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  1. Killing time during the winter

    It just has been too cold to work in the garage so I have been in the basement working on the smaller scaled versions,the black 40 sedan is one I built back in the mid 70s and put it on a new chassis and repainted the interior. The red home made p/u was made from a junk body that came close to going in the trash and extra parts.
  2. Single car club decision

    Right now that 40 or so dollars could be used for more important things,money is going to be tight for the next few weeks due to bills that come around this time of the year.
  3. Single car club decision

    I can just see it if my 37 Chevy is down for repairs and all I have is one of my Fords to drive to one of their events,they just get too wrapped up in their brand to accept others.
  4. Single car club decision

    Since I usually own multiple brands I got myself in two single brand car clubs and thinking about getting out of,I am in the VCCA since I have a 37 p/u and in the CVA since I have a 55 Sunliner and I am now a member of the AACA . For someone who likes a bunch of different brands single brand clubs is kind of a waste of money and time so one or two has to go so I need to make up my mind and since I might be buying another 55 Ford the VCCA might be the one that I will leave first.
  5. 1930s Farm Trucks

    My 37 Chevy has no interior light,I picked up a light that was supposed to come from a 30s GM truck but I think its from a panel that had a rear light and I am going to see if I can make it work.
  6. 54 to 65 Ford 2 door sedan

    Yes I do and its not going anywhere,since dad bought it new I want to just keep it for local driving and find another to take on trips. If what ever I find gets totaled I wont be as mad as if it happened to the convertible and can get a replacement much easier.
  7. 54 to 65 Ford 2 door sedan

    Does not need to run but needs to have a decent body and be complete within a reasonable distance from the Dayton Ohio area.
  8. How many are still around today?!

    All the late models in the background can be entered now.
  9. What happened to my post.

    Thanks to whoever was the one to identify it,I got busy and could not get back to it right away.
  10. What happened to my post.

    It was worded like I asked the question again so it was deleted,I never had responded to who ever posted after me the first time.
  11. What happened to my post.

    I got looking through my deleted emails and found a response email saying it was deleted,I do not know what is going on but I never responded to any of the comments.
  12. What happened to my post.

    Posted a picture of a tank that my friend thought could be automotive that ended up being for a kerosene stove and before I could get back here to thank whoever identified it the post is now gone so what is going on around here.
  13. 57 Buick Special Convertible crash - need some advise

    A local junkyard has a few 57s,when I had mid 50s Oldsmobiles I think I read in a shop manual that the convertibles had thicker frames in the X area so I presume the Buicks would be similar.
  14. Dynaflow Cadillacs

    I had a few Olds with the Hydramatics and then got to drive a Buick with a Dynaflow and did not like it,I like the firm shifts of the Hyrdamatics.
  15. What is this light switch for

    It is a GM switch and the switch part looks identical to the light switch in my 37 Chevy p/u except it can dim the dash lights where mine can not,it looks like it will go right in my 37 so that is why I picked it up.