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    Cars of course! I've owned approximately 200 cars over the last 42 years. Many vintage, lots of mid-century muscle, about 45 of them were Corvettes. I was one of the original Moderators on I do almost all my own work. Complete frame off restorations are my favorite hobby. Spent about 26 years as an ASE certified top flight tech (glorified term for mechanic), mostly with the General but also with Ford and Chrysler. Moved to sunny Palm Springs about 16 years ago and now own a bar/restaurant there.

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  1. Packard dash

    If it was, it looks like a pretty nice job. But it begs the question What are the additional 7 switches and two lights for? Plus two additional gauges when you already have a full compliment of six.
  2. 1937 Roadmaster?

    Hmmmm? didn't even draw the opening bid.
  3. Murphie, great video. Thanks for sharing. That looks like quite the estate. What business was your g-grandfather in to own such a palatial property back then?
  4. Any thoughts on this vehicle?

    ....and the return of the Auburn. Interesting.
  5. 1937 Roadmaster?

    Yes, I agree. Here is a link to the car:
  6. 1937 Roadmaster?

    No, it is a car here in California offered for less than half the asking price of that one.
  7. A 1958 Lincoln in your Family Room! Info. needed.

    It worked for Dan Tana.
  8. 1937 Roadmaster?

    Thank you. I thought there was something different about the rear quarter glass on the RM but maybe that's for '38?
  9. Do good pictures help a sale?

    I'd say he nailed it for the much overused word "patina".
  10. 1937 Roadmaster?

    Does this body look correct to be a '37 Roadmaster?
  11. 1938 Fender Attach Clips

    Tried Restoration Specialties. They do not offer these clips.
  12. Dave, what are the dimensions of these doors? That could help establish their original application. Looks like the Thomsen's Candies was a viable operation some time ago. They were produced by the Pacific Coast Biscuit Company (Portland, Spokane, Seattle, Los Angeles). This building ad is on the corner of NW 12th and Everett St. in Portland, OR. Cargo depot photo is dated 1921. Hope this info can help shed some light on your search. Greg
  13. I see the car has no front door on the left side, much like W. McDonald's SD limo body (Brass Era Mystery thread) but the SD had no front door on the right hand side. I would guess custom wood body as well.
  14. Harry Bennett

    Some interesting local history here regarding Harry Bennett. His estate was up in Desert Hot Springs, CA, just 20 minutes from downtown Palm Springs. It was on the market about a year and a half ago for $799,000. It is on Bennett Road which, of course, was named for him. Years ago armed guards used to patrol the property. Locals didn't know who the owner was so they assumed it was some type of mafia gangster's hideaway. History gets muddled, people forget. Now there's a local yokel who owns a small resort not too far from the Bennett property who plays off that vague history of gangsters hiding out in the desert, except he's moved the story to his property, changed the sinister figure's name to Al Capone and swears it all happened there, years ago. Only trouble with that is, county records show his property wasn't built until Uncle Al had been a guest of the federal government at Alcatraz for quite some time. Just another predator preying on the uninformed tourists.
  15. which one do you most regret missing?

    For me it was an original 1970 Dodge Super Bee, 426 Hemi 4 speed, true TX9 Black with black vinyl roof and black interior. The car was only 7 years old then and in beautiful condition. I went back and forth with the seller over and over and when he finally gave me a price it was $3,500. I remember saying to him "You must be kidding, I can buy a Corvette for that kind of money!" One can only imagine the value of a true, triple black hemi 4speed Mopar today.