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    Raymond Loewy design....

    Who knew that Raymond Loewy had a hand in the design of the paint scheme of Air Force One? In May of 1962, in anticipation of a new pair of planes to serve as Air Force One, Boeing’s exterior designs for the planes— which included the typical red and orange military plane markings and type-font lettering — were released to the public. According to the New England Historical Society, Raymond Loewy, a well-known French industrial designer who had created designs for Coca-Cola, Lucky Strikes Cigarettes and Studebaker cars, made it known to a White House aide that elements of the proposed sketch were “gaudy” and “amateurish.” When Jackie Kennedy heard that such a well-respected designer had critiqued the design of the iconic planes, she asked her husband to hire Loewy for the job. Get your history fix in one place: sign up for the weekly TIME History newsletter Ever-conscious of appearances and trends, the First Lady wanted to make sure the planes that served as a foreign country’s first impression of JFK would represent the U.S. leader well. During Loewy’s first meeting with JFK in the West Wing, he had the president sit on the floor with him as they sketched a new paint scheme, according to the book Air Force One. Kennedy, who wanted a design with less military nomenclature, changed the traditional “U.S. Air Force” markings on the side to a more neutral designation of “The United States of America.” He also added the presidential seal near the nose of the plane, and an American Flag on the tail. In order to select the best font, Loewy looked to historical U.S. documents for inspiration; when he saw the typeface of the original Declaration of Independence, he knew he had found the perfect model. Widely spaced letters in all capitals, using the font Caslon, were then applied for the lettering on the planes. For the color palette of the aircrafts, Loewy went with a simple but striking design. Knowing Kennedy’s affinity for blue, the designer came up with the paint scheme that is now synonymous with the presidential planes, using slate and cyan blue for the middle and wings, and leaving the top of the plane white with a silver underside.
  2. keiser31

    The Ressurection of Daphne - a 1932 DL

    EXCELLENT news!
  3. keiser31

    Raymond Loewy design....

    Yeah....I was hoping nobody would go there.
  4. keiser31

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    GORGEOUS car!
  5. keiser31

    New spoke wheels on victory 6

    GORGEOUS car!
  6. keiser31

    Hudson Plate, teens, twenties??

    Yep. Looks like part of a stove.
  7. Victoria Lynn brought her car in to get some work done today....what a BEAUTY! Was making a clunking noise when turning left.The sway bar bushing on the driver's side moved away from it's mooring. Look closely. Looks like some front end bushings and ball joint replacement time.
  8. keiser31

    1951 plymouth rear springs

    Eaton Detroit Spring or here for used ones.... or here....
  9. keiser31

    Wiper arm and blade

    That looks to be correct. One looks to have been shortened or repaired.
  10. The engine number will tell what your friend has. There are a couple of places to look depending on what engine it is. Most numbers are on a flat pad just under the cylinder head on the front left side of the engine about the generator. Some numbers are on the right side on the timing case, I believe.
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    1924 Hupmobile convertible

    Just a may want to revise the title of your post to say, 1924 Hupmobile. I keep going to it thinking I am going to see a 1928.
  12. No pointers, but that car looks awesome just the way it is.
  13. keiser31

    Summer of Exploration

    For headlamp bezels try here....
  14. keiser31

    Summer of Exploration

    That oil filler tube should wiggle out with easy access to the plug.
  15. Photos of the parts and engine will generate information and interest. Photos of the engine will help identify it.
  16. keiser31

    What might this hood be from?

    Can you give us a photo of the front contour?
  17. keiser31

    What might this hood be from?

    I don't think it is.
  18. keiser31

    Crop touring

    Biiiiig Graham crackers....
  19. keiser31

    1935 Desoto Airflow

    Try here, too.... Tom Hannaford Then and Now Automotive 447 Washington Street Weymouth , Mass. 02188 781-335-8860 8:00a - 5:00p. EST Mon- Fri
  20. keiser31

    1935 Desoto Airflow

    Try Steele Rubber.
  21. keiser31

    1936 Chrysler Transmission

    Sounds like a clutch or release bearing issue to me.
  22. keiser31

    1924 Hupmobile convertible

    Here is a photo of what sure looks to be the same car....
  23. keiser31

    1924 Hupmobile convertible

    Looks like the license plate says 1924 on that roadster.
  24. keiser31

    What cars use this..

    The name should be printed on the top of the knobs.
  25. keiser31

    Type of wood used in frame

    I cedar are a lot of punners out there....