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  2. Glassesguy

    About Discussions of BCA Club Business/Politics

    Thanks,Lamar. Keep on keeping on. Reasonable,courteous, respectful discussion is always encouraged. Personal attacks and reading way too much into actions and situations spoils the on line experience. Our club website seems to be one of if not the most open discussion sites going. Thanks again to our moderators for keeping it that way.
  3. Glassesguy

    1941 Special - 2-dr convertible

    Standard steering wheel. Would look better with the optional "flexible" wheel. Dual carb set up was optional. The 44C used the Chevy body.
  4. Glassesguy

    53 Skylarks

    JD: I have one of the red ones. It now has a white top and whitewalls. Much better!!
  5. Glassesguy

    Brake Cable Equalizer for '41 Special

    I use those adjusters on my 39 Special.
  6. Glassesguy

    Brake Cable Equalizer for '41 Special

    I use those adjusters on my 39 Special.
  7. Glassesguy

    A Surprise in the Mail Today...

    Congrats!! Very interesting article.
  8. Nice seeing pics of your 41C, Earl.
  9. Glassesguy

    Water Pump Options 1938 Special

    Spinneyhill exactly correct.
  10. Glassesguy

    1992 Riviera

    Beautiful car. I was parked next to it at the 2011 Danvers National Meet. Looks like Dave has really kept it well maintained.
  11. Glassesguy

    38 Century Driveability Hiccups...

    Octane selector eliminated starting with 1939. Explanation according to the 39 Shop Manual was it was infrequently used. My 39s distributor has a vestige of the pointer cast into the base between the mounting bolts. Same is true with the distributor in the 47 engine I have installed in my 37. As Grimy noted premium fuel for these cars was 78 Octane,so we should be able to slightly advance the timing on our prewar cars to take advantage of our 87 and 89 fuels today.
  12. Glassesguy

    Dynaflow-equipped '53 Cad.

    I remember and enjoyed that article,Pete. Amazing how quickly the reengineering was done on the Dynaflow to fit the Cadillacs and Oldsmobiles.
  13. Glassesguy

    1957 Seat Belts

    To my eyes, those belts on your Limited, look like a correct factory accessory. At the very least they look period correct. Hope they can be cleaned up.
  14. Glassesguy

    Loosing another piece of Buick history

    I assume the Sloan or Buick Gallery in Flint has been contacted. Seems like they would want to grab on to this. How about The Henry Ford in Dearborn?
  15. Glassesguy

    Cowl Drain 1937 Special

    What Carl said.