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  1. Mark Shaw

    Horseless carriage high wheeler

    More likely to find one here:
  2. Mark Shaw

    How to leak check aluminum head?

    You might try bolting the two heads together with a piece of sheet steel & gaskets on both sides.
  3. Mark Shaw

    1930 Buick 8-55 transmission

    Try SAE 250 gear oil.
  4. Mark Shaw

    Top Irons for a 1928 Ford Phaeton

    John has patterns and can make new top irons. John Boorinakis 545 Dairy Road Auburn, CA 95603 Phone 530-885-4956
  5. George is a Willys Overland club member too....
  6. Mark Shaw

    Dented '37 and paint

    Why not try paintless dent repair? It worked on my 38 Buick Special, but the guy took much longer due to the thick metal.
  7. Mark Shaw

    1923 Gabrielle Snubbers

    Check this out:
  8. Mark Shaw

    Modern Fluids for Early 20's Buick's??

    Although the original post did not ask about steering box lubricants, I agree that semi-fluid "Corn Head Grease" available in stock at most John Deere stores is a good lubricant for old steering boxes that typically leak even the heaviest gear lubricants. And, many thanks to Tinindian for his previous vote of confidence. I find his advice on this forum to be factual & to the point as well.
  9. Mark Shaw

    Modern Fluids for Early 20's Buick's??

    1) Engine oil type and weight (synthetic or not). Today's oils are better than anything in 1922. Synthetics will work fine. There is much discussion on oils designed to suspend solids for use in cars with no oil filters. I use ordinary 20w40 for my cars. 2) radiator (use of anti freeze or not, if so mix 50/50??). Yes, 50% green antifreeze works fine. 3) Will antifreeze hurt the Moto-Meters? (shouldn't seeing how it is sealed, but just asking). No. 4) Rear differential Gear Lube type and weight. I use SAE 250 for tranny & rear end. 5) Bearing grease for wheel bearings, axial, etc. General purpose for chassis & high temp for wheel bearings. 6) Transmission gearbox fluid. SAE 250.
  10. Mark Shaw

    1912 buick 34 touring car

    Ann, The Standard Catalog of American Cars should be available in your local library. This photocopy below should help. This is the best I can do with my little scanner.
  11. Mark Shaw

    1928 Buick Standard Marvel carburetor

    The gas adjustment is a needle valve has a packing nut that probably needs to be tightened to stop an external leak. If you cannot stop the leak by tightening the nut, it may need a new piece of leather packing that you can make yourself.
  12. Mark Shaw

    1912 buick 34 touring car

    I have the only 1912 Model 34 Roadster that I could find in WA (photo below). 1912 Touring cars were either Model 29, Model 35, or Model 43 cars with 5 passenger seating. There are two Model 29, & two Model 35 Touring cars in OR that might be what you are looking for. Do you have photos?
  13. Mark Shaw

    1928 Buick Standard Marvel carburetor

    See photos below. I also suggest coating the entire cork with Krazy Glue or Airplane Dope to protect the cork from alcohol fuels. Greg Lang and others also sell foam float material if you don't drink wine. Install the new float and make sure it operates throughout it's moving range without touching the sides of the float bowl. Bend the tang to adjust the float level just below the tallest jet. Set the big air adjustment knob at the end of the ratchet tang & open the gas adjustment 1.5 turns. Start the engine and allow it to warm up. Adjust the air knob in an out and set it mid way between where it starts to run rough. Throttle up and re-adjust the air until it no longer stumbles. Take a test drive to see if it attains 40-45 mph. If not, just open the gas adjustment 0.25 turn and check the air adjustment again until it does. Good luck!
  14. Mark Shaw

    California "V for Victory" license plate tag

    You might try here:
  15. Mark Shaw

    1928 Buick Standard Marvel carburetor

    What are you adjusting for the float level?