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  1. Killing time during the winter

    The 34 is getting closer to being done.
  2. Killing time during the winter

    I am now working on a 34 Ford coupe but this one is going to be a 4 cylinder version.
  3. 1960 Windsor trans mount question

    A junkyard here in SW Ohio has a couple but the parts you need might be just as bad as what you have.
  4. Mulling over a barn find

    Many years ago I was at a junkyard in Northern Michigan and I seen a 350 Olds motor that had a throttle body and injectors in the intake and would that have been a Seville motor.
  5. If the picture was taken to the area close to the river you can still go there but the area on the dam side has been closed for years and very overgrown.
  6. I do more then build models in the basement

    I think I am done until I get my dental work payed off,I need about 300 dollars worth of material from SMS and 75 from a local supplier to redo the back seat and door panels unless I can find something to sell or hit the lottery. Its going back togather tomorrow night.
  7. I do more then build models in the basement

    This car being a very late 55 production is kind of messed up,it has 56 parts and had a fourth color in the interior where there should have only been three. On the back of the front backrests are a insert similar to the front but with no pleats and it was a light blue like what was on the rear panels too,its very hard to find another that has a original interior and since it has 56 parts I think they ran out of the green and substituted a light blue that almost looked similar when new but faded much more then the white and green. I was going to put that light blue back in but could never find a match and could not get anyone I talked to on the phone at the material companies to get what was going on.
  8. Killing time during the winter

    I would like to build one of those Dodge trucks again,it was in the mid 70s when I built one.
  9. I got my sewing table done except for it to be wired up but I am able to use it so I have been doing some repairs to my 55 sunliner,it started out as some upgrade to the hidden stereo system and has morphed into finishing the interior,I redone the front seat a couple years ago and never did put the piece of vinyl back on that went under the rear cushion so that has been done and since I had material left over I redone the lower rear panels. To do the upper rear panels I will have to order material so I decided to get enough to do them along with the complete rear seat and door panels,the door panels will probably get done next winter but I want to have all the material in stock so I can do it any time I can.
  10. Killing time during the winter

    Those look great and much better then i could do.
  11. Killing time during the winter

    Thanks. The 37 is a Revell/Monogram 1/24 that I picked up already started,its a streetrod kit that I put a stock 40 chassis under it with a Y block from a AMT 57 Ford,the others are all AMTs and I did not know what paint was used so I made it look like it was a project car pieced togather.
  12. Killing time during the winter

    It just has been too cold to work in the garage so I have been in the basement working on the smaller scaled versions,the black 40 sedan is one I built back in the mid 70s and put it on a new chassis and repainted the interior. The red home made p/u was made from a junk body that came close to going in the trash and extra parts.
  13. Single car club decision

    Right now that 40 or so dollars could be used for more important things,money is going to be tight for the next few weeks due to bills that come around this time of the year.
  14. Single car club decision

    I can just see it if my 37 Chevy is down for repairs and all I have is one of my Fords to drive to one of their events,they just get too wrapped up in their brand to accept others.
  15. Single car club decision

    Since I usually own multiple brands I got myself in two single brand car clubs and thinking about getting out of,I am in the VCCA since I have a 37 p/u and in the CVA since I have a 55 Sunliner and I am now a member of the AACA . For someone who likes a bunch of different brands single brand clubs is kind of a waste of money and time so one or two has to go so I need to make up my mind and since I might be buying another 55 Ford the VCCA might be the one that I will leave first.