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  1. Brake band arc-ing

    Cant quite work out what it is you are trying to achieve ?
  2. Not seen it try again perhaps ?
  3. OK add Plymouth U & Q to your search list, pretty sure the 28 - 30 Plymouths used the same distributor.
  4. cylinder compression

    What car ??
  5. Coolant fluid for Desoto s11

    For the past 30 years I have been on rain water for my early Mopars, no problems yet. Of course I live in a relatively warm climate so wouldnt recommend just water if you live in the freeze zones.
  6. 1929 Plymouth vs 1929 Chrysler

    Next to nothing is interchangeable, two different ends of the market when these were sold, Plymouth being the cheapest and Chrysler the dearest. As mentioned Plymouth is very basic 4 cylinder, Chrysler up market 6 cylinder.
  7. PA oil pressure question

    30 hot is fine, as a general rule for older cars, 10psi per 1000 revs is the bench mark when at normal operating temps. 60 cold would seem to be on the high side, what grade oil are you using ?
  8. compression results and spark plugs

    You don't say what year your engine is, post 1935/6 most of the Mopar engines introduced a distribution cooling tube behind the water pump which were designed to enhance coolant flow around the valve seats, they are notorious for corroding out with resultant lack of cooling in this area of the block Compressions look reasonable (I`m assuming this is an older engine), if you had a leak between cylinders I would expect a larger variation in compression figures. At what stage are you assessing the plugs - idling in the driveway ? after a lengthy run ? Describe "wettish / foul" - are you talking oily wet or coolant wet ? Can you determine the flow volume with the radiator cap off ? Is the ignition timing correct ?
  9. 1934 Chrysler CA engine

    Sorry, if you go down that road prepare yourself for a lot of frustrating work, ask me how I know.
  10. Front end shake

    Keisers the man
  11. '29 Plymouth Auto Advance Retarding Ignition

    Don't you have a manual adv/ret control on your distributor ? this should be holding the timing at a fixed setting dependent on where you set the arm on the steering wheel.
  12. 1934 Chrysler CA engine

    Not many; because these were the last of the exposed water jacket engines, you need pre 33 / 34 Dodge/Plym/Des/Chry engines otherwise you will be messing around with clutch housing / starter mounting and then trans cross members and so on. Essentially your engine, because of the rear block water jacket configuration, has the starter motor mounted close in to the block, so if you try a later flat sided engine (full water jacket) you will have to use a matching clutch housing which then means different gear box and mountings. etc.
  13. 1930 Roadster

    Again - do you have spark at the points ??
  14. 1930 Roadster

    With points closed and ignition turned on, using a fine screwdriver, lever the point open and closed; do you have a spark at the points ??