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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.
  1. Marty14 or Larry Carlson are 2 who should have the gear.
  2. And while you were showing in the snow and hoping not to be shot to death, we were enjoying morning temperatures from the 70s up to around 90 in the afternoon, and never having to worry about wildfires, earthquakes or floods here in lovely North-Western Arizona. Our one exception is if someone blows Hoover Dam.
  3. Then you will have to tap into the fuel pump circuit or get it from the fusebox which would be the preferred source.
  4. How remove hardtop?

    I thought you only had the yellow TC, my previous car, the one that you are selling, where do you keep the Royal Cabernet TC which I have not seen?
  5. Thanks for your list Rick. There are many who can benefit from it.
  6. Oil pressure issue

    Glad you got it repaired. Help is here when you need it. Always remember to include " it is a 1989 2.2L. engine. "
  7. Oil pressure issue

    By the looks of the RPM of your engine and the speed, I'm guessing you have a 2.2L engine. As I had written regarding a previous oil pressure question, by the Chrysler Factory shop manual, oil pressure at CURB IDLE should be 4 psi minimum. At 3000 RPM 25-90 psi. However yours drops as you accelerate. Other than installing a manual gauge to verify actuals oil pressure, you might try taking a look at the oil pressure sending unit mounted on the front side of the engine block almost directly under the thermostat housing and upper water hose leading to the radiator. Look for a loose connection in the wiring harness to the sending unit. If it is even a little sloppy loose, it could be enough to loose connection when the engine torques up as you accelerate.
  8. That's a nice looking car, BUT showing up here to sell it is rather impolite. This is a page for 'OWNERS' who need assistance and who are "keepers" of the TC. There are FOR SALE pages elsewhere!
  9. Temperture gauge failure

    It takes an engine at least 8 miles of normal driving to come up to temperature when a 195 degree thermostat is functioning correctly, so as I wrote, let it run until the radiator cooling fan comes on, even if that takes an hour. You will see that the gauge works and the problem is as Garnet & Gold has told you. Replace the thermostat with a STANT 195 degree thermostat!
  10. Re-skin steering wheel

    From whom did you purchase the "leather skin"?
  11. Temperture gauge failure

    That is very possible, check that the single wire connector is in place. Located to the left of the thermostat housing in this picture.
  12. Re-skin steering wheel

    I put on a new leather skin on my TC momo steering wheel. We should all send you our steering wheels to be recovered. You did a GREAT job!
  13. Temperture gauge failure

    You no doubt have a 90 TC with the 3.0L engine, HUH? The first thing I recommend you do is the following. Replace the THERMOSTAT. The Japanese manufactured original thermostat has a tendency to physically BREAK. This causes the engine to run cold at all times. You could do a little experiment before you attempt this replacement, that would be to start the engine and just let it run until the radiator cooling fan comes on. Be sure the A/C is turned off. Keep an eye on the temperature gauge. If it works, it will raise to the second smaller line and the fan will come on. If that happens, the temperature gauge is OK and the thermostat is defective.
  14. Odometer inop

    If it had not been driven more than 7K on the odometer, it likely means that the car was parked for 99% of it's lifetime with the original owner. It takes many years for the grease, which was applied by the Japanese who built the speedometer, to harden like epoxy. This is why the 20 tooth reduction gear breaks. It becomes seized in place. If you replace the 2 gears involved, don't grease them at all. Leave them dry.
  15. Odometer inop

    So your odometer stopped working the first year you had the TC? It usually takes over 20 years before they fail.