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  1. starlightcoupe

    Avanti Door Glass?

    It was built on the Avanti platform; quite its own animal. And, yes; posting on the SDC Forum should supply a host of sources for the glass.
  2. Studebaker may have used a couple of visor suppliers. The OEM visor on my '51 is a single piece of fiberglass with no center support rod, and quite stable in the wind. I don't know if my photos will help but you can see how it's attached.
  3. starlightcoupe

    1936 Studebaker Dictator info?

    It's also rare to find an original unrestored 85-year-old that still has its paint code sticker. Yes, it was lacquer. 😉
  4. starlightcoupe

    Swap meet in SouthBend May 4/5 worth to go?

    Jörg , I am of the opinion the larger all-Studebaker Swap Meets are worth attending even if no parts are needed or found. The accumulated experience and knowledge of those in attendance is palpable. As far as parts for the Rockne, there will probably be some there, but will require some sleuthing and asking. Obviously the huge majority will be for post-war vehicles, but there's always a bit of everything. And, if nothing else, a whole bunch of new folks to meet and greet, as well as the pilgrimage to South Bend. And you could also visit Knute Rockne's grave.
  5. starlightcoupe

    will this camshaft fit my 33 Rockne engine

    For what it's worth; though the engine castings are the same, the displacements were changed between 1932 and 1936; and the cam for the Dictators and Coupe Expresses have a different part number than those for the Rockne Six. And note! The only resemblance the Rockne 75 (41) has to the Rockne 65 or 10 (31 & 41) is the name emblem
  6. starlightcoupe

    Studebakers, never to late to learn.

    They actually had great V-8's in to the sixties but, it's the general consensus in the Studebaker world that the 170 Champion Six is much preferred with a standard transmission, preferably with overdrive if it's to be used on the open road.
  7. starlightcoupe

    Tire Cover

    Ernie Loga was making them for the rear spare on the Rocknes. I would suspect he might have patterns for the side deluxe mounts as well. Worth checking.
  8. starlightcoupe

    Piston Identification Help ?

    George indicates his computer prevents him from a current response but the pistons turn out to be 1929 Commander 8 Model FD, with 250.4 cid.
  9. starlightcoupe

    Big Six aluminum head

    And, just for clarity, the "Commander Six" is not the "Big Six." Two immensely different engines. I believe the "Big Six", with 241.6 cid, production ended sometime around 1929-30; while what is referred to as the "Commander Six" made its debut in the 1932 Rockne "65" at 189.8 cid, and lasted in to 1961 at 245 cid.
  10. starlightcoupe

    1963 Avanti Rear Main Seal - HELP PLEASE!

    Questions on post war Studebakers get a lot more traffic on the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum.
  11. starlightcoupe

    33 Rockne Fuel Pump rebuild

    Dave Thibeault (T-bow) did mine the same time he did the carb. It didn't really need it but I figured with the ethanol in gasoline these days why take a chance and, since the carb was already out, access to the pump was a breeze.
  12. starlightcoupe

    A new photo op on N. Broad Street, Philly, PA

    The article link provides SOME history. I'm sure much more is available through local sources.
  13. Here's a new photo op location on N. Broad St in Philadelphia.
  14. starlightcoupe

    Are the Post WWII to mid 1950s Cars In Again?

    I've owned a '53 Studebaker Commander Starlight Coupe for 42 years, and a '51 Commander Starlight for 31 years; hence my screen name. I was never aware they were "out", let alone coming back in. The newest family arrival is the '33 Rockne. It arrived the year after the '51.
  15. starlightcoupe

    On this date, March 19, 1931

    On this date, March 19, 1931, Studebaker named coach of Notre Dame's Fighting Irish Knute Rockne to be their Manager of Sales Promotion. Twelve days later he would perish in a plane crash near Bazaar, Kansas. The first Rockne would role off the line in Detroit the following December.