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  1. Locomobile Model L engine in rebuild

    I have mostly ended a 40 year hunt for the correct original cast brass hubcaps for the Locomobile. I now have two rear and two front "original" hubcaps to adorn the car. I say "mostly over" with my hunt, what I mean is, one of the rear caps is workable but is beat up. I will rebuild the cap if I can't find a better cap. Here is the cap that has ended a 40 year hunt, thanks to EBAY. This cap is a front cap and is about 4.250" OD. I will later post a picture of the rear cap to assist anyone who may have a loose Locomobile cap that they would be willing to part with. Al
  2. Speedster Builds.............

    Per the end of another 40 year long hunt, here is a picture of the last original cast brass Locomobile hubcap needed for a full set. I am happy now.
  3. Speaking of Marmon parts, I located (4 ea) NOS Marmon Big 8 connecting rods. I don't know if there is enough demand currently for NOS connecting rods. But I may get my courage up and place them on EBAY sometime this summer. Al
  4. Here is another EBAY story that still makes me get a nervous smile when I think of it. When I first ventured into EBAY and finally decided to register so I could hunt, bid and own those parts of my dreams, I really did not know how the system worked. Well to get to the point, I had identified my first auto part that I could simply not live without. (I did mention that I didn't know what I was doing). I got the item pulled up, determined what I would pay (very close to the end of the auction) then I did the HORRIBLE thing. I had decided to bid $150. that was it... not more! But what I did was stammer on the 0 and bid $1500. not $150. I didn't catch my mistake until after I have hit the file key. OH MAN DID I HAVE A HOT FLASH FOLLOWED BY A COLD SWEAT. I just new someone was going to be there and bid me up to my new amount of the $1500 bid for a $150 part. It all turned out OK, the bid actually went for way less than my colossal bid and I did actually sleep better that night! I did learn, be careful when you bid and look things over very carefully before you hit the final key to send the bid! I was surely wiser after that. Its a good thing my wife was not watching that bid or she would have known for sure that I had lost my marbles! Al
  5. Teens early 20's Frame wanted

    Hello John, I will be posting some pictures of the external oil pump drive installation the "Locomobile" forum found elsewhere in AACA. I do not recall, did you purchase one of those units from Dave H.? Alan
  6. ZIPDANG, In modern America, we hobbyists make things happen! One of my LaSalle projects started out west, migrated to New York and then to Ohio where I finaly bought it and brought it back West. Al
  7. Here is another story of a good find and how EBAY worked for me. When I first started searching EBAY, I was simply amazed at the variety of antique automobile parts that were found there. What a MECCA of parts! I really like the 1930-31 LaSalle and Cadillac cars and was hunting for body pieces for a 1930 Convt. coupe. I clumsily searched around and found something that I had never seen before, a complete convt. coupe door for the body I have. This auction was a bid or "buy it now". I weighed the odds against my needs, which nudged me to use the "buy it now". It was just a fair market price. Maybe I could have run the auction out and got the door for a few dollars less but maybe loose the bid altogether. I pushed the "buy it now" and the door was mine. Yippee!, now I had a good pattern to go by as I built the body. I have since learned that the "buy it now " option certainly does have its place and I use it when I feel the need. Al
  8. How similar will you Olds be to a Chevrolet roadster of the same vintage? Al
  9. Hello Karl, Yes, the cam lobes will interchange but you would need to replace the gearing as the 4 and the 6 do not turn at the same rate of speed. I thought I could change a 6 unit to a 4 that I need. To costly to change the gearing! Nice description about the two versions, one with semi auto advance and the other full mechanical. Al
  10. Maybe the 'ultimate' speedster?

    That is one beautiful engine! Al
  11. Gosh, 1937HD45....I missed out on the Locomobile cap you saw at the swap meet. At least the McGee bros. were into Locomobile and could put it to good use. If you ever run across another, try heading it west to me! I have another near miss EBAY story for you all. This story involves me getting some plating done on some of the bright parts for a 1957 Corvette. I had a good relationship with a small chrome plating shop about 200 miles from me (just about everything is 200 miles from me and I am OK with that) and had left some hard to find pieces in the shop owners hands for plating. You all know how that feeling is when you leave something in someone elses hand then you turn and walk away hoping that nothing goes wrong, well that was me that time. I made the journey back to the shop on the predetermined day most anxious to have the Corvette trim back in my hot little hands. The owner was not himself that day when he saw me and I immediately knew something was not going to be good. As the story turns out, a newer employee had the wire up job which is part of the preparation for the plating process. He simply did not do it the proper way and my part was buried in the muck on the bottom of his tank. He said not to worry as he had gone to EBAY and had purchased a replacement part and had me fixed up with that part with not additional cost. In this story, I was very happy with the responsible nature the shop owner took for his patrons, and his ability to use EBAY to keep his name clean and me happy. It was a good outcome for me and the Corvette. Al
  12. Joe, To answer your question, no I do not have any right angle 1/8" NPT primer cups. Have you considered a 1/8" street elbow then install a straight priming cup? I have just put a set of straight primer cups on the Locomobile, getting ready for first smoke. Al
  13. Here is a previous EBAY purchased Locomobile hub cap. Note: this cap still has the original paint so I know how to finish the rest of the caps. It is so nice to finally have a full set of hub caps for the car, two fronts and two rears. I am about 50% Danish and watch the Danish EBAY hoping to some day purchase a Nimbus motorcycle. I want to check out EBAY. IT. I also peruse EBAY.UK looking for parts for an Alvis. The good thing about the Brits, they at least speak a language I can also speak, (mostly). Is the language barrier a problem dealing with Italian vendors? I have decided that being mostly a buyer EBAY is OK. Al
  14. Alright, here is a picture of the Locomobile script hubcap that has been the source of a 40 plus year search. SUCCESS AT LAST! Yes this cap is nickel plated which would put it 1911-12-13-14-15. However, the nickel will be stripped and the resulting brass hubcap will be polished and it will be a perfect match for my car. Al
  15. What a nice looking car. Can someone post running gear specifications for us to chew on? I do not know much of Italian cars. Al