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  1. Joe, The Locomobile aux. oil pump system is driven from the back of the cam. The attached picture of the failed starter/generator test shows a cover over the exhaust cam. There was also a similar cover over the rear of the intake cam. It is from that position that this oil pump assembly is driven. I will try to get a few other pictures and post to give you a better idea. Al
  2. Do you have most of your engine internals worked up? Al
  3. alsfarms

    Late 20s to early Studebaker axles/wheels

    Send me a PM Al
  4. hmmmm Joe, You have pointed out some machining flaws for sure. I really want to scrutinize the Wisconsin before I get down to the machine work needed to build my intake manifold. Let us know where your machine work resolution takes you on this issue. Al
  5. Hello Joe, Our hobby is driven by our skills (whatever they be). There is absolutely nothing wrong with sorting out the original machine work and make it better for the next caretaker of our cars. I must admit, I have been confronted with similar little "pains in the behind" issues and have simply jumped into a better repair that will let me sleep at night! Terry, on your Wisconsin center jug "glitch". I have not scrutinized my Model "M" but plan to in the next day or two and determine if I have a similar problem. I do have a long shot thought on the issue that you have suggested that has been on every "PT" series engine that you have looked at. Do you think that it may be some form of design to limit the thermal growth from the center jug and effectively force a small degree of thermal growth in both directions? If the issue were simply a "random" boo-boo during the machine process, you would think that the problem would be evident on the other jug locations being front or rear. Just a thought. Al
  6. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "For Sale"

    Thanks, That link worked OK. Al
  7. Nice Job Joe, Just one more little project out of the way. Al
  8. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Terry, Thanks for the effort on 3-D printing of the valve stem covers. Do you have an idea what the differences are between the "early" and "late" designs? I am guessing that my Model M is an early version but that is just my best guess. I will watch for your delivery and verify fitment on my engine. Regards, Alan
  9. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Terry, Have you been in touch with Don J. lately? I wonder if the snow is on the way out yet at his place? I need to get in touch with him and see if he would work with me to get a set of valve stem covers cast for my Wisconsin. Al
  10. Joe, I work with a shop here in Utah that does a superb job with forming/bending tubing. If all else could ship the piece to me and I could take it to the shop for you for custom bending. Your "notching is gong the extra mile and is making for a nicely done manifold where you are minimizing the flow turbulence inside the manifold. Good for you. Oh yeah, copper behaves a lot like aluminum, sticky to machine. Al
  11. alsfarms

    Locomobile Parts Department "Wanted"

    It appears that I will not quickly locate an old fender left over from a restoration that can be used for a pattern. Would the owner of a 1909 - 1912 Locomobile drop me a note as the second best would be to make a paper pattern that I could use to replicate the rear fenders for the above pictured Locomobile. Thanks Al
  12. alsfarms

    1930-31 LaSalle parts needed

    Hello Richelieumotor, Send me a PM regarding your need for front fenders. Thanks, Al
  13. alsfarms

    1930-31 LaSalle parts needed

    Hello richelieumotor, I may have a pair of solid front fenders, in paint. Send me a PM if interested. Al
  14. alsfarms

    1925 Locomobile Junior 8 For Sale

    Here is a summary of the three attempts to sell this Locomobile on EBAY auctions. 1- buy it now at $25,000. no bids 2- did not hit the reserve, high bid $15,590. 3- did not hit the reserve, high bid $10,605. 23 bids total Does anyone know if this Locomobile is listed for sale on other venues? And if it is listed, what has been transpiring? Al
  15. I think that some expansion will occur but not to the level that it will be an issue. Al