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  1. Studebaker Truck?

    Appears to be all Studebaker with modern seats, perhaps dropped on to a modern chassis for dependability. Whanganui District is on the west coast of the north island, about 80 miles from Wellington. Great to see one in regular use, regardless of the drive train. Love the turn signals.
  2. Head Gasket for 31 Six

    If you have to ask, I guess you are not a member of the Antique Studebaker Club.
  3. oil filter

  4. oil filter

    Jerry Kurtz machines adapters to the old canisters for modern spin-on filters to fit inside.
  5. 1951 Engine Swap Auto Trans to Manual

    When you're done, remember to post the availability of the DG transmission and any related parts you may have. Jerry Kurtz is always looking for cores he can refurbish.
  6. 1951 Engine Swap Auto Trans to Manual

    There were no Hawks until 1956, so I assume you are referring to a '54 Commander Starlight Coupe or Starliner Hardtop. There are only two differences in the engines. The '54 has a stronger camshaft, and the engine number is stamped at the front left of the block, rather than the rear right in the '51. But there is much to change in converting your LC to the Borg Warner DG200 automatic; from brake linkages, brake pedal, shifter linkages, steering column and on and on. I would keep the 3-speed w/OD, a marvelous transmission. And all you will need to do is swap the flex plate from the '54 for the flywheel from the '51. But this WILL require swapping the bolts in the tail flange of the crank shaft. And it may require a pilot bushing. Then be certain to dial indicate the '51 standard bell housing to the '54 V-8. This procedure is explained in the Shop Manual. If you don't have one, procure it from a Studebaker vendor, such as Stephen Allen or Studebaker International. The DG automatic is also a very fine transmission; fiercely over-constructed. My '51 Commander has it and I like it a lot. But I would be happy with either, and the headaches you will encounter putting the automatic in to yours are totally un-required. If you really want to get a lot of input on your plan, post your question to the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum. The participation there is primarily post war and the participants visit and contribute rampantly. They will inform you more than you want to know. And you will get responses from those who know much more than I.
  7. Don Simmons produces in stainless steel.
  8. 1948 Champion convertible top question.

    You might want to post this query to the Studebaker Drivers Club Forum. It is much more active with regard to post-war Studebakers. than this AACA Studebaker page.
  9. Wig Wag needed desperately

    By " way to expensive" I assume you mean you haven't priced them lately. They were only offered a few years and the price they bring is fair market. When you say you are "in need of one" I must assume you have a vehicle that could have been equipped with one at the time of manufacture. And I would hope you don't intend to install it on your Rockne, as it would be most inappropriate. But, as they say, "your car, your money."
  10. Windshield seal recommendation needed for '33 Rockne

    If the PA repop (by the foot) is what's available, that may be what needs adapted. The seal on the Rockne is one molded piece, at least for the sides and bottom. The top seal is also in need of renewal, and I have no experience with the original configuration, or even what the material is (or was). As you can see, I'm only trying to keep this original car safe, functional and usable. The windshield frame itself is still solid, if just a bit crusty. Concern about taking the car out in anything but perfect weather is a certain means to its functional deterioration. I'm not looking to restore it at this point; just to repair correctly what needs repaired, without concern if a little rain is in the forecast. I can de-rust and repaint the frame; but I prefer to not lose the original glass and 1958 inspection sticker. Any information on the frame's removal, reseal and re-install would be appreciated.
  11. Windshield seal recommendation needed for '33 Rockne

    The Rockne is smaller than the Model 55, but I suspect it's a similar configuration, which is why I inquired. What is "The PA repop?" Not something I'm familiar with.
  12. Pretty explanatory. I would like to replace the 85-year-old windshield seal on my '33 Rockne 10 sedan. I would suspect someone at this point has found a reasonably close item that can be installed with minor modification.
  13. One for the Rockne nuts.

    And, while the source eludes me, I seem to recall the Rockne was, in fact, the seventh most registered car during it's two year production.
  14. One for the Rockne nuts.

    More common at the Lancaster International SDC Meet than in that photo. at 44th SDC Lancaster?sort=2&page=1
  15. OEM parts found!

    OEM parts found while excavating for a home addition. Please submit list of needs.