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  1. gwells

    Many things unidentified from garage

    For clarity, I suggest posters helping to ID this stuff reference the post number where the item is shown.
  2. gwells

    Identified!!! 1920-30s aftermarket turn signal

    Bemused, It''ll be more effective for you to start a new thread for each item. Appending them to an existing thread means they appear under the original subject line and many folks won't see the new items. If you want to re-post the last two items in new threads, I'll delete the posts in this thread when I see the new ones. BTW a second pic of that butterfly item showing the box itself would be useful to me.
  3. gwells

    Bill Snyder, RIP

    Bill Snyder of California, long-time CCCA member and former editor of the CCCA club magazine, passed away on May 10.
  4. gwells

    Oddball set of 1930s wheels

    Here's a LINK to a thread at the MTFCA forum with enough pics to help you determine which wire wheels you have.
  5. gwells

    Oddball set of 1930s wheels

    Pretty sure they're Model A wheels. The Model T hubcaps differ, as they have an octangonal outer rim and are embossed with a raised 'Made in USA.' The early Model A hubcaps have a round outer rim and just the Ford logo. Oops, missed that you posted the wire wheels have generic caps. See my next post.
  6. gwells

    Mystery early four-cylinder timer/distributor

    Well, that's how Ford did it on the Model T and some of the pre-Ts. Although, everyone and his brother wanted to "improve" the Ford timer design, thus the literally thousands of aftermarket Model T timers that almost all used something different to make the contact. Below is the basic Ford timer design used on at least fifteen million cars. I can't comment from personal experience but a lot of T guys swear by the so-called 'New Day" timer, which uses the spring-loaded brush-style contact below with a timer cover to match.
  7. gwells

    1958 (I think) Mercury - but what model?

    Based on the above pic, it looks like the proper spelling of the model name is 'Medalist,' with a single 'L.'
  8. gwells

    1920s taillight assembly need ID

    The legend in your pic above indicates: "Similar... Deray Standard" which is how your lamp seems to be marked. While a 1928-31 Stude owner could certainly use it, I'm still of the opinion it's most probably an aftermarket unit not supplied on a production car. Perhaps a 1928-31 Stude owner with a known to be original lamp could comment regarding the markings on his lamp.
  9. gwells

    What do I have?

    Early Walker screw jacks, guessing late teens or early '20s. Many Walker jacks carry a part/model number but I don't see that on these two in the pics. If you have a pair, my thought would be that they were purchased for shop use, rather than coming from a car tool kit. They also seem a little bigger than the jacks Walker made for many of the automakers to include in such kits. Here's a cut from a 1921 tool catalog that seems very close to these jacks. I had no luck in finding anywhere on the web where these early Walker jacks could be ID'd.
  10. gwells

    1920s taillight assembly need ID

    I am only guessing here, but that taillamp looks to me like a standard aftermarket lamp, rather than something used by a specific make.
  11. gwells

    Please help ID Trico wiper

    The marking is almost certainly 286.
  12. gwells

    Mid-teens touring

    My ex-wife would straighten you out on those claims! LOL... I'm just a semi-retired guy who has learned to use a very capable photo-editing application to a decent extent.
  13. gwells

    Mid-teens touring

    Requested photo tweaking...
  14. gwells

    Please help ID this auto

    I actually did tweak your posted photo in that thread and replaced it earlier. Sorry, not much I can do with that one, but will give it another shot... can certainly white-correct it.
  15. gwells

    Please help ID this auto

    I like this image and just for jollies I tweaked it with a photo-editing app.
  16. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    I agree!
  17. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    OK, I am convinced. Sorry that I questioned your ID, Grandpa.
  18. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    Paul55, I wouldn't have thought that based on this picture.
  19. gwells

    What is it, parts identification?

    David, If I were a betting man, I'd suggest these are all parts from a top latching arrangement for a roadster or touring car. The small handles probably latched the top down to the windshield. The four similar brackets obviously fitted onto some sort of rod and then bolted to a header of some kind. It would make sense to me that a batch of parts to be rechromed would have come from the same area of the car. Have no idea what car these were fitted to.
  20. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    Grandpa, thanks for that pic. It is unlike any other 1920 Studebaker coach picture I could locate. Seems during this timeframe, Studebaker made a Light Six, a Special Six, and a Big Six, with only the Light Six using a radiator that looked like the one in your pic (the other two rads were more rounded at the top). And in general, the headlights on the Special and Big Sixes were quite different than the ones shown in your pic. But if I blow up the RH sidelight from your pic (wish the pic was larger/sharper!), here's what I see: Seemingly three panes of glass, which shouldn't be possible if the lamp were square. Also, the OP's lamps only have glass on only two sides (at least that what it looks like to me). I admit this could be a picture problem rendering my assumptions inaccurate. So I remain contrary and, alas, unconvinced... Where's a Studebaker expert when we need one?
  21. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    Grandpa, I hate to be contrary, but I don't believe those are 1920 Studebaker coach (sedan) lamps. I certainly can't find any pics via search that would confirm that. Heck, I can hardly even find any pics of a 1920 Stude coach. The style of the lamps would indicate earlier than 1920 to me unless they were on something like a hearse.
  22. gwells

    Electric auto sidelights

    Nzcarnerd, that was my thinking initially, too. But I don't see any evidence of the kerosene reservoirs that should be there. If these were indeed electric when made, they'd have to be very early ones IMO.
  23. gwells

    Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    I think Leif has nailed it. That aluminum windhsield base is a perfect match for what the OP shows.
  24. gwells

    Who knows what this old cowl is from?

    Cowl lamps in the windshield base should eliminate a lot of possibilities, too, I would think.
  25. gwells

    Model T era panel truck door?

    The tough part of ID'ing this door is the fact that in this era there were dozens, if not hundreds, of small companies building truck bodies for Model T chassis. The simplicity of this door's construction and the common nature of its hardware suggests to me that this was one produced by one of those small builders and that the chances of ID'ing it are going to be pretty slim. The window just sliding in the track is not all that unusual, but is there some evidence of a way to hold it in partially open or fully closed positions?