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  1. Looks real nice Chuck!
  2. Yep, that is what they are going to do, lol. Back on eBay! http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera-Gran-Sport-GS/232376930091?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  3. Actually it did better online than it did at the auction. Makes you wonder if maybe it doesn't look as good in person as it does in pics.
  4. Great seeing you again Doug, and your car looked fantastic!
  5. Here it is again after 3 or 4 unsuccessful attempts on ebay. https://www.mecum.com/lots/PJ0617-288297/1965-buick-riviera-gs/ http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera-Gran-Sport-GS-/232353711263?vxp=mtr
  6. Excellent Doug, Look forward to seeing you! I haven't decided which car to bring either, probably the 55 or a 61.....
  7. relisted, with ad updated to say it is a factory silver car with a repaint in black in 79, and new (non correct?) wheels in 2013. The car has never been restored; ALL original except car was painted Black in 1979 originally Silver, in 06 after being in storage spent over 4K to get her running in top form.then adding the red line tires and new Buick wheels in 2013. The paint shows a great shine but there are some scratches and minor cracks. The car will need a heater core and the carpet is not the best. There is a small exhaust manifold lead (very common on these cars) http://www.ebay.com/itm/1965-Buick-Riviera-Gran-Sport-/332259619752?_trksid=p2141725.m3641.l6368
  8. Tom, Did you ever reach the owner and get to check out the car? Chris
  9. https://losangeles.craigslist.org/wst/cto/6159799878.html
  10. ebay motors charges a fixed fee for cars, not a percentage of sales price Selling your vehicle Listing fees for low-volume sellers Category or subcategory Insertion fee Successful listing fee Based on the vehicle price $2,000 or less More than $2,000 Cars & Trucks, RVs & Campers, and Commercial Trucks Free $60 $125 Motorcycles, Powersports, Trailers and Boats Free $60 $125 Powersports under 50cc Free $10 $10 All other vehicles Free $60 $125
  11. Entry form attached or register at the door.
  12. Saturday June 17, 2017 for this year's show! 24th Annual All Buick Open, put on by the Puget Sound Chapter of the BCA. Largest Buick show in the Pacific NW! 115 - 2nd Street SE, Puyallup WA Parking begins at 8 am, awards at 3 pm. 1st and 2nd place awards, peer judging, 20+ classes. Lots of good food and fun, and there is a street fair going on, all the stores are open, and there are arts and crafts booths, food booths, BEER GARDENS, live bands, tractor display, etc., perfect for those that don't want to spend all day looking at Buick's (not sure who that would be). Hope to see you all there! Photos from previous years shows: http://gngs.smugmug.com/Cars/Buick
  13. That sounds about right, lol!
  14. I believe I saw you driving through looking for a parking spot right before I left!