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  1. My car's weight and trailer advice

    I agree. I bought a 20' V nosed enclosed all aluminum trailer with torsion axles to replace my 18' steel/aluminum trailer with leaf springs. The lighter weight allows heavier cars and cargo to be towed. Torsion axles provide a smoother ride for you and your collector car and the trailer sits lower for better aerodynamics. I still use an open trailer for my enclosed cars on shorter trips, but I always park my brass era cars inside my enclosed trailer overnight. Calculating fuel mileage while towing... My 2013 GMC Yukon Denali Gasoline SUV gets close to 20 mpg on the highway unloaded. It gets just under 10 mpg when towing a loaded enclosed trailer. So, by my calculations (10 mpg X 2), when it is transporting two vehicles and a trailer, each vehicle gets almost 20 mpg!
  2. Vacuum tank/electric pump

    So, you flipped the manifold and use a downdraft carb?
  3. Adjusted brakes, valves & lubed before moving the 13 Buick Touring car out to the street in front of the house. Left it running to close the shop door and it ran out of gas. Had to clear the plugged fuel line (all the crud collected in the line when it ran out of gas) before driving three miles to get it filled with real gas (no ethanol). Still need to make final adjustments to the brakes so she is ready for the Yosemite tour next month.
  4. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    My guess is because the rear cylinders don't cool as well as the front, it is often harder to remove pistons and valves from the rear of the engine.
  5. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    Yes Larry is right. However, unless you want to wait to find one or borrow one, just make your own as I did...
  6. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    The keeper gets re-installed above the washer and will not let the valve drop into the cylinder. But the easiest way is to rotate the crank so the piston is up.
  7. Teflon Coated Pistons

    Maximum continuous temperature rating for the highest rated PTFE Teflon (R) is 550 F. So I am a bit surprised it works for piston coatings.
  8. Buicks to disappear?

    Agreed. We should keep in mind that the market is world wide. So, brand names are often meaningless in other countries; especially those countries that do not use our lettering system.
  9. Front License plate bracket for 1938 Special

    Many states in the USA require only the rear plate. Are you required to have both?
  10. 1916 Buick Valve cage removal

    Mark Shaw Senior Member Members 677 6,119 posts Report post x #2 Posted October 30, 2017 (edited) I made this valve cage removal tool from scrap 3/4" square tubing and a long bolt. Remove the castellated cage retainer nut and spring assy. Liberally lube the cage vale with 50/50 ATF & Acetone for a day or more. Remove the top nut & washer from the puller. Insert the valve stem into the bottom hole, place the heavy top washer over the stem & replace the keeper. Turn the lower nut to pull the cage assembly. Some valves may require just putting a strain on the puller for a day or more with more lube and/or heat.
  11. Battery charger/maintainers?

    I bought a Genius charger/maintainer two years ago and also have a splitter that connects one charger to several batteries. The beauty of this charger is that it recognizes the battery type and voltage to recharge or maintain each battery as needed. I also used it to recover a 3 year old deep cycle battery for my winch that would not take a charge. After two days on the Genius, it recovered and works as it should.
  12. Delco Starter Generator torque spec's. needed

    You might also look into a torque multiplier. It would slow the rpms but offer more torque. I tried one on my 13 Buick with my cheapo cordless drill, but it didn't have enough input torque.
  13. Rust removal in engine: oxalic acid

    I used it on my walnut steering wheel to remove black stains. It worked great! Just remember to neutralize it after it does it's job.
  14. Delco Starter Generator torque spec's. needed

    Alan, What car & engine are you trying to fit?
  15. Champion 32 Spark Plugs

    I was lucky to get two with my Model F Buick.