down legs at the back corners so you can load and unload with less stress on the hitch. Mission Trailers is an ALCOM LLC. (Aluminum Company of Maine) product line. We build over 70 models of open and enclosed aluminum trailers for a wide variety of uses. Our combination of price and quality has fueled our tremendous growth. One of our specialties is custom car haulers. From a 16' Open Car hauler to a 28' Enclosed Car Hauler - loaded with cabinets, wardrobes and lights - Mission is your source. ALCOM LLC is a NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) Certified company. We manufacturer to established industry standards and U.S. DOT’s Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS). We're proud to be an American owned company focused on designing and building the highest quality aluminum trailers available.
  2. Mark Shaw

    Valve Cage Removal

    Copied from: Regardless of how many layers of protective wax on your vehicle or how careful you are, if you spill brake fluid on your car’s paint, the fluid can cause the paint to instantaneously discolor and begin flaking off. This damage can happen within minutes and cause irreparable damage to a vehicle’s paint job. Newer vehicles with a clear coat over the paint are somewhat more protected, but if the brake fluid is not attended to immediately, the damage can become much more severe. Perhaps this is why brake fluid was not tested or recommended.
  3. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Jack, You are absolutely right that Dave Wojahn and and Roy Faries were instrumental in getting the new parking arrangements completed for Denver. Below is a copy of the insert that every registered PWD car owner received in their packet at the Denver Meet. As it turned out, I was able to fly in to attend the meet so Larry Schramm and I chalk marked all the prewar parking spaces Friday evening. Dave secured the final registration list from Roy so we knew which prewar cars needed spaces. Upon my return from the meet, another notification went to PWD members crediting Dave and Roy for their cooperation in making the new parking arrangements work so well for all who attended. New Parking Arrangements for All Prewar Buicks! As requested by the BCA PreWar Division (PWD), All Prewar Buicks will be parked all-together & chronologically at this year’s BCA National Meet. David Wojahn deserves lots of credit for planning & coordinating with the meet committee, Roy Faries and me for the show field parking layout. He is making a “PRE-WAR CAR PARKING” sign to identify the prewar parking area, and will chalk mark each parking space so all pre-registered prewar car owners can find their individual parking space. So, when you arrive, please help Dave direct other prewar car owners to find and park in their marked spaces and be sure to thank him for making the new parking arrangements go smoothly. The PWD welcomes all prewar Buick owners to park with us for the entire meet, but if some prefer to park elsewhere, they are free to do so. Saturday judging will require more spacing between cars, so once again, Dave will chalk mark a space for every prewar car (judged or not) into classes A, B, C, & D using the BCA judging class signs. So please help Dave and assist others to find their marked spaces. If some prewar car owners decide to park with archival, modified, etc. there will simply be a gap in the lineup. We believe that these new parking arrangements will enable meet attendees and the general public to more easily see and compare early Buicks from different BCA judging categories so everyone can appreciate the many early Buick product changes and developments. Enjoy the meet! Mark Shaw BCA PWD National Director
  4. Mark Shaw

    Valve Cage Removal

    Penetrating Oils Machinist's Workshop Magazine (March/April or May/June, 2007) actually tested penetrants for break out torque on rusted nuts. They arranged a subjective test of all the popular penetrants with the control being the torque required to remove the nut from a "scientifically rusted" environment. *Penetrating oil ....Average load* None ............…….516 pounds WD-40 ................238 pounds PB Blaster ...........214 pounds Liquid Wrench .....127 pounds Kano Kroil ..........106 pounds ATF-Acetone mix...53 pounds The ATF-Acetone mix was a "home brew" mix of 50 - 50 automatic transmission fluid and acetone. Note the "home brew" was better than any commercial product in this one particular test. Our local machinist group mixed up a batch, and we all now use it with equally good results. Note also that "Liquid Wrench" is about as good as "Kroil" for about 20% of the price.
  5. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Willis, Apology accepted. Pro-Choice is the best terminology for national meet parking prior to judging day. I have never suggested no-judging. The misleading information disseminated from "official" and unofficial sources is the major problem now facing the BCA. The board's refusal to publish consolidated financial reports in The Bugle for three years, and their refusal to even consider anything but segregated parking at national meets caused the current problems. Add the inappropriate attempt to remove me as PWD director by those who still push a judging only agenda to better understand why the BCA is experiencing turmoil. If the BOD had complied with Terry's requests for over a year before (to publish the financials as required by the Bylaws) he would not have contacted the IRS. If the chief judge and BOD had not just dismissed all-together parking proposals for years after the South Bend meet, we would not still have this issue.
  6. Mark Shaw

    1924 Buick Master Six Brake and clutch pedal and arms

    I do have a spare pair. See photo below.
  7. Mark Shaw

    Tire pressure

    Just read the max cold pressure on the tire itself.
  8. Mark Shaw

    Valve Cage Removal

    You couldn't be more wrong! Acetone has almost no lubricity, it is the carrier that dilutes the oil so it can penetrate into smaller spaces. It then evaporates leaving the oil behind to lubricate deeper into the joint where the oil by itself cannot penetrate.
  9. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Willis, Several emails and letters have already been sent to the BCA board members with proof that the petitions submitted in Denver contain false information, not properly administered per Roberts Rules of Order, do not follow requirements in the BCA bylaws, and are therefore invalid and must be dismissed. Don't assume that all communications have been posted here. Since you do not have a prewar Buick, why are you posting such long opinions when the PWD doesn't involve your club activities at all?
  10. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Dave, You are correct. After the South Bend meet parking debacle, I made several different proposals to the BOD to allow all-together parking before Saturday's judging. Options were suggested for parking by era, chronologically, by division, etc. to allow members in any judging class to park together & socialize prior to judging day. I always expected the judged cars would be parked in their judging classes on Saturday. However all my proposals were rejected and never put to a vote of the board. As it turned out, the Denver meet chief judge insisted on chronological parking on Saturday with the PWD being responsible for the layout and implementation. Although I believe this was done just to make it the most difficult, we made it happen very successfully.
  11. Mark Shaw

    Valve Cage Removal

    Just shake it to mix prior to application and it works perfectly. I suppose you could run it through a homogenizer to keep it from eventually separating a few hours later, but most home shops don't have that capability.
  12. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    And the third meeting is usually at the BCA national meet when the location lends itself to a PWD After Tour. Denver is just a big sprawling city, so nobody stepped up to lead the After Tour for Denver. However, we did have a great After Tour when the meet was in Colorado Springs.
  13. Mark Shaw


    Yes, and that makes it prior to both world wars.... In both the HCCA and AACA perspectives, it includes both brass and nickel era vehicles.
  14. Mark Shaw

    thoughts on seat belts

    From the BCA judging manual: Safety Items: Each car may have non-original items installed for safety purposes, such as, seat belts, turn signals, and stop lights. Each car is required to have a U/L approved fire extinguisher and safety glass, unless the car is an unrestored original, per BCA rules. I have been disappointed that my grandchildren are not allowed to participate in car tours in my original prewar Buicks without seat belts. My 38 Buick does have them because they were installed by the previous owner. However, my older Buicks have wood floors, so seat belt anchors cannot easily be installed. I suggest that you can install U bolts around frame members to serve as anchors. However, anchoring in the center of the vehicle is usually the issue unless there is a convenient cross member in just the right place. Just stay away from the freeways whenever you can to minimize exposure to the crazy fast drivers. Good luck,
  15. Mark Shaw

    Buick PreWar Division Status Question

    Den41Buick, Actually, the PWD brought many new members and saved many members from leaving the BCA. In fact, I won the award for adding the most members several years ago. It is the previous voting majority and current self interested members of the BCA board who refuse to hear BCA members not involved in formal judging that are driving away long time members. The voting majority of the BCA board (made up mostly of former BCA judges) created this controversy. They pushed an agenda to keep members segregated into formal judging classes at BCA meets for many years. Their attempt to prevent all-together parking for the Denver meet was thwarted by the PWD when we cited the BCA SOP that allows divisions to park their way at national meets. I believe their underhanded and disrespectful actions to remove me as PWD director was just another attempt to prevent alternative parking arrangements for future meets. Although they made it as difficult as they could, we were very successful in parking all the prewar cars all-together and chronologically on the show field for Saturday's judging at the Denver meet.