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  1. I am looking into casting my own radiator cap to replace a well weathered original Bakelite radiator cap. I know this same process has been completed many times. Could someone share with me the best material to use that is easily castable, UV resistant, can stand temps to about 220 and be machinable in order to fit and glue the threaded brass cap into the finished casting. I see that McMaster-Carr has a Black product that can stand temps to 180 deg. F but do not know how UV resistant that material is. The McMaster-Carr P/N for this material is: 8644K55. Please share your knowledge and experience. Al
  2. I have some misc. Locomobile parts for sale, contact me if you are in need, If you have spare Locomobile parts, please post them here. Al
  3. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    If you, or a friend of yours, would be in need of a Locomobile script "Bakelite" type radiator cap, (using my pattern above), drop a note as this project is about ready to move forward. The more caps built the better the price per each. The cap will be cast out of a modern Bakelite hi temp substitute material and have a brass threaded insert glued into it to fit the neck of the radiator, just like the originals. Al
  4. alsfarms

    1925 Locomobile Junior 8 For Sale

    Does anyone know of the current disposition of the Locomobile Junior 8, which is the subject of this thread? Did it find a new home? If so where did it go? Al
  5. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Good Morning Mike, Sadly, this year I will not be making the trek to Hershey. (I have other pushing commitments). I would like to know more about your fenders. If you have pictures, either post here or send a PM. Tell me what you can about the car that was used as a pattern from which your fenders were built. As I recall, your Locomobile is a 1914 and you are guessing that your fenders are replicated from a 1911 or 12? Al
  6. I need a few misc. early Locomobile parts. If you also need Locomobile parts of any vintage or type, please post here. Al
  7. If you have any nice pictures of the early series 48 Locomobiles, please post them here. Al
  8. alsfarms

    1911-12-13 Locomobile 48 pictures wanted

    Thanks for posting the picture of the 1913 Locomobile 48. Do you have other views of the car including the dash? This car will find a good new home!
  9. alsfarms


    Not going to Hershey this year. How much are you wanting for the headlamp brackets?
  10. alsfarms


    I am looking for a Locomobile front axle from 1909 to 1915 (or there abouts). If you have seen a hay wagon or cart that has been made out of a Locomobile axle, drop me a note. Al
  11. alsfarms

    1932 Studebaker Indy car build

    Hello Gary, You are doing a great thing and also learning a skill along the way. It must be very rewarding for you. Al
  12. alsfarms

    19?? Apperson chassis

    PM sent
  13. alsfarms

    Screen Side Question

    I looked in EBAY and as a fact, the auction has ended so you would need to search "ended" auctions. The auction has closed but does not appear to have sold. I monkeyed around and hope that I have grabbed an image of this truck cab back panel and can get it to post here for everyone to help me determine if it is right and can work for my 1922-23 Dodge Bros.screen side truck. (success, please see the attached picture of the cab back panel) Please share your observations or suggest questions/measurements I need to ask the seller to verify proper fit for my application. Regards, Al
  14. alsfarms

    Screen Side Question

    I am saving up parts to build a 1923 Dodge Bros. Screen Side. EBAY currently has, what is represented as, a back panel. The EBAY item number is: 173511853626. Would a few of you guys, that know screen side trucks, please take a look and see if that panel is correct for me to use on my 1923? Please post me a note or a PM. Secondly, I am interested in a few parts for that project, front fenders, cab back panel both upper and lower, and the quarter panels behind the doors. I have the proper Screen side chassis, tank, cowl, running engine, "C" parts of the cab and doors. Help me if you can. Thanks, Alan
  15. alsfarms

    Screen Side Question

    Hello JayG, At this moment I do not need a transmission but that can change when I get into the mechanics of this project. Hello Stakeside, I do not know how to attach a link to EBAY, sorry. The EBAY item number is what you would need to copy, go to EBAY then paste the number into the EBAY search, you should see this cab back panel and maybe help me to determine if it is the right piece for a 1922-23 Dodge screenside. Thanks for your response. Regards, Alan
  16. Does anyone need the bumpers to complete a 1937 Chrysler airflow? I have them and can get pictures. Al
  17. alsfarms

    1932 Studebaker Indy car build

    What brand is your trailer? Looks like you should be ready for some fun....... Al
  18. alsfarms

    Lagonda Rapiers

    Whats up lately down under? Al
  19. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    Does anyone happen to have an early Locomobile front axle, under a cart or hay wagon, that is available for sale? Al
  20. alsfarms

    1915 Oakland 37 Speedster - latest acquistion

    Nice car Tom, certainly a different piece from your "T" or American-LaFrance speedsters. Al
  21. Joe, A couple of my friends have had ceramic coating put on 1929 and 1930 Cadillac manifolds, looks nice but they didn't have real good luck with longevity. I would like to try out your source also. I am waiting to see your finished manifold. Al PS: my latest adventure is helping a friend get a missing planetary reverse drum recast for his 1903 Rambler. We were at our foundry just yesterday with our borrowed pattern and are now in line to complete his transmission. That is the latest.
  22. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Hello hanskirp, When I get the quote for duplication I will send that information over to you. I do plan to use a modern high temp alternative to the original bakelite with a threaded brass inset to thread to the radiator neck. I would need confirmation of your radiator neck threads in order to verify that the new cap will fit your radiator. Have you done much more to your Locomobile project? Al
  23. Keep up the good work. Al