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    52 years as a Chrysler product mechanic up to Service Manager at several Dealers. 22 years as private repair shop owner and operator for repair of MOPAR products.

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  1. If you would reveal the VIN number, or at least the last 6 digits starting with a 2, we could find out a little of the cars past. How many miles does the odometer show?
  2. This is not an uncommon problem. If the accumulator is in fact OK, then the pump is pulling too much current. If that is the case, put an ammeter in the power circuit and connect directly to the battery and see what the current draw is to operate the pump. We do find that this condition is usually due to a defective accumulator, though.
  3. Hemi Dude

    Must sell my '89 TC

    That was a project that would have worked out well. Just needed to link the rear portion of a TC fender to the forward section of 'Baron' fender. The project was not completed since I retired, closed the business in CA, scrapped ALL the remaining cars. Have no place to work in a "55 and older "senior encampment" in AZ. If you have noticed how the front fender sheetmetal on a NASCAR splits when the car is in an accident, the sheetmetal pieces are joined in the wheel arch. Try it some time with a TC that has front end damage. There should be many around due to ABS brake failure. lol
  4. "Hemi Dude....here some pics of the switch." Looks good. I would have painted the booster before installing it. Rust develops on the surface and doesn't look good. Bill Reichert: It appears that he has installed a NEW master cylinder. I would not risk my TC with a rebuilt one.
  5. Hemi Dude

    Must sell my '89 TC

    Yes, that is a bad sign. The one that met JAWS was a good looking car on top, but the underneath was so bad, when the car was delivered to my shop on a transporter from Ohio the rear tires slid in the pavement as I drove the car to the shop. It needed a TURBO, but when I revealed the underneath to the owner, he decided to call it quits. I guess people in the rust belt have to put up with this sort of thing, but in Arizona or California where my shop was, this is / was little too much.
  6. Hemi Dude

    Must sell my '89 TC

    Report post x #1 Posted 2 hours ago For Sale; 1989 Chrysler TC by Maserati - $2000 or best offer. Must sell one of the toys. Yellow, Ginger Interior, Black top. 2.2 TII Auto. Not currently running. Has a intermittent connection at the Fuel Pump Connector, I had intended to fix but have not the time and would rather turn it into cash. The Good: Has FWD Performance Computer (huge difference if you’ve never had the pleasure). Brake Accumulator replaced when I first got the car about 10 years ago. New Hood Struts. Have OEM Window sweeps not installed. Original Radio replaced with newer Sebring unit so backlight would match the dash. No issues with Top Pull Down, Convertible top or Power Windows. No body damage (except small ‘Heritage’ dent left from original owner). The Bad: Windshield is broken, one original wheel replaced by original owner with Chrysler Lace. Drivers side Headlight has small chip. Odometer not working. Rust at bottom of doors/front fenders. Rubber Trim on nose loose, also lower Door Trim (see pictures) Seat Leather is worn/torn. Driver’s side Mirror is broken/hanging. Fuel Door Release handle missing, does not open door. Lots of Miles (original owner drove it daily in MI), I bought it from his Grandson. Do I see a lot of rust in the rocker panel? Here is what I did with one from Ohio. You can see the rust in the rocker panel in this photo too. The underneath was completely rusted away.
  7. Hemi Dude

    New to the group

    Welcome to the club! You will be seeing my articles in the quarterly newsletter as well as those of other club contributors.
  8. Hemi Dude

    604 Shifting issue

    You got gaskets and filter for the smaller, 3 speed automatic. Tell them you have the 41TE transaxle. Silicone sealer is all you need for both the cover and the pan. It works better than the gaskets as well. Just one thing to remember, WHEN YOU APPLY THE SEALANT, LET IT BEGIN TO CURE FOR ABOUT 20 MINUTES before installing the cover and pan. Just get the correct filter.
  9. Did you remove the ENTIRE bad mast track? You have to take the cover off the motor in order to extract the broken off piece.
  10. Hemi Dude

    Power/alternator problems

    If it looks like this one, you didn't mention a year model, all you need to do is replace the brushes.
  11. Hemi Dude

    New to the group

    Check with Karleen Tarola the club President. She can let you know about membership. email at tcmaseraticlub@gmail.com
  12. Hemi Dude

    604 Shifting issue

    I doubt that YOU killed it. It sounds like it went into 'Limp-in' mode, when on the road and this happens, pull over where it is safe and put it in Park & turn off the engine. Then just start it up again and try driving it again in the (OD) mode. If it once again goes into 'limp-in' mode, after stopping, turning it off, try driving in the (D) position. There should be trouble codes from the transmission computer (TCM) which is retrieved by a scan tool using the BLUE connector located behind the removable fuse access cover. The 604 (41TE) has had it's problems. Hope it is not major, but if it is..... will try to steer you straight.
  13. Would you mind explaining what you mean by "I recently replaced my antenna mast with a new replacement I got on here."? Nothing is directly sold "HERE", was it a Chrysler part number antenna mast that you purchased? If it is some Chinese made aftermarket antenna mast, you may have to remove it and trim the plastic track to match the old one.
  14. Hemi Dude

    More Brake Questions....

    YES! Did you do something about the terminals down in that melted plastic, they are likely burnt away. That is why nothing works.
  15. Hemi Dude

    Brake Question of a different kind

    Car_chick, where are you looking? And yes, the 87-88 Daytona parts are the same.