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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.
  1. Title Description

    Time to change insurance companies or clarify the type of vehicle you have in case you ever have a claim. Can they show you a picture of that "Chrysler's Town & Country by Maserati"?
  2. Title Description

    I'll remember not to move to Washington state, you saw mine for my TC $31.00 for 2 years. Can also have 5 years for $60.
  3. Title Description

    How much do they charge to register a Maserati?
  4. Title Description

    On my AZ registration it reads Year/Make 1989 CHRY Body Style CV THEY CHARGE ME $31.00 FOR 2 YEARS.
  5. Good diagnostic post for 16 valve engines.

    Nothing like cryptic messages!
  6. Good diagnostic post for 16 valve engines.

    So, does this guy still have this problem? Is he looking for help?
  7. Quarter Window Weatherstripping

    You notice where the metal weatherstrip 'RUN' ends, rubber above it is part of the weatherstrip. You just have to work the old weatherstrip UP and out of the channel that retains it. Getting a used one back down into the channel is tougher. Try something like spray on graphite to ease the job. Included is also a picture of a new one, part# 4658714, that is the right side one, 4658715 is the left. Good luck everyone. Notice the door glass cannot get behind the weatherstrip with the new style.
  8. 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati $2500

    .... and this is the oldest one so it must go. It sure looks nice enough to be a keeper and take to car shows and enjoy driving with the top down in those nice summer nights in New York State. That looks like nice country for top down cruising. If I lived there, I would keep the top down all summer. Here in AZ, you BURN in the summer with the top down.
  9. external aftermarket transmission cooler

    That looks like it would do fine.
  10. Porthole window

  11. Quarter Window Weatherstripping

    The weatherstrip can be rather easily slid out of the channel. No need to remove 1/4 window. The hard part is to find the weatherstrips. They were most recently available for the LeBarons that look like the TC. Same fitting part, though updated so the weatherstrip does not hang up on the door glass which is the usual reason for deformation.
  12. Bought my 1st TC..

    Don't feel bad, I have done the same thing.
  13. Bought my 1st TC..

  14. Getrag 248 trans for sale

    Yes, that was GREAT for removing 2.2 & 2.5 engines and transaxles as a unit. Each was separately supported so either one could be worked on or removed while the other stayed in the stand. It was also good for major swaps. You see in the picture above, that the intermediate axle was being fabricated.Once the proper length was acquired, just a matter of having a drive shaft company weld and balance the shaft. This was when I was swapping a Getrag trans into my Laser that had a 505 originally.
  15. Bought my 1st TC..

    That was what the second line in my answer was all about. Try adjusting the transmission throttle pressure CABLE that runs from the throttle-body to the transmission. The adjustment is at the transmission end of the cable.