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    Good Post !
  2. Front brakes Locked up on mgb

    If I remeber correctly the garbage British brake elastomers swell up with synthetic fluid. That can cause the problems you are having. I found out the hard way.
  3. 1925 Buick Standard water pump shaft and impellor

    The flanks of theose teeth are pretty rough. I'd expect it would tear up the teeth on the fiber gear. I'd look for a better one.
  4. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    I have a '38 Special. There was no "flap' at the bottom of the roll up windows for a seal. It appeared there was no real attempt to keep water out. All there was was the "fuzzy" strip at the bottom of the window opening.
  5. 1947 transmission service manual

    The 2 transmissions shown, one is the larger series, while the video is of the smaller transmission.
  6. 1947 transmission service manual

    The larger and smaller transmissions are entirely different designs on the synchros and 2 to 3 shifting drum.
  7. 1932 BUICK 60 SERIES

    In '31 Buick had 3 different engines and almost nothing interchanges between the different series
  8. 1925 Buick Standard water pump shaft and impellor

    I bought my '18 E-45 51 years ago in 1967. The water pump shaft was a mess and chewed up packing like heck. I made a new pump shaft out of stainless (too long ago to remember the alloy) and I run antifreeze in it. It is still leak free after all these years. I'm not going to worry about the next 50 years
  9. Heat raiser and headlights for '31 Buick

    The heat riser on my '31 was worse than yours. I made it look good and blocked the exhaust. It always ran well. Todays gasloine is more volatile than back in '31,so the car can do without the heat riser.
  10. 1947 transmission service manual

    GM used that same design transmision for years on the larger cars. There is supposed to be a snap ring at the front of the second gear idler to hold it back against that sholder at the left of your photo
  11. 1937 Buick Model 48: RESTORATION HAS BEGUN! (Photo)

    I agree on guts assembly after the door is hung. It is heavy enough gutted. I made the error of thinking I could install the weatherstrip after the door is hung. Impossible - I had the remove the door to install it.
  12. Turn Signals/Additional Brake Light...

    I also added a right hand door rear view mirror on the Special. Nice in todays traffic and it doesnt hurt the car.
  13. Rear view mirror - early touring Buicks

    On my '18, both the windshield wiper and the center rear view mirror are clamp on. There are no holes in the window frame. That suggests to me that neither were not supplied with the cars and were add ons. Comments?
  14. Neil's '41 Super Model 51

    My experience with popping out of high gear on trailing throttle is usually due to a bad input ball bearing. The actual synchronizer has nothing to do with driving the car, it only matches shaft speeds during a shift.
  15. Turn Signals/Additional Brake Light...

    With the skills and mentality of most modern drivers, if you gave hand signals they might think you are flipping them off ... provided they are not texting! The thing I like about the old AutoLamp switch is that it LOOKS OLD. Especially when painted the same color as the steering column