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  1. Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Joe and others.... Yes, the Locomobile engine does have a chassis and the rest of the car also. It is a toy tonneau. The Locomobile has been a long term "labor of love" that does not really fit into this Speedster forum. I decided to post pictures to show a bit of progress on something of a positive nature. I will post here a factory picture of my Locomobile sports (but not speedster) model for 1909. Next up, after the Locomobile engine, will be the overhaul of the 727 CID "T" head four cylinder engine. By comparison, the Locomobile engine, above shown, is putting out just shy of 300 CID and is a very good performer as proven by the reputation associated with the make. Joe, what is currently going on with your car? Alan (PS: If anyone has a cast brass hubcap or two, for an early Locomobile, I need a couple to complete a full set) The factory picture was take near the Bridgeport, Conn. Locomobile factory, spring of 1909
  2. 1939 Chevy Truck Parts

    Could you post a picture of the door you are going to sell? I need a replacement for a real bad door on an early 1947 (first series) truck. I think the door would fit from 1939 to 1947. Al
  3. Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Steve, How far along is your 1914 "T" speedster? What kind of fun "speed" stuff do you have for the mechanical build of the T engine and trans.? I have a 1922 Dodge touring car that will be restored as a car, but i do have a nice Ricardo head made for Dodge Bros. It is the only head like that I have seen. Building an era type speedster is a nice way to save a bunch of parts that would else wise just sit in the barn somewhere. And, we can all build them how we choose. Alan
  4. Klaxon K26 chrome trumpet horn , mid 30's GM ?

    Got the message, I will get you a Postal MO. Al
  5. Klaxon K26 chrome trumpet horn , mid 30's GM ?

    Hello Roy, I am interested in the horn. Does the trumpet have the screen? Al
  6. Mike what weight was these hides, or does he have several? Al
  7. Speedster Builds.............

    Have any new and unusual engines been added to our group? Al
  8. hmmmmmm........ I thought 34 was the first year for OD. Al
  9. Here is another question for those of you that have experience with 1934 Chrysler products. The question is: Was it common for 1934 products to have an overdrive from the factory? Al
  10. Scott, I sent you a PM........
  11. Speedster Builds.............

    OK, I decided to post a few pictures of the current engine rebuild that is now nearly complete. The first picture is the "before" the next three are the current status. Al
  12. Speedster Builds.............

    Well the summer is over, fall is here. We should all be slowing down for the season to allow more time in the shops to work on our Speedster projects. What progress has been made during the summer on our various projects? I have not done much but have procured a few more vital pieces that will allow for my build. My Wisconsin engine is now next in line for rebuild after we complete the rebuilding of the Locomobile "T" head now in progress. I should be having a "first start" party on that engine later this fall (or early winter). Share your updates......... Al
  13. Thanks for sharing the pictures of a very nice original Dodge Coupe. My fathers car had orange wire wheels. I am trying to remember what the body color was? Is it asking too much to ask for a picture or two of the dash, interior and rumble seat area? Al