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  1. 1940 buick century - possible newer year oil pump pickup?

    The only thing the spring does is establish the relief pressure. If the pump cant supply the necessary quantity of oil for the relief to open because of excessive bearing clearance somewhere, messing with spring will do nothing. I understand not wanting to fool with the cam. It is a major project. I have found that the thing that improves oil pressure best, if all else is OK, is to get the gear end clearance as close to min as possible.
  2. 1940 buick century - possible newer year oil pump pickup?

    Another possible contributor to poor oil pressure is bad cam bearings. There is no easy way to check those that I know of. And, they are a major task to check or change

    Read the manual - I believe that is the it is supposed to be, I think they explain the logic too.
  4. 1940 buick century - possible newer year oil pump pickup?

    I think the pump drive gear is attached to the distributor shaft, so you can drop the pump without loosing distributor timing - at least that is how it is on the '38's
  5. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    That headlight switch is quite a contraption. There are 3 sliding contact plates and they can easily be put in wrong when "restored". Give your original switch a try. There should be insulating rings to keep the gage posts in the middle of their mounting holes to keep them isolated. Isn't restoration fun?? In a way, solving gremlins like this gives a lot of satisfaction when you finally discover and solve them
  6. Delco 6v Generator Paint Scheme

    Both my '38's were original untouched when I got them. The generator bodies were all black, however the pulley on one was black and the other plated (Cad?), However, with something like a generator, it may have been replaced.
  7. 1940 buick century - possible newer year oil pump pickup?

    Originally the pickup screen and tube was held in place by a cotterpin. Plastigage the gear to cover clearance to get that as close to spec (.0005"-004) as possible
  8. Carolina Roadmasters: Collect all 4

    Using the manual choke is probably easier than getting the original automatic choke working correctly. However, are you going to fix the automatic choke? One of the great things about having a "non perfect" car is that you dont have to worry about it when you use it - as long as it is reliable. So what if the inner fenders are dirty.
  9. 1925 Std. Starter and water pump shaft coupling ring

    If you end up making one, it must be at least case hardened, otherwise it will wear quickly.
  10. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    On my '38 Special in 1973 when it was untouched - there was no paint on the headlight rims then.
  11. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Fender welt: Covered here (Pg25 I think) XVI Issue 1 (September-October 1997) .pdf
  12. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    Adding the stainless trim really spices things up and it is fun and easy. Question? On a '38 there is fender welting only at the rear between the fender and body and none at the front where the fenders bolt to the "nose piece". Might check with the '37 experts. (If it mmatters)
  13. Buick 38 vs. 39 Big Series Engine Appearance?

    My '38 Special has the engine number stamped under the water pump too. I'd expect the bigger engine to be done similarly
  14. Tires for 1918 Buick 7 passenger touring

    Interesting. My 1918 E-45 has 34 X 4 tires and thus 26" rims. Strange that Buick used the smaller rim on the larger car. But it is so.