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  1. I worked at a Chevy dealer inspecting the vehicles when they came off the trucks and found damage daily.
  2. junkyardjeff

    55/56 suspension

    I am still looking but all I can find are major projects.
  3. junkyardjeff

    Ford FE engine needed

    Looking for a 65 and newer 352,360 or 390 close to Ohio for my 66 F100,could also use a 76 and older truck 4 speed. I am looking for one good enough to drop in and use.
  4. junkyardjeff

    89 Crown vic or Grand Marquis wanted

    I will look into it
  5. junkyardjeff

    1977 Seville Update Answer Found!

    I do not think that tool would have worked on that 454 or might have damaged the bores since they were seriously mushroomed,I am thinking the GM garage that put the first cam in could not get them out and just reused them. All 16 lifters were wore down at least 1/8 and one was almost to the internal spring.
  6. Maybe a little but they still get very rusty,my 89 crown vic that I bought about 11 years ago is about gone and probably would have been off the road sooner but I think it was only driven 10,000 miles in its first 18 years. The rocker panels were starting to go when I bought it but could have been from mice nests and this car had been rust proofed,my 95 F150 had had all the spring brackets replaced and has holes in the frame but since its 23 years old it would have outlasted most trucks made in the 60s driven in salt in the winter.
  7. Some people are having a hard time with late 80s vehicles being old enough to show,when you think of old cars late 80s just seem too new and I am still using them for daily drivers. That thought pops in my mind at first when I see them at shows then I have to tell myself that they are getting up there in age.
  8. junkyardjeff

    1977 Seville Update Answer Found!

    I have gotten lifters out the bottom by putting cardboard in where the cam goes and one at a time drop them down but have a magnet to catch them,that is the way I had to remove the 16 lifters from a 454 in a suburban years ago that supposively only had 5000 miles on a new cam.
  9. junkyardjeff

    Killing time during the winter

    The 34 4 cylinder coupe is done,it needs to warm up so I can get outside and in the garage.
  10. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    I am wanting to get another 89 since I have all the factory shop manuals and would love to find a 89 police car but those got all used up by the taxi companies.
  11. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    I am wanting to find one that has a good body but needs a motor so I can use the one in mine.
  12. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    Good excuse to visit that part of the country.
  13. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    That trans service I done was wasted due to the clip that holds the trans TV cable broke and fried the clutches and bands so in went a junkyard trans with the updated clip,I kept the original trans and will have it rebuilt for a future project.
  14. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    When I changed the trans fluid at what I thought was 170.000 miles the plug was still in the pan so I was the first to service the trans,if it had 170,000 miles on the original fluid it would have been black so with most of the paint still on the frame when I bought it along with the mint interior it dawned on me that it only had 10,000 and the dealer I got it from did not know it.
  15. junkyardjeff

    If I only could do it all over again

    At 10,000 miles I should have preserved it and will never let anyone drive my vehicles for long periods of time again,its funny after she bought it from me and had to pay for the repairs it did not get driven as hard like when I was buying the parts. She now has car payments and has to take care of it,she did think she blew it up but was timing ping and a reset of the timing fixed it but with 110,000 miles now I will be looking into a timing chain.