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  1. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Right Morgan. I'm ahead of you there. I catually tried to make one stamped and when I tried to stamp the "PAT." on it, my stamps were to big to fit.
  2. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Morgan, Thanks for the photo and dimensions for the oil indicator wheel. I made a new one (photo - the rough edges still need to be cleaned up). Next question: was it painted or installed as just raw brass?
  3. 1917 D45 spring rn

    With regard to the carb on my E-45. Many years ago I had a stumbling problem once the engine had run for quite a while. I suspected the carb was getting too hot. I thought the little sleeve that runs between the exhaust manifold and choke might be the problem. I removed it. That cured my problem. I might be full of it, but modern gas vaporizes a lot easier than gas did 100 years ago. It has been running that way for about 40 or so years with no issues.
  4. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Thanks Morgan. What I now have agrees with what you mention. I have an adjustable face spanner wrench. With good gaskets I did get my gage leak free without a heck of a lot of force. The spanner only has 2 lugs. My nut shows that it had been "visited" by a pipe wrench for tightening.
  5. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    I know you have the remnants of the gage glass. The glass from my parts car, that had been turned into a farm truck and was abandoned about 1932, is .125" (1/8") thick and 1.745 (~1-3/4") diameter. I beleive it to be original. The same as my E-45 glass.
  6. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Morgan, I can easily scale this photo, Thanks. The ears look about the same thickness as the wheel thickness, is that so?
  7. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    I was right, my pinwheel doesnt have the ears. However, when I took it out, I can see where one must have been (photos). Can anyone give me the dimensions of the "ear" thingy? Width, length and thickness. Thanks
  8. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    You guys are talking me into taking it apart to check and initiating the leaking again!
  9. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    In looking at the photos here, I noticed the instrument panel on my E-45 is different from the E-49's. Indeed, the parts list shows 2 different panels. The clock was obviously added to my car, while the E-49's came with them. Also, the "pinwheel" is shown with ears on the parts list, so mine is either in backwards or wrong.
  10. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    It has been many years since I have had the oil gage apart, but I dont remember the "ears". It may well be wrong. However, it does spin quite fast the way it is. I do remember having a heck of a time to get it leak free, so I'm not going to take it apart to find out since it works well. But you do have my curiosity up. My clock works well and keeps perfect time. Runs about 6 days between windings. I have never done anything to it.
  11. Fun with gauges, Buick E-49

    Morgan, Here is the dash of my E-45 built in '17. The "pinwheel" in my oil gage is different than yours. Does yours have "ears" or did you just paint white stripes on it? Also, years ago, someone made reproduction gas gage dials. Perhaps you can find one. But, the numbers and such on mine are not raised like yours.
  12. 1923 Buick

    I had that probl;em when checking my '38. I was really puzzled - it ran well. I had my suspicions because the compression gage read 60 psi on all cylinders. Tutne out to be a bad compression gage.
  13. Tracing a 100 year old car to the original owner!!

    Thank You, It was so easy since it was all there and had been in good dry storage for all its life. It did look like brand new when I got it - only very dirty.
  14. Tracing a 100 year old car to the original owner!!

    Terry, The guy I sold it to still has it. He has quite a collection so he rerely drives it now
  15. Tracing a 100 year old car to the original owner!!

    Photo of the '10 after cleanup and restoration. Lousy old photo