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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.

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  1. Hemi Dude

    oh woe

    Man, I would gladly have done that conversion in exchange for that Daytona. Too bad you live so far away.
  2. Hemi Dude

    oh woe

    Go help your neighbor remove his Tevis system from his Riatta.
  3. Hemi Dude

    poor starting sometimes

    Mark, besides fuel problem, there is a possibility of a MAP sensor or TPS (sensor) . A 28 year old car could easily have a bad electrical component. Your description "choking" would make me think that the engine hesitates or stumbles when you step on the accelerator pedal. This condition is usually caused by either of the 2 aforementioned components. When you start the engine initially, does it run making black smoke from the exhaust?
  4. Hemi Dude

    Brake line and Reintroduction

    You are right, Bill. An 89 Daytona or any other 'K' platform car from 89 up that has rear disc brakes would make a perfect conversion for the TC cars which use the 87-88 Daytona type rear disc brakes. I have a set on my 1985 Laser. Basically, it is just a matter of finding a donor car and exchanging all the parts. No big mystery. Take the TC brake hardware off and install the one generation newer parts. A shop manual for any other 89 year model or newer FWD MOPAR car would give all the instructions anyone should need.
  5. Hemi Dude

    Brake line and Reintroduction

    I have 'MESSAGED' you.
  6. Hemi Dude

    Brake line and Reintroduction

    I am fairly sure that it is standard 3/16" tubing. The brake hardware on the TC is the very same as that used on the 87 - 88 Daytona rear disc brakes.
  7. Hemi Dude

    Brake line and Reintroduction

    It would be best to replace the entire brake line that is rusted. Yes, the lines are all double flared, except those which are attached at the Tevis ABS assembly. Since your fuel gauge is reading empty, there is a possibility that the fuel sending unit has failed due to fuel deterioration and the sending unit rusting out. If that is the case, you would be wise to replace both the sending unit and the electric fuel pump. If it is the original pump, it is very likely to fail once you begin driving the car.
  8. Hemi Dude

    rear wheel bearings

    It gets a little complicated doing it yourself, however, most shop mechanics don't know beans about removing and reinstalling the rear calipers on a TC without messing something up. They will most likely ruin the piston adjustments on your calipers or may cause them to leak brake fluid. Rear calipers are also ALMOST impossible fo find even rebuilt, however there is someone here who sells both NEW and rebuilt calipers. He'll find your post. If you plan to do the rear wheel bearings, you may want to replace the brake pads as well, though they wear very slowly. I may have replaced the ones on my TC, but frankly do not remember. I have had mine since 1995. The factory shop manual will give you the most help.
  9. Hemi Dude


    Generally it is caused by the hydraulic pump not functioning. That can be due to a burnt out connection at a fuse in the "BLACK BOX'" located in the passenger side of the engine compartment. There are 3 relays and 2 fuses. The fuse closest to the firewall is the one affected. The terminal connector that the fuse connects to, burns up, causing an open circuit. The fuse does not look burnt out when you look at it. If this is the cause of the hard pedal, the pump is likely still OK. The other cause would be the pump actually being the failed component. You need to check out the relay/fuse box in the engine compartment first. People wonder why I ripped out this ABS system? This is one of the reasons. Follow my links below my name, you can see what I did and do it yourself or have a competent mechanic do it, if you want dependable brakes on your TC.
  10. Hemi Dude

    Brake Accumulator

    I have the procedure in .PDF form however it cannot be uploaded to this site. MESSAGE me your email address and I'll send it to you.
  11. Hemi Dude

    How many 16V's are still operational?

    So, Rusty Wrench, why have you not read my message to you, the envelope at the top right of your page next to the bell! Click on the message link... You asked for help with the shifter sticking between 4th and 5th gear. I have sent you the information on the adjustments that can be made to correct your problem if it is cable related.
  12. Hemi Dude

    5 Speed Gertag

    My first question to you is, do you have the factory shop manual for your car? If you do, and you are mechanically inclined, you may want to make a small adjustment to your crossover shift cable which is described in the book. If you do not have the book, the red covered 90 - 91 Chrysler's TC by Maserati Service manual, though the blue '89 manual will suffice, let me know and I'll send you the needed information. Better yet, I'll just PM it to you. Look for 'Message'.
  13. Hemi Dude

    Windshield Wiper

    You should only have to install a new 3799089 wiper bushing into the right wiper link and then snap the bushing into the right wiper pivot. That may require a pair of pliers or channel lock pliers. Yes, it is difficult for most hands to get in there, you just have to persevere.
  14. Hemi Dude

    2 tcs

    If you really want to sell them, pictures here would be wise.
  15. That is a beautiful car! No Kidding! 😉