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  1. Hello Mark, I thought I would take a minute to thank you for being our collective eyes on Craigslist and posting some of your findings here on this AACA forum. When ever I see your post I know that something,of interest, will be shown to us all. Thanks again... Alan
  2. I thought I would post a few pictures of the cast alum. bucket seat I have and plan to use on my American-LaFrance speedster project. The dimensions of the seat are: 18" at the front of the base, 21-1/2" at the widest part of the arms and 20" tall at the back. Al
  3. Probably not what you want, but I have a pattern for a cast aluminum bucket seat that I intend to use to build the bucket seats for my speedster project. If you would like I could send you a picture. This seat may have been Pierce-Arrow. Al
  4. Thanks for your looking up what would have been correct for the Studebaker. I had the understanding that the big series Studebaker used 25" and not 24". Now I need to check into some other options. Thanks again, Alan
  5. I am looking for a couple of early 1920's Studebaker, Big Six, 25" Budd style disc wheels. Please look around, in your parts pile, to see if you have any extra wheels. I could also use several 25" lock rings to fit these wheels. When did Studebaker first offer the 25" disc wheels, for the Big Six cars? And, when did Studebaker go from 25" to 24"or 21" or 20"? Regards, Alan
  6. Mike PM sent
  7. I need a couple of original Locomobile cast brass hubcaps. One for the front is the smaller diameter, the rear is larger and has provision to hold and anchor the full floating rear axle. Please study the attached pictures. I have a few of the later stamped brass Locomobile caps to trade. Alan
  8. Note, the front hubcaps are smaller in diameter than are the rear caps. I could use either size. Al
  9. Looking for a couple of Locomobile script cast brass hubcaps. Other Locomobile items are of interest to me which include engine and mechanical parts. Attached you will find a couple of pictures of the hubcap style needed and also a factory picture of the Locomobile the needed caps will fit on. Thanks, Al
  10. Thanks to Bob S., responding to my need for flat sided lock rings, I have made a purchase and can now move on to getting the 1923 Dodge Bros. up on wheels and rolling. Next is the body work. Thanks Bob. Al
  11. Hello Bob, Thanks for your pictures and response. I have sent you an email regarding the two lock rings you sent pictures of. They look like just what I need for the 1923 Dodge Bros. touring car. Alan
  12. Anyone willing to keep me in mind, (of my Goodyear lock ring need), while attending the upcoming Chickasha swap meet? Al
  13. I have most all the bits and pieces to mount a roadster windshield assembly to the cowl. My cowl is bare on the underside. Would someone please share a picture of an original roadster cowl from the underside. I need to see the under body structure to give me an idea what I need to locate or build (that is very close to what Henry did back in the day) for mounting the windshield assembly. Thanks, Al
  14. Hello JP, Thanks for posting the clock source for convex lenses. They are probably a thinner cross section than headlamp lenses but a convex lens is way better than no lens. Secondly, at $12. per lens, one could afford to buy several extras just in case one gets broken while driving the speedster down the road. I just had a thought, I wonder if it would be possible to use a clear silicone sealant and laminate two of these lenses together to double up on the strength and make the lens more the thickness of the original lens? What do you think? Al PS: What is up with your Mitchell?