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  1. Otahuhu

    Clutch Throwout Bearing

    Did the 1927-30 Dodge truck (or Graham) use a borg and beck model 11Q clutch? Did it use a 3 inch outside dia carbon thrust bearing or has there been available a replace ball type that fits into the original bearing holder? I am after a Thrust bearing that fits into a holder type as opposed to a latter bearing that fits onto a shaft believe the 1929 Dodge DB senior used an 11Q Borg and Beck as well Regards Len
  2. Did the 1926 4-44 Auburn use a 3" odia by 2" idia by 5/8" thick carbon clutch release bearing ? If so are these available or is there a replacement ball bearing type available that fits into the same holder ?
  3. Otahuhu

    Clutch Throwout Bearing

    What is the clutch thrust bearing number used on a 1928 Stutz Where are replacements available from? Len
  4. Otahuhu

    Clum Headlight Switch For Sale

    Light switch sold FOR $400.00 Plus
  5. Otahuhu

    Clum Headlight Switch For Sale

    Clum is a very well made USA part and NOS rare. Not like the dinky toy car in the photo
  6. Otahuhu


    Any locking door handles for a 1929 Stutz Regards Len
  7. NOS Clum headlight switch number 9271 $US 400.00 plus shipping Regards Len
  8. Otahuhu

    1929 STuTZ Blackhawk Differential Lube

    PENRITE make an oil designed for non ferrous diffs like the Stutz these are Penrite Transoil 140 SAE140 or Transoil 250 SAE 250 The original oil used in these diffs was a camphor oil Do not use any oils with sulphur in it as it becomes rather expense to replace the diff. I use these oils in my Stutz diff Also Penrite make oils designed for pre 1930,s vintage vehicles See their web site Regards LEN
  9. Otahuhu

    Northway engine question 1919?

    Northway motor of that period used on Scripp Booth ,Oldsmobile ,Oakland Had four of these motors over the time. One was similar to the one you show. If you need a distributor can help you out Have also the petrol gauge that fits into the tank Len
  10. Otahuhu

    Clutch Throwout Bearing

    Where does I purchase a clutch throwout bearing for a 1929 BB Stutz Info I have says they are the same for a 1929 yet are quite different in the type of throw out cup used. Both are Borg and Beck 11QL Understand a number of cars around this period used the same bearing Thanks Len
  11. Otahuhu

    Gemmer Steering Box

    What are the marks if any on a Gemmer steering that tells one what series they have ? I have two Gemmer boxes that I am told came out of a right hand drive 1929 Stutz Where are the marks on these boxes to show the series
  12. Otahuhu

    Vacuum Source

    Thank you for the info Caddy 31 Does the vacuum pump supply a constant supply of vacuum to the petrol supply tank and realizes on the tank to vent off the excessive vacuum when tank is full?In the supply line between the pump and tank is there a non return valve?
  13. Otahuhu

    1927 Stutz AA Victoria "Doctor's Coupe" Found

    There is also one of these in the Southward Museum in New Zealand unrestored
  14. Otahuhu

    Vacuum Source

    Does a early v16 or the V12 Cadillac get its vacuum source off the manifold or from a separate vacuum pump to the petrol supply vacuum tank? If it is a separate vacuum pump what are the details of this setup What type of vacuum pump oil or dry? Regards Len
  15. Otahuhu

    Petrol in the Sump Oil

    I have a 1929 Stutz M8 with the original Oil Vac pump that supplies a constant vacuum to an 8 top Stewart tank (the original was a Kingston) I believe Cadillac,s of the same period used a vacuum pump and Stewart tank ?The problem I have is that petrol is getting into the sump oil Has any one had this problem? Should there be a one way valve in the line to the pump? Or is there an issue in the Vacuum tank? I don't intend to put a electric pump in