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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.
  1. fan belt

    If all else fails, RockAuto.com Have you tried a local parts store, the part number is on the current belt.
  2. New to me 1989 TC: Help Needed

    First I would suggest you read the request from another member in the group who I just answered, 1990 TC seeking advise to appraise value That will inform you about your possible fuel problems. As for the rear 1/4 windows. I would suggest just running them down and up several times in order to give the motors some 'exercise'. It is very difficult to get to those motors and the mechanism. I would also suggest looking for the BLUE factory shop manual for the Chrysler TC by Maserati on eBay.
  3. 1990 TC seeking advise to appraise value

    So the car has been driven an average of 1,063 miles a year. This could indicate that this car suffers from many of the problems of a car not driven regularly. I own and drive an 89 TC with 283,000+ miles on it that is likely in better running condition because it has been in regular use and well maintained all these years. Such low miles as on your car does not add to it's potential value unless it has been stored properly. A rusted out fuel tank and components are often the case due to long term storage of a car with fuel deteriorating in the tank. Cooling system corrosion can be another issue with a little used vehicle. I recently replaced the whole assembly, tank, pump and sending unit in a beautiful looking '89 TC with 16,000 miles on the odometer, all due to rust.

    Remove your distance sensor and see which drive gear you have. Replace it with a gear that has one more tooth on the gear.
  5. Performance/reliability parts for the TC

    As you no doubt have read, I also had one of the 'rare' ones with the Cosworth head and the Getrag 5 speed. It was certainly somewhat quicker than my 8 valve car, but not that much that it would make me keep it over the red TC. What I like about the 8 valve car over the 16 valve one is that parts are MUCH simpler to find for the generic engine. Also, working in the 16V engine is much more difficult or should I say time consuming. The car you buy will depend on what you want out of the car. The 8 valve engine with the automatic is not anything to brag on. I replaced the automatic with a 5 speed manual trans for the reason given in that Allpar article. How could I not recommend the 5 speed over the automatic? The 5 speed is what makes my TC "FUN" to drive, especially in the mountains where you need to do some shifting in order to maintain "FUN" speed. I don't race my cars so that is not why I favor the 5 speed, I do DRIVE them hard enough to gain the benefits of the 5 speed. Fuel mileage certainly is greatly improved as well. To answer your final question, ABSOLUTELY! Did you read the brake conversion that is linked on the main page?
  6. Performance/reliability parts for the TC

    I am one of the technical advisors for the TC America Club. I have owned my 1989 TC since March of 1995. It is the 2.2L single overhead cam engine. It has somewhere around 280 thousand miles on the original engine. I have replaced the head gasket one time, soon after buying the car. At that time I also replaced the timing belt. I replaced the timing belt again last year. I have also replaced the connecting rod bearings some time ago. All the work stated above was done purely as preventive maintenance. The engine has had no mechanical trouble in any way. I have also replaced the automatic transaxle with a 5 speed manual trans. If you click on the links under my name below, you can read further.
  7. Fuel Injectors

    By the looks of your temperature gauge, the engine is still running cold. Does the RPM remain at or above 2000 RPM when the engine is at normal operating temperature? You do have a good 195 degree thermostat in it, do you not? Did your 'check engine' light come on after you installed these injectors? Idle speed is controlled by the AIS motor and the coolant temperature mainly. The engine sounded as though it was neither running too rich or too lean, so I would think that the injectors are OK. Another thought comes to mind as I write this, is there a possibility of a vacuum leak? I recently replaced the injectors on my 3.0L Voyager and there are several vacuum lines that have to be disconnected and reconnected as well as having to replace the 2 intake plenum gaskets. Have you checked for a vacuum leak?
  8. So Cal TC Mechanic and Parts?

    I hesitated to reply when you posted this request since it looked like you might have found someone closer to your residence. But to answer your question, he certainly is capable, however he does not have a machine shop which is generally needed when doing valve jobs. Rob has mostly a preventive maintenance shop, the best I can say is for you to drive your car to his shop and have a chat with him. He is best able to answer your questions.
  9. Sad day for my TC

    Have a look at this website, http://www.allpar.com/model/tc.html you can see how I solved the problem.
  10. Air Conditioner fix

    It is difficult to believe that anyone would risk their life and their car just for a CHEAP FIX!
  11. Fuel Hose(s) Replacement Problem

    That looks like cheaply made hose. I don't see any manufacturer's stamping numbers on the new hose. The curved hose on the old filter is a MOLDED hose with this 180 degree formed bend in it.
  12. TC Brake Booster

  13. So Cal TC Mechanic and Parts?

    Hi, you are a few years too late for me. I had a Chrysler Product repair shop for years in the Ventura area, Hemi's Independent Chrysler Repair a little ways north on 101. I see you have a 16V TC. I have built a few of them myself. A former customer's car, Bo Duke. I have someone in mind in Saticoy if you would drive that far. He was a neighbor of mine in the complex where I had my shop. I would think you are just looking for basic maintenance since you have such low miles on the car. Send me a private message if you are interested.
  14. Air Conditioner fix

    Keep in mind what happens when a pressurized (55 lb max) fuel line springs a leak, your A/C runs at about 200+lb on the high pressure side. IMAGINE the fun you would have if your A/C sprung a leak up there in the hot engine compartment. AND, if you have to refill your A/C because it is low on R-12, YOU ALREADY HAVE A LEAK!
  15. Tonneau Cover Stuck

    Hopefully you did not forget it already? Did you Bill? Now everyone knows where to find the tonneau cover releases. Everyone try to remember. Don't come here today it's 121F outside.