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  1. Found at auction, It is stamped inside "Brown Mid-Lite" E.A.M universal. It's in great condition and has what appears to be a stop/turn or tail light bulb with double element. The bracket has two holes at the bottom of the bracket and what looks like a clamp for a bar on the other end. Would like to know what it goes to.Hope someone needs it.
  2. It would be best to find Top Dead Center on #1 cylinder and make a new mark on the FRONT of the pulley. The vibration damper sometimes has slipped on older pulleys and the mark(s) have moved away from the pointer. However, the front of the pulley assembly is rigid to the crankshaft and cannot move. It may or may not line up with the factory notch. If it does, fine. If not the new mark will give you 0 degrees Top Dead Center. Had to do both of my 1961's, marked the front pulley surface with a small cutting wheel on a Dremel tool after having both dampers re manufactured. I could have gone without rebuilding the dampers but I like having the factory marks correct. Good luck, Dave
  3. The Oldsmobile colors and trim catalog for 1961 gives the trim code for your interior as #935. The same colors are used for the 98 and super 88. The Starfire is a super 88 with some 98 trim and other trim unique to the Starfire. The catalog lists the trim for all three as, instrument panel upper -Dark Red, Lower -Medium red. Your best bet is to have a local body shop use their computer to color match your paints. The paint in the grooves on the console is the "Provincial White" used on many cars. It has a creamy or yellow tinge depending on age and exposure to sunlight. Good luck with your projects, Dave
  4. Thanx for the recommendations. I am in Colorado Springs. I found the receipt for a previous rebuild and sent the radio off to Bob's in Oceano Ca. Thanx again, Dave
  5. Any suggestions where to send a 1961 Olds (tube type) radio ??? Thanx, Dave
  6. There is a trunk lid decal with instructions on removal and installation of the deluxe wheel cover. Fusick may have it. Good luck, Dave
  7. Check your wiring diagram, see what else is on the same circuit and whether it works when the windows don't. I found on my Starfire the ignition switch accessory lead was burned at the ignition switch. It would open when it got hot and become functional when it cooled off. Good luck, Dave
  8. Does anyone know where there might be a rear bumper for a full size 1961 Oldsmobile
  9. Does anyone know where there might be a rear bumper for a full size 1961 Oldsmobile
  10. Try Duane Hayes in Peyton Colorado. He is going to move to Deming N.M. Might have something. Good luck, Dave Hayes e-mail donegoing2002@yahoo.com
  11. Eight inch monkey wrench with canvas pouch ????
  12. Make sure the leads are sound and have good connections. The magnets must be almost touching the pickup when the drive shaft is turning. This makes for a very touchy adjustment, the pickup will tear the magnets off if contact is made (magnets sticking to floor is a good example). Keep trying, you will get it right eventually barring some other problem. Make sure the pickup is to the side of the driveshaft because there is some movement up and down as the rear suspension flexes. . Good luck, Dave
  13. The wiring diagram shows it too be negative ground. If the battery is out of normal sight such as under the floorboards I would recommend the Optima battery. Much better than the old wet cell batteries. Dave
  15. This is what you need. Too expensive here. Find one salvage. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1961-1962-Oldsmobile-jack-hold-down-/121959869475?hash=item1c655fec23:g:mYQAAOSw14xXFBoN&vxp=mtr