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  1. 29-32 Chevy parts

    Do you happen to have a match for the "A" pillar bracket? Al
  2. Pierce Arrow parts

    PM sent
  3. 1930 LaSalle - Cadillac side mount casting needed

    Hello Carl, I had not thought of checking with Wayne E. I will drop him a note. Al
  4. 1930 LaSalle - Cadillac side mount casting needed

    I think this casting I need is the same between Cadillac and LaSalle. Can someone confirm? Al
  5. WANTED 26 INCH WHEELS For 1913 Buick

    Send me a PM, if you still need 26" wheel rims. I have an extra set of rims and rings that may suit your project. Al
  6. I am lacking one of the side mount castings for a 1930 LaSalle, This is the casting onto which the side mounted spare wheel mounts to. I think I have all three of the support arms that mount this casting. I may have a few parts to trade if that helps. Al
  7. Hello Joe, For some reason I have missed your progress report, on the Mitchell, on this AACA forum. You are doing a very nice job. You suggested to me in the past that you probably will not use your generator/timer but will do something else. Have you determined what that will be? I also have a soft spot for old machinery. My last purchase was a 16" Lodge and Shipley geared head lathe from 1926. It is up and running and I am 1/2 the way through adding a taper attachment to it for a project I have in the works. Regards, Alan
  8. Hentschel Distributor

    I have seen a couple of Dave. H. dual distributor assemblies on different cars and did know Dave personally. To bad he passed! Have you considered looking for a Delco Dual distributor for your auto application? I considered buying a dist. from Dave but later decided to locate a Delco Dual to install on a T head project I am working on. As it has turned out, with patience, I have located a second Delco unit (both these are 4 cylinder units). I also have most of a third unit with is a similar but 6 cylinder unit. It may be worth a look. I will attach a few pictures of one of these Delco units. Stutz and Pierce-Arrow trucks used the 4 cylinder type and for sure Pierce-Arrow used the 6 cylinder model. Al
  9. 1000 ci Speedster Build

    What is the latest progress report on the speedster project? Is the pan repaired in a satisfactory means? Any other engineering been completed on frame? Alan
  10. Gas Pump

    I agree with the picture request. Secondly, nice personal quote of "Risk".
  11. Speedster bucket seats

    Still waiting for word on the potential of getting this seat replicated to help us on our various projects. I am hoping to hear shortly. Alan
  12. Thanks for posting the short You Tube clip. Maybe the new owner will also post some information and etc. Al
  13. Thanks for your note and explanation of the leather pouch. I had not thought of the fire extinguisher. With the big engine upfront, does it tend to under-steer when taking corners at speed? I am building a speedster based on a 727 CID Wisconsin four cylinder "T" head engine. I think that I will be OK from a weight distribution perspective, but my unit will be heavy for sure. Do you have a You Tube of your special speed car running and driving? Al
  14. I must ask, what is the leather pouch for that is located on the left of the body. Is it simply making a statement that the speedster is "packing the mail"? It would be nice to see a You Tube of the car running and driving. Al
  15. Hello Hugh, Thanks for taking the time to respond to my inquiry regarding Marvel carbs. I am certain that with some creativity, I can get a good functioning carb. Thanks for your links and additional information and thoughts. Al