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  1. alsfarms

    1000 ci Speedster Build

    Hello Chase, I feel sorry for you that a couple of "turns" have dealt you an unpleasant hand. I will send a PM in the next day or so. Al
  2. I need the hood trim pieces for a 1946 GMC truck that I am working on. Do you have any, even a single? Drop a note. Al
  3. alsfarms

    1941-46 GMC logo hood trim

    I need the trim pieces for a 1946 GMC truck that I am working on. Do you have any even a single? Drop a note. Al
  4. Nice job, your projects all carry a similar theme in the appearance so it does not come off like a hodge podge. I am very impressed at the thought you are putting into your design and ultimately the end results. Are you going to put a gasket under the exhaust support the is mounted to the aluminum leg of the engine? Al
  5. alsfarms

    locomobile truck

    There are a few Locomobile trucks, but they are not common and seldom are spoken about. I have a similar question regarding the locations of any existing Riker trucks or parts thereof. Riker was the lead engineer at Locomobile and was probably the "behind the scenes" designer of many of the early Locomobile automobiles. He did know how to design and build quality products. The RIker truck line was named after him. While we are looking for your elusive Locomobile or USA truck/parts, keep an eye open for anything Riker or Kissell. I am interested in either. Alan
  6. alsfarms

    USA Liberty truck parts

    You are a very ambitious fellow when it comes to the early trucks. I have run across an 20's White and a mid 20's Mack but neither are as early as what you are after, (and not USA trucks). I do have some 24" Firestone rim parts that may work on your projects. Do you have any leads on teens Kissell truck parts? Al
  7. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    Here is a picture of an equal leg brass 1-1/2" "Y" that I will use to build a "Rams Horn" style intake manifold for the Wisconsin, which I am missing. Here is the interesting part, we each certainly have a "knack" for hunting for specialized parts to assist in building our antique relics. I had hunted high and low for this type of "Y" and I couldn't find anything. I guess I am not a very good scrounger. I was referred to this pictured "Y" from a fellow restorer and am most thankful to have good friends that can help us along the way. I will ad a bit more information as this project unfolds. I will also post pictures of a pair of matching brass 90 deg. elbows shortly. A big Thanks.... Al
  8. Hello Joe, DO you have an idea what type carb. you will be using on the Mitchell? It looks like, as in all cases, space is going to be very tight to fit any carb.? Regards, Alan
  9. Joe, What is the chosen material for the exhaust tube? What is the temp. rating for the silver solder you are using? Al
  10. alsfarms

    Early Pope fender

    PM sent
  11. Your Mitchell has a very unique intake and other plumbing. Your going to have a very nice set-up! Your crankcase looks very solid like they used a good quality aluminum in the casting process. Al
  12. You will get a much better response if you put your want ad in the Dodge Bros. section and further up in the main parts wanted section. Good luck... Al
  13. Does anyone have rear body parts for an early rear entrance or something that is good enough to be used as patterns? Al