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  1. Nice job Joe, I can now see your vision. It looks very suitable. Al
  2. What are you going to do for the finish on the new exhaust manifold?
  3. Steve, Thanks for your comments regarding the Carter BB-1 carb. All in all, they are a very nice carb. to run as an alternative to the under producing original carbs. I am aware of the needle seat sizing for a gravity fed system. I can add one thing to your comments. Once the seat has been opened up, by re-drilling, your needle will seat deeper and change the geometry of the float in relation to the seat. Rather than bending he float arm, it is better to get some shim stock and fabricate the proper amount a "lift" to keep the float and needle in the same place as they were originally. OK, Steve, I am ready to hear your other "Story" regarding oil leak mentioned above and the remedy. Al
  4. I have two very nice carbs for sale that are commonly used for replacement carbs. on our early or Brass Era cars. The first is a Carter BB-1. This is an earlier version and is all cast iron, very clean and not worn out in the pivot points. This carb. is most suitable for engine sizes of 190 to 250 CID. The BB-1 has a mechanical accelerator pump. The second carb. is a Zenith 63AW-11, is larger best suited for an engine size of 180 to 320 CID. This carb. is NOS and is in very nice condition. The Zenith has a vacuum actuated accelerator pump. I prefer to trade for early pieces needed for a current project. These pieces needed include a brass dash oiler, speedo, speedo drive, fuel tank pressure pump and a few other sundry items. Al
  5. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    I now have a spare and very nice Zenith 63AW-11 (NOS) that I would like to sell. This carb. was purchased to be installed on the Locomobile but was physically just to large. See the picture. Al
  6. alsfarms

    Locomobile Model L engine in rebuild

    Here is a picture of the "under gunned" Carter BB-1 cast iron carb. This is a nice unit but is better sized for an engine size of 200 to 250 CID. I hope we can get the gremlin out of this carb. so we can get a good run on the Locomobile engine shortly.
  7. alsfarms

    Locomobile Model L engine in rebuild

    Update, I had sized a suitable alternative carb., based on flow rates for the size engine the Locomobile is and came up with a Zenith 63AW-11. I purchased and was concerned that though the carb. was sized correctly, the physical size was simply to large. This carb. will not fit. If anyone needs a very nice updraft carb. proper for a 280 to 340 CID engine, drop me a note as I have this NOS Zenith that I would sell. We are back tinkering with the Carter BB-1, which is under gunned but should run the car. I may be onto another and better fitting carb, update later. Here is the picture of the "spare" NOS Zenith 63AW-11 carb. This carb. does have a vacuum activated accelerator pump which makes a very good option for one of our antique automobiles. This carb. is listed as a "universal" type as it can be actuated from either side of the carb.
  8. alsfarms

    New Trend on eBay?

    Yeah, whats with that? Is it controlled by the seller or is it a new device by EBAY? I don't understand why the purity of a listing is convoluted by showing some other item after the auction ends. Also, as per above, I simply do not understand the "Buy It Now" with make an offer. I have responded to several of these sell auctions with the concept that the seller was willing to listen to other offers. No such luck! In this particular case, I think the seller was from China and was attempting some odd concept of marketing. Finally and sadly, many fellows who have his garage full of spare parts, that could help others, and net him a bit of cash, should really "rethink" his position and take legitimately what he can make as opposed to getting upset because what he thinks he needs to sell his parts for simply does not result in a sell. He is doing his wife no good service as when he dies, and we all will, she will either give the stuff away or send it to the dumpster. I am starting to realize that very fact myself, I will not live forever! EBAY has and is evolving and hope we as hobbiests are also evolving in our expectations. Maybe the hobby needs to reboot.
  9. alsfarms

    Carter BB-1 experience wanted

    Does anyone here have experience with the later version of the Carter BB-1? The carb. in question is held together with 6 retaining screws. The top is cast of grey iron, the bottom is dies cast. The older model of the BB-1 is held together with 3 retaining screw and is all cast iron. How does the size of this early all cast iron version of the Carter BB-1 compare with the later version I described above? Al
  10. Your attention to detail will sure be worth the race when the finished product is nice and square and straight as an arrow. I also am waiting for your finished version. Al
  11. Joe, If we are all remotely honest with our selves, we are all in the near same boat. I also like the challenge, the chase, etc., but I also can dream some fairly good dreams of enjoying a car while driving the dang thing. I am getting around the corner, however, with the Locomobile project. What that means for me, is that some of the "other" projects will be sold to finance completion of that automobile. I realize I will not be doing them all and I certainly will not be living forever! The other good thing is I will be leaving my wife less of a mess, should I pass on first, if I consolidate my hobby. Now back to the subject....... I am anxious to see your exhaust manifold complete and mounted. Al
  12. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    hmmmm Dave, your story of space or lack of it and then being full of too much "stuff" rings a familiar chime. Funny thing is we are not getting any younger. I have actually moved some projects along, that I thought I had to have, on to other interested fellows as I consolidate my efforts on just a couple of projects. (If I could just find a few pieces for the JD Harley, I may be done hunting....ya sure!) Al
  13. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Dave, Is it hot and dry this year in NM? We are burning up here, literally. I think we have 8 forest fires going at the moment. Having the Locomobile engine this close to being DONE surely gives me the incentive to get after the balance of the car. Most of the big items are completed already and are just waiting for install. Have you done anything on your Nash? Al
  14. alsfarms

    Speedster Builds.............

    Hello Mike, Did you ever get a chance to go and visit the Harrah Collection while it was still intact under his ownership? It was a business. I can't even guess how many employees he had working to make it all happen. I personally do not want to go to the work of rebuild and not know what I have until late in the game. I have enjoyed the first short run but until I can rectify the carb. problem, that is all I will get. Regards, Al