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  1. Ferrari Sale

    Some of the '50's Ferrari specials are really ugly. However, the Pinnfarina designed cars are usually fantastic looking.
  2. 41 Buick Sedannette engine

    The 320 will not fit in a Special
  3. oil pump pickup screen

    Be sure to check the gear clearance to the cover. Those covers tend to warp, thus reducing oil pressure. Manual says .0005" to.004". The closer the better.
  4. oil pump pickup screen

    Also, the part where the tube goes into the pump is submerged in oil - no worry about starving
  5. oil pump pickup screen

    The fit on that pickup screen tube is typically pretty loose.
  6. 1942 Limited engine numbers

    First Born, good point, Buick may have used the same adjusters for hydraulics and solids.
  7. 1923 Buick Bearing

    $75 for a bearing that big is extremely cheap. Where did you get them?
  8. How old was your car when you bought it?

    To put things in perspective, When I bought my '31 Buick it was 29 years old. I joined the AACA then. In reality a '57 Chevy is 60 years old now.... much older than my '31 was way back then. So, I guess the real question is "When is a car old?"
  9. 1942 Limited engine numbers

    Make that adjusting screw FOOT.
  10. 1942 Limited engine numbers

    I think there is an easier way to figure out if you have hydraulic lifters. Taking the side cover off is a PITA. Remove the valve cover and take the rocher arm shaft off. Look at the adjusting screw foor that goes into the pushrod. Hydralulic lifter screws will have a hole like the one on the left in this photo. The one on the right is for solid lifters. The hydraulic lifters are fed oil via the hole and down the pushrod.
  11. '39 Business Coupe Transmission Reassembly

    If you are missing the bellville washer, Bobs Automobilia has them. I'd expect Northwest Transmission has them too
  12. '39 Business Coupe Transmission Reassembly

    If you are talking about the output shaft fitting into the input shaft bearings, the rollers should completely fill the input shaft cavity. If your new rollers are larger in diameter. I doubt the output shaft will go in. On the bell housing, the throwout bearing support should go in first followed by a bellville washer. That washer is important because it keeps the input shaft bearing in place.
  13. 1928 Transmission

  14. How old was your car when you bought it?

    OK I'll play. My first driver was a '41 Plymouth that was a year older than me when I got it at 16. My first "old"car was a '31 Buick that was 29 years old when I bought it. Being an old fart, I have to laugh when a '57 Chevy is referred to as a classic or antique - to me they are "used cars". Heck, I have a 1918 Buick that I have owned for more than 1/2 its life (actually built in 1917) OK, tongue in cheek.
  15. 1917 D45 changing fluids

    Sorry I missed that Terry. They do tend to "mark their spot"