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  1. I had Eddie work his magic on mine just over 1 year ago. It has been working perfectly ever since.... Jim
  2. Is it just from reading on here, or do Reatta HB's have a higher failure rate than other makes? Seems to be a high percentage.
  3. Thanks Howard, was able to get the door open. The old latch WAS broken. Replaced it with a Burgandy spare from my previous car. Now I need a Blue latch. Anyone have one available? Thanks, Jim
  4. Is there any way to gain entry without using the release handle? I used it last week to get to the gas door release button & it worked fine. Tried it today and it will not release. Does not feel like it's broken, and it is not locked. Any suggestions?
  5. Best wishes Kingsley and thanks for all you have done for the Reatta community. Please continue to comment on the forum as you desire....... Jim
  6. 'Twas a good show, great weather. Sad to say, was only Reatta there.
  7. Thanks 89RedSlate, friend has a 2000 Mercury with pressure switch & A/C problems. Passed info on to his mechanic.
  8. Has my old age crept up on me? I seem to recall posts regarding a bad P/S Pressure Switch causing problems with the A/C.
  9. Best wishes for Nancy...... Jim
  10. Anyone else planning to attend??
  11. Signed up a few days ago.... see you there with my new paint job..... Jim
  12. Don't know what an ice scraper is. I usually use the stick that we keep for repelling 'gators and sea gulls.
  13. Just had Eddie do mine, very pleased with results.
  14. Sent my CRT unit to Eddie Voland on 5/4. Received back in today's mail, installed in dash, seems to be working fine. Will be driving in next few days for a through test. Update 5/20: Have put on a few miles; all is good. thanks to Eddie for quality service.
  15. Under the dash, above the parking brake release, there is a "starter interrupt relay" (I may not have the correct name). Had one go bad on my white '89. If I remember correctly, there are 2 or 3 relays up there. Not sure what the other ones are for.