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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.
  1. Ginger interior parts for sale

    What are you doing with that 60s Valiant?
  2. cyl head prices

    Shelbyone, I would do a little shopping around. You could possibly save a lot if you did a little looking.
  3. cyl head prices

    Problem is, Bill, that was 20 years ago. At that time you could get both heads done for that $650 price. That includes replacement of the exhaust valve guides. Those are the ones that slip down and cause all that exhaust smoke at idle.
  4. Looking for a Computer

    Hello again Craig, that was a very concise explanation of past events. Now, did my mentioning of the cracks between the valve seats in each combustion chamber of the head give you any enlightenment to the similarity to the originally replaced cylinder head? I do not feel it was necessary as there is generally no coolant entry or combustion pressure lost through these surface cracks I also have an 89 TC with the same engine. It has somewhere around 285,000 miles on it and I have replaced the head gasket one time, when I bought it in 1995. I have also replaced 2 timing belts, the first time when I did the head gasket and the second one a couple of years ago before taking a cross country trip. That is really all I have done to the engine. I have converted the car to a 5 speed from the automatic and removed the ABS system. I might add, I have been a Chrysler mechanic since 1959, though also been a dealer service manager and most everything in between. So, I am very familiar with these cars. The temperature gauge in the TC cars, as a whole, do not do much good as far as accurate temperature readings is concerned. Mine doesn't either. I have had my Snap-On 2500 hooked up and seen where 210 degrees is on the instrument temperature gauge, so I know the point at which the radiator cooling fan comes on. I know that anything higher than that is above 212 degrees. Here in Arizona the engine temperatures often go beyond that in the summer time. From here, I can only suggest you or your mechanic verify that the basic ignition timing is at least at +10 degrees BTDC (with the coolant temperature sensor disconnected) and that the camshaft timing in relation to the crank is correct.
  5. Looking for a Computer

    OK, you said that the head was definitely cracked, they showed you. Well, you did not tell us WHERE the head was cracked. These heads have a tendency to have small cracks between the intake and exhaust valve seats which has no detrimental effect on the engine running or on the cooling system. Would you say that you took your car on a drive some (fifty) 50 miles and then the engine overheated? Or was this over a period of time that the 50 miles were accumulated? How far from your "mechanic's" shop do you live? Yes, we really need to know those small things in order to evaluate your problem. I just had a call from a TC member in Minnesota who has had what seems to be YEARS of engine problems with his TC, largely due to the fact that there is NO-ONE who cares to do a good job repairing his engine. He has had head gasket after head gasket replaced just to have another failure. Finding a good mechanic these days is virtually IMPOSSIBLE. So Craig, share with us the small seemingly insignificant points, so if you want us to be better able to advise you, we can. Personally, I feel you are in the same place this guy in Minnesota finds himself.
  6. Looking for a Computer

    Well Craig, you began with a question about the computer. I wonder, do you do any mechanical engine work on your car whatsoever or do you depend 100% on others to do the work? Bill Reichert asked you where you live, just a city and state will do, so that someone knowledgeable could possibly assist you. We have not seen your answer to that question. It is difficult for anyone here to help you unless you supply us some better information to work with. I wonder if you read what I answered above. You likely do not need to replace the computer. A hard to start condition and running poorly can be due to improper ignition timing, even camshaft timing. Also poor fuel delivery due to a weak fuel pump. There could also be other causes. If the engine is running and still overheating, this could be caused by the fact that the cooling system has not been properly vented (received of trapped air) which will prevent proper coolant circulation. This is very common even after a thermostat replacement. As for the head gasket / head replacement, I feel that the people working on your car ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU or are incompetent! I have read the replies you wrote to others here, but in this day and age most people are concerned about being 'Politically Correct' which for an old guy like me is silly. Let us focus on the problem which confronts you at this time. You say that you have had 2 heads installed, also 2 water pumps. I hope you are not shelling out money for each of these operations. Feel free to PM me by clicking on 'MESSAGES' at the top right off this page.
  7. Looking for a Computer

    There were some 1989 computers (SMECs) that would not read on any diagnostic tester except the ones at the Chrysler dealers. Those anonymous readings mean nothing. As long as the engine runs OK you have no problem. Should you have a problem with any engine electrical component, the codes you can read on the dash or on the tester will still be accurate, the readings on the live readout will not be accurate.
  8. Bought my 1st TC..

    Welcome 89Chryslerati, glad to see you here. Amazing, isn't it? They look so similar from the rear. I hope you will keep the TC out of the snow and salted streets. Rust really likes to eat at foreigners. Maybe MOVINSLO can spend the winter in the garage with you sprucing her up for spring and summer. A good friend with 3 TCs lives in Alexandria, maybe you are close. In any event, have a Merry Christmas. Be seeing you.
  9. SOLD! 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati

    Good looking car! A photo of the engine compartment and include the VIN# This may help.
  10. Speedometer

    The problem for you is that there is no specific place the needle rests when the ignition is off or in your case while the speedometer is out of the cluster. If you have the needle loose in hand, when the time comes, install the speedometer into the cluster, in the dash with all wiring in operating position, then with ignition switch in the on position, the speedometer should '0' itself. At this time, install the needle on the shaft, loosely. You could then drive the car and with a GPS such as "speedometer" application on an iPhone, compartment the speed to the reading on the iPhone. Make whatever correction you need while stopped on the side of the road. When the 2 speeds are similar, gently press the needle in place.
  11. Brass Nameplate

    They only came with the initial order of the TC and was engraved with their name.
  12. Window air-leak adjustments

    I have replaced many with the glass in the car. You just replace the rubber part, carefully, VERY carefully. Do you guys know how difficult it is to remove the 1/4 windows on these cars? It is best done without a top being in your way. Reaper is correct on one thing though, the 1/4 window weatherstrip is the same part as on the J body convertible and the only one that may be available outside of marty14.
  13. Window air-leak adjustments

    You are no doubt writing about the weatherstrip attached to the forward edge of the 1/4 window glass. A new one should no doubt repair your problem if you can find one and that you install it without bending it in the process.
  14. 89 axle shafts

    Regarding this difference in the circumference / diameter of the 'Tone Wheel', it is ALWAYS necessary to check the clearance between the Tone Wheel and the ABS sensor AT THE TIME OF REPLACEMENT of the drive axle. The ABS sensor is ADJUSTABLE! The clearance should be "approximately" the thickness of an old matchbook cover, specifically (7mm / .028 inch).
  15. Nice car, Very nice. A very tempting price.