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  1. keiser31

    WANTED: 46-48 DeSoto inner door panel

    Try here....
  2. keiser31

    Overdrive question for '37 Airflow

    If you send it to me, I will reduce them and post them here.
  3. keiser31

    Saw this clean MGB today....

    I would give all of my old cars and parts for that little MGTD.
  4. I am not fond of the bumpers on this year MGB, but I do love a roadster/convertible. Looks like it was sitting since 2015. Parked just around the corner from my house....
  5. keiser31

    1964 Chrysler Imperial

    Nice car and only 922 Imperial convertibles built that year. It would look so much better with the correct width whitewalls on it.
  6. keiser31

    Garden gnome ID?

    Yep. Sorry I missed that.
  7. keiser31

    BUMPER ID ?????

    1929 Chevrolet.
  8. keiser31

    Garden gnome ID?

    I don't see that the Standard Six offered a roadster. Maybe it was only an export model.
  9. keiser31

    Garden gnome ID?

    Here is a Standard Six and the fenders match....the one in post #10 is not the Standard Six model. Here is the sedan version.
  10. Looked out the front door to see this mini Ford tour go by this morning....1923 T coupe, 1930 A coupe and a 1957 T-Bird....some friends in the local old car club that we used to belong to....
  11. Don't feel bad....I wasn't invited, either. Here are some better shots....
  12. 'Cause there were only three....and....they are the smaller models....hahahahahaha....
  13. keiser31

    MORE-LITE Headlight Lenses Help

    A photo of the pattern may help.
  14. Pretty certain Taylomade is correct. They should look like this one from my 1931 DB....the tool in the tool kit should fit it....
  15. Ordering my new wheel cylinders Monday!
  16. keiser31

    glass reflectors

    Did you actually mean 7" in diameter? Try here.... Head Lamps.htm
  17. keiser31


    He who wants worldwide coverage in advertising. Ebay pretty much has the best exposure to the most people.
  18. keiser31

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    That 1931-32 Plymouth PA two door sedan behind the Auburn looks pretty darn nice!
  19. More than likely a 1926 Dodge Brothers....
  20. keiser31

    Wire wheel identification

    Does it say, "BUDD" on the inner rim area?
  21. keiser31

    Wire wheel identification

    18" with adjustable spokes? Could be 1932 Plymouth.
  22. keiser31

    Does anybody have a time machine?

    I would like that DeSoto Airflow just to the left of the PLYMOUTH sign, please. Or any of those 1931 and 1932 Chryslers.
  23. keiser31

    rag top rear rear window frames

    Scroll down to the "What Is It" section in the "Photos and Videos" section and post some photos and dimensions. Maybe then, we can tell you what you have.
  24. It's about a 1927 Dodge Brothers.